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5th September 2004, 07:21 PM
*as the two ships came into the port of lastin captain jack approached the "extra" crew he had agreed to transport....*

Jack ~ "there is a tavern close to the harbor, "the black sea cat" if you go there then you should be able to rustle up some information about your... yes any way, if you go there then there are more old sea dogs there than places to poke a harpoon..."

:D enter my next favorite captain character CAPTIN AHAB! :coffee:

*as the gypsy caravan came into the city limits the slums that existed just out side the city wall came into view, old tents filled with hole's, people forced to live in condition that breed disease and plague...*

Gypsy prince ~ "you'll be allowed to enter the city so long as you show no signs of the plague, good luck from here friends, I shall spread word of your legendary powers" * ;) * "you should go now, there is a tavern were you could get some help or advice about your travels, its called "the black Kat" its a dirty little place that makes up fro lack of class with plenty of cheap ale."

*with that the Gypsies began setting up there camp, obviously planning to stay for a while.....*

6th September 2004, 12:27 PM
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Ic: _____Land_____
Tarcisus dwelled on the orcish ceremony of initiation of their new tribal "brother," the gypsy prince.

He fought very bravely. He is an honorable man and leader; he certainly deserves that, though I think it strange...

As they stopped, he looked out of the back of the colorful wagon, curious. They must have arrived. He jumped off the back of the wagon, and took Ghorgrond's great, wrapped weapon with him. He handled it very carefully, being sure not to damage the enormous blade under the large cloth. He listened to the prince speak about the city before them, silently absorbing the information, and knodding his head.

No sign of plague... no problem there.

"We thank you, good prince for aiding us in our need. I for one, truely appreciate it. As they say in Eirlan, 'May the roads rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warmly upon your face, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hands.'"

He reached out in offer of a handshake, smiling.

Ic: Christy rocked in her hammock sound asleep. The motion of the sea might have sickened others, but she found it tollerable. She did not wear her dress or her armor, but had only a simple, white gown made from cotton. It was quite comfortable to sleep in, having no sleeves and only a small skirt. She had a small rope around her waist, but she had loosened it, allowing her to breath easily in her sleep. She stirred gently, mumbling something incoherent, and then becoming motionless again.

Tarcisus, don't leave... stay home...

7th September 2004, 09:02 AM
Okay, let's get this rolling again. Though I'm still here as a member of the AA, I'm thinking about dropping that clan. I mean, nothing ever happens and when we finally get the chance to act as an AA-Party, everybody goes for the AotFO points! So, I'm still working that out. Any AA members who read this, your comment will be appreciated trough PM's only!!

Seeing other caravans stop too, as apparantly Tarcisus did, Darius walked after the Spirit Mage, who carried Ghorgrond's huge Zanbatou. Apparently Tarcisus felt the need of greeting some sort of Prince and though Darius had never seen the man before, he decided to follow Tarcisus' example and he stook out his hand too.

"Yeah, uhm, thanks a lot. For whatever you did, 'cause I didn't see anything. I was just sleeping in a caravan a bit. Guess you're brave, if Tarcisus says so."

'..Who cares?!...Let's move on, this is boring..'

7th September 2004, 02:36 PM
What the ...?

Michaelmas awoke from his sleep as the wagon stopped. He almost rolled out of the wagon, but held tightly onto the canvass. The two little orphan boys laughed at him. To them it was clear Michaelmas had not traveled by caravan before.

"Oh, so you'd let me fall and hurt my arm again, huh?" Michaelmas jeered back at them.

He flexed shoulder. No pain shot through his arm as before.Through longs hours of restorative meditation and rest in the wagon, Michaelmas healed his arrow wound. He had slept through the orc ceremony for the gyspy prince and was unaware of those proceedings.

"Get up, magic man, your friends are leaving!" taunted the boys.

"What!" exclaimed Michaelmas in shock.

He jumped out of the caravan and looked about him. He saw fellow officers getting ready to go, conversing about a tavern called the Black Kat.

The mage walked back to the wagon and said goodbye to the boys.

"If you kids ever need us to defend your caravan again, just send for me at the Armies of the Forbidden One. I see you might someday grow up to be strong warriors and mages."

They looked up at Michaelmas in admiration, then waved goodbye.

Michaelmas squeezed his way through the wagons and tents which the gypsies were setting up, towards the town. He found his brown mare of the Armies of the Forbidden One stables, and almost hopped on and rode off.

But then he remembered the old woman who had lent him the gypsy clothes he now wore.

He found her off to the side doing laundry by a small stream.

"Thank you, mam. I'll be needing my monk clothes back."

The washerwoman took back the black poncho and the blue-feathered hat which Michaelmas wore, and gave him his old, thick, brown robes. Michaelmas slipped the robes over his studded leather armor, and felt the familiar warmth of the monkish robes. He smiled at the lady, jumped onto the horse, and rode swiftly to the front of the caravan towards town.

8th September 2004, 02:36 AM
Maxanatov stepped out the cart where he was recovering from his light wounds sustained during the battle. He kissed the young woman that had taken care over him goodbye and said: "Untill we meet again, my love." Maxanatov turned around and instantly forgot about the woman. He saw how Darius and Tarcisus talked to a man who appearantly was very important. He walked to them and heard that it was a prince. Maxanatov, who did not feel the urge to thank him like Darius and Tarcisus did nodded towards him and said: "Guys! Why do we not all go to the tavern and meet everyone there. I do not know about you, but I could use a fine pint of ale!"

Maxanatov jumped up the back of the horse he had gotten from on the gypsies and rode of to the tavern. When he enterd the village, he immediatly could feel the looks of amazement and disgust from the locals. Maxanatov was used to this, and gave no notion to it except for a faint smile across his face. He did not care that the people judged him on his appearance or heritage and was proud on the fact that his looks alone strook fear in the hearts of the people. He enterd the tavern and walked straight to the bar.

At the moment he walked in, there was no sound at all in the tavern. Everyone stopped talking. People had there mugs hanging infront of their lips as they watched the Necromancer enter the tavern. The barman ducked underneath the bar. Maxanatov leaned over and said: "Good sir, may I have one of your finest pints?" The barman looked up with a look of fear and disgust upon his face. He stood up and tried to look brave. But that failed miserably. He said: "Yes sir, one pint of ale." He turned around, but could not hide that his hands were shaking. He put the ale on the bar, and because his hands were so shaking, he spilled some of the ale on the bar. Maxanatov asked about the price, and laid the amount needed on the bar. He picked up his pint and walked to a table on the far end of the tavern, awaiting untill the others would arive. Slowly everybody started to talk again, but it seemed as if all the talking was about this strange figure that just enterd. With a faint smile, Maxanatov sat back and waited

12th September 2004, 03:14 PM
It was a short ride into town and Michaelmas easily found the Black Cat Tavern. He slipped off of the brown mare and tied it securely to the wooden railing near the bar's entrance. He looked to the horse he had brought from the Armies of the Forbidden One stable.

I'll watch you girl, nobody's stealing any horses from me this time.

A few gazed up at Michaelmas as he entered. For the most part they wondered what a monk would be doing in a dirty drinking tavern. Few realized he was a mage, as he used his staff like a cane, concealing the magic blue gem with his hand. The mage caught the strong scent of ale invading his nostrils.

I suppose one drink couldn't hurt, but I must be on alert at all times.

The mage politely asked the bartender for some ale, and he gave the traveler a small shot. Michaelmas thanked the bartender, and looked around the tavern for anyone from the Armies.

Ah, that dark fellow over there by himself must be Max. It seems like these villagers don't like Necromancers. If I wasn't as familiar with magic and a comrade of Max, I'd be afraid too.

Walking over to the far corner of the tavern, Michaelmas took a seat across Maxanatov. He threw back his hood and took a drink of his ale. Then he asked the Necromancer,

"Hello. I was rather impressed by the spells of the dark mages during the orc raid. If it weren't for that protective barrier of darkness, I'd be a goner. What did you think about the battle?"

13th September 2004, 02:59 AM
Maxanatov looked at the guy who sat down infront of him. He looked at him, but did not really see him. He was totally lost in his own memories, but then he started to talk about the battle, and Maxanatov returned to the here and now. He realised that Michalemas was sitting infront of him. He said: "The battle was one of greatness. Such battles are not fought regulary and I believe that everyone had gave all they got. Every element that was in this battle was displayed in its supreme form. Yes, we truly have some great mages combined here. But, what was your opinion about this battle?"

13th September 2004, 04:34 AM
In the corner of the tavern sat a black-cloaked figure, barely to be seen at all. The shadows seemed to mingle with his figure and most of the villagers were still figuring out if this was a figment of their imagination or if there was actually sitting someone there. Of course, this was Ingold and he had arrived a good deal before the others together with Rakoth. If one would have taken the trouble to scout the surroundings a bit, they would have seen Asfaloth and Grim, tied to a railing at the back of the tavern, a few unconscious men next to them as they had come too close to the white steed. Asfaloth didn't like to be approached by strangers and happily engraved his hoof print into the skull of those that came too close. Grim, the horse of the apocalypse did his part as well and many men suddenly found that they could fly without wings, be it for a second or two. A nice heap of foolish men had begun to pile up around the two horses and by now, most people had given up approaching these two beasts for they realised that only the most powerful could tame these horses.

"So Rakoth, will we just sit here and allow them to discover us, or will we stand up and walk over to them. Before you answer, might I remind you that I'm feeling quite lazy right now ..."

Ingold smirked a little bit for indeed, he didn't feel like getting up for he had just gotten comfortable.

13th September 2004, 08:36 AM
Ic: "You leave a trail so easy to spot, that if I were to but glance at the surroundings, I could tell where you were. Why not simply advertise to the mayor you are here?"

Tarcisus said jokingly as he walked into the bar. He had addressed it to Ingold, and only he could have said it, since the two of them seemed to have an understanding. The immortal wasn't one to make jokes much, but this was a false assumation. He only joked with people he really knew. Otherwise, they might take it as offensive.

Do not forget you are not the only one who can remain unseen, my friend.

He sat down at the table across from his buddy, pretending like he didn't see him and was innocent of his being there. He did this so the townspeople would still question themselves about Ingold's presence. He ordered ale and sipped the cool drink slowly.

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13th September 2004, 03:41 PM
"Did it ever occur to you that I am not trying to cover my tracks. My cloak behaves as it wills in darkness and I favour the black corners places like these have to offer. It gives me the chance to observe undisturbed for human nature is always worthy of more studying. In the beginning much escaped my eye and still much does, but I have gotten better at it as I slowly learn to read people. They constantly stare at me and yet they do not, their eyes quickly shifting away again out of fear, soon to return again though, the feeling of curiosity forcing them to examine the ethereal figure that sits here. Yet, I have been sitting here over three hours now and most have gotten used to my prescience, dismissing it as harmless, none of them ever approached me and yet, for all they know, I could be their doom. I find this intriguing.

