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27th December 2009, 08:40 PM
After reading through the threads about what changes people do and don't want, I figured I would post my thoughts. And my thoughts are:

1. This is a beta so I will give the real age it's own chance.
2. That said, this beta is absolute junk for all of the many reasons so many people have listed. I will not waste everyone's time by repeating them all.
3. Every age I have played, meaning ages 4, 9, part of 10, and 12, I have had one officer or no officers because I like playing a small account. If these bonuses that give big players the advantage stay, I will not play all of age 13.
4. If you think the beta is mostly fine the way it is, you should probably take note of the fact that you will be one of about 10 people that play this game by the third week of this age if the majority of the changes stay.
5. Age 9 was great; let's go back to that.
6. In response to the "Why is Gem a mod?" thread that got closed before I could post: WE LOVE YOU GEM.

28th December 2009, 04:01 AM
My honest opion is that you could've posted this in one of the existing threads

28th December 2009, 12:01 PM
in shanes post he said we should all post are own post since rocco only reads the first thread lol

28th December 2009, 02:05 PM
in shanes post he said we should all post are own post since rocco only reads the first thread lol

he doesn't have the time of day to filter through all these old posts.

Make a damn poll on something. That way people have something hard to look at (ha ha) that shows how people feel about ________.

All in all, NO ONE will be hapy with everything, so I think they can only go with the majority. I am trying to handle the changes as best as possible, I'm just happy change is happening at all, personally.

Some of these things i'm thrilled about, others just okay. For the most part I think everything will be okay and people will 13itch about something even if it is perfect.

Everyone try and be constructive or stfu
the admin are trying dammit