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Ashraga Battlestorm

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Biographical Statistics

Name: Ashraga Battlestorm
Known As: ‘Ash’
Race: High Dark Elf
A High Dark Elf is the result of a crossing between a Dark Elf and a High Elf, as the name suggests. They are quite rare for obvious reasons and sometimes disliked by either kind.
Occupation: (Self-Proclaimed) Head of the Battlestorm clan
Classification: Warrior
Alignment: Neutral Good
(A Neutral Good character is guided by his conscience and typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition. A Neutral Good character has no problems with co-operating with lawful officials, but does not feel beholden to them. In the event that doing the right thing requires the bending or breaking of rules, they do not suffer the same inner conflict that a Lawful Good character would.)
Fame: Beggar (0)
Actual Age: 47
Age Apparent: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 73 kilos
Build: Lean, firm
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black, semi-long, wild, glossy
Distinguishing Marks:
Scarf: Under normal circumstances Ashraga usually has a large scarf draped around his neck.
Birthplace: South Deshkin, Battlestorm clan territory
Current Location: Mekong
Religion: Harmonism – Ashraga believes in the values of Harmonism but sometimes questions the idea of having the God of War ‘General Raiden’ at the head of it all. He thinks this view is superseded and will inevitably lead to misinterpretations and the forming of dangerous factions within the Harmonism once they finally manage to become the dominant religion. He also doesn’t believe in pushing his views onto other people, rather seeing his religion as a means to draw strength from.


Ashraga is serious and contained when the situation calls for it but tends to be more easy-going and calmer around his friends than you’d expect from a warrior when it doesn’t. Ashraga is generally polite and tends to avoid needless bloodshed. He is also quite merciful. Given the opportunity, he will prefer negotation and making the enemy see their wrongs to fighting. The Divine Guardians are of course an exception. It is hard to truly anger him, for he believes giving in to anger too easily to be a weakness. He’s not sadistic at all and when killing prefers to make it painless.

Ashraga is very idealistic. He cares for his friends and will avoid placing them in danger when he can. He has his pride, but it doesn’t spark from a feeling of racial superiority and he never mentions it. Ashraga believes racial hate to be at the core of all problems, but does not think this is unavoidable. On the contrary, rather, he believes harmony between all races is the only road to salvation. Therefore he also tries to avoid hate building up inside of him, because he thinks it can only lead to worse. His main goal in life is to restore his clan’s honour and power in a Rurian and / or Deshkin without any racial or religious ideals bound to it. Ashraga realizes that despite his beliefs this will put him directly at odds with Ordaris and the Moonblades and how a hostile confrontation is inevitable if he’s going to achieve this.

All this doesn’t mean he always appears as nice as he is on the outside or always makes himself easy to approach though, because Ashraga is not oblivious to the weaknesses of the majority of the people of Terrak’Lina and knows he places anyone he affiliates with him in danger. He is known to always want to carry a too big load on his shoulders to keep others he values from harm.


Ashraga’s rather wild, glossy hair is semi-long and covers some of his face, but generally doesn’t obscure his grey eyes. He has sharp features and his skin betrays his High Elven heritage. It is neither pale nor tanned. Ashraga stands taller than most of his kind, but is only of average height to human standards. He has a lean, firm shape and prefers to wear black clothes.

His sleeveless shirt sits rather tightly around his torso and he wears tight gloves as well as separate sleeves that leave about half of his biceps uncovered. Ashraga wears a large scarf he prefers to take off in battle on his neck and shoulders to keep him warm. It obscures much of the high collar that sits around his neck and is long enough to flutter behind him and nearly reach the ground, the end of the scarf quite tattered because of this.

His belt, on which his katana is attached, holds up a weapon skirt that sits snug around the lower part of his body. It is segmented in two parts and has cuts running through the middle back and front as not to obstruct the fighter’s movements. He also wears cotton pants under this, and thick socks and sandals on his feet.


