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13th March 2011, 05:46 PM
Updates in Dark Red.

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- Real Name: Axandran Darken
- Known As: Ax, Xan, the Dark
- Gender: Male
- Weight: 79 kilo
- Height: 184cm
- Religion: None
- Location: Linmotar
- Age: 34
- Fame: Rogue 319

Description (Picture (http://www.piranha-bytes.com/gothic2/files/media/artwork/dragonhunter_hard.jpg))

This entry is taken from ‘Take Two: A New Dawn’, from his more glorious days; it describes Zetling as well as the armour and the sword, as well as himself, of course;

At first glance the thing appeared to be a horse, but it was way too large to be natural. The red eyes under a steel horse helmet were unnatural, to, but the most impressive thing about the… thing were the huge wings that were folded at its side. As it snarled at Kain it showed teeth that could bite a man’s head clean off, and the red eyes burned with such intensity that they were blinding to look at. Steam blew out of the winged horse’s nostrils.

On it’s back sat a warrior, enshrouded in darkness. Only those with the best vision imaginable would notice the sword being swung and a loud clang, followed by a sound comparable to that of an explosion, sounded as Kain's lance and the weapon of the dark warrior hit each other. A shockwave rippled through the air, but neither the horse nor its rider budged an inch, and a protective shadowy though look-through dome formed around the two as the image of the warrior became clearer.

The warrior who looked down at Kain from atop his enormous steed had eyes like ink that could barely be seen behind the small grates in the visors of his helmet, which had large blades at the sides of it and small pikes running all over the middle. The grim face of an experienced warrior with short brown hair and a goatee was all his armour gave away, leaving only his lower face exposed. His incredible armour was perfectly set together. Chain mail, hardened leather and small steel plates together with large bracers and huge upper body armour with high shoulder guards forming into an amazing and as good as impenetrable whole. Two pairs of claws ran over his forearms to serve as weapons and combat, and, judging by their sharpness, they were well up to the task. The elegant movements with which he moved to turn his horse to the side gave away that the probably massive weight of the armour didn’t bother him at all. This suggested that the form below the armour was one of perfectly lined and most powerful muscles. Along with this he had the perfect height for a warrior, being slightly taller and possessing a longer reach than most, but not being too tall for it to become a disadvantage.

The man had powerful cheeks and his teeth were clenched. The look in his lidless, ink-like eyes could be mistaken for evil, but it wasn’t. It was the final image evil got to see before it was eradicated by the power of justice. In one of his massively armoured hands the rider held a long, almost white sword with three ‘teeth’ at either side of the weapon to rip enemies apart even more effectively, and the tip of the sword was broader and slimmer than any part of the weapon, sharp enough to slid through even the smallest exposure in an armour and rip through the flesh that cowered for the vicious weapon. In the middle of the sword three words were carved. “Destroy evil immediately”. The sword gave off a magic hue; clearly this was no normal weapon.

The weapon’s name was Krimlin, and it was pointed at Kain’s face by the warrior.


Axandran has a very dark and sometimes twisted personality which will make you think that he is a villain of the worse kind. He is however the exact opposite. He has a proud warrior spirit and believes in the words "Destroy evil immediately". This means that he will treat anyone who he suspects is evil without mercy, and from his point of view, the DG are evil. He is, however, an excellent friend to have. His great sense of justice and honour will make him fight until the last drop to defend what he stands for, even when chances are slim. Though he isn’t one to run from a fight, he knows when to use cunning over strength, and the other way around.

History since Arrival

See former profiles for full history

Axandran hadn’t stranded far from a city. He decided he’d have to learn all he could about this new world and attempt to try and regain his strength and repair Krimlin before taking the fight to the DG. He met a strange witch, an even more strange chicken and a young warrior on his way. Having reached the city, Axandran started making a living as a FBM member. He fought briefly against the Mighties when the FBM declared war on them and not too much later worked together with the Lizardbreed Ouder to get his hands on some loot. Abandoning the Fair Blood Mercenaries, Axandran decided to check out the Linmotarian Guard, hoping for a more anti-DG orientated approach here, though he also decided to keep working on his own in his free time.

Axandran travelled back and forth as a mercenary to help with the defence of Caprice, then returned to Linmotar on a ship carrying many refugees. He set out to Nasylum for 'business', but didn't make it there. Seeking fortune, Axandran worked as a smith in Tiralir, but he quickly realized the way to richness would require a lot of effort.


