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6th September 2004, 02:20 AM
It is in the middle of the day as you enter the village of Pilako you see a sign hanging. It reads: "The village of Pilako. Enjoy your stay in the beautifull inn at the main road." This so called main road exists of nothing but a small sandy trail. The sun is shining and you hear sounds from the people and small animals that run around this small town. You follow the main road untill you see the inn.

When you enter the inn, you hear silent mumbling of the locals. It seems they are gossiping about something. It is a bit dark inside, because there are not enough candles lit. You look around and see a black cloaked figure sitting all by himself at a table with a can of water infront of him and a plate with chicken bones. He wears a pendant and a bracelet. They both have small golden runes engraved in them. Just like his Katana that hangs sheeted on his back. This must be the source of the gossiping. This black cloacked figure is Maxanatov XIII, the Necromancer who has asked you to help him to free his homeland. If you intensify your hearing, you can hear the locals wispering about someone who has killed his father. Something about a civil war. Although this might make not sence this far, answers will be given.

Maxanatov looks up as he sences that one of his allies has enterd this tavern. He sais: "Welcome, my friend. Sit down or order something to eat or drink at my cost." As he says that, you can hear the fearing hissing of the ward. Maxanatov turns towards him and says: "You will treat me and anyone of my friends as any regular customer. If you do that, I will act in the same way and pay you as anyone else." The ward nods and continues with his work, but he still has an expression of fear across his face. Maxanatov grins and shakes his head because of their stupid and unnecesairy fear. He then continues to stare infront of him, awaiting the arrival of the others while he is deep inside his own thoughts.

6th September 2004, 02:22 PM
Xaon walked down the sandy road, admiring the peaceful village life in Pilako. The wise and old mage squinted into the distance where the inn stood. As he understood, that is where he was to gather with his clan. It was a rare occasion that he allowed his apprentices to give orders, though his dear friend was in need of help. As the leader of the Mages of Destruction, his duty was to bring Chaos, Destruction, and Terror to those who disturbed the lives of any member.

Lord Xaon's crimson cloak flowed behind him as he walked quickly along the main road. Its hood covered his head and face from all who may see him. The last thing he wanted was for someone to recognize him, not as the leader of a clan, but as Lord Xavier, a name in the recent past of the dark mage. Xaon couldn't be too careful about hiding his identity. No one would notice him with all the changes his has made on himself anyway, but there is still the chance.

The dark mage brough nearly nothing with him. The only supplies were his staff, the Xeaspare, and a bag which he wore on his back. The bag didn't have much inside except for some bread, a clay jug of water, and some sealed jars of healing potions, which he just bought for this trip. He was holding the four foot staff as he walked, using it almost as a walking stick. The Xeaspare was strapped to his back in an odd looking sheath custom made for such a weapon.

As he approached the inn, the sounds of children and animals filled his ears. In a way, it nearly disgusted him. This village seemed almost too peaceful to him. Something was going on, but he wasn't exactly sure what. Before he had left, Maxanatov only mentioned small detail on where to meet and what their goal was. Xaon was indeed, in for a suprise.

He entered the in and listen to the quiet chatter of the locals. He couldn't exactly hear them, though they seemed to be talking about Maxanatov. Then he spotted the man sitting at a table, all alone. As Xaon glanced at the people around, he made his way over to the table and pulled out a chair across from him. Before sitting, he turned back to the locals to take one last glance. It seemed the had all been staring at him until he turned. They all quickly turned away and then Lord Xaon took his seat. As the man offered him a drink, or perhaps something to eat, Xaon politely declined. "Will you fill the clan in here, or somewhere more private?," the mage questioned as he pulled down his hood. "Remember, you are in charge here, do not make decisions that will endanger any of us. This is your chance to prove yourself."

7th September 2004, 02:02 AM
Maxanatov had already expected such a question from his leader and whisperd: "I have a booked a room where we can talk without any worries about anyone listening to us. At least, it has the lowest risk. Because enemies can be everywhere when a country is in war, but we will have to take the risk of a spy that might overhear our conversation. I suggest that nobody talks about the reason why we are here and wait untill everybody has arrived. Untill then, have a bit of food or drink, or take a rest upstairs. There are rooms for everybody."

7th September 2004, 06:01 AM
Dracadas was worried... very worried. Usually a jolly person, always in for a talk, this time the spirit mage wandered through the darkest alleys of Pilako, trying to evade any attention the villagers would certainly give him upon sight. Still, a vague smile brightened up his face when he thought back, the rather spectacular show he had given here, and most of this folk still remembered his name. However, the tavern ahead would certainly form a big obstacle for the secretness of this mission.

A borrowed hood was set atop his white, millimetred hair, a physical property that was sure to attract attention over here. He had exchanged his normally so green robes with dark brown ones, still hiding his shimmering chainmail from sight. Having found no substitute for his black pants, he still thought that he was inrecognizable for anyone who hadn't seen him from close by. His disguise seemed to work... most townsfolk just passed him by with a normal look on their face, some glimpsing to his unfamiliar clothing, but no one seemed too interested.

