View Full Version : damage to bpm/chariots , is/dragonskins

24th March 2015, 04:54 PM
which receives the most damage when attacking , attacked.

lets say you have the same gold value in cost of bpm and chariots and all are held. when you attack someone, is the damage distributed evenly over both or do chariots get more gold value damage, or do bpm get more gold value damage??

the same for IS and dragonskins..

25th March 2015, 05:19 AM
Damage is limited to a static 38% of a weapons value. Based on my experience, you can lose up to a sixth of a percent per hit (roughly 6 points for IS, 1.53 points for DS). That's pretty rare damage from a raid though. Theoretically it averages out because you can only lose 38% of a weapons value. On a damage per point basis though, IS/BPMs are markedly cheaper to repair than chariots/DS, simply because there are that many more DS/chariots (380 per point for IS, 296*5 per point for DS). Similarly BPMs/IS hold their stats better because DS/chariots have a per point advantage, so each point lost hurts your stats more. The biggest tattle tale in my opinion is casualties since damages are random. More soldiers means more casualties, which contributes to a higher overall repair cost. But if your soldiers are all trained to SA anyway, theres not much of an argument not to use chariots for damage purposes. Especially considering you take less casualties if your SA is far greater than your opponents DA.