View Full Version : An idea that could even out having officers vs. not having officers

26th December 2009, 03:18 PM
This is just an idea, so please refrain from flaming me and call me stupid(like someone did last time I posted an idea *cough* cough*).

I was thinking, a lot of people is talking about how unfair it is, for people who don't have a sh*tload of officers, that they have to work harder, to keep up with people who have officers, due to the officers bonus. So my idea is to give the people with few a lot of officers a small disadvantage. Imagine if people with no officers had a damage pct of X% to Y%(ie 75 to 100) of strike/defense action, and the more officers one had, the more the X would decrease(ie one officer=-2%, meaning that if one had 10 officers he would do 75-20=55% to 100% damage). I haven't thought about if it needs a limit or not. I guess if it didnt have a limit, a person with 38 officers or more, would do between 0 and 100% and that probably wouldnt be fair, but it could also be the consequence of whoring all players under 1 main account, and it would mean that top ranks would distribute their officers amongst their lower ranks, to avoid having too much randomness in their damage.

It would give the lone player without officers a small advantage, since if he was just DA whoring, he would have a greater chance to do more damage compared to his stats, than an attacker with lots of officers. And a slayer could use this advantage to calculate whom he could attack, and maybe take some chance, Ie trying to attack someone who had a tad bigger DA than his SA.

I don't know if it would have much impact, but please give me some feedback on why the idea is sucky, why it is good, or what needs to be done, to make the idea better :)