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7th May 2013, 11:04 AM

I was bored so I started building an Excel KoC tool, I searched everywhere, but couldn't find anything, after alot of trouble and guessing I managed to get it about right with a .?? percent error margin, I was wondering if anyone knew the formula the ratings are based on, also with untrained soldiers (armed & unarmed) and such.
Oh and the costs of the covert skill & unit production per level.


7th May 2013, 02:44 PM
U = 4 (Untrained Multiplier)
T = 5 (Trained Multiplier)

For any single weapon type W, SA given by that weapon is
f_W = (W.quantiy_U * U + W.quantiy_T * T) * W.strength * Offie_Bonus * Tech_Multiplier * Siege Multiplier * Race_Bonus

(For more accurate siege multiplier do 1.3 ^ N to have more accuracy than provided 2 decimals, and do 1.05 ^ M for similar in case of Tech Upgrades)
(Unarmed Soldiers are assumed to be holding weapon of 1 Strength))

W.quantiy_U stands for number of weapons of type W held by untrained soldiers, and _T for trained.
(Mercs and Soldiers are same for this purpose of calculation - only trained/untrained matters)

Total SA = Sum over W (f_W)

I hope that makes sense. Do ask if something is unclear. (Same in case of DA with difference of 1.25 ^ N)

For Coverts, you have, 1.6^C (C Covert Level), and no U or T multiplier in Coverts, rest same.