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13th January 2005, 06:32 PM
Sepheroth/DemonicAngel, make the first post.

Mod Notes:

13th January 2005, 07:33 PM
OOC: Welcome friends. This clan might be different from others that you might be familier with. This whole thing is about theifs this time. Although we are still going to do some wars with other clans if we wish.

The ranks:

Leaders: Sepheroth and DemonicAngel
Master theifs: none
Shadow theifs: none yet
Rouges:none yet
Pick pocketers:Tarukai, Vulpecula, Ganks, lord-troja

Master Thiefs are the main men/women in this (next to the leaders). They plan out different ways of breaking in, entering, getting what we came for and get out without being noticed. They're also in charge of most quests and plans for wars.

Shadow theifs are men/woman who stays in the shadows so they won't be detected by enemys. They will be taught how to use the darkness as a way of getting around and useing it against others.

Rouges are advanced theifs. They will get to this point by participating and using their skills usefully. Last but least is the Pick pocketers. They are first rank.

As we go along, I will award points for recruiting, quest ideas, RPing skills and particapation.

Point system:

Members: 10
Recruiting: 10
RPing skills: 20
Quest ideas: 20
Completing a quest: 30

Now here are some awards:

New weapons and equipment: 80 pts
Rank 1: 150 pts.
Leader of a quest: 200 pts.
2nd Rank: 250 pts.
Leader for a day: ?

Lets get this started.


Bakusho was kind man, yet he needs to be reconized some how. He's 18 years old, has red long hair, dark red eyes, wears a black Japanies-style uniform, and carries a No Dashi on his white belt. He also has the abilaty to transform into any dragon he wants.

His trusted pet Sigfreid was about 120 years old, yet he still had the mind of a 10 year old (Human mind). He is about 3 ft. tall, has black scales, sharp white teeth, black claws on his hands and feet and he has red eyes.

Inside a building in a small town in the mountains:

Bakusho sat in the dark main room. There was a table with chairs around it, candles wich were out and a hallway full of rooms was located behind the head of the table. Outside, the building was white and covered in moss and a big steel door was in between two pillers, standing on each side, going into the room.

"My first clan I tried to bring togeather failed. I will make sure this one doesn't." Sigfreid walked up next to Bakusho and said, "I put up the sign outside. It says, Now Hireing. Best theifs of the World Welcome!" Bakusho looked down at Sigfreid. "Thank you. Now take a seat. They might be arriving any minute." I hope this will help me find Vixen. We have been seperated for a while. I hope she's alright.

14th January 2005, 04:37 PM
Kiara walked down from upstairs and yawned slightly, her black her pulled into a messy bun. Her eyes are black with a silver outline. She has on a black trenchcloak, a red shirt and black pants. She has some daggers on her belt and carries a bow and quiver on her back.

Her pet, Night Wolf, who is about 2 in Wolf years, jumps down the stairs after her. Se walked up behind Bakusho and placed her hand on his shoulder.


She rubbed Sigfried's eye ridge then smiled and sat down on the table.

"Is the sign up? And where's your brother, Bakusin?"

14th January 2005, 05:02 PM
Bakusho sighed. "He said he went out to train. He won't be joining us for a while." Bakusho closed his eyes and concentraited. The darkness inside of him was growing. Soon to consume him. I have to fight this back.

Sigfreid answered Kiaras other question by saying, "Yeah! I put the sign up." He smiled and ran to the door, waiting to see who arrives. "I hope Vixen and Lane comes." Bakusho just sat there with his eyes closed, thinking in the darkness of the room. "I hope so too. I also want to see Jehar aswell. This would make him happy."

15th January 2005, 12:58 PM
Tarukai walked up to the building, after having been gone for a spell. He noticed the now hiring sign outside, and shrugged, walking up to the door. His ears twitched, and so did his nose, as he heard Sig talking, and also smelled Bakusho and Sigfreid, and Kiara. Well, may as well. I can be quite the thief I've found. He thought, pushing the door open with a loud creaking noise. He opened it as if it were nothing, and then strode in, having a black cloak, who's ends dragged upon the ground slightly, and this hand made them frayed. The rest of the cloak was almost as ragged, from high winds, and dust in other areas of the lands they resided in. He wore shoes, normal to most, and they made nary a sound when he walked. Walking up to Bakusho, Tarukai nodded to him.

