View Full Version : I have been banned!

22nd June 2009, 10:45 PM
Well for some reason on koc i have been banned. It says that i am using multiple accounts when i have not.
I have filled up the required form. Do u know how long it takes for them to reply?

22nd June 2009, 11:10 PM
The reason you were banned is because you made 3 accounts and a further 3 accounts that have not been verified....

haunter15 unverified 2 days, 13 hours, 19 minutes and 1 second ago
amigo unverified 2 days, 13 hours, 26 minutes and 26 seconds ago
winner1 unverified 2 days, 14 hours, 55 minutes and 31 seconds ago
ruler1 banned 2 days, 15 hours, 2 minutes and 40 seconds ago
newbie1 banned 2 days, 15 hours, 16 minutes and 35 seconds ago
UMIST banned 1 week, 5 days, 19 hours, 48 minutes and 18 seconds ago

UMIST, newbie1, ruler1 all created by you....

Now all you have to do is create 1 account and 1 account only and you can start playing again....

Oh and while you are at it read the rules....