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25th February 2011, 03:44 PM
Welcome to the RoC Age 7 Beta. Below you will find a fairly lengthy list of changes that were made and that we intend to test in this beta. The current incarnation of Beta 7 will feature low end testing of the new features implemented. The period of length that is anticipated for this beta will be approximately two weeks. After that there is a strong likelihood that we will again reset, at which point we will begin testing features at a more high end level (greater TFF, SOV, etc).

In the beginning of this beta we will increase the Unit Production distribution to every turn in order to allow you to test appropriately. Again as always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact any staff member either via in game private message, the chat or the forum. Thank you for helping us test and improve the game, see you on the battlefield!

List of Changes, Features and Bug Fixes:

Balance Changes:

Sabotage has been revamped:

The 390 successful missions per day limit has been removed.
You may only perform 10 sabotage attempts on a single target.
Chance of success has a new formula. You should see more consistency in the success rate.
Amount of maximum possible damage per attempt is calculated the same, but with a few changes:

The amount of damage-per-spy is slightly different. Previously, every additional spy provided a +2% increase in damage; that is no longer the case.
The amount of damage done to Spy tools has increased to that of Strike weapons.
The amount of damage done to Defense weapons has decreased to that of Sentry tools.

The Human Racial Bonus has been changed from 30% TBG bonus to 10% stronger weapons.
Bonus Points now multiply your stats differently with regard to racial bonuses: previously, your stat was calculated (base stat * race bonus * bonus points). Now it's calculated (base stat * (race bonus + bonus points)).

What this does is take away the added benefit of putting bonus points into the same stat as one of your racial bonuses.
Now you will get the same bonus whether your points go into a racial bonus or any other bonus.

Bonus Points for siege/fortification upgrades are now granted at the same multipliers (2, 3, 4...)

New Features:

There is a nifty new "Sabotaged" counter under the Last 24 Hours section of your base. Much like the other values in that section, this updates with the rank updates.

Accompanying this change is a new page that lists all of your successful sabotages in the last 24 hours, so you can do all your sabs and visit that page, rather than having to remember to paste the line to your IRC bots after each target!

This page will properly display your damage for the day without needing a rank update.

Relatedly, a "Gold Lost to Sabotage" section has been added to your base. This value indicates how much gold you've lost by having your weapons broken.

Bug Fixes:

Race Bonuses now appear properly on both the Base page and the Signup page.
Profiles of players without an alliance are no longer viewable by anyone (previously, other allianceless people could view them).

Accordingly, there is a note telling you that no one will be able to see your profile above the box used to edit it if you are not in an alliance.

Players who have not been accepted into an alliance will no longer be able to read the profiles of players in the alliance they've applied to.
Players in an alliance will no longer be able to read the profile of a person who is applying to, but has not been accepted into their alliance.
The "next sab" timer on sabotage logs now displays the correct amount of time until you can sabotage the target again.
An error that got thrown on the 'Top External Clicks This Age' page when no one had been clicked has been fixed.
An issue allowing non-English characters in usernames has been fixed.
An error preventing the notification of broken spy tools during recon missions has been rectified.
The zombie counter no longer includes dead mercenaries. However, dead spies and sentries are now included in the zombie counter.
The Sabotage Cost counter displayed on your base page no longer includes repair cost incurred from breaking your own spy tools during a sabotage mission.

31st March 2011, 07:34 AM
Is there a list for upgrades out for age 7

31st March 2011, 05:50 PM
Is there a list for upgrades out for age 7

No, the list for siege, fort and covert remains the same, the bonus points just moved around so they are level and even on both.

UP is a mystery to until someone buys it and spreads the word..