"Greetings friend, how goes it? And By the way, might I be capable of joining your clan?" He said, looking around to the others, and waving. "I was interested because I could be a very good thief. I have had to do it before in my life, such as when I was young."

15th January 2005, 01:30 PM
*A large black wolf walked toward the white house. The wolf was the size of a Clysdale horse, weighing about two tons. On its back was a tarp and there where two figures under it, the size of small dogs. The wolf stopped infront of the house.*

We're here! You can come out now....

*A small Dark Red fox with nine tails crawed out from under the tarp. Each of the foxs tails had a black tip. The foxs legs and belly where black as well. There where two maroon marking on each of the foxs sides, which lined out perfectly with its upper ribs. On the bottom of the foxs right front paw was a pentagram. The fox hopped off the wolfs back and spoke in a soft voice.*

Ok....I'll go make sure they are here. You two stay put.

*The fox walked into the house. She heard familar voices and entered the room that they were coming from. They she saw her friends and smiled. She ran to Bakusho and stopped infront of him. Tilting her head the fox smiled and there was a bright light. When the light vanished a young girl, looking about fifteen years of age stood next to Bakusho. She was a very unusual girl. Though she was quite beautiful, instead of having normal human ears she had black fox ears and a dark red fox tail with a black tip. She had long dark brown hair with black streaks and dark blue eyes. She was wearing a black mini-dress coverd by light armor a few hidden weapons and a black trench coat and on her right hand was a black leather glove with the figure cut out. On her feet she wore heavey black biker boots to sum it all up. She smiled at Bakusho.*

Long time no see....

*She then turned to Tarukai and smiled.*

How's my favorite wolf boy?

15th January 2005, 01:34 PM
Tarukai watched the fox walk in, and saw it transform, seeing vixen standing there. He smiled, and noticed her outfit was... different. "Interesting combo." He said, chuckling. He then watched her turn to him. How's my favorite wolf boy?

"not bad." He said, walking over next to Bakusho as well. "how are you Vixen-chan?" He said, looking around. "And Bakusho, nice place here. When do you think we'll be able to get up and running?"

15th January 2005, 05:38 PM
"how are you Vixen-chan?"

*Vixen shrugged*

I can't complain....Jehar and I are in hiding with Lanes help.....long story.....but.....oh yeah that reminds me!

*Vixen ran out of the house and over to the wolf*

Ok Lane it's safe now.....

*Another red fox hoped off of Lanes back and turned into a handsome younge man, looking about 19 years of age and having the same ears and tail, hair and eye color as Vixen. Jehar stolled forward.*

So....a new clan of theives is beginning.....I'll have to congradulate Bakusho on this....

*He stepped into the house. Lane looked at Vixen and began to grow smaller till she was the size of a wolf puppy and her fur changed from black to snowy white.*


*The puppy ran inside, Vixen close behind her. The first person Lane saw was Tarukai, whom she looked up to.*


*Lane jumped into Tarukai's arms. Jehar laughed and walked over to Bakusho.*

It's been a while Bakusho....

15th January 2005, 06:44 PM
*Ganks entered and looked at the conversation going on between the people. He smiled and walked to thr group behind Vixen and put a hand on her shoulder.

"So, did ya'll miss me?"

*He looked to the rest of the people, knowing all but one of them, Kiara.

"Well, nice to meet you."

16th January 2005, 11:13 AM
"Greetings friend, how goes it? And By the way, might I be capable of joining your clan?"

Bakusho nodded and smiled. "It's nice to see again. I'm fine by the way." Sigfreid smiled and waved at Tarukai. "Hi Taukai!"

Long time no see....

Bakusho jumped. "Vixen! It's you! Ahem....It has been a while. It's good to be together again." Sigfreid jumped onto Vixen and licked her face. "Hi Vix! I missed you!"

It's been a while Bakusho....

