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17th January 2005, 12:59 PM
I have an idea which i am sure will be fine but i just need confermation before i go ahead.

Because windows performance steadily declines after the first install i was thinking about buying a small secondary hard drive and putting windows on there. My 120GB current harddrive could then be formatted to store programs, files and everything else. This would mean that every say 3-6 months i can re-install windows with very little hassle. (I am doing a computer course which will need me to use a certain operating system at home every month or 2.)

I was wondering the following things...

1) Would my idea work ok, as in having everything completely separate.
2) How big would a hard drive need to be to house XP? (I think it needs virtual memory or something as well)
3) Is it a cost effective method of doing things? Considering the size of the secondary HDD won't be that large it wouldn't cost much.

I just wanted to hear someones opinions on it before i jump into it

17th January 2005, 01:58 PM
well to note 2 things, its not HDD space/size that contributes towards the performance of windows, its (2 things you never mentioned) to do with RAM and processor speed.

- the more processor speed you have the faster your computer and windows will run
- the more RAM you have the more applications and programs you can have running at any one time before the computer crashes/freezes due to running out of resources to use.

from what i understand, the swap-file (entwining with virtual memory given to the computer from RAM) is the only thing that are on HDDs that contribute to performance of windows.

17th January 2005, 02:26 PM
Perad: I have no idea if it would work, etc., but for what it's worth, for WinXP, I'd suggest at least 10GB, because, if for nothing else, if a HD gets too full, it will get slower.

17th January 2005, 02:48 PM
5-10 Gigs should be pleny for windows and it's swap space (virtual memory). It's generally a good idea to set up a scheme like that even if it's just with diffrent partitions all on one drive. The only thing which I suspect your aware of but I'll say anyway is that each time you reinstall windows you will still have to reinstall most of your programs (mainly to redo all the registry changes nessicary for them to run).

17th January 2005, 02:58 PM
I used to have that on my old computer with Windows 98. One hard drive which was about 2 gigs held windows and all the basic programs and then another hard drive which was 10 gigs hold all my programs and what not. It should work for XP and you should be able to switch the OS in and out with ease.

So yes your idea would work.

17th January 2005, 09:28 PM
Actually, your idea is used quite often. I was thinking of it myself for my new computer. A slow big harddrive to store items and a small fast one for my OS and commonly used items. I would get something like a 37 GB 10,000 RPM HD for the small one and a 160 GB 7,200 RPM HD for the large one (your 120 works fine).