(1) Low Blademaster— Using a variety of techniques, Ashraga may wield swords causing low damage.
(1) Low Wind Walker—Ashraga may augment his movements slightly with the air around him, traversing through the air and reaching low heights for short distances.
(1) Low Shadow Existance—Negates a low amount of damage to Ashraga’s body by turning the part that is hit to shadow momentarily.
(1) Low Mana Bonus—A low bonus to Ashraga’s mana that allows him to keep up spellcasting longer.
(4) Novice Speed—A high bonus to Ashraga’s speed that allows him to move and attack faster.
(1) Low Strength—A low bonus to Ashraga’s strength that allows him to use more strength in both combat as non-combat situations.
(1) Low Toughness— A low bonus to the amount of damage Ashraga’s body can take before it stops to function normally.
(1) Low Endurance— A low bonus to Ashraga’s endurance that allows him to tire less quickly.
(1) Low Agility— Ashraga can perform rolls, backflips and the like with a slightly higher chance of success than untrained people.
(1) Low Reflexes— Ashraga has slightly better reflexes than most people.
(1) Low Balance— Ashraga has a slightly better sense of balance than untrained people, allowing him to keep his balance in situations that could otherwise cause him to fall over or lose control of his body.



• Katana of the Burning Star — Strength: ?
A wedding present his father received from his father in law when he married Kyra Starsong, he left it with Ashraga as a final means to say farewell. The shimmering blade is slightly curved and has runic inscriptions at the start of the blade. At the cost of sapping mana, this katana can be made to glow white and deal high magic damage in close combat.

Clothes / Armour

• Basic outfit


• Gold: ?
• Firné Points: 0
• Bag
A simple bag-on-a-stick that holds basic equipment for survival.




[1] — 19/03 Character Creation. I had to split up the posts.
[2] — 19/03 Greater NPC and 6 SP from outsourcing added. They were awarded here. (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?52478-Divine-Salvation-Outsourcing&p=1380970#post1380970here.) (as well as 3d character itself)
[3] — 19/03 Greater NPC Karian Battlestorm has his magic skills locked due to a lack of SP but explained in his history. The idea is I won’t have to treat them as completely new skills when I first use them and get to unlock them easier when requesting and losing less realism thanks to having dedicated a history to them.

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* It's interesting to read the background of the Battlestorm clan in the outsourcing first.

Ashraga was born a little less than half a century before the coming of the Divine Guardians. His father Logan Battlestorm was an emigrated Dark Elf who had managed to marry the High-Elf Kyra Starsong, so they lived in the southern-most part of Deshkin, where they owned a sizeable estate. Though he wasn’t old enough to have any memories of the Moonblades’ raids and lost no close relatives to them the fear that went through him as well as the people around him as the infamous warband was mentioned is something he’s always carried with him in some other way.

As a member of the Battlestorm family, Ashraga received a strict education in terms of manners and general behaviour amongst other things, all aimed to make him a worthy member of the clan who would carry on their legacy. He took these lessons along with a small number of young people from the region as well as other family members. The most prominent was his cousin Karian Battlestorm, who wasn’t much younger than him by Elf standards and became his best childhood friend.

Logically giving him a sense of (family) politics, history and battle training was also a part of this. These history lessons were mostly aimed at learning the history of the clan, and proving its rightneousness as well as showing the cruelty of its enemies. Ashraga wasn’t blind to the subjectivity of his own clan either though, and managed to create his own critical view on history. Still, it had its effects, for it was partially due to this Ashraga would later cause him to become convicted the path the Moonblades would choose at that time could only lead to chaos.

Already at a young age Ashraga realized corrupt men who wielded the power were at the base of much of the problems of the world. Naïve as he was, he expressed his desire to become part of the Assassins of Rurian. He thought this would allow him to use his sword –with which he was quite proficient- to ensure justice would be brought onto the world. Since these Assassins were firmly under control of the Battlestorm clan’s enemy Ordaris this seemed like a very bad idea and he wasn’t allowed to go. Ashraga however thought the Assassins could be changed from within and left home against the will of his parents.

