View Full Version : Comprehensive recruiter API

23rd June 2009, 01:34 PM
Here's a draft of something zupzupsoup and I were discussing on how to make recruiters better, and force them not to overload the server:

- Don't require outside recruiters to display the KoC page, but rather export the view-logic to the client side. Serve up an ad banner, a captcha and a callback URL for each captcha.
- Rather than posting straight at the server allow batches of captchas to be submitted as UNIQID, SESSIONID, SOLUTION (encoded in JSON)
- After batch submission send back a JSON hash table with fields
[uniqueid] = { status => success/failure
reason => message }

- Control -morale on server side, if a user has -100 morale don't accept clicks for that user, do not return a captcha/ad pair, instead flag it to the recruiter.
- limits on batch sizes
- API keys to control whose clicker is whose, and basically to identify players creating clickers that are violating rules.

With an little bit of analysis of how heavy KoC's images, etc. are it's pretty clear that by not loading KoC's stylesheet and images you can save a few megs of bandwidth, and several HTTP GET requests (load on apache) per user; this adds up to most likely a close to 2-6 gigs per day (if 1000 players click), or 60-180 gig per month in saved bandwidth.


- faster clicker load time
- batch size control
- morale control
- fewer barriers to entry for clickers
- better written clickers