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26th December 2004, 06:34 AM
MunkyLibido, make the first post. BA orientated.

26th December 2004, 02:46 PM
You have been walking through this dark forest for days searching for the lair of the Hell's Gate Clan when you come upon a stone staircase that winds straight down into the ground. There is an arch over the staircase and on the arch are written three words in an ancient text. Pain Destruction Annihlation. You walk down the staircase; there is one torch fixed to the wall in front of a plaque that reads: If you can survive this maze then you are worthy of joining us.

The corridors are lightless and you must feel your way through the dark. There are many traps and very many dead bodies.

When you finally reach the end of the maze you come out into an immense chamber lighted by torches that go all the way around it on the walls. There is one long table with a few people seated around it. A tall hooded man walks to you and speaks.

"We are a people with a common goal, destruction. Write your name in that book with your blood. You will then be one of us."

He points to a massive book to your right.

"But first I will inform you of everything you need to know."


Dark Lord: Scrimshaw

Dark Triumvirate (3 positions open):

Black Knights:


Black Infantry:

The Black Squires:

Explanation of Ranks:

Dark Lord: The leader of the Hell's Gate. Everything that happens in the clan is first approved by him.

Dark Advisors: 3 Advisors to the Dark Lord

Black Knights: The warriors of the clan

Shamans: The mages of the clan

Black Infantry: Members that don't fall under the category of Knight or Shaman

The Black Squires: New members to the clan


We are here to plot the destruction of anyone who will not join us.

Sorry. Time's up (and I gave you two days extention because I forgot), and you still haven't got seven members. Thread closed. - Legion