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15th March 2013, 03:08 AM
Since it was mentioned in another thread regarding new players not knowing what to do when starting to play KoC, how about some of you put your posting abilities for the greater good and give some info towards a KoC Help Guide for Beginners.

You don't have to go into full details of what to do but some advice and explanations could help....

If the guide is helpful we can always sticky it and alliances can link their new players to this thread via their forums....

It is all up to you players not to spam it and give some good tips towards helping to keep new players interested....

15th March 2013, 04:40 AM
I have to say this is most likely info one of our spies stole from a forum from one of the bigger alliances (I think SR, kudos to them) but I assume nobody minds if I share basic info like this.

Terms in koc

BPM = Blackpowder Missile (attack weapon)

IS = Invisibility Shield (defensive weapon)

CH = Chariot (attack weapon)

DS = Dragonskin (defensive weapon)

LT = Lookout Tower (sentry tool)

NUN = Nunchaku (spy tool)

SA = Strike Action

DA = Defensive Action

TFF = Total Fighting Force (army size)

BF = Battle Field

XP = experience (points)

EXP = experience

k = 1000

UP = unit production

sab = sabotage

AAT = At A Time (when using 5 sab turns)

CPM = Clicks Per Minute

TBG = Turn Based Gold (gold you get each minute)

Lowhit = less then 1 hour TBG STOLEN

Scan = a player with a high spy rating will check the battlefield to update gold in the targets and farm list.

Ghosted = Sabotage (or recon) missions that are successful and were not intercepted so that the target who was sabotaged or reconned has no knowledge or record of the mission.

Fakesab = Fake-sabbing is trying to sab somebody while you actually cant because your spy is too low. This is used for spending turns and get maximum XP.

Farming = Used to mean making a certain amount of hits within a certain period of time.

Massing = Attacking a player many times in a very short period of time - usually within seconds/minutes of each other. Many times, a players who "masses", Raid 10x to cause the most amount of damage while trying to save their own turns. One Raid only uses 25 turns, while one Attack uses 150 turns.

Rogues = Players who decide to sab and/or mass players or alliances in KoC. Their reasons for going rogue vary from being bored with the duration of the age or a personal revenge against certain players or alliances.

Chainers = Similar to rogues, these are usually players who focus on certain alliances. (Alliances are sometimes called Chains.)

Rogue Alliances = An alliance of players who are generally Rogues or Chainers.

Rankers = Players or Alliances that generally try to achieve the highest rank possible.

Buying weapons

Try to buy the following weapons only:

Defense: Dragonskin
AttacK: Chariot
Spy: Nunchaku
Sentry: Lookout Tower

As you can see we don't buy the most expensive weapons for attack/defense. The reason for it is this:

For 1 MIL gold you can buy;
5 dragonskins = strength 256x5=1280 vs 1 invisibility shield = 1000 strength
2.22 chariots = strength 600x2.22=1333 vs 1 Blackpowder Missile = 1000 strength

At the start of the game these weapons are too expensive for you, so its no problem if you buy some cheaper weapons first.


Mercenaries are soldiers that will protect your own soldiers. This is important because your own soldiers generate your income.

There are 3 kinds of mercenaries:

Attack mercenaries
they will only be used in OUTGOING attacks.

Defense mercenaries
they will only be used in INCOMING attacks.

Untrained mercenaries
they will be used in OUTGOING attacks and INCOMING attacks.
However, these untrained mercenaries die faster then attack/defense mercenaries, so your casualties will be higher.


You can only have a maximum of 25% mercenaries of your army. So if your army has 100 soldiers, then you can have 25 mercenaries.


Once you bought mercenaries, there is no turning back. You can not sell or delete them. This means that the only way to get rid of them is getting them killed.


If you ever plan to sell-of to somebody who has a lower SA then your DA, then defense mercenaries can block your sell-of.
So in that case, try to buy only the amount of defensive mercenaries that will die when you sleep or buy untrained mercenaries (or combine it).


Here you can see in which order soldiers will die by each event.

1st: Untrained Mercenaries
2nd: Defense Mercenaries
3rd: Untrained soldiers
4th: DA soldiers
RANDOM: Spies and Sentries (the more spies / sentries you have, how more will die)

1st: Untrained Mercenaries
2nd: Attack Mercenaries
3rd: Untrained soldiers
4th: SA soldiers

To protect your income, you must make sure that below mentioned units will not die!
So buy enough mercenaries to protect them.

Income by each soldier per minute:
If you have income bonus from your race then the income of each soldier raises by the amount of % from the bonus.

DA soldier = 1 gold
SA soldier = 1 gold
Untrained soldier = 1 gold
Spy = 0.1 gold
Sentry = 0.1 gold

Mercenaries will not generate income!

The amount of casualties depends on a few things:
---> difference between your SA and targets DA
---> TFF
---> random KOC %


How many turns do you get?

You will receive 1 turn every minute, so you will receive 1440 turns each day.


Below you can see how much turns each action will cost you:

Attack = 150 turns (this is the best option to steel gold)
Raid = 25 turns (only use raids in war or on approved targets)
Sab = 5 turns (always use 5 turns each try when you want to sab)
Conquest = 10 turns (dont do each conquest more then 62 times)


Below you can see how much XP "EACH TURN" will give per action:

Conquest = 2 XP or more (when you do it not more then 62 times each)
sabbing = 2 XP
attack/raid = 1 XP


What is conquest?

