View Full Version : Why PR Moved their IRC Channels

25th December 2004, 02:23 AM
It seems like a big change. Phoenix Rising has always kept their channels on the same server as #kingsofchaos. Most of us, as users, have been on Chat Channel (CC) longer than Phoenix Rising has existed.

Recently, however, we were faced with something very upsetting. A channel I created was entered by some ircops and their friends. I banned them because they had no reason to be there (and they were not saying nice things). About thirty minutes later, an ircop abused his oper powers to take over my channel, mkick all the users (throwing us all out of the channel) and close the channel down.

I went directly to NFS (the owner of CC) on MSN to discuss the abuse, but, many of the people who were in my channel went to #help to complain about the abuse of this ircop. In #help, this same ircop called himself and other "nigga"s as well as calling people "jew"s and typing "HEIL HITLER".

NFS chose to stand by this ircop rather than punish him, despite the fact that the ircop had abused his powers, and was spouting off racist and anti-semetic things.

When the owner of the network embraced this abusive op over the members of his server, we knew this was not the place for us.

Phoenix Rising has moved to /server hub.cyanide-x.net or irc.cyanide-x.net . All alliances are welcome on this server and will be treated fairly and with dignity. Abuses such as those we witnessed on Chat Channel will not be tolerated.

Given the sensitivity of this thread, I ask that a moderator please close this thread after I have posted. Thanks in advance.

~ Done = Tytrox