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The Round Table: How to create and manage a clan

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Creating an Alliance

So, you want to make an alliance? This guide will lead you through the steps of creating a successful alliance – from choosing a name to configuring forums and recruiting members. You do not have to do everything in this guide, in fact I strongly advise you not to. Go ahead and skip parts out or do things differently to how I explain them. You don't want your alliance to be like every other alliance out there - be creative!

Before we get into the mechanics of creating a Kings of Chaos alliance, I would like to talk about some skills you will need as an alliance creator. The majority of alliances in KoC fall apart within a month, if not being given up on before they are even started. There are a lot of alliances out there, and it will be difficult to recruit members. Anyone can create an alliance, but I feel that an alliance creator/leader needs to have reasonably strong leadership and organizational skills and have a fair amount of time on their hands. I also suggest that you join an alliance, and find out how things operate and the kind of things an alliance needs. There is only so much I can teach you in this guide. If you have never been in and actually experienced an alliance then you may have difficulties leading one.

Alliance Name

The very first step you need to make is to work out a name for your alliance. I suggest you think about this carefully because I know many alliance leaders who regret the name they chose. Brainstorm some names; maybe bounce some ideas off a friend, and once you have narrowed your options down to a few choices then select the one you feel will suit your alliance the best. There is nothing worse than coming up with an alliance name, setting up your alliance, and then discovering that an alliance of that name already exists! Check here for the official alliance list. (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=72488)

Now you have a name for your alliance, the next logical step is to sort out your website. When the concept of an organized alliance was first thought up, all an alliance needed was a forum with a list of links somewhere in it. Now, for a successful alliance the following is pretty much standard: A website, a forum, and a clicking system.

The Website

The website doesn't need to be anything complex – its purpose would be basically to be a place for prospective new members to be sent and would have links to all the aspects of your alliance. A website isn't necessary, and often it can be integrated into your forums, but a well designed one will make your alliance look much more professional. The basic sections of your website you would need to address are:


The homepage would basically be a "Welcome to the X Alliance" and could have alliance news on it.

Link to your forums

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Link(s) to your clicking system

Same as a link to your forums.


These are pretty important, and do not have to be kept on your website (you could post them in your forums). Without rules your alliance can become a shambles - Members attacking each other, posting with no guidelines, not clicking links, etc. A set of rules can resolve this. Standard rules you should have include the members must not attack each other, members must click the links x time a week and other things you think are important. You might want to have a look at some other alliances and see what sort of rules they have.


This would be an informative page that explains what your alliance is about, who leads it, and what your goals are.

Obviously the sections I have explained are just a guide, and you can omit or add anything to that list.

If you do not already have website hosting, then some good free hosts include:

http://www.freewebs.com (http://www.freewebs.com/)
http://www.lycos.co.uk (http://www.lycos.co.uk/)
http://www.i6networks.com (http://www.i6networks.com/)
www.angelfire.com (http://www.angelfire.com/)

There are many more, if any of those don't suit then just run a search in google for free website hosts. Also, if you find that your URL is too long then you could use a service like http://www.dot.tk (http://www.dot.tk/) to get a .tk URL (advertising supported).


A forum system will be the primary way for your alliance to stay in contact. Forums are vital – they will develop a community within your alliance, and are an excellent way to keep your alliance active and to discuss issues and ideas.

For those of you who don't know, an Internet forum (otherwise known as a message board) is a place where members sign up for an account, and can post messages, sent private messages to each other, and start polls. An example of a forum is this forum, GiveUpAlready.com There are many free forum hosts who will host an advertisement supported forum for you. Some good ones include:

http://www.invisionfree.com (http://www.invisionfree.com/)
http://www.proboards.com (http://www.proboards.com/)
http://www.myikonboard.com (http://www.myikonboard.com/)
http://www.bravenet.com (http://www.bravenet.com/)
http://www.freeforum.com (http://www.freeforum.com/)

InvisionFree is the most popular among these, and regarded as the best. It is fairly easy to learn and use. However, Proboards is simpler, if you find yourself confused about the controls.

Think about what categories you want in your forum, General Discussion, Hit List and Off Topic, and Potential Member Questions are some vital ones. Also, you may want to keep member forums hidden from non-members/guests, to keep out the spies. Along the same lines, you may choose to have alliance leaders of various ranks, who may need their own area, which members cannot see.

If you'd rather host your alliance's forums however:

http://www.phpbb.com (http://www.phpbb.com/)

You'll need to host them on your own server. However if you're incapable of literally running your own box by your's or someone else's computer, 100webspace.com (http://www.100webspace.com/) can cater you for such situation.

Clicking System

A clicking system provides a website for your alliance which contains all the unique links of your members. It tracks who has clicked links, and gives you the ability to add or remove members. Obviously this would be an important part of your alliance, as the majority of players initially join alliances solely for the clicks.

At the moment you have three options:

1) Recruiters (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=72464)

Note: Although we endorse the use of this site, click lists made from it by members are not encouraged to be posted on these forums however. refer to the unique link rule in the KOC forum rules/policies thread (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=116346#4)

Program your own

You do not need to use a 3rd party clicking system. This can be as simple as creating a HTML page on your website with all your members links, to as complex as programming a complete member registration system which will handle all your members. It's up to you.


Now you have an empty alliance, all ready to go. Members are not simply going to stumble across your website, so I advise you carry out the following:

Post in the Alliance Thread Submission forum (http://www.energizedrecruiters.com/)

The the official forum for alliances is the Round Table forum (the forum in which this thread sits), and many people come here when looking for alliance. If you do not already have an account, register and start a new thread in the ATS (Alliance Thread Submission) forum.

