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24th October 2010, 05:07 AM
Ok so I've had a Sony Ericsson Satio for about 8 months now, and will remain with it for another 16 months until my contract is up for renewal and I can acquire a phone with a different operating system as Symbian, as portable as it is, just isn't comparable to Windows 7 Mobile, Android and the the Apple iPhone OS.

During this time I've been looking around at various apps for Symbian s60v5, and have found a wide plethora of user created and official content to keep me occupied while bored.

The most recent app I've been fiddling about with is MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote. It allows you to use your bluetooth enabled phone as a remote "device" to control the cursor on your PC/Laptop. The idea is old, as it is compatible with s60v3 non-touchscreen phones, therefore the touchscreen capabilities of the more recent Satio are rendered obselete in this exercise. It only uses a small panel at the bottom of the screen with navigation keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) to navigate the cursor.

Furthermore, since the app is designed for the older phones using s60v3 with exterior keypads, the keyboard function within the program cannot be used on my Satio, which I find annoying since text input is still a large part of computer navigation especially when browsing the web.

I studied the app carefully and have learned it uses a bluetooth remote server to connect the two devices (in this case the phone and the computer) then it uses a java encoded interface to compile and send information to the computer to control the cursor.

I have 2 ideas.


Create a sparkling new app which encompasses the touchscreen capabilities of s60v5 phones (Nokia 5800, Satio ect.) You can drag your finger across the phone's UI, controlling the phone like a synaptic pointing device. It would also have three buttons along the bottom, one to return to the mode menu like MobileWitch, one for a right click and one for a left click. Furthermore, the volume buttons on the side of the phone could be used like a mouse roller to scroll up and down windows. Now I have no idea whether Java is the compatible language to code this app or whether something else would have to be used to compile information. The second great feature of this app would be the keyboard mode, which is fairly simple, it would bring up the full screen keyboard on the phone to input text into the app and thus to the computer.


The second idea is slightly more complicated. I saw that the iPhone offers an app which turns it into a Nintendo Wii remote basically, using the phone's motion sensors to control the cursor on the computer. I studied the Satio's features and learned that most s60v5 phone's use something called "Accelerometer", basically a run down version or the iPhone's motion sensors. But it is still sufficient to use as a remote mouse.

So that's exactly the idea, use the accelerometer feature within the phone to control the cursor on the computer over a bluetooth remote server. Sounds complicated, but I'm sure with a banging of some interesting minds it can be done.

I would like some feedback, preferably reassuring that either of these ideas can be done. So fire away, I'm looking at getting a programming and design team together to create this. I think the idea is innovative for Symbian s60v5 Touchscreen phones, and would make their experience richer for a slightly more drawn out time until people can afford to move on the the more powerful, more diverse operating systems available.