View Full Version : Application for a Round Table Alliance Thread (You need to read this before posting)

22nd June 2009, 02:04 PM
To submit an alliance thread, you must first have no less than 5 ACTIVE members in your alliance. Create an alliance thread here, and fill out this application. We will either approve or disapprove of your alliance. Approved threads will be moved to the Round Table, disapproved threads will be closed.

If you fail the application, you will be able to reapply again in three days. No less. If your alliance is caught trying to reapply before three days are up, your thread will be closed.

Fill out this application to the best of your ability and post it in a new thread. Please try to make it as neat, concise, and detailed as you can since this thread will be your actual recruitment thread, as such, the title of the thread should be the name of your alliance.

You must follow this format. If you do not, your thread will be closed!

Alliance Name:

Alliance Member Count (on forums):

Alliance Forum Link:

Brief description of your alliance:

<<Please include information such as origin, purpose of the alliance, what the alliance involves (ie: what activities it has running etc), benefits members will receive etc>>

NOTE: The Round Table forum is for Kings Of Chaos alliances only. All others will closed ASAP and will not be given permission to make another thread.

Just a few things to remember when forming your application:

Make sure your alliance name is the title of the thread since the application you submit will be your official alliance thread
Please be as clear, concise and detailed as you can be. This will be the post that prospective members base their decision to join on.
Please try not to spam. Spammers will be warned and their threads will be made invisible in order to keep the forum clean

If there are any further questions in regards to why we did this or what should be included, feel free to PM one of us KoC Moderators. ~ty Silly ^_^