While it could be expected the Assassins of Rurian would feel little for letting one of the ‘traitors’ of the Battlestorm clan into their ranks Ordaris saw an opportunity to gain control over one of the clan’s members. He was allowed in, but even before he’d taken the oaths, after less than a few months, Ashraga would depart again. At first the assassins had reluctantly accepted his presence by order of Ordaris, but after having studied and tested the lad Ordaris realized Ashraga was far too idealistic to become one of his puppets.

Ordaris realized the young Battlestorm might become a threat to him over time if he were taught the arts of the assassins. Thus he lifted the veil of his protection from Ashraga. He immediately noticed the changes in the Assassins’ behaviour: they treated him like the traitor breed he was despite his claims he had nothing to do with his family policies from before he was born. The Assassins however, firmly believed his blood had been tainted by his ancestor’s sins and guilt could not just be lost to time. When this wasn’t enough to make him leave Ordaris even told one of his assassins to kill Ashraga.

Though such a move seemed so brash and dangerous it could make anyone wonder Ordaris had carefully chosen the assassin for the job. It was a new recruit much like Ashraga who was still out to prove himself. The recruit was a young fool, easy to manipulate, and without much potential, so Ordaris might as well get rid of him. He never expected the assassin to succeed: he was just a tool to get the message across Ashraga would better leave. As Ordaris had expected, the assassin failed and was subsequently tortured and executed, leaving Ashraga completely desillusioned. Ordaris once again managed to escape free from guilt. Ashraga was smart enough to realize just what was going on though. This event shattered the young Elf’s ideal of becoming an assassin: these men were clearly just tools in the hands of the corrupt.

Thus Ashraga returned home alone, happy to meet Karian again when returning to the soil of Deshkin. His parents accepted his homecoming, excusing him because of his young age. This was aided by how they noticed how much he had changed and matured during this brief period of time. His naïve ideals about bringing justice with his sword were all but gone, and the theory Ashraga still carries forth today slowly began to take shape from that point on. At that point it seemed Ashraga was a bit depressed because he felt he was destined to live a rather dull life and would probably get some kind of administrative function in his family. A war was the last thing he wanted, but the idealistic Elf still saw a lot of misery and conflict in the world around him and didn’t believe one could change this doing such an unglorious job.

Karian cheered him up however, saying they could work as protectors on one of the clan’s many trade ships. Together they travelled around Terrak’Lina for quite a few years and saw a lot of the world with the occassional adventure strewn in between. Getting to know many other cultures from first hand information influenced Ashraga’s tolerance for different races. Despite this, he also noticed how people’s weaknesses were quite similar all across Terrak’Lina. It was on these travels that Ashraga and Karian killed their first men: pirates who’d taken part in a raid on their ship. Though he didn’t feel good because of it, Ashraga wasn’t greatly affected either. He’d felt worse after he’d killed his first few creatures, for beasts had sometimes raided their estates during his youth. How Ashraga felt about this was already an indication to him to find out for himself how he viewed living beings as equal despite their race. Karian seemed even less affected, saying he’d never asked for these men to try and kill them.

During this time Ashraga started exploring the skills and swift fighting style that was so typical to his clan further. His wind walker ability, above all, increased greatly thanks to the practical use. Still frustrated by the way he’d been kicked out of the Assassins of Rurian, Ashraga began to apply the basics of the assassin’s shadow magic to create his own form of magic. Failing to turn his whole body to shadow and teach himself the dangerous shadow jump ability Ashraga still managed to form part of his body into shadows from time to time. He learned that this didn’t make him invulnerable, but allowed blades to pass through him momentarily and deal less damage than the strike would have done if it had been a head on hit. It became one of his trademark abilities that arguably saved his life ample times. To this day Ashraga is still the only known user of this technique.

