View Full Version : Dali, Chagall, Picasso

6th September 2004, 07:22 AM
http://dali.urvas.lt/forviewing/pic09.jpg cannibalism for autumn

yes indeed, Dali. I bought a book about him along with one about Chagall and Picasso and I was wondering if there are any more fans of modernistic/surrealistic art.

so, if there are, please name your favorite artist and his/her best painting :)

thanx :worship: :yourock:

6th September 2004, 10:29 AM
I aint that much of a fan. I went to London on a feild trip, and they had his art outside the building he had his show in. I seem to remeber he had lots of melted clocks on each of them. Some of his stuff was very interesting.
My mum has a couple of books on modern art, ill dig them out, see what all the fuss is about. :p.