View Full Version : New Additions.

16th August 2009, 07:16 PM
We decided to take on some basic housekeeping and make an addition to the RoC section of the forums.

For starters, posts now count toward your post count in the RoC section of the forums with the exception of the spam sub forum.

The name of this sub forum has been changed to "Announcements" and general discussion will be the main forum as its always been.

And finally the creation of the "Alliance Discussion" forum. This forum can be to discuss in-game matters with regard to alliances. Wars and other alliance issues can be brought there. As far as rules go with regard to that section of RoC they will be the standard GUA rules. As you can already tell there has been a scale back with regard to how things have been handled lately. So long as there is no blatant disregard for the rules I feel like things will continue in a positive direction.

Enjoy the changes and if you have any other questions or suggestions (within reason) then feel free to comment here.