View Full Version : KoC Issue. PLEASE HELP!! URGENT!!

16th February 2015, 02:52 PM
I know I shouldn't be posing this here; however I desperately need this issue/problem fixed ASAP. In KoC I'm trying to change my commander. I go through all the right steps, and get to the proper page. When I get to the page to change my commander; the page states, "PLEASE READ! You have opted to change your commander. Please be aware that you may only do this 5 times during the age. Before you commit to this action, please take enough time to make absolutely sure you are satisfied with your decision. Once you pledge your allegiance, there can be no turning back. To confirm this change, please copy the text in the image below into the box EXACTLY as it appears (case sensitive, and punctuation counts) and click the button." In both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the page doesn't display the image with the text I'm supposed to be typing in the box; also the text box doesn't show on the page either. Please help me if you can. I have a few screenshots of the page, I would gladly send them to anyone if I knew how. This issue is really urgent for me, and I need it resolved ASAP.

Thank you,


16th February 2015, 02:54 PM
You may have an adblocker enabled that you will need to turn off.

16th February 2015, 03:03 PM
this is the line you have to type exact.

Yes, I am sure I want to change commanders.

then the next box, you need to put in your current koc password

then click the next box that says .. I want xxxxxxxx to be my commander

when you get the boxes. why they don't show up is strange. when you click the persons name, one of the bottom boxes says Make xxxxxxx my commander, you click that box..