View Full Version : msi.dll in use? I must replace with newer version!

John Basedow
24th December 2004, 10:09 PM
I'm having endless trouble trying to replace my older 2.xx.xxx version msi.dll file with a newer 3.xx.xxx version.

Why? It's affecting all of my software installations. Every time I try to install anything that uses InstallShield, I get an error saying ordinal 280 in msi.dll is missing.

I've read on another website that replacing the older dll with a newer dll works, but I just can't get the newer one to replace the older one! It always says "This file cannot be deleted/replaced, this volume may be write protected or the file may be in use."

I tried using my DOS bootup disk (XP), but whenever I try the copy, cd, or del commands, it always ALWAYS says "Bad command line."

Is this because I formatted with NTFS? I can't seem to delete/copy the fucker when I'm using the Windows DOS prompt for the same reason: "File in use bla bla bla."


24th December 2004, 11:30 PM
Try running in safe mode.

That should stop most default processes from running.

John Basedow
25th December 2004, 12:08 PM
I really tried that, but it still says msi.dll is being used, or my disk is write protected.

Can someone instruct me on how to disable write protection?

Also, I still don't know why when I boot up with my DOS bootup disk, it won't let me change directory to C:\ or D:\.

I have a bad feeling it's because I formatted with NTFS.

26th December 2004, 01:04 AM
I can tell you it's nothing to do with NTFS; I personally have two partitions, One with a broken version of WinXP and one with Win98; All the stuff on the boot up disk recognizes NTFS, there's no reason it shouldn't.

John Basedow
26th December 2004, 12:02 PM
Well, I fixed it (somehow). I moved the older 2.xx.xxx version msi.dll to a temp folder after I had just booted up my computer, then I moved in the newer 3.xx.xxx msi.dll from the C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles folder into the system32 file.

I hope this helps anyone. I hear it's a common occurrence with service pack 2.

I guess the key was to move it immediately after booting up the computer.

TY 4 helpzor :chilli: :chilli: