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21st June 2009, 02:51 AM
Age 11 will end in 13 hours, 9 minutes and 13 seconds.

I know that I am kind , at the last minute , to post this new topic but now , I'd be done for. (Sorry I've been pretty busy in my IRL) :)

This is my big general comment on Age 11.
If you prefer , my point of view.

NEW feature - Newbie guides -
This feature should stay for sure for like , ALWAYS. Has I am a old player of KoC (I started playing since start of Age 2) , it was kind useless to me because I knowed allready how KoC works. For new players , this is a MUST that should stay forever in-game. New players are guided quite awesomely nice. It's more easier for them to know everything in the game. It's better instead of reading the whole thing in '' Help ''. The Newbie live guide , helped me , Has I'm kind older , it helped me remember things. 10/10 , 5 stars.

NEW feature - Reccent Logs -
I loved to see those reccents attacks on profiles/targets. This is GREAT !!!!! Very Helpfull. =D

NEW feature - Less captchas -
I guess many players loved this especially me. They appear kind normal like every 5 minutes. Some told me , in the alliance I am , that some was not able to type in correctly the captchas. I found them easy to type but sometimes , I discovered new weird words I never seen in my English knowlegde. Keep it like it is !!!!!

One word , AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It made the game very much more fun. While having negative morales , we were earnings soldiers , I don't know why but anyway , It helped very very very much the game to have , every players , having a very high TBG (turn-based gold). Overall economic was about 5-20 millions gold that is wow so interresting for A LOT of players. Players were able to buy sooo many weapons. More than all others last ages. Keep '' Morale '' feature for Age 12 xD.

Battlefield - Attacking -
When spending turns to attack players , it's normal like it is right ? click on name then hit attack. There's just one thing I disliked , yes.......Because of the new layout of the battlefield to see profiles/targets , we have to remember the page we were on. The '' back '' button on browser doesn't work to be back to the page we were. In an exemple : I was slaying on page 30 , been pressing the button '' Next '' on bottom right corner , searching for gold........Now , I am at page 60 , I found a good target , after my attack is done , I would like to be back to page 60 fast. I'm pressing '' Back '' on my browser ( 2-3 Times to evade not do a same attack on the person ) to be back at page 60. What I get ? Page 30 -_- mehhhh.........It's kind annoying but not much , just we have to remember the page we were slaying on. =p
EDIT - Sometimes , when doing attacks , I got logged out suddenly by the game , probably due to the turn/TBG. A little annoying because have to log in back to continue my slaying.

Attacking - Show logs during the attack -
I hated how the new showing logs when doing a live attack on someone. Line by line........my god.......at that time , that guy could appear online and hit me online. It never happenned to me but probably some does I guess. My method to evade it , to save time , after it shows line by line , click FAST on Armory after the first line show '' Your soldiers march onto the battlefield ''. It should be back has Age 10 , 9 , 8 , 7 (Every infos in 1 shot). For some , it is probaby good for some to show attack log every line , cuz detailed etc.......some don't cares of it. I read them back (doned attacks logs in the past) when I'm bored. =p

Players - Community
This is wow amazing how the amount of players is there in the game. 26,788 players total | page 21 of 1,340 AWESOMESS because the last time it got to 26,000 totals players was............Age 7 ? Now! , it back to the 26k. Soooo nicely great. It probably due to the '' Morale '' + '' Newbie live guide '' + '' Sending your recruit links to invite peoples joinig the game trough MsN and others live community messaging'' and '' UP (Unit production) probably not UP because it is till expenssive. Congratulations KoC admins for the 26k totals players , I am amazed really. I hope for Age 12 , it will be same has Age 11 for KoC community.

I really don't know how was sabotages during Age 11. I never sabbed anyone and I never tested it because I'm not a sabber. Maybe it was , devastator ? destructive ? I don't know.

In general
I loved playing Age 11 except that I disliked to remember the page I were spending turns on so , I could continue my path for good gold. etc......
EDIT - And also disliked to be suddenly logged out because of turn/TBG.
So , due to the very high overall economic , on offline players , TBG , Morale , was an exciting and fun Age 11 , was kind like Age 7 but even more fun xD. Thank you very much for the nicest updates on game.

I will be playing Age 12 for sure!
Congratulations again KoC admins , Rocco , Aman

This topic is now open for an overall discussion about Age 11.
Enjoy! and I hope you loved my comment about the Age 11. Hope to see you guys in Age 12.

21st June 2009, 03:10 AM
One stupid fix, but a fix for the BF pages was, before you attacked or reconed someone on the BF, to fill in the page you were on and to search the page. And then attack or recon the person. When you clicked back on your browser then, then you went back to the right page.

But still it doesn't have to be like this. :P

21st June 2009, 05:21 AM
One stupid fix, but a fix for the BF pages was, before you attacked or reconed someone on the BF, to fill in the page you were on and to search the page. And then attack or recon the person. When you clicked back on your browser then, then you went back to the right page.

But still it doesn't have to be like this. :P

i could not agree with you more =p

21st June 2009, 05:36 AM
i could not agree with you more =p

I have two GM scripts that deal with this problem in different ways:
1) Published already, http://koc.ithildin.com/scripts/a_better_battlefield.user.js - tries to remember what page you were on so that hitting the back button works. Doesn't always work--if you hit a security page when you go back, it'll probably forget where you were (this is fixable, I just haven't fixed it =). It also changes most of the stuff you can do in the battlefield to open in a new tab (e.g. clicking the person's link or their commander's link in their extended profile will open in a new tab).

2) Not published, but I will if people think it'll be useful. It completely disables the AJAX navigation so the BF pages are like the way they were in Age X and earlier.

21st June 2009, 05:50 AM
Personally, To fix the battlefield, I just block jquery...

People who use AdBlockers (AdBlockPlus? AdMuncher? etc), block: http://www.kingsofchaos.com/images/jquery.min.js then ctrl + F5 to refresh your page and sorted.


21st June 2009, 08:19 AM
Since everyone does not uses GM or any other scripts ,
here is what I do.
When i use the battlefield to search for victims when i find a player to recon (since i always recon first no matter what) I right click thier name and click open in new window then i do my recon / attack/ sab in that new window when im done with that player i just close that window and return to the other window which still has BF up on the page i was on . Works well for me.

21st June 2009, 09:39 AM
or you could always click on the name with your scroller, it also opens in a new tab then :-)

21st June 2009, 10:05 AM
Honestly i've enjoyed this age.. ^^

I didn't like the battlefield page change..or the frequency of Captchas.

But overall i enjoyed the age and looking forward to the next. :)

21st June 2009, 10:21 AM
well if they just fixed it we wouldn't have to worry about any of this now would we haha