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12th January 2009, 07:14 PM
Name: Shakun Ra
Gender: Male
Class: Thief
Race: Vampire
-Chiang-Shi Bloodline

Build: Slim; athletic
Weight: 155 lb
Height: 5’10”
Age: 122
Apparent Age: Mid 20s


Born a vampire, Sha has the flawless, pale complexion and brilliant white hair of his ageless kin, his meager century of undeath seeing his hair at little over a foot in length. His almond-shaped eyes are a fierce scarlet in color and his fingers end in short claw-like nails, but the boyish smile he bears often warms his otherwise frosty appearance. His build is slim but muscular, usually adorned by expensive, decadent garbs while in the company of his demonic brethren. When thieving, however, he bears dark, unassuming clothes that lend themselves to remaining unnoticed and ties his hair back, hiding the stark white under a black hood.


Raised in the sunless landscape of Naan, Sha quickly learned the value of darkness and deception. The coven that spawned and raised him taught him the secrets of stealth and subterfuge, but even that could not fully mask the innate charm he carries. That said, Sha does not hesitate to manipulate his looks and skills to get what he wants, carrying out orders and jobs without conscience or guilt. Confident to the point of arrogance, there is no treasure that he cannot obtain.


One of the few vampires born to his coven each century, Sha became the pet of the Chiang-Shi elders. Pampered by the coven, there was no gift that he could not have, everything given to him on a silver platter. At first, his endless desire was amusing to the elders, a refreshing change from the attitude of aloof indifference the other vampires eternally maintained.

As he grew though, so did his greed, and after some time the elders sought to turn the sin into power. Educating him in the ways of the house, Sha learned of secrecy and guile, of taking what he wanted instead of waiting for them to be given. His lust to possess and own became an obsession that the elders only nurtured, allowing him to develop into a skilled thief. His allegiance came to rest with the rich instead of the good, his loyalty to those with power and wealth.

Sha was never forced to mature or learn of responsibility, only becoming aware of the divine infestation when he was accosted by several during a mission. He felt neither anger nor comradery towards the black beasts as he watched them tear his target apart, only waiting until they had disappeared before revealing himself and taking any valuables like a scavenger. The mutual disinterest he shared with the divine allowed him to simply ignore their existence in favor of focusing on his coveted valuables, unafraid of the day they decide to notice his undead presence and turn on him.

After over a century of thievery and deception, Shakun’s skills grew too great for the elders to satiate with simple missions or petty rewards, and so the vampire left with little more than his clothes and his favored knives to seek wealth and power on his own.


Nightsight (+1): Shakun can see further and in greater detail than the average person at night time, an asset to successful stealth.

Keen Hearing (+1): Shakun can hear and distinguish sounds that the average person could not at slightly farther distances, giving him a heightened awareness of things such as coins and valuables being carried on targets.

Vulnerable to Sunlight (-2): Sha’s pale skin is highly vulnerable to sunlight, earning him burns that range from mild to deadly when caught in the sun for prolonged periods of time.


[4] Camouflage: Shakun is highly skilled at going unnoticed, capable of blending in with darkness and shadows to virtually disappear. When perfectly still, only those with very acute senses can find him; the faster he moves, the easier it is to see him.

[4] Dagger-wielding: Sha can deal and defend against high damage while fighting with his knives in close combat.

[4] Agility: Sha’s lithe figure lends itself to quickness, making actions such as dodging or looting someone thrice as fast as the common man.


Black-Tinted Steel Knives (x2): Ornately decorated and held in a sheathe on each hip, Sha bears two blackened knives, the hilts leather-wrapped and the single-edged blades longer than the average throwing knife but shorter than an actual short sword in length.

Steel Wire: A thin cord, invisible in darkness and barely visible in the light, that is quite efficient at strangling or slicing throats.