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11th December 2004, 08:37 PM
January 12th, 1995
To Mr. Harrison:
I hope that this letter finds you well, for I am not. I don’t know if you have been told yet or not, but the love of my life died six months ago. Lana had been merely walking across the street when she was struck by a car. It was at that moment, when her petite body was shattered that my life shattered as well.
I loved Lana with all my heart and to see her die was on the worst things I have ever had to go through. It is something that I don’t even wish on my worst enemy. Night and days went on without me even noticing, until the day of her funeral.
Lana had been adopted so she had never known her real parents. So since there was no way I could get a hold of them, I contacted her adopted parents. It was with a heavy heart that I dialed them, and I had to fight the tears and sobs just to tell them about the unfortunate incident.
I told them the date of the funeral and they replied by saying that they would come, because she was their only daughter. Adopted or not, their love for her was definite. After hanging up the phone, I broke down into tears, a nervous wreck.
Lana’s funeral barely did her justice. The roses that they put around her casket seemed faded compared to her eternal beauty. Her soft auburn hair was cast around her fragile face like a frame. At the end of the service, I approached the casket and laid a single kiss upon her cheek. I almost cried because her cheek was cold and hard instead of warm and soft. It was days later that an idea came to me.
I had remembered reading somewhere about necromancy and how it could be used to bring the dead back to life. I realized that this was the one chance I had to bring Lana back into my life and into my arms. It was either that or nothing.
So, as you can expect, I scoured the local library for books on accounts of necromancy. None of the books, unfortunately, told of any spells that I could use to bring Lana back. I spent the next three months searching the internet and ordering books through the book store.
Sleep was merely an inconvenience to me and my search, so many nights I didn’t even rest my eyes. I had so much energy that most of the time I didn’t need to rest anyway. I spent hours upon hours writing down what I knew of necromancy and how to do it. My notes were incomplete, however, without knowing what kind of spell to use.
Finally, after weeks of searching, I found a book that had spells of necromancy. Upon purchasing it, I ran home and opened it up. I nearly tore the pages out just looking for the spell I needed. After hours of looking for it, I found it and scribbled it down in my notes. Enclosed is a short section of the notes I took:
Necromancy was used as the principal form of divination among the people of Persia. There are also references to necromancy in the bible in which King Saul employed the Witch of Endor to invoke the ghost of Samuel. Some have also argued that Jesus Christ’s raising of Lazarus was an authentic case of necromancy.
That last sentence had caught my eye and I knew that that was the type of necromancy I needed. I didn’t want Lana to tell me the future, I just wanted her back. All I needed was a spell, which I now had. In this letter is the spell itself:
To raise one from the dead, one must do the following:
1. Wait until a full moon so that there is a natural light
2. Use a ritualistic dagger to release blood onto the plot in which the intended subject is buried
3. Recite Orior oriri ortus ex thy sepulchrum! Orior oriri ortus quod ago! Permissum donum of vita flow per vos quondam iterum! Three times while dripping your own blood onto the plot until the intended has risen.
I had translated the words from Latin to English. The words in English are: Rise out of thy grave! Rise and live! Let the gift of life flow through you again!
So, I did as the rules instructed and I waited until a full moon. One did not come until December. By then, it had been three months since Lana’s death and I had not slept for several weeks. I knew, however, that once I had brought her back that I could finally rest.
The night of the full moon I drove up to the cemetery in which Lana was buried. I brought the words I had to recite and my dagger. My heart was beating faster than it ever had before as I thought of seeing Lana yet again. The cold of the night did nothing to affect my mood as I got out my vehicle and walked to her plot.
With calm hands that betrayed my nervousness, I cut the palm of my hand and let the blood flow onto the ground. As part of my life force was absorbed by the frozen and thirsty ground, I chanted the Latin words. Once, twice, three times I chanted the words and then I stopped and wrapped a bandage around my palm.
You may think that the effect was instantaneous, Mr. Harrison. It wasn’t, though. I had to wait for several minutes for anything to even happen. Almost falling asleep and fighting off the cold of the winter, I was startled awake by movement from Lana’s plot.
I watched with anticipation as a hand came out of the ground, followed by a body. My sweet Lana had regained life and had come back to me! My love was pure and true and had brought her back. When she came to the surface completely, though, she told me something that I had never seen the entire three months of my searching.
“Peter,” she said, “why have you taken me away from the glory of the afterlife? Are you that selfish for yourself that you would sacrifice my happiness?”
I was shocked at what she had asked me. It had never occurred to me that she was in eternal happiness. All I had cared about was bringing her back into my arms.
“Lana,” I replied, “I was a wreck without you. I needed you in my arms and in my life, again. I cursed the Higher Power for taking you away from me.”
Lana shook her head and looked at me with her blue eyes. I could see they were full of pity for me, but also full of anger from being pulled from her eternal sleep.
“Peter,” she said, “Did you not think that the Higher Power had a plan for me, or for you?”
“But Lana, I brought you back because of my love for you,” I replied.
“If you truly loved me, Peter, you would have let me rest. Not even my adopted parents, who love me as much as you do, would not have tampered with the power of death,” said Lana.
“I do love you, Lana. I love you with all my heart, with every fiber of my being. How can I prove it to you?” I asked as my tears frozen to my cheeks.
“If you want to prove your love to me, then you will let me go, Peter. You will let me return to the afterlife,” she replied.
And so, with a heavy heart I repeated the process, only backwards. She returned to the ground from which she came and life left her. I buried her again and slowly trudged to my car through the snow. My heart was now as cold as the weather around me.
I have written you, Mr. Harrison, to tell you my story. The other reason I have written you, though, is to tell you that I am going to join my lovely Lana in the afterlife. My cold, broken heart has been slowly killing me. I hope that you may forgive me for taking my own life as it may seem the coward’s way out.
Though my life may not be undying, my love for Lana is. I just hope that you will never make the same mistake I did. If you ever have someone you truly love, let them rest for they are in a better place.

Peter Grayson
Joseph Harrison finished reading the letter from his nephew. With tears in his eyes, he folded the letter back up and put it back into its envelope. He loved his nephew as if he was his own son. Joseph, however, would respect Peter’s last wishes and wouldn’t allow himself to be consumed by grief.
He wanted his favorite nephew to have eternal happiness.

This was the story I was having writer's block on. However, as you can see, I got through it. I hope you enjoy it! :axeman:

Insane Baka Neko
11th December 2004, 10:41 PM
Great work R@v3n! I think this might be my favorite out of all of your works. It adds another layer to death. How it might be a happy thing instead of somthing to be feared. Diffinatly a different p.o.v then the norm. Awesome work ^_^ \/

~Insane :cat:

16th December 2004, 12:10 PM
Works very well, and I think you have a way with what you do.

16th December 2004, 02:14 PM
Wow, just wow. That was a really cool story. I like how Lana wanted to go back to the afterlife. I also like that it was in a letter, because you don't see many stories in letter format.