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20th June 2013, 01:49 AM
I'll explain in brief few things regarding clicking, such as Morale, Trickle, Clickback etc the way I understand it.
Feel free to point out mistakes, suggest improvements.

Concept of Recuiter and Growth :

First Principle: Basic you have to know is:

Morales => Soldiers => Income per turn

So basically, the more soldiers you have, the more gold you will have each turn. Soldiers are really the most precious thing you have to take care of.
Income from different types of soldiers:
1 soldier (untrained/attack/defend) = 1 / turn (minute)
1 soldier (spy/sentry) = 0.1 / turn (minute)
1 mercenary (untrained/attack/defend) = 0 gold / turn (minute) (Nothing)

When you click someone else's recruit link and enter proper captcha, it gives the person 1 soldier, and gives you 1 morale. Each morale gets converted into soldiers. Morale conversion is what is known as "Clickback" which happens in TWO ways.

Real Clickback:
Just like how you get 1 Morale when you click someone else's link, when someone else clicks your Link one of your morale gets converted into Soldier, and you go -1 Morale, +1 Soldier. Now the morale conversion happens BEFORE the soldier is given and soldier is given ONLY IF morale is reduced. That has an interesting effect, as follows:
When you are on -100 Morale, and someone clicks your link, your morale can not further be converted. Which also implies you do NOT get any soldiers from real clickback. Which, to state in simple words, means: Be positive! (Morale ^^)

AI Clickback:
AI or Artificial Intelligence Clickback. Just a fancy name given to morale that gets converted automatically. When you have positive morale, certain percentage keeps getting converted to soldiers (unsure of exact amount, one theory says 1.5% every 30 minutes, delivered at 5 minute intervals). So even if no one clicks your link, you still can gain soldiers if you have positive morale.

Now, you having morale benefits you, but it also benefits your commander. Since everytime you gain soldiers via morale, your commander also gains something according to some constraints. This is what is called "Trickle" growth.
Depending on whether officer's morale is coverted via Real Clickback or AI Clickback, trickle is affected similar way. Ratio for conversion of officer's trickle to you is always 2:1. (i.e. IF the trickle growth is applicable, then per 2 growth of officer, you gain 1 growth)

Trickle from Real Clickback:
Only trickles one level up, (meaning only your commander benefits from your real clickback, and you benefit only from your officers' real clickback).
Another important thing is, if you have -100 Morale, you do NOT get trickle from real clickback even if your officers have lot of morale. So it is important for YOU to be in positive to gain morale from your officer's real clickback. As mentioned, growth ratio is 2:1, per 2 real clickback of your officer, you gain 1 soldier.
Real Clickback of your officers does not reduce your morale - that is - when 2 of their morale is converted - they lose 2 morale gain 2 soldiers - you don't lose any morale and gain 1 soldier (if you are not on -100).

Trickle from AI Clickback:
This trickles up three levels. i.e. if your officer has morale, You, Your commander and Your commander's commander - all gain from it. This also takes effect even if you are on -100. So it only depends on the person who has morale, and trickles 3 levels above it.
If 8 of your officer's morale gets converted: He gets 8 soldiers, You get 4 soldiers, your commander gets 2 soldiers and your commander's commander gets 1 soldier.

Just programmes (Greasemonkey Scripts) that help you "click" other people's link faster. There's a Built-in recruiter in game under the "Recruit" tab in left menu.
But the "Clickers" or "Recruiters" tend to make clicking faster. There are some clickers publicly available.
Use at your own discretion.
Keeping this in mind, alliances try to setup a chain to benefit their growth the most. Hope this helps in clarifying few things.

18th June 2014, 12:34 PM
if your officers have -100 morale and their link is clicked, they get zero soldiers but you still get trickle.