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9th July 2009, 08:01 PM
Hi, i just wanted some feedback on something that has lost me 3 accounts in my time.

If my brother and i, or my girlfriend, and i, make kings of chaos accounts from the same computer, is it against the rules, as the admins see the same IP logging off one account and logging onto another soon after?

For example, two years ago, i was rank 400 or so..,. no big deal... But my step brother wanted to play, so i showed him the site, and he made an account, and JOINED UP AS MY OFFICER.

Soon after, both of us found our accounts, terminated, with that pretty little message saying so, and a box for APPEAL.

Oh, lets talk about the APPEAL..
Do the admins even READ the appeals?

I explained the situation, and NOTHING, i was never even messaged as to WHY the decision WOULDNT be overturned.

So anyway, it happened again last age, with my girlfriend. She made an account, and it was soon banned along with mine. SHE JOINED AS AN OFFICER TOO.

So anyway, what is it?
Am i not allowed to have 2 accounts running from one IP? EVEN IF i have ZERO access to the second one, and its ALL hers.

Or is it because she was my officer? I can see that being a clever scam for people to get extra clicks...

she wants to join again, but im afraid. Im almost ranked 100, and its the first time i've been so high.... I don't wanna lose another account!

I talked to ONE mod about this on KOC, and he explained no selling between the two, no attacking each other. I believe that would be... The mod, "bon"?

But nayway, just looking for a second opinion.

9th July 2009, 08:11 PM
There is plenty of information about this on the forum. The rules are clear and simple:

No sharing IPs unless it has been sorted out by an admin.

Once approval has been gained, no interaction between the accounts must be made.

Accounts will be banned if it is suspected that the parties are sharing accounts (but that is harder to prove)

Posting here won't get you any sympathy from anyone lmao. It'll just piss off the mods/admins.

9th July 2009, 08:20 PM
Not looking for sympathy. And certainly not looking for a flame-out, child.

Just looking for some info, hence the title of this whole SECTION?
Anyone else without anything up their dirtiest cavity?

ALSO, what you just said about no sharing IP's, is quite in contrary to what the MOD i wrote told me. So im actually put a step BACK by what you said.

And please, if you're having a bad day, and you MUST log onto GUA to let off some steam, as opposed to some random violence gaming site, PLEASE at least stay away from the help area like this.... With me, its fine, i can take it, ive been around KOC for a while. But what if i had been playing for only 1 age? Obviously, i would be noob...

9th July 2009, 09:00 PM
I have closed this thread for obvious reasons.

You say you spoke to bon on IRC well that would be me. If that is true then you have found out the info you needed and if you need anymore concerning this matter you can pm me here or on IRC.