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23rd January 2005, 02:19 AM
Fallout 1&2
Developer- Interplay
Genre- RPG
Console- PC

Sys Requirements- Windows 95 or greater, Pentium 90 or faster, 16MB RAM, 30MB available hard drive space, a sound card, a graphics card that can run direct X 3.0 or better, 4X CD ROM drive, a mouse and keyboard.

Recommended System Specifications- Seriously, with requirements that low just about any computer will do.

Story- Excellent. The world has been utterly decimated by nuclear weapons, and only small pockets of what was once the great human Civilization are still scraping together what could be called a "living." The eventuality of nuclear war was not unplanned, however. As tensions between countries over fossil fuels rose, governments had already begun planning for the inevitable. The United States began combing the flock. A select few were chosen to enter into large underground Fallout shelters, where they would live for the next 80 years until the half-life of the nuclear radiation had expired. This is where you come in. Your Vaultís water purification chip has failed and can not be repaired. You are chosen to find a replacement. In the second, you are sent by the village elder to find the legendary "G.E.C.K." or Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

Character Creation- The stats are largely varied. You can have 2 character traits to improve your character in various ways, but these traits come with drawbacks. There are no character classes, so you can create a fighting character, a stately diplomat, an assassin, whatever. The modifiers are huge. You are allowed to improve Intelligence, Charisma, Luck, Endurance, Perception, Strength and Agility up to the maximum value of 10. Naturally, if you choose to have one of your statistics to be a 10, your character will suffer in other aspects of his or her play-ability.

A large number of skills are influenced by the traits. Stealth, melee combat, small guns, energy weapons, speech-craft, bartering, and gambling are but a few of the skills you're allowed to choose from. All of these can be modified with skill points earned for leveling up, which creates a balance between the importance of character statistics and character skills. All of the skills upgraded will help you somewhere in the game, but some arenít used all too often. Same system from first to second but with more perks and such. There are also quest differences with the different sexes. Females can get what they want from men throughÖ differentÖ means. While males lack that in SOME cases they can go around and screw more whores (literally) and other women.

Graphics- Not great, as can be told from the system specs, but not terrible by any means. Not a true overhead view, but make it a little lower than most RTSí camera. Little less pixelated in the second one and a tad more detailed.

Controls- point and clickÖ not too hardÖcan start a conversation with a single click of the mouse.

Game play- This is where this game shines. It is the most unique RPG Iíve ever played. You are allocated Action Points (amount depends on the value in your dexterity statistic). These are used in battle to do various things. Access inventory, attack, move etc. the more powerful the weapon the more AP it uses. Outside of battle you are allowed to roam the world freely. When in a neutral zone combat may be accessed at any time by clicking your weapon at the bottom of the screen. Donít like that drug dealer across the street? Then blow his head off. Donít like your entire village? Kill them all.
NPC interaction is a high point. When talking to a somewhat important character a dialogue screen pops up and gives you choices on what to say. These choices and the way people react to these choices depend on many factors. Intelligence, charisma, perception, and also your speech skill are just a few of the variables that go into the well crafted dialogue. Itís possible to play through the game with a character that grunts for speech, but thatís not highly recommended (although in some instances, it's hilarious). It also depends on the type of character you want. A thief can earn his stuff for free but not everything is stealable. A diplomatic character can influence their way to the top.

The team system is very limited. You can't control your teammates but you can dictate what they do in general. At times they can be incredibly stupid. If you are standing between them and an enemy they can, and probably will, just blast right through you. Game play doesnít change a whole lot from the first to the second, but the new cities are much more enjoyable. The time limit in the second one was also dropped and more teammates were added.

Sound- Quality voice-overs. Some of your party members and the more important characters will actually speak. The small amount of music included was more of an ambience than anything. I like the sound effects though, nothing more satisfying than the sound of bullets plopping against your enemies, or the scream induced by cutting a super-mutant in half with a gatling laser.

Replay- Fair. Playing through with different characters is fun, but once you know what to do it loses its mystery and some of its quality.

Overall- One of my favorite games of all time. Highly recommended. Only problem I found was the first time through the game progressed so slowly because it lacks direction. I just searched through towns doing quests at random and finally made my way to the end. Reviewing this was hard, as it is such a unique game. Not graphically astounding but addicting game play will make this a favorite.

Graphics- 7/10
Game play- 10/10
Replay Value- 8/10
Sound- 5/10

Overall Score- 9.85/10

Note- I couldn't bring myself to add Tactics to the list because it wasn't nearly as good.