Add Your Alliance to Search Engines

You don't have to do this, and basically, if your alliance isn't on the first page of results when searching for “Kings of Chaos Alliances” it will not be very successful. I just individually go to each search engine and submit, it can take weeks before your alliance will show up on the listings.

Send in-game Messages to Players

This method can be slightly controversial - simply send messages to players promoting your alliance. People feel especially flattered if you include something like "We feel that you are worthy to join our alliance". Use this method with caution, as it can get on some peoples nerves. It is also amazing how easily you can recruit members by sabotaging a few of their weapons, and get 'persuading' them to join.

After doing all of this this, the only thing you can do is wait for members to roll in. Keep an eye on the various forum posts you made advertising your alliance as people may ask questions or comment on your alliance. You may also want to ask friends to post in these posts to bump them up to the top.

Hopefully after a while you should have a decent member base, and an active alliance. Remember to try to work things diplomatically, be nice to your members, govern your rules, try not to mess with powerful alliances early on, and most importantly, enjoy your position of authority.


Don't make threads like this:

JOIN MY ALIANCE BECAUSE WERE FULL OF WINZZZZZZZZ! :mad:I think you get what I mean. If you need help to create a good alliance, I suggest reading the threads stickied in the Round Table (http://www.giveupalready.com/forumdisplay.php?f=288):

Also, some general tips:

All Standard GUA rules, Terms of Service (TOS) and the regular KOC forum rules are in effect in the Round Table, as they are in all forums on GUA. Such rules and policies can be found here (http://www.giveupalready.com/forumdisplay.php?f=288).
Use proper spelling and grammar, and don't make posts with CAPS LOCK on(and to any smartasses who say "I'll just hold Shift then," that's not allowed either).
Don't double post in your recruitment thread.
Don't make useless posts for the pure purpose of bumping your thread.
Make sure that when you ask someone to post in your thread, they've read this.
When someone spams/flames your alliance, simply hit the "Report this post to a Moderator" button. DO NOT RETALIATE!!!
Ask someone who is good in making banners to make one for you. If you don't know any such person, people offer their services here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=92).

Little side note: if you want to put your banner in your sig, and want that if someone clicks the banner, they get linked to your forum/website, put this code in your sig:


Removing the *'s from the tags of course.

The link to the banner has to be on the internet, and has to be smaller than 80 kilobytes (also please don't overload on visual size. Having banners that take up half a screen (not specifying on screen sizes) are ridiculous and over-do it). If you need a place to upload it to, one good suggestion for an online image storage facility is Photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com/).

Alternatives for image hosting are:

http://www.villagephotos.com (http://www.villagephotos.com/)
http://www.ripway.com (http://www.ripway.com/)
http://www.lycos.fr (http://www.lycos.fr/) (or lycos.co.uk or lycos.nl)
http://www.angelfire.com (http://www.angelfire.com/) (also web hosting)
http://www.freewebs.com (http://www.freewebs.com/) (also web hosting)
http://www.digistash.com (http://www.digistash.com/)
Tripod (http://www.tripod.com/) (Note - You must save the picture as a jpg, upload it, and then rename it to .txt before you can use the image command)
www.geocities.com (http://www.geocities.com/) (Same as Tripod)
www.mustangmods.com (http://www.mustangmods.com/)

A fancy banner in your sig that links to your forum always helps out a bit!

Anyway, on with the list...

Don't use weird internet slang or lingo in your alliance thread, and if your native language isn't English, refer to this thread (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=7102).
Don't insert any links that lead to a website that only contains KoC links. Just because it's not a clickmaster doesn't mean that linking to a site solely meant as a clicklist is okay.
Try to find some powerful allies who can help you grow by accepting you as their branch or by helping you keep your recruitment thread up. For this purpose, don't post in their recruitment thread, go to their forum instead. They usually have a board where you can make allying proposals. You can also make a thread in the Alliance Discussion forum saying you're looking for some allies.

The above originally written and posted by Phyrus, in “The Round Table: How to Create and Manage a Clan.” Thank you! edited by atti. 6/22/09


If you are having a hard time finding members for your alliance, try the following things.

1.) Merge with another alliance and become one. This will dramatically increase size.

2.) Try finding some people with lots of followers to join. More followers equals more members.

3.) Send treatise agreements with other alliances. This means that, while you aren't part of the other alliance, both of you work towards a common goal of link clicking.

4.) Branch out. Either try finding some smaller alliance and incorporate them as a sector of your alliance for certain missions, or become the branch of a larger alliance, serving your duty to their cause.

5.) Avoid "racism." Even though these races are unreal, except for the humans and the occasional dwarf, getting as many members as possible is key. Saying "Elves Only" or "Everything but Elves" is segregating the population. In order to be strong, you have to stand together.

6.) Get a website!!! Doesn't have to be fancy or anything, just enough to relay your cause, allies, members, etc. (refer to earlier in this post for web hosting sites)

7.) Get a forum!!! Doesn't have to be fancy either, but communication between members is good. (refer to earlier in this post for forum hosting sites)

8.) Get a pretty banner!!! All you need to do is find some cool artwork from some medieval game or movie, or make your own, and make it nice and big, like 600x200 pixels. (refer to earlier in this post for image hosting sites)

Image Programs

Paint (My not so favorite, comes with all Windows Computers)
ImageForge (A better version of Paint, has more functions and stuff, I used this when Paint died, and I love it!)
Photoshop (Far more advanced than Paint & ImageForge, the only problem is that the program costs above $500 dollars. You can get a free trial for 30 days, that should be enough for you.)
Illustrator (I've never used this myself, but word is, it's pretty good)

Note: Most site hosts allow you to host images on their site, but block it from being hosted on others. There is a way to avoid that. However, We take no responsibility if you get in trouble for evading the picture blocker.

The above was originally written and posted by Phyrus, in “If you’re having problems getting enough members....” Thank you!