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21st December 2004, 10:53 PM
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Publisher: Valve, Sierra, and Ritual Entertainment
Genre: Tactical Shooter

Counter Strike is a beloved game of shooters (if you don't know what Counter-Strike is, then you need to get a lesson in l337). It used to be played online-only, but not Condtion Zero allows for an offline experience. The premise of the game? Expand the award winning gameplay of Counter-Strike into an offline mode, throw in some real life tactical simulations, and put a mission mode in. The game is actually two separate games: Condition Zero, and Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. Condition Zero is the offline Counterstrike. This game includes simulated bots so you can play your favorite maps offline (or bring in friends for a 20 bots vs 5 humans FFA). This game also includes a mission mode to make your favorite maps more interesting (for example, an objective might be to kill 5 people with a sniper rifle without dying, or defusing 2 bombs). Condition Zero Deleted Scenes is a much more realistic experience. You'll be flying in a military chopper when it gets shot down by insurgents, or assasinate a Columbian Druglord, or be planted into a robbed bank in Florida. Here's the breakdown of the game...


Take Counter-Strike and make it so you can play anytime of the day and not have to wait for a map rotation? Awesome.... If you think this sounds good, then buy the game immediately, for you'll be glued to the game. Even if you haven't played the game, you'll still love the game, and learn it very fast. Fortunately, you won't have to go through the difficult online learning experience. The game is built with a tutor to guide you through how to play, as well as bot configurations to set them as easy as possible to ease you in the game. The game is a fast-paced shooter, so you'll need a good computer to run it (nothing fancy, a one or two year old computer would probably work). The Deleted Scenes missions aren't much to speak for after a couple missions. They all have the same primary objective, "kill this guy!" "don't let this guy get away!", and so on. The normal Condition Zero is what you'll be playing 99% of the time. The game has all the maps you'd expect from Counter-Strike, and you can import your own maps as well.


Not mentioning music, for there is none except for the title music. The sound is very good, but the main focus is on the voices. Surprisingly, the computer voices are extremely helpful. They'll tell you where to go, if they see people, where hostages are, etc. The guns all have their own sound, which is awesome in firefights to know what your up against. Footsteps are also excellent, since they'll let you know where your enemies are. Overall the sound quality is great.


Simply excellent. All the maps are extremely detailed, and can be used to your advantage (terrain, shadows, ledges, boxes, etc.). The characters are also distinct, with 5 choices of characters to choose from (both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists have 5 choices, so 10 each). Explosions, Smoke Grenades, and Guns are all very detailed and beautiful. The graphics are pretty darn good, just make sure you can run them on your computer before buying...


Sort of a tricky part in the beginning, but it becomes second nature after a couple rounds of playing. Once you get the hang of all the controls, they'll come naturally. The game is extremely easy to learn with a little bit of practice.


Counter-Strike Condition Zero is a pretty good game. Just make sure you can run the game before you purchase it. While the extra missions are an exciting break from the Counter-Strike action, they do get a little bland after a while. However, no one can deny the bot additions to the game give it the boost it needs to become a classic. It's the same old CS just offline, which is even better in my opinion.