The power of the Battlestorm clan blossomed during this period thanks to their policy of not showing their feeling of racial superiority openly or letting it affect their way of working. One day, while they were on the continent of Nasylum, whispers of Deshkin having fallen to a sudden mysterious invasion reached Ashraga and Karian’s eyes, however. They frantically rushed back home only to find mainly Deshkin survivors and Battlestorm forces had set up a blockade across the bottleneck and their way home was obstructed. To his great relief Ashraga found his family safe and sound in the Battlestorm territories past the bottleneck, on Rurian soil. They had been quick enough to flee to save most of their possessions, but their estate had been lost to the invasion.

Having lived so long in Deshkin his parents wanted to leave Rurian immediately to build a new home in Mekong, like many Battlestorm were planning. At the time they thought it would take them far enough away from the invasion not to have to worry about it anymore. They had already given up any hope of victory after the horrendous battle in which the Divine Guardians had crushed an army of ten thousand allied forces. Térélom, who had been head of the family at the time, had already left for Linmotar. Ashraga refused, feeling more affiliated with the rest of the Rurian than most of the other members of the clan. While this Divine invasion was highly undesireable indeed, he saw it as a chance for the peoples around the world to finally unite. He and Karian stayed at the bottleneck but his father, enraged, said he would not excuse his foolishness a second time and departed along with his mother and a lot of their household. He hasn’t seen them again since then.

In the years that followed Ashraga fought a losing battle alongside his brethren against the relentless Divine. Despite the aid of the fire dragons, the day the sky turned black spelled their doom. Word reached their ears of how many cities had fallen to regiments of Divine that had managed to slip past thanks to the darkness already. The fate of Genwe was uncertain and Caprice besieged for a second time. In the far distance a great shape could be seen moving and the very earth seemed to be torn apart as fortifications and ships that made up the blockade were erased from the earth. Realizing victory was impossible against whatever Divine being was ravaging them, Ashraga and Karian boarded some of the final ships that carried the remnants of their brethren to Mekong. Even the young Battlestorm had to admit it would be naïve to think Caprice would still be standing by the time they reached it if they were to go there. At this point few of their line were left. Many had departed already and others had fallen in battle.

Like many Battlestorm refugees before them had been, Ashraga’s ships were attacked by pirate ships they thought to be of the Xentis Crew. These pirates were just slave traders however. Ship after ship of refugees was defeated in a relentless battle and the survivors were picked from the water by the outnumbering pirates to be sold as slaves. Close to the shore as they were, some still managed to escape, only to be hunted down on the mainland or fall prey to indiginous beasts or worse: Divine Guardians. Likely few survived to live in freedom. It wasn’t a coincidence that Karian and Ashraga managed to pull through together, swimming for the shore after their boat had been sunken and counting on their magic abilities to escape the pirates pursuing them. (I’m going to let his IC stuff begin at this point, what follows is what is already going to happen in these quests. I don’t want him to start out as a level 1 with 1 companion at the moment he learns he has to go up against Ordaris and the Moonblades or he’ll die.)

Hiding and fighting off what pirates still pursued them, Karian and Ashraga escaped a grim fate. At daybreak, Ashraga declared himself head of the fallen family and asked for Karian to help him restore their clan. Karian became the first to accept his cousin as head of the family when he pledged his eternal loyalty to him. After finding back and picking up some thought lost members of their clan across the desert continent Ashraga realized on their own restoring their house was but a noble dream. Karian, remembering the mighty Térélom Battlestorm, proposed to go to Linmotar to seek his aid.

Battle-hardened as they were, his group sold themselves as mercenaries for the duration of the journey and was allowed to travel on a merchant’s ship.

Arriving in Menstin, Ashraga’s group got lucky and was quickly discovered by Télérom, who kept them from the prying hands of the Human Guild that was in the process of hunting down Dark Elves across the continent. Despite an argument –Ashraga was too proud to accept the runaway Télérom as head of the family and wouldn’t serve under him- the ruler of Menstin figured he could still use them against his enemies. Térélom informed the Human Guild, with whom he held relations and had once been affiliated, of Ashraga’s group and told them not to hunt down these Dark Elves like they did to others. After all Ashraga would not go up against them. He could care less about racial strife and had another goal.

Térélom also informed Ashraga of Ordaris and Terendar’s plans of building up their power on the continent so they could return to Rurian and create a strong independent Dark Elf nation under the Chan-Chan religion. With the Elves all but gone, this would mean the radical Dark Elves could conquer Deshkin as well if they grew powerful enough to do away with the Divine Guardians.

Ashraga Battlestorm knows Terendar or at least Ordaris will certainly exterminate the remnants of their family as a liability should they reach their goals and there will be no place for them in a Rurian ran by Ordaris or Terendar. Ashraga has made stopping them his primary concern next to stopping the Divine Guardians. Seeing racial hate as the base of all their problems, he does not desire to work together with the Human Guild, however. Leading his band of warriors into Linmotar to search for Terendar, Ashraga’s ultimate longterm goal became the formation of a state in Rurian in which the power of the Battlestorm clan would be restored, with no religious or cultural ideals involved.

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Karian Battlestorm

(Greater NPC)

Statistics | Personality | Appearance | Abilities | Flaws | Equipment | History


Biographical Statistics

Name: Karian Battlestorm
Known as: ‘Kar’, ‘Kari’
Race: Dark Elf
Occupation: Member of the Battlestorm clan
Classification: Warrior / Mage
Alignment: Neutral Good
Actual Age: 41
Age Apparent: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 67 kilos
Build: Slim, muscular
Eyes: Red
Hair: White, clean, wavy
Distinguishing Marks:
Red eyes: Karian’s red eyes are a seldom sight even amongst his kind.
Earrings: Karian’s left ear is pierced: three small diamonds hang down from it.
Girly: It’s possible to mistake his face for a girl’s.
Birthplace: South Deshkin, Battlestorm clan territory
Religion: Harmonism – Karian believes in the same ideals as Ashraga, even though he’s less idealistic or at least not shows it so openly.


Karian is perpetually joyful and very confident, a bit narcistic even. He’s a perfectionist in everything he does, which includes taking care of his appearance. He’s helpful, brave and quite intelligent, always eager and often humorous. People sometimes remark he can’t seem to sit still and is far too outgoing in the way he gets comfortable around people so quickly. He is Ashgara’s closest friend and a huge psychological help to him at times as well as a trustworthy comrade-in-arms, Karian often complaining how Ashraga always ‘takes the bulk of the fun.’ This is of course a remark to how Ashraga prefers to keep him out of fights if he can.


Karian has a pretty face with features that could be mistaken for a girl’s. This is more typical to his kind than it is to Humans for example, but he’s still a pretty extreme example. His eternally amused red eyes, wavy haircut and the tiny diamonds that hang from his left ear add to this impression. He has a friendly look about him, if somewhat mysterious and a bit vain. His body, however, leaves no mistakes. Much like Ashraga’s his body is lean and firm. His muscles are more clearly defined than his leaders’ however, all the while retaining his slim form, especially his biceps. His legs, however, are less visibly powerful and the lower part of his body can almost be called thin, even though it is not out of proportion.

His clothes are black and set off at the sides with light purple. After having been mistaken for a girl a couple of times Karian has chosen to wear a small sleeveless vest that almost sticks to his skin and leaves much of his chest and abs exposed, making clear he’s not a girl. He wears clothe shoulder pads that have no other function than taking the force off falls and has black cloths wrapped over his wrists all the way up to the first quarter of his biceps. Karian wears a simple wooden amulet that hangs on his chest from his slender neck. His pants, made from a soft material, are almost too tight but he has something of a dress draped around his middle that covers most of his thighs and the side of his legs as well as his backside. Karian wears elegant shoes with laces. He carries no notable weapons.