Many heroes come from the human race and yet most of them or so indifferent, so cowardly. Why? Because they all have something to live for, because they fear the unknown and cling to their life with all their might, fearing their own mortality. Yet, those that have nothing to loose, those from which the world can take no more, those who which to die will take the chance. Those will step forwards and face me, without fear and they will survive. It is only when they have found something to live for again, when they value life once more, that life will be taken from them for it makes the cautious. The gods are cruel in that way. Those that seek death often do not find it and those that fear it can expect a visit from the grim reaper.


Forget my ramblings Tarcisus, has Hoax arrived yet? I am not here out of my free will though, I was ordered by my master and commander who has returned from death and I obeyed. Thus, I shall take command of this outfit again, for that though, the arcane mage is needed."

Paradise Wandering
13th September 2004, 09:10 PM
im here now... kharma said i could post here, i hope no one else minds that im joining this late...

ic: Zach and Alexandra had been riding for miles, though no sign of tire could be seen in Zach's magnificent mustang, Lotus. It trotted up to the tavern, head high in the air.

The two humans were quite hungry, and wondered if they could get some food at the tavern.

They tied up Lotus, at the back of the place, instantly recognizing Asfaloth.

"Asfaloth? Ingold must be here."

So they entered the building looking for Zach's freinds.

One of them, a young boy, not more than 15, wore a dark indigo blue cloak, that covered every part of his body, exept those extremely prominent, glowing, sapphire blue eyes. They darted around the room, with jubilant and energetic flare, the eyes of a young water master.

The other, also very young, she too was 15. She was a beautiful human girl, wearing dark green robes. She had long, blonde hair, that grew halfway down her back. And her eyes were a deep forest green. She had a straight sword tied to her belt, that was obviously forged far away. It's blade, shining like dawn of day, and its handle and hilt were adorned with emeralds.

Zach saw Ingold, Tarcisus, and Rakoth sitting at a far corner, so, they simply strode up.

"Ingold, freinds, it is good to see you. This is Alexandra. She is a... er... freind, of mine."

"A good freind," She put in. She held out her hand to shake the hands of the members of the Amies, for Zach had told her about each one, ad she felt like she had known them.

"Im Alexandra, Spirit mistress."

Looking around the room, Zach saw several more people he knew. "Wow, there are alot of AotFO members here, Ingold, what is going on? Why are they all here?"

Meanwhile, the young girl had moved to the front of the tavern, to ask the bartender for some food.

14th September 2004, 02:00 AM
Maxanatov suddenly recognized a farmiliar voice. He stood up, and the locals fel silent again, but he could still here someone talk. He walked towards the sound and saw Ingold sitting, talking with Tarcisus. At that time, Zach enterd the tavern. Maxanatov looked at the Water Mage, but not say anything. He walked to the bar and orderd another pint of ale. He put the required goldpieces on the bar, and sat down at the table, next to Tarcisus. He did not want to interrupt their conversation, so he started to drink. When there was a silent moment in the discussion, Maxanatov said: "Ingold, when Hoax arrives, do we need to wait for more members to come, or can we leave and proceed. And where do we meet with the members wich traveld by sea?"

14th September 2004, 06:27 PM
Ic: Tarcisus smiled sheepishly, disappointed that Ingold did not catch it was a joke.

"My dear Ingold, I merely jest to lighten a mood. Nevertheless you do have a well-made point. I was not questioning your skill whatsoever. But enough on this matter..."

He then thought to himself outloud,

"Oh how I miss home... Your days of fighting are numbered, prince."

He then knodded at Maxanatov, allowing Ingold to respond to his question personally.

A good question, verily. But why dost thou not wait and see for yourself, mortal? Time always unravels itself.

Tarcisus straightened his somewhat crooked belt, and then pulled on his shirt where it was now wrinkled. He sat up straight and finished making himself look presentable.

15th September 2004, 02:39 PM
OoC: Though I'm not in the AotFO anymre, I was in this quest on the last forum. So, I do not believe it would be logical for me to just disappear in the middle of this. If I'm doing something wrong, PM me and I'll delete my post.

IC: Tim sat in the corner of the tavern with Ingold, bored. He had ditched his blue dragonhide cloak for a normal brown one, but he still wore his shiny mythril armor underneath, though it didn't show under the cloak. His best sword, DragonBlade, was up in his room, but he still carried a number of nasty little surprises for anyone who dared attack him. He sipped his ale.

"So, what?" he asked. "Do we just sit here?"

16th September 2004, 11:47 AM
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The door blew open propelled by an unseen force, Under the cover of his invisibility cloak Mindstealer slipped in before the door blew shut once more. To the average person, it would have looked like wind an expectant glance up to view the new commer would have left the normal eye disapointed with little course but to continue their drink.

It may have come as a surprise to some or all of the gathered members to hear his voice come from the depths of the darkness behind where Ingold himself was sitting.

"good evening lads."

He removed the hood of his cloak, still hidden by the darkness, he stood watching over procedings from behind ingold for a while before removing the cloak entirly.

"still no-one's told me exactly what we are doing here... i'm not just here to save you lot from getting you heads handed back to you by a bunch of orcs you know..."

16th September 2004, 01:14 PM
Oh my God, Zachs. 1. You're char (Created after mine! You copycat!) is 15 years old. Just like mine!! 2. Your second char, the lady, is not only the lady Darius (My Char) loves, but she's also a younger version of my second char!

This is mad! Do you mind if I let Darius make avances towards Alexandra? Or is she Zach's girl?

Darius had quickly made his way to the tavern. The moment he entered, his eye fell on a stunning girl, about the same age as he himself. She was ordering something at the bar and Darius immediatly walked over to her. Her shapes were perfect and as he joined her at the bar, his first glance revealed that her eyes were green.

'..Wow!!...What a stunning lady!...With such beautifull eyes!!..'

Wanting to know this unknown girl better, he quickly shot into action. As the bartender came back with the girl's drink, Darius held up some gold coins.

"I'll pay for the lady here and I'll have a wodka myself.", dropping the goldcoins on the bar, he turned towards the girl, who now had her drink standing in fron of her, looked her in the eyes and spoke, a tender voice coming out of his mouth.

"Hey, I'm Darius, Fire Mage. Here on a quest with some friends of mine, Armies of the Forbidden One, dunno if you ever heard of 'em. I do hope you don't mind me paying your drink, but you're such a stunningly beautifull girl that I couldn't let you pay. What is your name?"

16th September 2004, 02:18 PM
ooc: then i hope you won't mind me jumping in...

Mindstealer jumped up, he had spotted darius at the bar he made his way silently over to him. wispering into his ear as he passed.

"do you think discussing our business with random strangers is a good idea, especially since no-one has even told me whats going on."

He passed without even acknowledging the girl darius was talking to and ordered himself a drink at the bar. On his way back past, he spoke again.

"perhaps you should join us now?"

Paradise Wandering
16th September 2004, 03:56 PM
ooc: Huh? Im not a copycat! I did not make my char after yours at all! I had no idea you were 15 and stuff. I swear. Jeez. And shes not realy Zachs girl, just the only survivor of their village when it was destroyed.

ic: "Thank you for doing that, Darius. My name is Alexandra, Spirit mistress. Yes, i have heard of the AotFo from Zach. I beleive he mentioned that you were quite a powerful fire magician. It is indeed a pleasure to meet one so reknowned and powerful as you, Sir." She said sarcasitcally, splashing her drink in his face.

She walked away, and sat at the table Ingold was at, introduceing herself.

"Are you Ingold? My name is Alexandra. A freind of Zachs. He told me you were the leader of the Armies. Might i accompany this group for awhle?"

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And Wolve no hard feelings about Allie splashing you. She likes to play hard to get. :tongue:

16th September 2004, 04:35 PM
OOC: A beautiful 15 year old girl, why beautiful? Ever heard of puberty, zits everywhere and stuff? To me, that's the same thing of rping a 1000-year-old guy that still looks like he is twenty, why doesn't anyone play a 1000-year-old guy that actually looks like one? --End rant

Second, last time you all saw Ingold (except for Rakoth and Draco) he wasn't coming and yet no one seems to be surprised to see him sitting there. Second, Redtigerfang was in a coma, but when I say he's back, again no one reacts ... tss, that's some poor rping ... don't bother now.

"We are waiting here on Hoax, whenever he may arrive so he can tell us all again what we are going to do once we get into that dark temple of his. Let me state though, that the reason for the armies to participate is no longer valid since Redtigerfang is back among the living. But he has left again and I have no idea where he went off too.

It is good to see though that many have already arrived here, I do hope though that the wait will be short. And Mindstealer, you may be strong, but we can take care of ourselves, your help is always appreciated, but do not think that without it, we would perish. So be a little bit less arrogant please. As to the reason why we are here? We are here to get a soul stone or something like that out of a temple where we can't use any big spells ... doesn't that sound like fun?"

A small group began to form at Ingold's table and it became quite crowded in the tavern. It wasn't difficult to see that all the people who had just entered were adventures. Their equipment varied greatly, but it was clearly seen that these things were gathered over many journeys and that some of these items were magical in nature. But Ingold didn't care and just continued observing the crowd, taking a sip from his mug of water every now and then.

Some drunkards followed the mugs way through the air in amazement, wondering what made it fly, not noticing Ingold's ethereal figure behind it. It was a pleasant thing to observe, but even that came tiresome after a while. It was quite easy to make the drunkard fall of their chairs by just moving the mug from the left to the right over and over again. The drunken villagers followed the mug, but being drunk as they were, moved their entire body to keep the mug in their sights and soon, they rocketed off their chairs. It is as easy as fooling a cat with a reflection of the sun on a wall ... and the cat is probably smarter then these men were.

As they crawled back to their feet, Ingold's gaze shifted to the conversation between Alexandra and Darius for he suspected it would become quite entertaining. He was right and as Alexandra threw her drink into Darius' face, Ingold almost chocked in his mug of water. Between a few coughs, his laughter could be clearly heard for he found this very amusing. After he had calmed down though and had wiped the tears out of his eyes, he now directed his attention fully to the girl that had accompanied Zach.

"After that display, you must join, I wouldn't have it any other way. You make me laugh and that's always a good thing, and you made Darius look like a bit of a fool, that's always a bonus. Welcome to the club."

17th September 2004, 09:11 AM
Just kiddin' Zachs, I know you ain't no copycat :p I just noticed we kinda' had/have the same ideas. Anyways, is she hard to get, or does she play hard to get and is totally impossible to get, because I ain't gonna spend this whole quest chasing her without any results, huh? ;) :p Lol, nm, do what you seem fit :D

And Khar, first off, stop ranting!! Second, Red is back? OMFG!!! THAT'S AMAZING! WHEN WHAT HOW!?!? OMFG OMFG OMFG!!!

Darius mouth dropped open. What had he done wrong? Within an instant after Alexandra had spilled her drink over his head, he was dried up again, the steam litterally coming out of his ears. As soon as he was dried up he drenched his glass of wodka, ordered another one, payed it and walked back over to the table. Not scared off in any way (he knew that some girls liked to play 'hard to get' and hoped it was like that this time, 'cause he was not going to give up), he went and sit pretty close to Alexandra.

"Well, I could've found many other ways that would've been a more suitable use to that drink. But I can't really see a pretty girl like you spoil her drink, so I'm offering you another one. All on my account, ofcourse."

Since Hoax ain't here, I'm mainly focussing on Alexandra, okay?

