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12th January 2009, 07:12 PM
Name: Challa Ironforge
Race: Dwarf
Age: 125
Height: 34
Weight: 140 lbs
Gender: female
Class: warrior
Religion: Atheist

Hammer wielder (4)
Challa is highly proficient with her war hammer, dealing high amounts of damage.

Strength (4)
Challa is much stronger than the average person.

Fortitude (4)
Challa can take much more punishment than the average person and can subject herself to much more pain.

Steel war hammer: A heavy weapon Challa wields with devastating ease.
Steel gauntlets: built in the forges of Winston by dwarven hands.
Steel brigandine armor: steel plates sewn into a heavy leather vest.

Challa was born to a family of three brothers, not that a dwarven girl was girly, Challa felt she had to prove herself against her brothers, by wrestling and fighting them, often getting herself in trouble for picking fights.

She challenged authority and eventually was cast from her house, a part of her history she often neglects to tell anyone, Ironforge being the name of bastard children from her home city of Winston, though only dwarves usually catch that detail. After being cast out of home, she left Winston for the unchartered lands, some fifty years past and living amongst the miners out in the mountains, fending for their lives against beasts and raiders.

Her calling, as it were, came the night the black beasts landed. The divine as the people called them, attacked ruthlessly all sentient beings. Using her war hammer to devastate the divine she continues to live in the caves and amongst the poor defending them.