(1) Low Hand-to-Hand— Karian may inflict low damage using kicks, punches, or other unarmed techniques.
(1) Low Anti-Magnetic Field— A passive field around Karian’s body that pushes metallic objects from it, offering protection half as strong as wood.
(1) Low Strength—A low bonus to Karian’s strength that allows him to use more strength in both combat as non-combat situations.
(1) Low Speed—A low bonus to Karian’s speed that allows him to move and attack faster.
(1) Low Toughness— A low bonus to the amount of damage Karian’s body can take before it stops to function normally.
(1) Low Endurance— A low bonus to Karian’s endurance that allows him to tire less quickly.
(1) Low Agility— Karian can perform rolls, backflips and the like with a slightly higher chance of success than untrained people.
(1) Low Reflexes— Karian has slightly better reflexes than most people.

(1) Low Magic Endurance—A low bonus to Karian’s mana that allows him to keep up spellcasting longer.
(1) Low Lightning Shield— Creates a field of lightning around a being or object that strikes back into an attack done against it for a low amount of damage.
(1) Low Lightning Strike— Shocks a target within short range for low damage with low accuracy.
(1) Low Lightning Enhancing—Karian may enhance body parts or weapons with lightning as long as his mana can feed these spells, allowing them to deal low magic damage to opponents.(LOCKED SKILLS)



• +3 Anti-Magnetic Field: decreases damage done to his skin by metal objects by a high amount.


• -3 Side-effects: Karian cannot wear armour or wield metallic weapons and metal objects that get near to him are automatically pushed away, sometimes leading to funny but mostly undesirable and possibly even dangerous situations.


Clothes / Armour

• Basic outfit


Karian’s history almost constantly intertwines with Ashraga’s. Much like him he was brought up in the ways of the Battlestorm as a member of the clan, spending a lot of time on the estate of Ashraga’s parents, which was close to that of his own. Karian was always a happy kid. The only time people haven’t seen him smile was when Ashraga left his side to become an assassin, but since he’s returned Karian has been overjoyed and he’s rarely left his friend’s side since. Shortly after this return Karian persuaded a depressed Ashraga to, lifting him out of his depression and travelling the world with Ashraga until their return to Deshkin when it had fallen to the Divine Guardians. Karian was the only one of Ashraga’s companions who made it all the way from the frontlines of the bottleneck to the shores of Mekong with him. When his friend declared himself head of the family Karian accepted his claim and vowed he’d stay at Ashraga’s side forever.

His skill development, of course, took a different course from Ashraga’s. When he was a boy, a crate of arrowheads accidentally fell on him. Karian had cried out as he looked up at a crate, and what happened next must have been an instinctive reaction of a magical talent he held within. He was badly cut and barely survived, but everyone remarked he should have died under normal circumstances. It was quickly discovered that he had some kind of passive anti-weapon field surrounding him. Since that time metallic objects have been pushed away from his skin, which made it impossible for Karian to wield metallic weapons or wear armour.

Therefore Karian got a personal martial arts teacher who taught him how to use his limbs rather than weapons to fight. Because of his resistance to metal weapons, he became a very effective warrior. Rather than teaching him the typical Battlestorm martial arts, his teacher explored his talents and taught him to use several lightning spells that worked together perfectly with his fighting style for when it really mattered. This works perfectly for Ashraga’s ‘only kill if its necessary’ policy Karian also follows, because it’s easier to hold back with a fist than it is with a sword.

During the months Ashraga was gone Karian trained hard to set his mind on something else than his depression over his friend’s (then) seemingly definite departure. Upon Ashraga’s return Karian sparred him and was surprised to find he’d become stronger than his friend. In the years that followed they spent travelling Ashraga’s power grew exponentially to the point Karian accepted with a smile his friend was just a warrior with more potential than him.