Paradise Wandering
17th September 2004, 09:46 AM
i really had no idea your char was so similar to mine. i modeled mine after me, brown hair, blue eyes, 5'7", and 15 years old. and she will probably try not yo like you for a little longer, pretty much just to amuse me an BK, but she'll come around...maybe... :p

ic: Alexandra thanked Ingold for his hospitality, and looked back to Darius. Her eyes shot open and she litteraly exploded with mischevous laughter.

After a few moments, and after she had regained control of herself, Darius sat down next to her.

"How do you like wine in your hair, Mage?" *laughs again* "I think its rude to try to make a move on a girl imeadiatly after meeting her. And, you never know if shes stronger than you, you never know if she will try to kill you for you insolence."
Zach leaned over to Ingold, "She is trying so hard not to like him, yet, he blatantly wants her. This should be fun to watch."

His attention shifts back to the two.

She looked down to the drink Darius had placed in front of her. "Are you trying to get me drunk enough to get a kiss or something?" She smiled, and gave herself a mental pa on the back at her own 'humor'.

He is pretty good looking, exept for that hidious mustach... Maybe ill play with his mind a little longer... I want to see how he handles being rejected for no apparent reason.

17th September 2004, 10:25 AM
Double post! Omfg! Quick, remove it b4 you get warned!
Okay, this should be fun, until Hoax comes round again..^-^
Btw, I made my char look after me too. (Not totally, anymore :P)

Darius' face moved into some sort of smile. He didn't like being made a fool off and in any other circumstance he would've burned this place down, the person who had insulted him with it, or atleast that was the plan. But this time was different. This time the person who insulted him was a lovely girl, about his age, with green eyes that made Darius melt down to a pool of hot sizzling water.

'..Sheesh, she can call me whatever she wants, as long as she just simply stays close!!...Man, she's really cute!!..'

"I'm not trying to get you drunk, nor to get a kiss. Though that would be a reward I highly long for, I do not try and get one in a such a way like this. I'm simply offering you a drink, because I feel that I should..."

Darius did not talk anymore. He could talk for hours and hours, but this girl simply took his breath away.

17th September 2004, 02:15 PM
"you know what... i've never got why people make themselves look like fools over some girl..."

Mindstealer commented, almost to himself, but those sat close to him would have over heard...

"A temple eh? No big spells... this should be interesting... well if need be i'll tear it down brick by brick to acomplish our goals..."

He took his nearly empty mug and began to spin it quickly between his hands toying with the forces that opposed him almost absent mindedly, the remaining liquid remained glued to the bottom of the mug. He then looked over at the 'couple' shaking his head at their antics.

"hey darius... ever thought you might be going after something thats out of your reach?"

He smirked, Alexandra wasn't the only one who enjoyed having fun at others expense. Slowly the mug floated accross the table to take up a position just out of dariuses reach above his head. It stopped spinning upside down above him, the liquid still held in place at the bottom but for how much longer?

"if you try hard enough you may be able to get that"

ooc: :P

Paradise Wandering
17th September 2004, 03:05 PM
ooc: thx wolve, that was nice of you to show me that i posted twice. i think its because i hitt the back button on the browser after postage... and, sizzling hot water? you are a fire user, you cant melt into water... lol

ic: The girl smirked at Darius again, she had never seen someone this persistant. That drink in front of me looks pretty good... I guess a few sips wont hurt... But if i find that he really was trying to get me drunk, just for his own personal 'fun', then i will stab him.

She looked longingly at the glass, mentally debating with herself weather to take it or not. At last, she just gave up. She grabbed the glass and guzzled it down. She was so thirsty.

"Thank you Darius, no matter how much you annoy me, that was kind of you."

She saw the mug floating just feet above the Fire master's head. She sighed to herself. Ugh.He bought me a drink... The least i could do is keep him rom getting wet again... The water started to roll down the sides of the mug, closer and closer to his head. But i wont.

She giggled at the sight of the water getting closer with every second, and just simply smirked again.

ooc: where is haox? im bored, just sitting in a tavern with a bunch of drunks and watching wolve flirt with Allie...

and wolve, shes not all bad, though, if she sees an easy target who just gawks at her eyes and body, she cant help but make them look like an idiot. like i said before, there will be turnout, but wait till the quest gets going a little, maybe whenever [b]Hoax gets his sorry but in here and posts!!![/i] she just has a habit of 'breaking in' people she doesnt know well.

18th September 2004, 04:14 AM
Well, you're lucky (Or atleast Alexandra is :p) this time. Normally Darius' ego and temperament would've taken over and he would've done all he could to burn the place down, but
That girl... put a spell on me! (If anyone knows who sang that...).

So, he'll endure a lot. And Carnage, you ARE aware of the fact that Darius could simply make the cup burn to ashes? Or let the water evaporate into damp? Ah well, I guess you do.

And Hoax indeeds needs to get his sorry butt over here, cuz' though it's fun to RP a fool that's in love, it gets kinda' boring after a while..

Darius had a hard time hiding his overjoyment. He considered the fact that Alexandra had taken his drink as a huge step forwards. As the last drop of his drink disppeared in her troath, Darius' face was one big smile. His eyes didn't leave her face but as she put down her glass he saw her give a quick glance upwards. Immediatly, just out of instinct, Darius sent out a small amount of Fire Energy to check what was it that had attracted Alexandra's attraction. No sooner had he sent out his Fire Energy or it had reached the cup already. Darius sensed that the Fire Energy had hit something and blinked once. In that split-second his eyes were closed, he saw a clear picture of the cup hovering above him. (Heat Sensing).

'..Luckily the liquid in it, whatever it is, has gotten a bit warmed up from the warmth in this place, otherwise I might had missed it...Now, I don't know who did this, but it's time to end it, before I make a fool of myself in front of Alexandra again..'

Intensifying the Fire Energy that floated in the air and which had server for scouting purposes only earlier on, a sudden bright flash erupted around the cup. For an instant flames were visible but only a second later, they were gone, as were the cup and the liquid. Some ash slowly drifted down from the sky, landing beside Darius. The liquid had evaporated and was nowhere to be seen anymore. Darius had performed this whole move without taking his eye of Alexandra once, wanting to see how she reacted on this.

'..And after I find out who did this, I'm gonna take it out on him..'

Bleh, btw, I might introduce my second (and maybe even third) character in this Quest. This bar seems like a perfect place, but I'm not sure. Now that I'm in the middle of trying to get as close as I can to Alexandra, a second character that comes whining at Darius' head doesn't seem like a all to smart plan. Ah well, I'll think about it for sometime, maybe I will maybe I won't.

Btw, Carnage, would you be able to teach my second characater some Psi moves? I love the element and am thinking about making here Psi/Spirit. Could you?

Paradise Wandering
18th September 2004, 06:04 AM
ooc: heat sensing, cool spell. and even though Carnage is the admin and he can change the rules if he wants, i dont think he will teah you psi moves because its a restricted element. you have to win it. :p

ic: When Zach saw the cup begin to drip on Darius's head, and then seconds later watched it incinerate, he just watched the whole thing, laughing. He was obviously amused by the anitcs of Allie, Darius, and Mindstealer.
After seeing this whole thing, Alexandra, with a jubilant flare in her eyes, just looked into Daruis's eyes, giggled, and turned away so he couldnt see her face turn red.

ooc: short post. im so board here in the bar. maybe i should just have Allie slap Darius and walk out of the bar laughing maniacaly... or maybe i wont.

should someone PM Hoax?

18th September 2004, 06:12 AM
Ah, D'oh! How can you win it? Where? (Guess I'll have to make her Spirit/Light then).

I can PM Hoax if ya' like, but I don't know if it'll help. Last time I tried to get him do something trough PM's, it ended with me winning the Spar because of inactivity from Hoax' side :p

Darius was glad his little trick had had the effect he had wanted it to have. Alexandra turned away from him, which could mean two things. Either she tried to hide her laughter from him, but he hadn't made a fool of himself so it coulnd't be negative laughter, or she tried to hide her affection.

'..In both cases, I just did another step forwards...Time to order another drink..'

He waved the bartender to the table. The somewhat fat man came walking over and waited respectably for Darius to make an order.

"Guys, this round's on me. Take whatever you want, you too, Alexandra."

18th September 2004, 10:29 AM
ooc: i could teach you some psi moves... but i don't really have time. My idea for psi is to make it semi restricted such that you can do somthing like quest for it... but anyway thats only an idea.


Mindstealer grinned even more when Darius burned up the mug, he wasn't done toying with the fire mage yet.

"hey Darius... quite a firey temper there... perhaps you should leave that girl alone for a while and go outside to cool down."

He waited for a reaction, then continued with his baiting.

"So, Alexandra you are new to the armies? I've not seen you arround before... I'm Mindstealer, resident Telepath, thou you don't need psychic abilities to read some peoples minds"

He glanced over at Darius again momentarilly watching his reaction with a smirk.

18th September 2004, 10:54 AM
Tim was impatient, he wanted Hoax to arrive soon. However, there was plenty of entertainment to watch while he waited. He smirked at the wordplay between the others

"Guys, this round's on me. Take whatever you want, you too, Alexandra."

On him. . . . Tim thought. He grinned, and turned to the waiter. He ordered a large amount of food, more then any one normal man could eat. A varitable feast, finishing off with a Dragon's Bane. The waiter started at this.

"You sure, kid?" he asked. "That drink's outlawed in fifty-twi cities!"

"But not in this one," pointed out Tim. The waiter nodded.

"I'll get right on it."

18th September 2004, 10:57 AM
Kewl! But would it be enough to make my character a Primary Psi Elementalist?

Darius head snapped towards Mindstealer. He knew he had to stay calm now, otherwise he would certainly blow it at Alexandra's. So, instead of reacting, he simply ignored the Psi Mage and ordered another wodka, plus some bread, since he was hungry. Tim, who apparently thought he could be funny, had ordered quite a lot, but Darius didn't care. He had money enough and he barely ever bought something.

'..I'm just sitting here...I won't react to Mindslaver's taunts, nor on Tim's excessive eating behavior...All I do is concentrate on Alexandra, she's the only one that earns my attention in here..'

18th September 2004, 09:14 PM
ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, I'm here I am here! my full attention is now on this quest....

over at the far end of the bar, 3 rather large and burly men finished there drinks and swaggered over to the table the "questers" were siting at, surrounding the exit to the table in a semi circle, one of the men stepped forward and grabbed the mug that had been floating in the air.
The tavern went all quiet all of a sudden; every one seemed to be looking at "the table".
The men inspecting the mug, passing it from person to person as they spoke...

man 1 ~ "you strangers aren’t from around here are you...."

man 2 ~ "they look like magic users to me, remember the last batch we had coming through here? Wanting to go to the temple....."

man 1 ~ "yeah, these guys look green compared to them, reckon one of them will make it back with all his limbs?"

man 3 ~ "I’ll bet a round of drinks that no one but that that guy in the corner" *pointing to Mindstealer*

man 1 ~ "I dunno, that Sheila there looks like a foxy one, I reckon she'll make it out alive....
10& says I am right"

man 2 ~ "your on. I see not a tough one in this lot, 10& says no one come back alive"

*the men laughed amongst themselves, two of them turned and walked away, leaving the ring leader holding the mug....*

man 1 ~ "take our advice, leave this city, take your memories of cheap ale and fine services and go back to were ever your home may be"

*the man walked off, slapping the waiter on the back heartily as he tossed the mug over to Darius, walking away with his 2 buddies laughing.