Bakusho got up off his chair and held his hand out at Jehar. "Nice to see you too. How's your progress on getting your clan back?" Sigfreid smiled at Jehar. "Hello mister Jehar!"

"So, did ya'll miss me?"

Bakusho looked over at Ganks. "Hello. I don't think we know eachother that much, but it's good to see you again." Sigfreid looked confused. "Who are you?"

16th January 2005, 11:16 AM
Kiara looks at everyone and stays hidden in the shadows, silent and watching on guard. The girl listened to their converstaions, waiting to see if she coiuld trust them at all.

This isn't necessary...save it for the clan thread...

16th January 2005, 01:31 PM
*Jehar looked at Bakusho and sighed*

My idea's of starting my own clan may never become a reality so Vixen, Lane and I desided to join yours. So, how exactly do you plan to run this Bakusho?

*Vixen smiled at Ganks and hugged him.*


16th January 2005, 02:32 PM
*Ganks smiles back and hugs her.

"Nice to see you again Vix."

*He looks around the group and introduces himself to the new people.

"Nice to meet you guys, my name is Ganks. So, what is the first thing of buisness that we are gonna do here?"

This is NOT a clan yet. You can NOT do clan events based in this clan because it hasn't passed the recruitment stage yet!

Negative S
16th January 2005, 08:06 PM
The city was small and the night was cold. He needed somewhere to sleep for the night. Coming acoss a small building he looked into the window hoping that their would be an inn keeper to question. He hdant slept in a bed for three months now and would consider it a blessing to get himslef a bed and his draike some food.

Mitzuhide lets stop here Im starving we need to eat especialy you.

"Dont worry about me my friend you first. It wont be much longer look at that sign there."

Hiede jumped from his shoulder and ran up to the window scrtaching at the glass. Walking over to it he smiled and picked up his littel friend. They would finaly be able to ifnd some food and friendship.

What did it say Mitzuhide?

"Its a recruitment for a theives guild. As much stealing as we have had to do to stay alive I think It's time we joined good company."

Walking in the door of the tavern next to where he had seen the sign. The ninja pulled his cloak form over his head revelaing his silverish blue hair and a covered face. The green draike sat upon his shoulder shaking from nervousness. The other people were the first sings of human life that the two had seen in three months and it was good to see something other than trees. He walked over to the bar and asked for two plates of meat one cooked and one raw. He handed the man agold coin and told the bar keep he could keep the change if he gave him a warm room and a enough drink to last him his stay.

"this gold comes form the far east. It is worth more than this town. So all I ask is that you give me a good room and some good food and drink."

"Yes yes of course take anything you need kind sir you are my guest."

"One more thing put the meats in bags I am going to the building next door and I wish to take my dinner with me."

"Yes as you wish."

Hiede jumped back on Mitzuhides shoulder ans sniffed th bag. He started lick Mitzuhides ear but then stopped when he saw where they were going. He cowered behind his neck and whimpered a bit but then straightened up when he remembered that it was only a room of more people. Mitzuhide pulled his hood over his head and walked in the room. It was dark but he could sense the presence of others there. He was not alone in the darkness.

"I am Mitzuhide Kamaytara. I am a ninja form the hidden sands village in the far east. I have travelled far and I am now searching out new companions. This little on my shoulder is my draike Hiede."

The ninja sat down on the floor and opened the bag and offered the meat ti Hiede and began to chew on his own. It had been so long since he had had anyhting this good. It was pure extasy on his stomach.

"I guess you could say I am asking for a position in you clan."

19th January 2005, 06:12 PM
Out of the corner of the ceilling a dark figure dropped down. Within in a blink of a eye he was grappling Bakusho from behind holding his Katana against Bakusho's neck.

"Nobody move, or I cut his head off. Now drop all you belongings and leave the building."

Upon saying the the man released Bakusho.

"I hope I didn't give you too much of a scare, but I like to show what I can do and avoid any uneeded question. My name is Shinobi and I an a shadow assasin, or more commonly know as a ninja."

19th January 2005, 06:53 PM
Thread closed. Here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=161090#post161090) is your new clan.