View Full Version : Vacation mode or leaving account online for UP.

28th June 2013, 12:36 PM
I play with a defensive strategy to get as much gold per turn from clicking (and trying to defend it).
Soon i will go on vacation.
I was wondering if I should go on vacation mode (for 8 days) or that it would be better to sell all defence weapons and buy the 2560 unit production upgrade.

With the first option i keep my defence but i don't have any more soldiers.

With the second option i have probably a few thousand more soldiers, and maybe i can train some with WIFI acces in a local pub, but i end up as a global farm the first few days i return.

How would you guys handle your account?

28th June 2013, 01:20 PM
I would sell and get the conscription upgrade with your account.

In 8 days the slayers will have outgrown your DA anyway so if you go in vacation mode, you'll still be a farm for the slayers. You might as well look at long term strategy for which TFF is vital in stead of short term. My advise would be sell and get the conscription.

Since you posted here on GUA, I would be very careful though, because if people know what account you play, they will keep an eye on you now for when you sell. So do it quickly. ;)

28th June 2013, 03:40 PM
At this point in the age the soldiers mean more than the missed banking time. Load up on Mercs and leave it active.