The room returned to normal, the sound of drinks clattering, people chattering.
Something was different though, the 3 men were walking around the room collecting bets and wagers, the rest of the patrons seeming to like the options presented at the table....

The waiter came back, a plate full of drinks, glancing over to the ring leader as he set them down on the table.....*

Waiter ~ "don’t worry about them, there's not much to do here but get stone drunk or make bets on anything. Why the other day they bet how long it would take for a donkey out side to take a dump!"

*while the waiter was making small talk the ring leader came over and put his arm over the waiters shoulder....*

man 1 ~ "what about you friend, what’s your wager?"

Waiter ~ "I... err...."

man 1 ~ “come on plate captain, what’s your bet!"

Waiter ~ "give me 5& on them all.... coming back alive and well.... I see a determination in them that says they will do that with others died doing!"

man 1 ~ *laughs* "easiest money ever made, VERY WELL, those are poor odd but it’s your money not mine!"

*as the man walked away the waiter looked into the faces of the people before him*

Waiter ~ "don’t you dare die, if you die then ill kill you my self!"

It was jut about this moment that the door to the tavern slowly opened, in stepped a man in brown robes and a deep brown clock, he pulled back his hood, reviling the familiar face of Hoax to all that knew him.
Spotting his friends at the table Hoax briskly walked over and sat down besides them.
Looking over to the waiter as he dropped off the drinks Hoax decided that he was rather hungry......

Hoax ~ "waiter, could I trouble you for hot meal, maybe some potatoes and chicken?
Oh and if you have it a light ale or a red wine if you can..."

Waiter ~ "ill see what I can do sir. *walking back to the kitchen* HEY MACK, IS IT TO LATE TO CHANGE MY BET?"

man 1 ~ "OOH YEAH!!"
Hoax ~ "so, what I miss? Anything interesting? No? well tomorrow we’ll find a boat and head on over. Seems we all arrived more or less ontime…."

19th September 2004, 05:41 AM
Ic: Tarcisus ignored the rude men, trying to disuade their traversings to the temple. This party had a quest and a goal for good. That they would not fail at all costs. Somehow though, he felt like this would be the end of him. He didn't like the feeling at all. He came back to reality when a familiar voice piped up. A smile formed on the edge of his lips.

"Welcome back, Hoax. I wondered how long I would have to wait."

He said this in friendship and not impatience. They had many things to do, though, so he decided to concentrate on the task at hand.

"When did you say we leave?"

Paradise Wandering
19th September 2004, 05:55 AM
As the two Lin'Houan freinds heard this, people betting on their lives, they didnt like it at all.

Zach: "Oh, freind, we will all make it out alive. I assure you of that."

Alexandra: "Why you little..." *tries to continue taling but cant* Her voice trailed off. Zach had leaned over the table and cupped his hand over her mouth to stop her from talking. He knew if she got much madder, then men would start falling.

Zach released the girl and turned to Darius. He leaned close, so as to wisper and so that Alexandra couldnt hear them.

"Let that be a lesson to you Fire Mage; Go ahead and persue her for all you're worth, but dont anger her. She can slip into the spirit world, walk up behind you, and slip out, sword blazing with spirit energy."

Zach saw Hoax enter the building and stood up, bowing to the mage. "Hoax, it is good to see you again."

Anything interesting?

"Actually, yes. Just watch the antics of these two. It's pure comedy." He pointed to Alexandra and Darius.

Zach sat back, deep into his seat. He wanted to have a little fun with the jerks that had placed bets on the lives of him and his friends. So, as the biggeswt one raised his mug to take a drink, Zach just froze all the liquid in it. Nothing wrong, just, when the man tried to take a drink, nothing came out, and his tongue got stuck to the frozen ale. He looked like a complete fool.

Zach laughed to himself and sat back.

Allie just giggled again.

19th September 2004, 06:56 AM
ooh hell yeah, I was hoping one of you would do something like that

*as the man gingerly removed his tongue from his frozen ale his buddy looked over at Zach laughing.
Slapping his buddy on the back and pointing, it didn’t take them long to put 2 and 2 together, they proceeded to walk back to the table, a glass mugs in there hands....*

man 2 ~ "hey you, you looking for trouble or something, is that it!"

man 3 ~ "I think you owe my pal here a drink, and an apology."

man 2 ~ "I think that little rats out to play with the big boys, what’s say we pass him the ball"

man 3 ~ "easy, let the kid have a chance to say he's sorry and by us a beer's first"

Hoax ~ "Zach what did you do?"

man 2 ~ "you the leader of this chicken out fit?"

Hoax ~ "yes, yes I am the one who organised this"

man 2 ~ "your little runt over there froze my drink, I guess that mean you owe me a drink instead of him!"

Hoax ~ "sir I am very sorry fro any trouble caused, I’ll pay fro the drink and an extra for you"

man 2 ~ "that’s not good enough, I want that maggot there to apologise to me, and I want him to do it now"

Hoax ~ "Zach?"

19th September 2004, 08:17 AM
Tim sighed loudly. He wanted to grab this guy by the throat, and smash his head against the table, but knew that would be a bad idea. So he idly conjured a small, thick bar of iron, pretending to take no notice of the man. With a little effort, he was able to bend it in two. Then again, and again. Then he dematerialized the iron, and absorbed in into his body, replenishing the energy he had lost in the summoning. Then he seemed to take not of the two men.

"I'm sure my friend is very sorry," he said. "We don't want any trouble."

19th September 2004, 08:59 AM
Darius' anger was beginning to build up inside of him. He felt like blasting these three men to hell, but he controlled himself some longer. With a voice that clearly showed his irritation and anger, he spoke. Soft and slow, yet everybody was able to hear it quite well.

"Look. Either you stop whining and leave our table now or you will regret you ever existed."

His eyes had slowly turned red, making him look extra fierce, and any Fire Mage could sense that his Fire Energy was building up rapidly to great amounts.

Paradise Wandering
19th September 2004, 09:53 AM
"Look man, I dont owe you anything. In fact, I think it is you who owes apologies and drinks to this entire table. Betting on our lives? That is playing god. Now, you apologize to all of us or face the penalties for your actions."

Alexandra: "Yeah, what he said." She smiled at Darius, trying so hard to not like him, but she was failing. He is a nice guy, with a good heart... Naw, he has that disgusting mustach, how could i like him? Constantly debating with herself wether to make a move or stay away.

Zach: :"Well?"

19th September 2004, 03:59 PM
"you should feel lucky he only froze your drink. I can do much much more."

He stood up and drew up his sleaves, this action could be looked on in the same was as testing the functionallity of a pump action shotgun while yelling 'Get offa my propertea' yet he didn't expect them men to run before he had fired off a few shots. Cupping his hand in front of him, the beer mug still with the frozen ale in it flew into his hand.

"Now gentalmen observe closely. As i shall perform this trick only once."

He then muttered under his breath, 'to the mug at least...' The mug moved out in front of him floating in the air. Nothing happened for ten or more seconds then slowly at first, getting faster the mug bugan to buckle and groan under the presure of an unseen force, it took less than a minuite for the glass and the ale inside it, still frozen to be crushed to half its size.

Mindstealer stepped back, inwardly he was quite exausted it had required alot of strain on him to exert the required presure on the mug however he kept his cool calm exterior appearnace. Not once during the entire stunt had he looked at the men but now his eyes shot up as if he was already focusing on one of them to be his next target.

"Want to see that again?"

ooc: i had tried several times to post earlier, but i failed (page timeouts and the like) at least 3 times well hopefully this one will get thru.

Paradise Wandering
19th September 2004, 04:26 PM
"Look sir, what you have seen us do is far less than our potential power. You have seen nothing.

Now i will show you something else. I will show you that i can freeze much more than a glass of ale, Sir. Spellcasters are not to be toyed with. Especially us. We are the most powerfull of mages, we are the AotFO. Watch carefully."

Zach released his mind from the table. He was no longer thinking about the crushed mug of ice, or about the journey ahead of him. He now concentrated fully on all the water vapor in the air around him.

He pushed the vapor into a globe shape, a perfect sphere; and allowed it to condense. This orb of water floated, spinning, faster and faster, just inches above his open palm.

He quickly cooled the water, by using his power over water to slow the molecules. As you all should know, fast = hot, slow = cold.

He commanded the molecules to stop moving completely, and even the water in the air was able to recognize the authority the mage had over it. The molecules stopped moving entirely, instantly freezing.

This ball floating in front of him, his Ice Orb, stopped spinning, and slowly floated down into Zach's outstreched palm.

He made a fist, and raised it high above his head. he brought it down, crushing the globe into Diamond Dust.

Dust in hand, he reached out, and sprinkled it onto the floor. It hit the ground, and everything it touched froze instantly. There was now a patch of solid ice, one inch thick, covering an area of floor.

"Now, let theis be lesson to you, Brave Warrior, that floor, could be you. You should be glad that i chose to drop the dust instead of tossing it onto your head."

19th September 2004, 04:54 PM
Tim sighed.

"Look, guys, I don't want to hurt you, but if I need to, I can. So, please, just back off."

19th September 2004, 06:57 PM
Hoax! The sea has brought him at last! Hey, he's wearing clothes like me. Good taste I must add.

Michaelmas sat nonchalantly at the far end of the table, even smirking at the impudence of the cocky bet-makers. It seemed all around the adventurers people we're counting on their destruction, except the waiter who had bet on their survival.

I won't waste my magic on those baffoons to show my power. Save it for later. I'll leave that nonsense for the others. But if necessary, I'll knock some sense into those heads with gemmed Dynamo!

The mage woulds not deny, he had his doubts about the expedition. Without his magic, Michaelmas felt stripped of a shield. He had experienced a brief moment of anti-magic during the battle with the orcs. It was agony for the novice. As soon as his lightning shield faded, a metal arrow came zipping through the air and struck his shoulder. This wound was minimal compared to the scorching hell-fires of the temple and the demons which lay in wait for over-confident inturders.

All these misgivings reminded Michaelmas of his lightning Master Ingold. Had his master been right? Was Hoax leading them into a needless peril? What need had they to vye with demons for power? But then the mage remembered the Forbidden One, the primary reason for their embarking on the quest.

Taking his eyes away from the belligerent men talking to Zach and Hoax, Michaelmas eyed the room. He was shocked to see a skinny man swathed a in black cloak. Why had he not noticed before? It was Master Ingold himself whom he had just been thinking of, as if he had telepathically called to Michaelmas that moment.

He rose from the table and walked to Ingold's side. He bent down, holding his staff for balance, and greeted his teacher, smiling broadly.

"Ingold, how excellent it is to see you! But what made you come here all of a sudden? Last we were together, you were dead set against this trip and Hoax's machine. And how did you get here so soon?"

