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17th August 2012, 09:36 PM
If your taking time to read this then I'm guessing your a mod or searching for an active Alliance that can get things done and work as a team. Last age I started this Alliance with two of my brothers to see how well we could do untill the age expired. All of us reached page 3 at some point in the six/seven(???) weeks. Our alliance scored 37 points and the Technician name reached page 3.

Now my brother Malice's girlfriend is joining in on the fun next age. Four people under one roof debating over actions of our alliance with other member(s) on skype. Feedback is going to be a major factor on how we get things done.

I can see us growing together really well with more players working together. Click arrangments will be made according to member input, and will be discussed over bulletins/pm/skype/etc. If one way doesn't work we will have another. I will also have a seperate way to reach me for those of you who encounter emergencies (daily report of actions against you, or to say hi I don't care)

Punishments of notible actions, when sab assistance comes, when/if probes are tolerated, Sab wars, punishments for actions against another online, etc will be discussed over the first week of the age with any member who pms me with interest in joining us.

Online hits against our own is allowed. We would rather have our own grow than others right?

We are a family that started this so we will treat you like family. If you go against us though we WILL retaliate against you. Help us grow and we will help you in return.

Can't wait for the Age to start, if you're interested send me a message with tag (T9) in the subject. Feel free to ask questions, and remember even if you go against us we are having fun so you should too.

I will be clicking right when the age starts and am in charge of the final say according to all the input I get. We want sabbers, attackers, defenders, and clickers.