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23rd June 2009, 02:36 AM
KK here is a pasted email from rocco from the past when i sought permission
for my son to play to avoid probs....

Date: Monday, January 28, 2008 7:16 PM
From: Kings of Chaos Administrator <rocco@kingsofchaos.com> Add to address book
To: [email]andrewxxxxxxxxxxxx Add to address book
Subject: Re: can my son play?
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Your entire family is welcome to play!
There's no problem with different people playing from the same household, on multiple computers or even on the same computer. As long as you do not share your account information, and as long as you do not log onto each other's accounts, there should be no problem!
If you do have problems in the future, please don't hesitate to email me back (and please include this message in your reply so I remember our conversation).
Thanks for the email, good luck to everyone, and most of all, have fun!

On Jan 28, 2008 3:07 AM, <andrewnuroo@bigpond.com> wrote:

hi i have a quiry/request i play koc very often as Candyman and as a father of 4 kids
my eldest son want to play with me as he seems to like it like me :)

but i have a concern as people get banned for several accounts i just want to know
if he is allowed to make a account we have 3 pc,s but we would have the same internet
address anyway i just need to know as i wont let him open a account
without knowing the full rules as this is my second age im not quite up to date on all!
could you please let me know what the go is on this?

For one i told you bon/gem my son played
so i told him what to do/how to play bla bla
you banned me would not let me play simple as that!

(and i did not log in to my sons account he logged in to mine and i was banned but he was not after even after i stated my case)
So i reckon you guys are crap mods whom change there mod style as you please..

You mods suck we need more mods other than just these two wannabe gods :banghead:

23rd June 2009, 03:45 AM
We are not here for you to like us....

You were told how to go about discussing this issue yet you make another pointless thread about how hard done by you are.

You claim it was your son but the account in question was only made after you put your own account into vac mode last age for 3 weeks. You needed another account to play because your account was being sabbed. So you claimed it was your son.

Grow up. You hassled us last age and didnt get things your own way and now you come here trying to make us look like we are the bad ones in all this.

As stated nothing you say here will get you anywhere last age was last age and if you havent noticed the age ended.

I can also post emails back and forth with rocco concerning your accounts and why you were banned. Fact is the accounts remained banned and you are sore now. Once again just grow up and stop making these threads. If you have issues with the mods take it further and email rocco. See if that gets you anywhere.

23rd June 2009, 04:50 AM
wrong matie...

best you check pooface was made at the start of last age...
in and out of activity..

damm how can a mod not see that?

yes i did hassle you as you were /still are wrong

and pointless thread well dont reply then close the others b4 i can reply...

and the point of the first thread was how easy another player got unbanned
and how harsh u were on me...so proves my point... case by case mod u r dif rules for everyone you got no consistancy

and i know you aint here to like i dont want to like you but you need to be fair and these topics proves it...

ty have a nice day

23rd June 2009, 06:14 AM
andyman, I'm not a game mod here, but I am on another game, and I can tell you, right now to the GUA public you're sounding like a terrible player. All i see is a constant disregard for moderator requests to follow GUA and KOC rules. I may not know the whole story behind it, but i do know when it is asked to stay off of GUA, you should stay off of GUA. Moderators will never respond to public disrespect, they aren't here to be loved, they are here because they love the game and want to make sure people abide by its rules. Keep your arguments in game or through private messaging systems, this flack on GUA is really not helping anyone out, and possibly ruining your reputation.

23rd June 2009, 07:02 AM
Follow the proper channels. Do not bring up this topic again.