But this last question, Michaelmas let slip off his tongue. He knew it was the lightning fast Asfaloth who had brought Ingold hither and now remembered a white steed tied up outside.

"With Hoax here now, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we descend into the demonic temple. Whatever your reasons for coming, I'm glad you're here Master."

20th September 2004, 02:55 AM
Man 2 ~ "wait a moment, who did you say you were? AotFO? Were have I heard that....


*the burly man gave a quick nod to the bar tender (who also happened to be the tavern owner) who then quickly disappeared from behind the counter.*

Man 2 ~ "we have a bone to pick with you people."

Man 3 ~ "yeah, about 2 years ago we had 100 of our fathers best cows and his prize bull stolen.
Our father, whose name by the way is Barron Sanbenitos the 2nd, was found tied upside down in the barn."

Man 2 ~ "naked! papa was most embarrassed and enraged by the incidents, a bounty of 10,000& was placed on the head of the culprit.
We later learned that he had taken up residence under a clan that went by the name of "Army of the Forbidden One".

man 3 ~ "our father runs this lovely city, and were very saddened to hear of the loss as me and my other 2 brothers here were to inherit part of that flock.
Since you people were "kind" enough to let this hardened criminal into your midst I feel it’s only fare that we take you all in to the "interview room" in the callers of our father’s castle"

*all through the tavern a hush had fallen, most of the larger men had gotten up, hands on the hilt of classic ivory handled knives and short swords.
The atmosphere of the room was now VERY hostile towards the group of people at the one table that at the moment, every eye seemed to be focused on...

Hoax simply sat there, a very disgruntled look on his face...*

Hoax ~ "has anyone seen Garrett lately? Has anyone seen him since we got here?"

*out side the tavern the clanking of armour could be heard, the main tavern door slowly opened and in walked two heavily armoured men in royal blue, the looked around for a few seconds before walking over to the 2 brothers at the table, simply standing there, waiting.

That very moment the waiter walked back in, totally oblivious to the sounding….*

Waiter ~ “Here you go sir, one meal of chicken and a glass of red wine….. ohh”

*all too late the young waiter found himself in the middle of a very tense room. Shutting up he quickly walked over, placed the tray on the table in front of Hoax and even quicker made his way back to the kitchen door…*

Hoax ~ “gentlemen, there is no need to create a scene, we will obliged to discuses these events with you under civilised conditions.
Aren’t we Zach.”

20th September 2004, 03:10 AM
Talen stood out the front of the tavern. Pushing through the door a tense seen unfolded infront him him. He moved around the outside of the room, keeping clear of the other AotFO members. If something was to happen, he might need to keep himself seperate.

20th September 2004, 03:30 AM
"you ever considered suicide before?"

Mindstealer voice was calm and level as if asking a perfectly reasonably question.

"i'm told its much better the first time than thereafter."

He eyed the weapons of the men, this could be a fun time for both him and ingold, much metal but also meny other sharp objects lying arround, plenty of amunition should it be needed.

20th September 2004, 03:39 AM
Maxanatov, who still sat at the table when the man started to speak about some flock and other nonsence he just raised his shoulders and continued to drink his ale. Then he suddenly heard the metalic sound of weapons being unsheeted. He turned around and looked at the locals. He loudly burped, disrupting the tence silence at the moment. He smirked and said: "I am sorry, please continue!"

Maxanatov stood up and tried to establish an eye contact with his previous Master and good buddy Talen. He did get no responce and burned his eyes upon the locals that stood infront of him. Maxanatov looked at the locals and said: "So, your problem is that you do not get the heritage of your father? Maybe you should not be so greedy. Maybe we from the AoTFO took that, because whe needed it. And I am sure that one of us has promised you something in return, I do not think that we are that inconciderate. So put your weapons away and sit down. That way we can discuss everything without bloodshed." Maxanatov looked at the locals and the others and sat down. He knew that, if the locals did not respond to him, Ingold had to react.

20th September 2004, 04:15 AM
*the brothers smiled, almost laughing at the AotFO's threats*

Man 2 ~ "you don’t understand, we were ROBED, no one asked us, no one told any of us, no one gave us anything in return.

They were stolen.

As for your little tricks... go a head try us....."


20th September 2004, 06:33 AM
Kewl! I'm getting exited about this! Oh boy, this could be soooo much fun!! Slaughtering some weaklings! Always good as a warmup :p ;)

Darius' temper gave in. It had been quite an achievement that he'd kept his head cool up till now. As the men didn't give up, not even after the impressive tricks Mindstealer and Zach showed them, Darius slowly stood up from his chair. He straigthened his clothes, made sure his sword hung comfortable on his back, not itching or stabbing him a little, coughed one time and spoke. His voice was icecold, something which could not be expected from a Fire Mage.

"Okay, since you guys don't seem to give up, I'm gonna end this. I' got realyl fed up with you guys placing bets on our lives and your persistancy in troubling us didn't make it any better. Now, it's too bad you didn't follow Mindstealer's advise, sucide, for you will soon feel pains that will make you beg your sorry life had never even started in the first place."

All the while during this speech, Darius had concentrated on the warmth in the angry men's body. Experienced Fire Mage as he was, it cost him little effort to do so with a whole group of them, so his speech had given him more than enough time. As soon as his last words had sounded trough the room, he increased the warmth in the men's bodies. At first he shot it way up high until it was at a level that was near-boiling. Then, slowly, he started to make their blood start to boil inside their body. He did it very slowly, so that the men's bodies could get used to the new extra pain and they would not pass out or die immediatly. He had done this trick some times before and each time, the person on who it had been executed didn't make it out alive. Only thing really worse about this was that it was extremely painfull, very long and yet not strong enough to make one pass out, so the person would stay awake in agony during the whole progress.

'..Okay, these men are dead...I don't care how long it takes, but they're dead...Goddam interfering with my avances at the address of Alexandra's!!...Die you bastards!!..'

Hehe, maybe I should make this a move of mine. Should work out the stats and everthing... Meh, have fun RP'ing boiling men Hoax ;) :D

Paradise Wandering
20th September 2004, 06:48 AM
"Yes Hoax, we are." Zach gritted his teeth at the men.

"Of course we are happy to discuss this in a civilized manner." Still gritting, almost like he was struggleing to not to kill them right there.

He knew that he had to contain his rage, but it was beginning to build up inside him, the pressure geting stronger by the minute.

Zach knew that he did not have to freeze them, he could, if he wanted to, give them a much more painful death. He had the power to dehydrate them, all he had to do was think it and he would be able to suck all the water out of them.

The human body is 75% water, and not much would pleasure Zach more than to remove all of that water from these behemoths.

"Please, Men, leave us. We dont want to hurt you, any one of us could take you all on, but against all of us, you have no chance at survival."
All this time the beautiful Alexandra had been sitting quietly next to Darius, who hasnt spoken in some time, until now.

Alexandra was very impressed with what had been done by Darius and Mindsteeler, she had seen Zachs trick before, and it was nothing new to her.

She just sat in a corner, trying not to make eye contact; she almost looked... scared. Though it was all an act. She had decided to hide her power until it was needed. She was very young, though she was almost always the voice of reason when it came to fights. Unless someone she cared about got hurt. And then, well lets just say....
RAMPAGE! (darius, thats your cue to get nailed later on :tongue: )

ooc: BARFIGHT!!! :tongue:

20th September 2004, 07:24 AM
*out to sea by about 6 miles a spire on top of the temple began to glow like a light house beacon in the night, a slight glow, yet some how one looking at it would "feel" that it could be brighter, the strange mystical light glowing with a purple glimmer....

Inside the tavern it was but a pin prick of odd purple in the moon lit sky, it would be surprising if anyone noticed it let alone had any clue as to what it was.....

As Darius began to warm up Hoax shot out a hand and clamped it over his wrist, a warning look that just screamed no.

One of the guards put a hand to his head, giving a painful moan, staggering back and lent aganced a near by table....

Hoax got up from the table, glanced at every one sited then addressed the now 2 brothers as the 3rd walked over to see if his brothers were handling it ok.....*

Man 1 ~ "is everything alright here brothers?"

Man 3 ~ "these people belong to "the army of the forbidden one" we were "suggesting" that they come with us for a "discussion" in a more privet place..."

Hoax ~ "witch we are happy to accommodate"

Man 1 ~ "ooh? Well I shall be interested to hear what you all have to say about this matter of stolen goods. We don’t take kindly to criminals in this city's district.
Nor do we take kindly to those who aid and abate them."

Hoax ~ "I can assure you kind sir we will make every effort to discuses this matter in a civilised manner..."

Man 1 ~ "so what’s wrong with him?"

*said the 3rd brother, pointing to the guard who was now grasping his head as though it might explode...*

Hoax ~ "migraine"

*replied Hoax quickly, glancing back at Darius once more, silently screaming for the young fire mage to stop what ever it was he was doing....
Hoax quickly leaned over and whispered to the AotFO members at the table*

Hoax ~ "has any one seen that ratbag Garrett lately!?"

:devil2: you people are so quick to forget a few small details about this city.
I’ll let you find them out again :devil2:
In the mean time I am totally letting these guys characters guide you through this, no right or wrong way to finish this one off, just remember that there are preset details in place that you might unwittingly activate in your quest for a mascara :whistilin

20th September 2004, 07:41 AM
1. My char is boiling EVERYONE that has a hand on his/her knive. So don't RP one lousy guard having a headache! The whole bar is dying from the agony right now!
2. You ain't gonna stop him now :p
3. Right now, the details aren't really Darius' thought number one!

Darius didn't even feel Hoax' hand on his wrist. Right now, all he was concentrating on was killing these men. As his first temperature-rising didn't seem to have quite a big effect, Darius increased the heat some more.

'..Boy, I hope they slowly perish!!...DIE!!!..'

Clenching his fists together some more, Darius suddenly shot out with his temperature-rising. His anger had been controlled so long, that it was nearly uncontrollable now that it had finally been released.

Slowly, a small sadistic grin slid over Darius' face.

I dun' think anyone but Hoax can make a post after this one, but suit yourself...

20th September 2004, 07:59 AM
Talen avoided eye contact with Max, not wanting to be seen with the group, but at Darius's actions Talen realised that he could no longer wait. He pushed pass customers, ignoring their grunts of resentment.

"Darius, stop that right now, cant you feel that? There is something... something watching."

20th September 2004, 08:23 AM
*all over the room, people started to grasp there forehead, apparently the young fire mage had been laying it on too slowly or something, every one (who he's targeting) was beginning to feel the heat now.

People all through the tavern began grasping there forehead and slowly falling either on the floor on back on a table...

The 3 brothers on the other hand seemed to be unaffected what so ever...

Away over the sea the spire suddenly lit up, a bright purple flare lighting up the whole night sky, sending a shockwave out in every direction.
The wave washed over the town, the purple energy touching every one for miles around (50 of them to be exsect).

Over those who were sensitive to magic, a feeling like that of a heavy wet blanket fell.
Darius's spell immediately frizzled out, in fact all magic that had been used winked out.