Practitioner marksmanship [22]: Axandran can shoot an arrow doing high damage being accurate within long range. He can now knock back a few arrows within a short period of time and is skilled in hitting moving targets.

Apprentice Forge weapon [8]: Axandran can produce up to iron strength weapons when the right materials are at hand.

Novice Swordfighting [6]: Axandran can use a sword to deal ‘high’ damage and defend with ‘high’ effect.

Novice Strength [4]: Axandran has the strength of 3 normal men.

Novice Meld [4]: Axandran can meld himself, his equipment, and others things near to him into the surroundings with a high chance of succes, to the point people need as good senses or better senses than his skill to detect him. Drains mana.

Novice Sneaking [4]: He can move around without being seen or heard with a high degree of success.

Amateur Riding [2]: He can ride on horseback with some proficiency but isn’t exactly a great rider yet.

Amateur Poison Resistance [2]: Axandran has medium resistance against dangerous toxins.

Flaw System

+3 Good with money: receives a 30 percent bonus on all shop transactions.
-3 Against cold: Ice attacks do +3 against Axandran and he is severely weakened by cold weather. In very cold temperatures it wouldn’t take long for him to freeze to death.


Equipment update
766 gold in profile
4 Iron Great Swords and 2 Iron Long Swords awarded from quest
4 Iron Great Swords (350x4=1400), 2 Iron Long Swords (200x2=400) and 1 Silver Longsword (250) sold for 2665 (2050 + 30 percent bonus due to flaw)
630 gold added (original price of custom armour) = 3295
3295 + 766 = 4061
(1700) for updated armour as approved here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?51653-Suggestions-and-Q-amp-A&p=1380952#post1380952) by Shards.
Upgrade Unique Full Plate (700), Spiked and Bladed Warm Helm (700), Gauntlets (700) and 1 Arm Blade (700) to Gold Tinted Steel
New Gold Tinted Steel Chainmail (1200), New Hardened Leather Jerkin (100)
Total cost: 4060 (5800 - 30 percent)
4061 - 4060 = 1

Krimlin: (see picture). The blade has been reforged, but its magical qualities and true strength have yet to return. Unique Gold Tinted Steel Bastard Sword. May be upgraded through requested rewards.
Magical qualities:
[4] Damage bonus: The magic blade deals an extra high damage compared to regular swords.

Axandran's armour (the same as the one on the picture)
- Gold Tinted Steel Unique Full Plate - slightly lighter and allows for some more maneuverability while offering equal protection compared to regular Full Plate.
- 1 Gold Tinted Steel Armblade
- 3 Copper Armblades (price of daggers)
- Gold Tinted Steel Gauntlets
- Gold Tinted Steel Spiked and Bladed War Helm (price of visor helm)
- Gold Tinted Steel Chainmail
- Hardened Leather Jerkin: worn under the chainmail because it isn't very useful otherwise.

Hardwood Crossbow: Large, simple, deadly.

Ammo: 48 gold-tipped arrows.

1 Winged Horse: Zetling (lesser NPC) (see description):
Low flight skill: Zetling can fly over small distances and reach low heights using its wings.

600 (starting gold)
- 200 (for Shards of Krimlin)
- 140 (Hardwood Crossbow) -TS
- 224 (4 dozen gold-tinted arrows) -TS
+ 300 (Due to made changes)
+ 300 (Quest reward)
+ 260 [Rurian, Sell Silver Longsword]
- 630 [Rurian, Buy Custom Armour]
- 350 gold for Zetling
(shop transfer described above)
Total: 1 gold

22nd March 2011, 02:48 AM
Everything adds up fine except that I don't understand why you're adding 630 gold for the custom armour.

22nd March 2011, 02:26 PM
Well, it was the item I held in my possession which I paid 630 gold for at the time I got it, and I see this as a 'changing the item to an easier form' rather than 'selling the item and buying another' since they're actually the same item, somewhat in the same way Simplicity changed his claws to the Titan Cleaver, just because that's the price I would've paid if we'd arranged the armour like this from the start, even though it was far less advantageous money-wise, just easier to understand. I also thought of putting 'changing custom armour to new form - 770' or something but thought this would be more clear. Don't tell me you're going to make me have to calculate the most advantageous shopping list again, it just worked out so well :(