Upon entering the tavern, Dracadas smelled a deep mixture of sweat, beer, and other, less familiar odors. He had to somehow excess his mental control over his face not to show his disliking. A passing barmaid looked at him with a glance of recognizing in her eyes. Holding a gold piece in front of her, together with a flower he had managed to pull from his sleeves, he quietly gave it to her, vertically holding a finger over his lips. The barmaid smiled and took the money and the flower, slightly nodding in understanding of Dracadas's actions.

With a sigh of relief, he reached the table with the other Mages of Destruction without further notice. He took one of the free seats, and his muscles slightly relaxed, the mage glad that he had made it to them without being recognized. His two swords looked normal in the veteran sheathes hanging from his back, but Dracadas still held them as hidden as possible... you never know who might be watching.

"Greetings, Lord Xaon, and Maxanatov of course..." He started with a softer and more serious voice than normally. "I'm glad to find both of you here... though I would've preferred a less crowded location. I trust we will discuss the reason for being here under more... private... conditions?"

7th September 2004, 06:56 AM
Maxanatov nodded: ''Yes Dracadas, we are going somewhere else soon when everyone has arrived. For now, please do not give away the true reason for our presence here. Eat or drink something at my expence. Or take a rest in one of the rooms upstairs wich I have booked for us. Or entertain yourself and the others with some common talk, I do not mind."

Maxanatov stood up and walked to the bar. He could feel the eyes of the peasants burning in his back, but he did not pay any attention to it. He said to the barman: "Give me another pint of your best ale!" Without saying a word the barman gave him a pint while he studied the strange appearance of the Necromancer. Maxanatov looked at him with a disgusted notion and walked back to the table where he started to drink his ale.

7th September 2004, 01:27 PM
Only a few short moments after he had taken his seat, Lord Xaon's chat with Maxanatov was interupted. A man came walking into the bar, looking for Lord Xaon. Fear shot through Xaon, but only for a moment. He then stood up and faced the man. He was somewhat short, and overweight, holding a pint of beer.

"Yes, I am Lord Xaon. What is it my friend?" The man said nothing, and only raised a finger to the door while taking a sip of his drink. A chill ran down his spine again. He turned back to Maxanatov and nodded his head. "Dracadas, come with me."

Lord Xaon then walked out of the building to find nothin but a small dragon. It was golden in color, almost like the sun above. It was carrying a small black cylinder, which seemed to contain an important message. The dark mage then turned to Dracadas, dismissing him. Xaon opened the container and pulled from it a peice of parchment.

Lord Xaon,

I am a member of a clan known as the DragonRiders. Who we are is not important. What is is that we are all in danger. There is an army of dark elves and demons attempting to invade this world. You see, they want a dragon cavalry, but there are no dragons on their homeworld, so they are attempting to invade this one. Please, we need as much help as we can get.


"They wish to form an alliance, with us. Hmm...." Taking the note, he patted the dragon and it lifted from the ground, kicking up sand as it flapped its wings heavily. Xaon then entered the building once more and sat at the table with the peice of parchment. He handed it to Maxanatov.

"They need our help. I will have to send a small portion of our forces, we do not wish to anger them. They may be useful allies anyway."

8th September 2004, 02:07 AM
Maxanatov nodded. "I agree, and it is no problem, I do not think we need the full clan at this moment. Who will you send, and wich members can we expect here?"

8th September 2004, 01:28 PM
The mage was stuck in his thought. He wasn't sure who he should send. The only thing he was sure of is that they would be representing the entire clan. It would indeed be someone he could trust, and someone with powerful wisdom and magic skills. Thinking about it a few moments more, Lord Xaon came to a small conclusion.

"Maxanatov, I shall be sending either Mako, or Ghorgrond. Do you value either of their powers more in our mission?"

9th September 2004, 02:45 AM
Maxanatov thought for a minute about that question and said: "You ask me to choose between two outstanding mages. They both are strong, so I will not decide upon that. My preference goes out to Ghorgond. They only reason for that is that I see him as one of my few true friends, and I trust him. Mako, on the other hand, is someone I do not know very well and therefore do not trust him a lot. For this quest, I have to tell you a lot of personal information about myself. I rather have somebody here who I can trust. But if you decide that Mako should come here, and Ghorgond should go with the DragonRiders, I will accept that as well."

9th September 2004, 02:42 PM
Doin' this post oldskool, as Hedmund would call it.

*Lord Xaon nodded his head after a long silence.* "Well then, as soon as Mako arrives, I shall send him off to Tim and the DragonRiders."

10th September 2004, 02:21 AM
Maxanatov smiled. He was happy and relieved that it would be Ghor who would come here and help him. Not that he did not think that Mako would be able to help him, he just did not trust him as much as he trusted Ghor. He said: "Very good, we then will await the arrival of Ghorgond and Mako."

5th October 2004, 03:23 AM
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