Hoax fell on one knee on the ground suddenly in a spot of pain as he grasped his left knee.
Looking up at Darius he loudly muttered...*

Hoax ~ "now you've done it, it wasn’t enough to blow what little cover we had left, no, you had to go rob us of out one hope in the temple, and for what, a silly argument that could have been solved with a simple apology? I hope you realise that you may well have doomed us all!"

*something else was happening. The 3 brother’s eyes now glowed an empty yellow, staring with sight that was something beyond this world....*

Man 1 ~ "well brothers, I would say our "guests" just discovered the joys of the sea temple"

Man 2 ~ "lets see how much weight your tough talks means now that you’re robed of magic. I wonder just how well you can handle 50 to 1 odds in melee combat."

Man 3 ~ "the time for talk is over, your committed to a battle you have no hope of winning"

*it was this moment exactly that the tavern door burst open. a figure draped all in tight hooded black robes with a quiver of arrows strapped to his back walked in. pulling back his hood and revealing his face for the cheeky thief, Garrett.

All too late he realised what was going on.....*

Man 1 ~ "YOU!!!"

Garrett ~ "oh crud.... look man I was just borrowing those cattle..."

Man 2 ~ "the prize bull?"


Man 3 ~ "and tying our father upside down NAKED?"

Garrett ~ "............ ok you got me there man, you gota admit that was kind of funny, the fat man hanging upside down with an apple shoved in his mou.....

Ok so maybe it wasn’t so funny for you....."

*Garrett backed slowly away, stoping when he realised that the tavern was now surrounded by a legion of the city guard and the exits blocked by "friends" of the 3 brothers.

The 3 brothers slowly advanced. Each one reached behind there backs, pulling out a wricked looking short sword. About 2 foot long each with unique carvings and shapes forged into the blade.*

Garrett ~ "comes on now, dose it really have to be like this? All bloody and violent? Wouldn’t you rather settle this over a pint?"

*the 3 brothers said nothing, simply spread out and closed in on the unlucky thief.
Garrett quickly realised that this was not going to be easy.
Slowly backing towards Talen, the only other rather clear spot in the tavern besides the table....

Hoax looked over at Darius, picking up his staff and using it to prop himself up with....*

Hoax ~ "well Darius, it would seem your responsible for this predicament, I would "suggest" you do something to help fix it!"

*said Hoax as he backed over to the corner, as the brothers knife welding friends closed off on them...*

20th September 2004, 08:35 AM
No!! There goes my 'bar massacre' :p Bah, now I'll have to chop their heads off, all the trouble :D

Darius suddenly felt his spell drop dead. A powerfull shockwave, atleast that's how it'd felt, had gone through the room and Darius saw that his spell, which had finally started to work a little, had totally vanished.

'..What the...OFCOURSE!! The temple doesn't allow magic!!...D'oh! Now I'll have to fight them with the sword, bah, all the trouble..'

With a simple and agile move, Darius unsheated his five feet long and five inch broad longsword in one long sweep. The sound of metal versus metal screeched through the bar. But there wasn't much time for the men to realize what that sound meant. Only an instant after Darius had unsheated his sword he accelerated forwards and slashed his sword in such a way that if the men wouldn't do anything and there would be no miracle to save them, they would be decapited within a second after Darius had started moving.

'..I don't care what kills them, as long as they DIE!!!..'

20th September 2004, 09:02 AM
Ic: Tarcisus still sat in his chair.

"No, Hoax, I have no idea where Garret is. I thought you would know better than I would, but I imagine I could venture a guess..."

He nearly thought to himself, watching the scene unfold. He looked to the door, conveying the idea he wouldn't even be in the bar. Probably either stealing something and causing mischief or waiting. He looked up at Hoax, seeing how he would handle the "situation" at hand. He decided it was best not to show these men his true power. He bet he could take them on, but there was always that chance. Best to hide his strength and force them to guess about an unknown foe. It was always best to be patient and mysterious. Tarcisus, if needed, could instantly leap up from the table, have his sword in one of these before they even knew it. But violence was always a last resource. Being a king, he knew this well.

20th September 2004, 10:14 AM
Tim slowly stood up. He took three slow, deep breaths, the raised his hand. He brought it down in a karate chop, splitting the table in half, and kicking the remnants away so there would now be a clear fighting area. Then he cracked his knuckles, and cupped them by his side. He started forming one of his better attacks, an explosive fireball. Bolts of fire and earth energy began to crackle between his hands, and a brownish fireball began to form between them.


Suddenly the fireball fizzled out.

What the. . . ?

OoC: No, I was'nt going to say kamehameha, tempted though I was :tongue:.

20th September 2004, 10:58 AM
Mindstealer joined hoak on the floor for a moment, as the blanket hit him dispelling the psionic forces that he used to move (hes just lazy :P) he got back up, mildly irritated, however the effect of this dispel had also relieved him of the pressure on his mind that crushing the mug had caused.

Now's the time i had some bar fighting weapons such as tor's claws... ah well.

His body compensated for the anti magic effect within a few more seconds, it seemed that the effect wasn't permanent. At least not to him... Most of the bar had their backs turned on him concentrating on the theif Mindstealer didn't like him that much but he was a friend of hoax's so there was reason to try and save his scrawny behind. Still he couldn't rely on normal magic here, it had to be instantanious before that temple could dispel it or so gradual that it wouldn't be triggered. Mindstealer was always the one to rush into things so he chose the first of these options.

A dull thunk thunk was all that alerted two of the men blocking garrets escape to two crossbow bolts growing from their chests, they fell instantly, the bolts glowing with a white aurua which faded with their lives. As a few people looked arround to see what happened They were greated with the Psi mage stood resultly behind his crossbow, loaded and ready for the next shot.

That wasn't the thing to worry about thou, on the table in front of him rolled a blitz ball, primed to explode with a blinding flash of white light.

"50 to 1 was it? i think thats 48 now. Do i have to teach you to count backwards all the way to 1 or are you going to make my life easier and just run?"

Having got most of their attention, Mindstealer turned away from the blitz ballfiring his crossbow bolt into the chain holding the lighting in place above the table, he had orchastrated this in such a way that even if the ball failed to go off due to the errects of the temple, the effect of the lights crashing down and exploding would cause the majority of people to have their vision impaired, whould the ball go off though, it would make the fight easier than cutting through a corn field.

20th September 2004, 11:26 AM
Ooc: He's drunk, of course he's slow to react. :p No wait... I'M the one who's drugged. If that doesn't explain my recent posts... lol.

Ic: Tarcisus lept up from his seat. The fighting had begun. It seemed he got up a little too fast. The bar was swirrling around him as he landed on the table he had been sitting at. He whipped out his longsword with blinding speed, prepared to answer the men's attacks on him. He never thought well when drunk. He didn't realise he had had so much to drink. Having too much on your mind with a beer was never a good thing. In this state, he was almost as likely to take a swing or two at his friends.

Ooc: Doing my best here, ladies and germs... I'll be out of things for bit, just as warning. I'll try to post when I'm in the groove again later, maybe.

20th September 2004, 02:45 PM
Michaelmas stood up and took leave of Master Ingold. The bar had been extremely tense and belligerent, and now the mage grew anxious as things took a turn for the worse. His attempt to talk with his lighting instructor failed when Garrett suddenly appeared.

I didn't really see Garrett during the battle. Then I could've used his mechanical eye for sighting the dragon. Now he's just a nuisance. Robbing cattle and stripping their father? We're just asking for trouble!

Michaelmas tensed his muscles and hunched his shoulders. He tried to relax but he just couldn't. He was getting really claustrophobic, all these bodies packed the room and crammed the adventurers into their single table. He felt it was only a matter of minutes before the bodies would hit the ground, too much anger was welling up to avoid the conflict. Already other members of the army had bared their weapons.

I need space... To breath!

The mage was getting red in the face. Closing his eyes, he tried to meditate on the river of lightning energy flowing within his soul. Blocking out the noise, blocking out the fear, Michaelmas descended into the void.

Yet, all he saw was darkness. Groping through the dark void, all was empty and cold. Once again, a heavy barrier closed in on him, cut off his live-force, stifled his magic. His strong oaken staff, Dynamo, was dead and cold wood, and the blue gem was bleak and dim.


The monk pulled his brown hood up. Closing in his hand over the blue gem, Michaelmas tried to hobble out of the bar. He felt that he would only be in the way here; there was not even room for him to swing his staff.

As the mage hobble out, slipping through the tables two large men stepped in front of him.

"Where do you think YOU'RE going?"

I'm going to pray for the souls of the three brothers. They will need safe-passage in the next world, where they are soon headed."

The two guards merely grinned back self satisfied. Then they replied,
Pray for yourself, friar.

They drew their swords, one advancing forward, with short sword pointed to Michelmas's throat.

Damn. No way out of this mess.

Michaelmas frenziedly lifted up the gemmed staff, smacking stone against steel just inches away from his throat. The clang of noise turned some heads, and the mage saw more men put hands to the pommels of their swords.


The mage, stripped of his magic power, was furious. Yet the tall, lean mage extended his staff ot full length, and began to swing in a wide arc. He would take that man to the ground. If nothing else, he needed space, and he'd bust some skulls to get it. The hard blue gem sped through the air, level to the swordman's skull. If it hit, the blow was sure to bring him down.

20th September 2004, 03:12 PM
"Well Hoax, quite the leader aren't you? A simple dispute resulting into a fight to the death. This little expedition is over as far as I'm concerned."

Ingold slowly got out of his chair, having adjusted to the shockwave cancelling out most magic. During the entire scene, he had remained silent, seeing this as a test to the armies’ abilities. Most people clearly failed this little exam.

"Gentlemen, I am the leader of the armies. Rest assured, we will leave this town immediately and your loss will be repaid. I think I know the man responsible for your loss and he is now exiled, a lowlife, which will be executed on sight for that is my order. He will find no refuge amongst the armies and if you see him, you are free to kill him.

But make no mistake, even without magic we are the elite of our organisation and a fight would result in many casualties on both sides. Think of your wives and children, even if you survive, it will not be without a prise. Think about it we can leave in peace or fight till death, your choice."

20th September 2004, 03:27 PM
Some miles away out of the range of the shockwave, Dragantha, a red-and-gold dragon and Tim's longtime companion, suddenly saw the flash of light. At the same time, her mental link with Tim suddenly ceased. Concerned, she started flying towards where she sensed him last. She was assured in the fact that if someone had killed Tim, she wouldn't rest till she found him. She'd tear the entire city apart if she had to.

Meanwhile, in the tavern, Tim sensed her concern. He tried to signal that he was okay, but found he couldn't thanks to the shockwave. His blood froze, and he rushed toward the door.

21st September 2004, 05:40 AM
ooc: time for a little fun... or not... well this could go two ways i'll leave it open ended..


Mindstealer turned back annoyed that his balle hadn't gone off, as he did so it began to flicker, the others in the bar who hadn't seen this before turned to see what it was doing though the ones in the armies knowledged about his weaponary would know to turn away. It went off with a bright flash as MIndstealer covered his eyes once more, blinding all who had looked on to it for a short period of time, they now had two choices, to leave the bar or to slaughter all within it. Althought Mindstelaer would have prefered the later he suspected Ingold would want to leave he waited further orders.

