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16th February 2009, 03:28 PM
Story: 0/30

Cannonocity: 0/10

(Half of the score in this category judges the relevancy to major DS events.)

This section deals with how integrated a thread feels with the Divine Salvation universe. That includes, but is not limited to, mentions of major regions, religions, and 'recent' worldwide events. Accurately portraying inhabitants of DS as they would normally be also falls under this category, and the same can be said of the Divine Guardians.

Interaction: 0/10

Every action that takes place in a thread, whether by a player or NPCs under their control, and the interactions between them are taken into account with this section. The only thing being judged here is how appropriate the actions and interactions are given everything the reader would know about the various characters at that point in the thread.

Setting: 0/10

The entirety of this portion is dependant on the realism and immersion of the environment in which the thread takes place, not just its description. This includes a particular mood or emotion that a player attempts to bring out in their writing, and how well that is accomplished.

Character: 0/30

Continuity: 0/10

Not only does a character have to have a sufficiently explained backstory, their quests and threads need to feel integrated, as if they occured in succession. Using learned skills from previous quests, referring to changes recently brought upon a character in another quest,and generally maintaining a real sense of time passing all pertain to this category. Another thing to keep in mind when judging for this section is the conciseness of any relevent backstory in relation to the actual story.

Behavior: 0/10

The subtle and meaningful mannerisms of a particular character are judged within this section, and this is solely dedicated to body language and habits, such as a penchant for alchohol, a pipe, a persistent limp, or an inability to overcome social situations. Everything that shows a character's personality outside of what they say or think falls under this category.

Dialogue: 0/10

This does not neccessarily mean the amount of dialogue, but more the quality of it, and how appropriate it is given the character, and his or her current situation. This can also pertain to inner monlogue, such as a character's thoughts, as well as explaining a character's position or conclusions through the narration itself.

Writing Style: 0/20

Readability: 0/10

This section entails both the clarity of the written work, how well and clearly the reader can understand what is being said, and how enjoyable it was to read, as these are most often connected. A completely understandable thread that was just boring and bland would be scored similarly to an exciting thread that became confusing often.

Pacing: 0/10

The speed at which the reader finds themselves progressing through the storyline in the main topic of this section, but it is neither how fast, nor how slow the prose reads that is being judged, but how steady and streamline the flow is. If someone's writing jumps from lines of dialogue, to a thick paragraph of pure description, the pacing of the thread will suffer from the sudden change, but if these changes are gradual and well done, the reader shouldn't even notice.

Writing Skills: 0/20

Literary Techniques: 0/10

The various complex ways in which a writer can express themselves, and how well they are used is touched upon here. In these things, player's should strive for a medium, using neither too many, nor too little. However, some players may have such a command of these devices that they pull of too little or too many very well. This section should also be used to judge the quality of the narrative voice itself. These literary techniques include, but are not limited to, metaphors, similes, alliteration, foreshadowing, etc. A useful list of these can be found here (http://mrbraiman.home.att.net/lit.htm)

Mechanics: 0/10

The actual meat and potatoes of the writing is looked at in this category, and the frequency of errors should at least be noted. Player's abilities to form complete sentences, use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and the proper use of their vocabulary is judged here.

Total: 0/100