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2nd November 2010, 03:51 AM
I'm intending to use the new project tools addon to manage warnings/infractions, reported posts, suggestions and admin assistance requests.

The project tools works similar to just posting threads, however they have some additional properties such as statuses and assigned users which will allow us to manage suggestions and requests much easier.

The two conversions I've made at the moment are the admin assistance forum and the suggestion box.

The admin assistance project will work in the same way as the forum with the exception that when an admin replies they can either assign themselves as dealing with the issue or assign another admin if its outside of their capabilities. Posts should remain private without needing to check the private box - that is no-one else but admins/smods can see them however I'm trialling the system so this is something that may not work correctly. If your issue is of a sensitive nature, for now, please use the original forum instead.

The suggestions project will work a little differently, its got two areas, suggestions and tasks. Regular users can only post suggestions and there are options to vote for or against it as well as post comments. Once an admin gets to reviewing the suggestion it will be marked as either accepted or rejected. Accepted suggestions will be turned into tasks which need doing to complete the suggestion, only admins can post tasks. Admins can also post general maintenance tasks that they are working on to inform other admins and users about what is being done.

The suggestion box and admin assistance forums will be closed once the move is completed.