21st September 2004, 06:41 AM
*Hoax looked over Ingold and his whining, it seemed he was looking for excuses to end this here and now...

As Ingold spoke the crowed continued moving in...*

Hoax ~ "Ingold it's not my fault your people could not stay from using magic until necessary, it is also not my fault that you people you people were practically blazing our name and intentions every were when I do believe I said we should maintain a LOW profile.
And again, it’s not my fault that your people decided to pick a fight with the towns mafia.

now as for being the leader I haven’t had much of a chance to give orders as those that I did give were more or less ignored and we haven’t really done anything yet.

now, if you all want to stay here and fight that’s fine, personally I don’t like these odds.
as far as I see it we have 3 options, fight, surrender, run."

*Hoax backed over to a nearby window, in one quick motion he sent his elbow through it and quickly removed the edge.*

Hoax ~ "Garrett! Time to go, NOW!!!"

*Garrett nodded, taking a quick run up the thief did a quick summersault over a few of the patrons and landed in the middle of two brawlers, slamming the back of his fists into there faces and finishing them off with a quick blow to the neck.
Garrett crouch for a second, like a cat coiling up before leaping out a tree. a second later Garrett made a swan dive out the window. for a few seconds the sound of a fist fight could be heard. then all of a sudden Garrett was sent flying back in through the window*

Garrett ~ *cough* "umm, slight resistance"

*that said Garrett made a dive out the window again, this time the blows were more constant and sounded harder, then another 3 seconds later Garrett was sent flying back in through the window again.

Garrett got up, took a step back and made a run up, making a crash tackle through the window, giving a yell as he did.

again, yelling and screaming could be heard, but after about 10 seconds Garrett still hadn’t flown through the window.
Hoax was just about to hop on out when a thud on the window over the table (a different window, unbroken) was heard, Hoax looked over and saw Garrett’s face squished aganced the imperfect glass*

Garrett ~ "alittle hwalp ere?"

*Hoax looked over the table, pointing to Michl*

Hoax ~ "Michl, you just volunteered to go out and help Garrett help us escape. but ahh, see that he takes the majority of the blows *;)* I feel that basted should learn a lesson in the ethics of cattle rustling"

*Hoax turned and faced the angry crowed bearing down on them, propping his bad leg aganced the nearest chair Hoax took a semi defensive pose aganced a few of the men, as a few of them rushed him Hoax leaned forward and parried with them, one of them he sent back unconscious.*

Hoax ~ “come on people, don’t just sit there, GET UP AND KICK ASS!!”

Paradise Wandering
21st September 2004, 06:43 AM
Knowing that this was the opportune time to strike, Zach jumped from his seat, reaching his hands into his cloak and seconds after, removing them, brandishing two kamas.

For a such a young boy, he had jumped extremely high, and descended angrily, he landed and rolled between the legs of the one who seemed to be the 'leader', and stood up quickly. he put the kamas to the back of the man's neck and gave a faint warning.

"Dont turn around."

He said this slowly, quietly enough so that only the man he was behud could hear it.

Alexandra politely and kindly stood up, thanking the bartender for his meal and drinks. Se then walked slowly up to Ingold, smiling.

"Sir, I am ready to show you that i can help in battle, i will show you that im not just tagging along for the food and company, but that i can be of service."

She left the renowned lightning mage and calmly walked over to one of the men. SHe reached into her forest green cloak, and slid a Chinese straight sword out. This wasnt an ordiary sword, its handle and pommel were adorned, encrusted deeply with saphires. The blade had a slightly magical glow, like a crison aura around it.

Then, faster than you could blink, she spun around, sword flying through her fingers, and she stopped, blade to the throat of one of the men, with her free hand, she reached out and clutched the shoulder llength hair of a second man. They were both at her mercy.

"Ingold or Hoax, i await your command."

"Same here." Zach said under his breath.

21st September 2004, 06:47 AM
As taking hostages seemed to be the 'in thing' Mindstealer drew his crossbow again, and pointed it into the back of the nearest man somewhat half heartedly. Personally he beieved that him being there would be reason enough for them not to move, but some ppl were naturally stupid.

21st September 2004, 07:06 AM
*Hoax nodded to Alex*

Hoax ~ "you might as well go "help" Garrett as well."


*the ring leader smiled as Zach gave his quiet warning, slowly turning around as though he had not a care in the world what the young mage might consider doing, letting the points prese aganced his juggler....*

man 2 ~ "Go ahead, see if I care"

21st September 2004, 07:08 AM
Darius saw the chaos start as Garrett jumped away. The three men guarding him had been the three men Darius had aimed for. They hadn't moved and so it was inevitable that they would die. A mere second after Garrett had lifted himself up from the ground, three heads rolled on the floor.

"Hahaa!! That's what you get for messing with a guy like me!", Darius shouted with an evil grin his face, a grin that might worry some of the people that knew him well.

With what seemed as no trouble at all, which was amazing for handling such a big sword, Darius turned 'round, stretched out his arm, made an arc and killed three more men. He was on a rampage but wasn't going to stop.

'..If someone wants me stopped, he'll have to knock me out now!!..'

With a lightning fast reflex, he dodged a blow and stabbed the man who had tried to hit him. Without waiting for another one to attack, he jumped on, ready to strike the next one down.

21st September 2004, 07:38 AM
As soon as the bright flash was let off Talen new he was in trouble. Carnage had forgotten that some people were a bit more sensative than others to light. The light blinded Talen, removing his site totally. He tried to stand still, and look unaffected, but that option was gone as soon as a man bumped into him. Talen tried to step back but caught himself on a stool and landed hard against the ground.

Bloody Mindstealer, why does he have to do that kind of thing?

Two men standind near Talen grabbed him as soon as they realised that he was left without vision. Talen left lying on the ground with the full weight of two full grown men on him. What was worse was that with the large amount of people gathered around he was unsure whether any of the army had seen him fall.

Paradise Wandering
21st September 2004, 08:37 AM
Alexandra quickly slit the throat of one of the men at her mercy, and as for the other, she just pulled is hair out in large chunks. While he sat there screaming in pain, Allie looked up to see Talen on the ground under men. Though she did not know him, she assumed he was on their side because he had tride to help them.

"Zach! That man over there! I dont know him, but he looks hurt and blinded! Go try to help him! I have to save Garret."

She jumped out the window, and stood up, looking at Garret, letting him know help was there. She turned around. "You ready, thief?"

Zach's blades were right in front of the mans juggular vein. The man seemed to be coaxing him on, almost like he was asking for it.

Zachs eyes began to glow a bright electric blue, as he thrust the blades deep into the man's neck.

Without staying to see if it killed him or not, he riped the kamas out of the man, and did a front flip roll combo over to his master.

"Talen? Are you alright?" The men that sat on him just laughed at the young boy, asking each other how someone so small could move them.

Almost as if answering their thoughts, Zach spoke to them. "You will move now."

They laughed again.

"Do you realize that if i had my magic, your hearts would have been frozen solid by now? Well I dont. But that dooesnt stop me from saving my freind."

Zach was short, just over 5 and a half feet tall, and that had man disadvantages. But there were several advantages too, like the fact that he was much faster than these big, hairy men.

And the fact that he had smal weapons, kamas, like miniature scythes, in either hand.

He tore through the 2 men, leaving nothing but blood stains and assorted limbs on the ground near Talen.

"Are you ok Talen? Wait, why are your eyes all bloodshot and twtching like you cant see me?"

21st September 2004, 08:55 AM
"It was your command, if they screw up under your command, it is your fault Hoax. Your selfish mission has endangered the lives of my troops and such things I cannot allow."

But things had already gotten out of hand and blood had been spilled. Immediately, Ingold drew his knife and tanto and rushed over to Darius' position, striking at people with the flat of his blade and the back of his tanto. Delivering none lethal blows, Ingold made his way over to the overzealous fire mage. As he arrived there, he realised it would be foolish to try to get near the fire mage. Instead, he looked at the amulet he had been given, a gift from Redtigerfang. The shockwave that had nullified all magic was powerful, but the strength of the Forbidden One went beyond such tricks for he truly was all-powerful.

"Listen up people, Garret is no longer protected by these armies, they are free to hang him for all I care. The next one who draws blood not out of self-defence will answer to me. As of now, Hoax is no longer in command of this little field trip and his present, future and past commands are now void.

To all the peasants who insist on attacking us, thinks twice before you sacrifice your lives so foolishly. We won't attack, but attacks us and you shall die."

To put some strength behind his words, Ingold used his amulet, summoning a rather small earthen golem and it seemed almost anticlimactic. It was about the size of a normal human being and for a golem, it looked kind of cute. But the force it could wield was unmatched compared to the town’s villagers or even guards. To prove this, the stone golem simply attacked Darius, swinging his big stone arm straight at the fire mage's head, not hurt by the great sword the warrior was wielding, intent on putting an end to the mad mage’s carnage.

"This is your last chance, allow us to leave and the damages shall be repaid to you. The thief will be yours to punish, the others mine. Insist on continuing this and we shall burn this town to the ground and kill every single living being that crosses our path. We can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it is up to you which one it will be."

Ingold quickly glanced over to the others and saw they were all at the ready to slaughter everyone in here if needed. Mindstealer and his crossbow, deadly at a distance, but even deadlier at close range. Zach and Alexandria were determined to prove themselves as well and Ghorgrond, well, he would have little problem knocking some heads together. The only question was what the reaction of Hoax would be.

He should know by now that I’m all about deceit. Make them believe one thing and then do the other behind their backs. Hah, if these people persist in attacking us, I’ll come back with an army to sack this town and kill every little insolent creature found in here.

21st September 2004, 09:58 AM
Darius suddenly felt a big stone arm grab him from behind. He tried to slash at it with his sword, but it didn't seem to have any effect at all. Blinded with rage and fear, for he didn't yet know this was a protective action that Ingold had started, he let out a roar and used all his power to slash the sword at the stone arm. Nothing happened. With a sigh, Darius gave in. He knew that as soon as you found out your attacks weren't you helping, you needed to stop to save your energy for later. Maybe, if you were cool and calm, you would find a way out. Funny enough, the stone arm didn't lift him up in any way. Nor did the golem, to which Darius guessed this arm was belonging, take him somewhere. It just stood there, holding an arm around Darius so he wasn't able to attack the vile men anymore. It was only at the point that he found this out, that Darius noticed Ingold speaking. Immediatyl his brain started working again.

'..Ofcourse!!...Somehow, this must be a protective action of Ingold...I was freakin' out and he took me under his wing, making sure nothing bad happened..'

Though this wasn't precisely the reason for Ingold's action, as you all know, it came close enough and, most importantly, satisfied Darius. He noticed his sheat was still clear and with a swift move he sheated his sword once more, heavily breathing out.

"Say, whoever made this thing hold me," Darius started with a difficult voice, he didn't know for sure if it had been Ingold so he decided to play it safe and not make a fool of himself in front of Alexandra, who he hadn't seen anymore. "You can tell him to release me now. I'm calmed down and having trouble breathing well right now, since it apparently doesn't seem to know humans have lungs they need to breath with."

