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12th January 2009, 07:19 PM
Name: Bronomor
Known as: Bron
Age: 57
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Weight: 264 lbs
Height: 4’4’’
Location: Sayarian Mountains (Dwarven Halls), Nasylum

Appearance: Bron looks young for his age, golden brown hair sprouting from all over his face. His beard, twisted into two long braids, reaches down past his chest. The rest of his hair is unruly and wild, reaching off in different directions. His skin, a dark tan, is hard and chiseled from years of combat and physical labor within the Dwarven Halls. He generally wears full Dwarven armor, even when not in combat.


From the day he was born, Bron was taught to fight; to never back down. His father was a leader and highly-respected general in the Dwarven Army, and Bron had always respected that. Having six older brothers, Bron had to compete for his father’s respect on a daily basis. Being the youngest, Bron was treated the worst, being picked on and mistreated by his grunt-like siblings. He would try to fight back, much to their amusement, but he was never strong enough to compete with the years of Dwarven growth they had over him.

This continued for years, Bron trying to prove himself worthy of his father’s respect, and his brothers beating him down. Through every fight and squabble, through every beating and whooping, Bron’s determination remained intact. He and his brothers passed quickly through their years at the military academy, the strength inherited from their father pushing them to the top of the pack.

Bron continued his efforts vigilantly, trying to keep up with his brothers. Within a span of three years, all six of them had joined the army, alongside their father. The pride he had for them only infused Bron further, wanting to share the right to fight by his father’s side. Like his brothers, he applied for the army. It was several weeks before he was informed that his application had been denied. Devastated, he returned to the academy for further training.

One day during a spar, he outwitted a much stronger opponent not once, but four separate times, each time using a new tactic. Impressed by Bron’s clever tactical abilities, his trainer and teacher took him back out of the academy to train with the tactical branch of the army. It wasn’t what would bring his father pride, but it was a means to and end.

Years passed in the army, and Bron grew in both strength and tactical prowess, outwitting even some of his best officers. His brothers continued to train by their father’s side, but as Bron continued to mature, he found that he cared less and less. Bron was eventually promoted, and currently holds the rank of tactician general, the second-in-command to Graffblir.


[4] Axe-wielding – Having trained with an axe since childhood, Bron is extremely skilled at handling one. He is able to deal high damage to his enemies.

[4] Strength – Training for the better part of his life at the military academy, Bron is extremely strong; nearly three times stronger than an average man.

[4] Tactical – Bron is extremely skilled at using clever and original tactics during combat, and while commanding troops.


Adamantium War-Armor

Adamantium Axe

Map of the Sayarian Mountain Range