Conquest is a way to earn additional experience. You fight against the computer, not a player.

Make sure you have at least 2.3 x more SA then the computers strength (DA).
e.g. 4,6 MIL SA to beat 2 MIL DA.
If you have 2.3x SA then computers DA then you are 100% sure that you win the fight.
Cause if you dont win, you dont get gold for it (win or lose, you will get same XP anyways).

Every time you start a new conquest, you will receive 5 experience points a turn for your first attempt.
It will decrease each attempt, continue doing this untill you have done the conquest 62 times.
After 62 times, you will receive less then 2 experience points and thats not worth it anymore.


Technology Upgrades vs. Economy upgrades

Economy upgrades are way more expensive than technology upgrades.
At the same time, they don't give much gold.
You need around 7 months to buy Industrial (max economy skill) since
to buy it you got to buy all the upgrades that go before it.
The age probably only lasts for 6 months total.
This is why you should ALWAYS buy Technology
and ignore Economy upgrades.

If you want to do as many technology upgrades as possible,
then you should start off by doing all conquests you can 62 times each.
If you do it 63 times, each conquest will start giving
less than 20 XP. Therefore, that's the point where you should
start other conquests or sab to maximize your XP returns.

Untrained soldiers

Every new soldier that you receive, will be an untrained soldier, these are soldiers that die very fast.

To avoid big casualties, its recommended to train them.
Its even a MUST (try to do it ASAP).

You will also need mercenaries, more info about mercenaries can be found here:

Personally im going for option 1, as I can controll my casualties better.

Option 1:
Train them to Attack Specialist.
This option is probably the best when you get attacked more often then that you attack other players.
Advantage: A few losses when you receive incoming attacks.
Disadvantage: Many losses with outgoing attacks.

Option 2:
Train them to Defense Specialist.
This option is probably the best when you attack a lot and almost never be attacked by others.
Advantage: Just a few casualties with outgoing attacks.
Disadvantage: Multiple normal attacks on you can cause many casualties.
Also during wars people might raid you, which will cause extreme casualties.
It is likely that basically your entire army will be killed once the enemy finds out of your high DA,
and it is unfeasible to retrain every soldier as it costs a LOT of gold.

Option 3:
Train them to Spies and Sentries.
Advantage: Spies and Sentries do not count as TFF (total fighting force). So on this way you keep your TFF low.
This can be interesting as you can almost attack everyone (because your army is smaller) and steal maximum amounts of gold.
Disadvantage: When you get attacked by other players, your spies and sentries die just as easy as they were untrained.
Defense Mercenaries can not protect them... so you can easily lose these spies and sentries.
Spies and sentries will also give you less gold an hour.
Spies/Sentries: 0.1 gold per turn (race bonus not included)
Any other soldiers: 1 gold per turn (race bonus not included)

21st December 2014, 09:27 PM
What about pointing us in the direction of good clickers???

21st December 2014, 09:34 PM
Try looking at the Great Hall for available clickers....

20th January 2015, 10:43 PM
I just want to make sure I'm reading this right...from above, 2XP for sabbing. So, if I sab someone with 5 sab turns, I'll get 10XP, correct? Another thing, should the main goal of the account be to gain a large TFF? (unless you're spy or sentry solely.) I guess I'm asking in terms of gaining gold and going for a higher rank....a large army is a must.

20th January 2015, 11:25 PM
A large army is not necessary to gain a high rank. A small army can do incredibly well and land in the top 50 just as easily as any other army. The only TFF you really need is enough to hold your weapons. A high TFF is nice though because it insulates you against wars -- you can more easily recover losses and aren't reliant on your ability to steal gold to rank (which if you're small you'll have to be good at to have a shot). And yes, for 5 sab turns you get 10 xp. A lot of people will fakesab to get maximum experience.

In this guide though I do not agree with buying only dragonskins/chariots though. If you're going for a small TFF it might be better to use BPMs and ISs because you need to be able to hold your weapons for them to be meaningful. Similarly although your stats go higher quicker with chariots/dragonskins, they also go down faster, and by sheer virtue of having more weapons have a higher overall repair cost. If you don't get hit often I suppose that doesn't matter as much, but it is something worth considering to fit your playstyle.

21st January 2015, 11:55 AM
Good info guys thanks! I've been debating on what type of route to go this age...assuming that its going to last as long as the last one. I want a lot of TBG but i also like my spy sentry stats...so i dont need a big army, but then i wont get much gold...

21st January 2015, 01:27 PM
Good info guys thanks! I've been debating on what type of route to go this age...assuming that its going to last as long as the last one. I want a lot of TBG but i also like my spy sentry stats...so i dont need a big army, but then i wont get much gold...

The two aren't mutually exclusive. You will generally only need as many spies and sentries as you have Nunchakus and Lookout Towers respectively, which gives a lot of scope for army size growing.

14th March 2015, 02:11 PM
Can someone post the upgrade costs for the Covert Levels? 15 total I think...I know those are purchased within about the first week of the age but I can't remember the cost multiplier for each one.

18th September 2015, 06:34 PM
Since the public recruiter thread is locked: How would one go about getting permission to scan the battlefield on that script?

18th September 2015, 06:43 PM
Public recruiter thread isn't locked: http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?89540-Public-Recruiter-Age-18

I am also not sure what you are asking.

22nd April 2016, 06:38 AM
the next upgrade when you have lvl 13 covert skill costs 4,323,500