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20th June 2013, 01:56 AM

Probably you wouldn't ever need it, but for those who care, I'll post a formula about how to estimate repairs ^^
[Usually used to estimate enemy's repair bill after masses]

Basic Principle : Full damaged weapon requires 38% of it's base value to repair fully.

Explanation :
So, 100% Repairs correspond to 38% of Buy cost in repairs.

Usually, more suitable format, would be, Repair cost per weapon per point.
(Since you see repairs in the form like 990/1000)

So formula,

Repair Value per point per weapon = [1/(Weapon_Strength)]*0.38*Weapon_Cost
So, you can see how many points damage is done, and then multiply by total amount of weapons of that type, to get repair bill value.

Repair Value of weapon = [(Damaged_Points)/(Weapon_Strength OR Total Points)]* 0.38 * Weapon_Cost * Weapon Quantity
If you want to remember - ^^

Repairs = [d/S*0.38*C*Q]
d - Damage
S - Total Strength of Weapon
C - Buy cost
Q - Quantity


To estimate repairs using this, let's take an example :
Example :

Suppose you see a recon such as

Dragonskin Defend 313,901 226.55/???

(You know that Dragonskin's base strengh is 256)
d = 256 - 226.55 = 29.45
S = 256
C = 200,000
Q = 313,901
So, estimated repair bill = 29.45/256*200,000*313,901*0.38 = 2,744,426,633


20th June 2013, 02:27 AM
So, is this an estimation or the exact amount of repairs ? If an estimation, what's the errormargin, because your method seems quite precise!

20th June 2013, 02:38 AM
I call it "Estimating" because you wouldn't look for repairs on small weapons etc generally and calculate only damages on big weapons. For a given particular type, it is accurate. You can call it "Calculating" Repairs if you want.