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3rd January 2005, 01:39 PM
The Disciples of the One Ring to Rule Them All recruitment thread. This recruitment closes 10 January 2005.

Clan Leader(s): ceasap2, Pustolio. Either one, make the first post.

4th January 2005, 05:21 AM
Ahh, bien. Its finally come true! Now I can rule the world with an iron fist! Ok... Anyway...
The purpose of this clan is to bring together elite rp'ers (yes, elite) and pit them against each other in some friendly ffa's and spars to demonstrate the proper mode of rping, and therefore improve the standard of rping. The name of the clan is just a spring board for a later quest, but first we need members. All who think themselves eligible should post here, as well as send me a pm demonstrating their rp ability via a previous post. Thank you, that is all... :)

EDIT: ok… I need to make some stuff clear to all…

I. Clan Membership

---- A. Requirements (in detail)

--------1. Must be an elite rp’er (see definition below)

--------2. Must have been registered at GUA for at least 2.5 months contigously at any previous time

--------3. Must send me (ceasap2) an example of their rping ability when applying

--------4. Must be active (at least one post every two days)

--------5. Must love to rp!

The definition of an elite rper is one who routinely makes posts that are at least three paragraphs or more that effectively describe the actions and thoughts of the character without any closed attacks or godmoding, and without becoming excessively boring.

II. Clan Ranking System

---- A. Generic Ranks (from least to greatest)

-------- Grunt (0-2 Merit Points)

--------Soldier (3-5 Merit Points)

--------Veteran (6-9 Merit Points)

--------Commando (10-14 Merit Points)

--------Champion (15-24 Merit Points)

--------Hero (25-39 Merit Points)

--------General (40-57 Merit Points)

----------------(subcategories) 1 star (40-43 Merit Points)

-----------------------------------2 star (44-47 Merit Points)

-----------------------------------3 star (48-51 Merit Points)

-----------------------------------4 star (52-55 Merit Points)

-----------------------------------5 star (56-57 Merit Points)

--------Lord (58+ Merit Points)

--------Supreme Commander[Leader] (only by appointment)

---- B. Earning Merit Points

--------There are many ways to earn Merit Points:

----------------1. Creating an awesome banner for the clan (first come, first serve: one time reward of 10 Merit Points)

----------------2. Engaging in a spar with a Supreme Commander, Lord, or General who will then grade your performance on a scale of one to ten, and that is the amount of Merit Points you will earn

----------------3. Performing well in an FFA tournament, in which Merit Points/ Ranks/ Items will be available as prizes

----------------4. Promoting the clan in your signature (one time only of one Merit Point)

----------------5. Referring another active elite GUA rping member to the clan (must be verified: 4 Merit Points)

----------------6. Any other thing that the leaders might think up!

III. Rewards

---- A. Rings of Power

-------- For each rank gained, each member will receive a graphic of the One Ring to post next to their rank in their sig. Like reputation, this can be added to or removed at the discretion of the leaders based upon behaviour and habits within the clan.

---- B. Privileges

--------As your rank is increased, you gain more influence in what the clan does, namely, in its operation. After a rank of Commando has been achieved, members may create clan threads (quests/spars) of their own. Until then, a higher level member must create the thread for them.

--------Once you reach the rank of Hero, you may give (but not take away) Merit Points (subject to verification by a leader).

--------Once you reach the rank of 1 star General, you may judge other peoples’ performance, and assign points accordingly.

--------Once you reach the rank of 3 star General, you may both add and remove Merit points, and may begin tournaments with the help of a mod (unless you are already a mod)

--------Once you attain the rank of Lord, you have discretion above all other members in the clan (with obvious exception of the leaders), and may override decisions of lower ranked members (subject to scrutiny by a Supreme Commander)


The wind stirred the dry leaves around Ceasap’s feet as he slowly made his way up to the large doorway of the new clan house he had had constructed. It smelled refreshingly new, of sweet pine and hardy oak, of cold granite and sleek obsidian, and of lacquer, a sharp contrast to the musty odor that pervaded this part of the woods.

In this hidden glade he approached the door, and withdrawing a golden key from his pocket, he twirled it experimentally in his hands, feelings its weight and observing its reflectivity in the afternoon sun. Reaching forward, he inserted the key into the lock on the heavy oak door, and turned it. A sharp click followed, and then the door slowly swung open, revealing the comfortable, if not lavish interior.

Ceasap removed the key from the lock, and pocketed it, proceeding to scrape the mud from his boots, as it would be inappropriate to dirty so new a place. Leaving the doorway open behind him, Ceasap stepped into the main hall of the clan house.

It was all as he had requested: The central circular chamber with the raised dais on one end upon which rested his “throne”, and the different stone archways that led to the storeroom, the living quarters, the armory, the recreation room, and the mess hall, all made exactly according to his request. The perfectness was astounding, and Ceasap stood for a minute pondering the sheer exactness of the architect.

Pacing calmly up to his central chair, Ceasap lowered himself into it, glad of its soft but firm feel, idly stroking the velvet covered armrest. I could get used to living here… he thought, and stared out of one of the rectangular windows at the forest behind him. My fellow members should arrive shortly… he mused and turned his attention to the doorway…

9th January 2005, 11:12 AM
I give in. Yeah, what the hell, I'll join... but I will leave I figure the clan isn't turning out well. By the way, you do NOT need to have the whole first part of your post in [OOC] brackets... clan threads aren't necessarily IC affairs, although people can use IC if they want to, or at least that's how it usually works. If you really want me to, I could also show you how to use some VB tags to make your post look a lot neater.

The only other things I would comment about is the definition of 'elite RPer', and I think you know my opinions on that subject. Namely, post length has nothing to do with RPing skill. Long posts can be great, or they can suck horribly, or they can be anywhere in the middle. 'Elite' RPing is pretty much subjective, and, frankly, I wouldn't class anyone in this clan (including myself) as elite.

And remember, I'm only doing this to see what you've got. I retain the right to leave at any time, for any reason, and I still think this clan will fall apart at some point, if it even gets off the ground. You can keep me out for saying that if you like, and I honestly wouldn't care, but somehow I don't think you will...

I might add some IC to this post later, but I doubt it. I, not my character, am applying to join this clan. My character, quite frankly, wouldn't fit in at all - no offense, but he's not a clanny type of person, and besides, he's literally unable to stay in one 'Universe' for an extended period of time. Since you invited me, I'll assume I don't have to bother with the submission of an RP example. If I do, well, I'll see what I can dig up.

Sorry... Only one potiental member posting at the last possible time... Thread closed. - Legion