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9th January 2014, 03:42 PM
Ok if you get me restricted on roc, heres the deal :) and your anwser jesus

You random sab me like you replied yourself, and now you're calling the cops on me for a counter sab on your chain?

09:45:57 Squad say loser, you do have brains enough to understand i will sab and farm your chainmembers do you?

please dont come witchin afterwards with that kind of nonsense ok, you do get that part do you?
09:53:11 Jesus You have a very big mouth for such a tiny player.
09:58:25 Jesus Instead of loose threats you could also just ask me why, or what to recycle?

the why is because you have no chain and you do have excaliburs (1m damage per succes) and i needed more savdamage.

the recycling has also been answered.

Read by Jesus (11h33m53s ago), Squad (44s ago)

1) i have a big mouth for a tiny player bc i've played this game for YEARS and i know the risks and facts so please...
2) why should i ask you anything? you mailed me yourself saying you random sabt me
3) i dont have an alliance bc i'm sick of bf politics and stuff for years, plus, me being in an alliance will only get the alliance sabbed

so please grow a pair yourself, im not to blame here, if you are pissed bc i chained you then DONT RANDOM SAB ME, fool :)
really just think instead or saying stupid obvious things ok?!




28th February 2014, 03:22 PM
woops, this still open

can be closed :)