'..That's truee indeed, where has Alexandra gone?...I don't see her anymore...But this stupid golem, if it is a golem that is, is holding me the wrong way!...Bah, I wish he would atleast turn me around so I could look at my fellow clan-mates..'

With thoughts like these racing trough his mind, he was slightly beginning to worry about Alexandra though he had a feeling she could take care of herself perfectly well, he waited for the golem to let him go and meanwhile tried to breath as good as he could.

21st September 2004, 12:09 PM
It all happened so fast. A fist came flying at Tim, and it knocked him senseless. He stood for a moment, dazed. He flicked his wrists, and suddenly he was holding a pair of holy daggers. They were white, and oriental in design. He started slashing about him, dropping three people to the ground, dead.

Suddenly, a great ripping sound could be heard. Dragantha was outside, attempting to rip the building apart so she could aid Tim.

21st September 2004, 04:58 PM

Ingold was loosing his temper and was much inclined to attack the next person himself if he attacked one of these people not out of self defence with unesseray force.

21st September 2004, 10:06 PM
*as Zach plunged the swords into the mans neck a small black trickle began moving down his neck, the man laughed and turned to face Ingold*

man 2 ~ "you lost the right to make that deal the moment you started attacking us, now we will only accept two things, your death or your surrender."

*at that moment the golem gave a moan and began crumbling, the ring leader staring at it, his eyes blazing yellow.
(a summoning was magic Ingold, the point of act 1 is to lower you all to the level of these monsters, act 2 will give you monsters at your level and act 3.... is a secret)
the ring leader then raised up his right hand, a bright yellow orb formed, letting it glow for a second before crushing it into his palm.

following the blinding yellow flash that occurred all of those who had previously been killed began getting up from the ground.*

Hoax ~ "Ingold, to change command in the middle of a battle is the kind of crazy and suicidal thing only you would do. all those who want to finish what we have started should follow me out this window!"

*Hoax never waited fro any one to respond, he simply made a jump out the broken window...
one of the "undead" walked over to Darius, placed a foot squarely on his chest and gave a mighty shove, sending him skidding over the floor, bumping lightly aganced the table.
mean while the rest of the bar either closed in on Talen and Zach or on the table were the rest of the AotFO sat or fought*


*Garrett swung at a few of the 10 or so city guards, missing both times, he was sent flying back by a well aimed punch to the stomach, it was there with his back to the wall like a rag doll thrown away by an angry child that he saw Alex*

"You ready, thief?"

Garrett ~ "no, no, its ok I almost have them on the run...."

Guard ~ "Hey loser, you gona get up again so we can hurt you some more or do we have to come over there?

Garrett ~ "FUNNY, I was asking yo momma that same question the other night!"

*the guard's eye began twitching as his face turned from a laugh to a scowl, giving a quick war cry he charged at the thief.
Garrett ducked and rolled to the side, letting the guy smash his steal caped head aganced the brick wall of the tavern.
Garrett, stood up, pointed and laughed.

quicker than he could react the guard had grabbed him by the feet and thrown him into the crowd of about 9 or so city guard. all of whom began laying into him...*


*it was about now that Hoax dived through the broken window, giving a half roll before getting up.

looking over at the pummelling Garrett was receiving, Hoax waited a few seconds, a sadistic smile on his face....
finally after what must have been for Garrett an eternity Hoax turned to Alex and nodded*

Hoax ~ "ok go help him now. I must go aid Talen"

*Hoax left Alex to help Garrett and walked around to the other side of the tavern. he found 2 guards posted at the front door, Hoax quickly sent them to sleep with a double blow of his staff to there lower jaw.
continuing around the tavern Hoax looked in a window, seeing Zach standing over Talen about 2 foot away, a clear path to the window.
Hoax broke the window again, making sure to break away most of the sharp edges.
reaching in and over to them*

Hoax ~ "Time to go you two, come on, through the square window we go!"

*Hoax grabbed Zach and pulled him through to relative safety, then reached back through again to grabbed Talen, pulling him over to the window...*

Hoax ~ "I saw you go down there, come one, get through the window, we have a chance to make a run for it..."

if we lose this window of opportunity we may just be over whelmed....

22nd September 2004, 12:46 AM
Maxanatov had been watching the battle the entire time. He watched the battle between Ingold and Hoax with growing interest and was just about to say something as he saw a local trying to jump upon him. He stood up and throwed his pint at the man. Instead of that the glass broke and shatterd, the strong pint just bounced of his forehead with a loud dunk.

Maxanatov stood up and smashed his chair upon the head of another local that was trying to stab him with a rusty dagger. He unsheeted his Katana, ready to attack anyone who was trying to uppose him. Maxanatov stood with his legs spread, slightly bend through his knees as he heard a mighty roar behind him. He turned around and in a reflex he brought up his Katana. This probably safed his live as he parried the attack. He stabbed the man through his heart and yelled: "Does anyone of you want some more of that, or do you see now that this is futile?"

One man walked up to him with an evil flickering in his eyes. He said: "I will surrender allright! At the moment you D.." The man his voice died away in a gorgle as he looked at the Katana that pierced his stomach. He slowly felt backwards, and Maxanatov pulled the sword out of the man. He looked around but saw no immediate threat, but he still was on the outer edge of his nerves, awaiting the next attack wave.

22nd September 2004, 03:54 AM
Mindstealer was finding himself getting backed into a corner, with little magic things were not looking up. Then when the men that had been killed got up again things were looking bad.

Any time now...

The bar was relitivly clear far fewer friend than foe, there was space to start something big. Backing off slowly crossbow still aimed at the nearest man, he felt it, the surge of power rusing through him once more as he regained his control and magic. Stepping back he smiled, kicking a chair into the ground so that it bounced up into the men in the confusion that followed he dodged behind a table, lifting it as a shield.

This was only the beggining.

He charged against them men pushing them back with the aid of the table he wielded with him mind. bowing over he drew his two swords, and thrust them through the table into two of them men, as the squirmed on the end of his blades he looked arround for the best way out...

Paradise Wandering
22nd September 2004, 05:02 AM
ooc: You said whoever was with Kharma stay inside and whoever was with you go outside, you kinda forcefully pulled me through te window, i take it that means im with you?

And how come your guy can hit a guy in his jaw and knock him ut, while mine can stab him in the throat and not kill him?

And i thought Hoax was dead...

ic: "Magic." Was the one word on Zachs mind when he looked through the window at mindstealer using telekenisis.

"Now, we have a chance of resistance."

Zach jst stood there in a defenseive stance, awaiting all who were foolish enough to come close.

Each time one would dare near Zach with harmfull intentions, would be attacked.

Each time, Zach would gather the water vapor from the air around him and pull it into his hand.

Each time, he would condense that water vapor into water and it would shoot out of his palm under extreme pressure.

This Water Drill, would cut through all who touched it, giving them a quick death.

ooc: Be carefull about RPing your men getting hit and living Hoaxy, remember, water drills are one of the few things able to cut through diamonds...
ic: As Alexandra saw the men jumping all over the theif, she couldnt stand to see someone beaten like that, so she let the men pay the concequenses for it.

"Men," She said, "Ingold gave you permission to punish him, or even to hang him. But, beatig him to death, is just unhuman."

As she felt her magic, returning, she coulnt help but use it to slip quietly into the spirit world.

So, she did. She tore a hole between their world, and the other one, and simply jumped in. It mended the hol after her, by sealing itself seonds after she jumped it.

She snuck up behind one of the men attacking Garret, and tore another gap between worlds. She jumped out and simply muttered, "Sleepy time."

She nailed the closest man in the back of the head with the flat of her blade.

She repeated this as mant times as was neccecary to save the theif.

As soon as Garret was free, she walked away abruptly back into the bar, which was now in ruins, and strode to a corner near Darius. Zach was closely following her.
Zach looked up, and shifted his gaze between the eyes of Darius and Alexandra.

"I have an idea, but we may not all make it out alive. I propose we three all walk out at the same time, in a triangle shape, watching all sides of us. If anyone dares near, well, lets just say it'll get real cold.

What do you think?"

22nd September 2004, 05:12 AM
Mindstealer felt the armies also using their returned magic.


He spoke telepathically to them all.

::"don't use too much or you will lose it again, use only what you NEED!"::

22nd September 2004, 05:13 AM

And yeah, Hoax, I agree with Zach. If you pull him through the window you don't leave him any choice, do you? Please, try and not RP other people anymore but your own characters. I'm RP Trainer now, so I can say this! :D And I ignored me being kicked, cuz' maybe I was fast enough to evade the kick, you don't know. Darius isn't your character. Please stop it, I've asked you before, but now I'm RP TRAINER!! :D MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

As the Golem crumbled to a pile of stones, Darius took a deep gasp of air. He still didn't know for sure if this Golem had been friend or foe, but now that he was free, he didn't care anymore. The bar was one big chaos. People yelled at eachother, all members of the Armies were either fighting or fleeing and the men that had attacked them just didn't seem to lessen in number. Right at that moment, Darius felt a surge go through him again.

'..Magic's back..'

Immediatly he sheated his sword and concentrated on the heat in the bar. Focussing on some heat around a couple of men, he simply intensified it, burning them to ashes in no time. He had not heard Ingold's warning at the time, since he had been in a shock because of the Golem grabbing him from behind. Right after that Alexandra and Zach came walking over to him.

'..Good god she's lovely..'

For a second Darius forgot the brawl in bar and seemed to look solely at her face. But as soon as Zach spoke he snapped out of his trance once more. He nodded in agreement after the Water Mage had finished.

"Good plan. And let me tell you, now that my magic's back, it'll get hot and cold at the same time.", Darius said with a grin on his face. "Okay, let's go."

Slowly he stood in such a way that the three of them made a triangle and he began to walk towards the door.

"Anyone comes close, you're dead!"

22nd September 2004, 06:49 AM
ooc: bored now... 'stealer without magic is... useless.

Mindstealer drew his blades back through the table, they were behaiving sluggishly, as they passed through the tabel the blood of the two re-slain men dribbled off them forming two small puddles on the floor. The men fell forward onto the table, which no longer suspended by Mindstelaers magic, fell backwards onto him. He quickly ducked under it, wondering how he was going to get out without any magic.

Two explosions echoed arround the room, followed by alot of shouting and a few zzzpft sounds along with men colapsing to the floor. Mindstealer sheathed one of his swords, he would need his strenght to weild one of them effectivly, holstering his crossbow at the same time, he poked his head out from under the table, seeing his chance he darted for the nearest exit which happened to be the source of the explosions now a gaping hole in the wall behind him.

Jumping out of it he was greated by a familiar face.

Mindstealer: "nice timeing"

Ilathar:"as always."

The pair stayed holding the hole in the wall, crossbow and bow against the masses of people trying to get at them.

oooc: bah bell went, finish this later... or post again, depending.

22nd September 2004, 09:24 AM
Ic: Tarcisus knew he was too drunk to get involved with this fight, and as Ingold said from his own mouth, they really shouldn't be fighting. Especially him, in this state. He slammed his left fist into one of the brawlers in front of him, so he could get out of the bar. He was facing the other way, threatening his fellow clan members, so he most likely wouldn't see Tarcisus stagger over. He aimed to make the man pass out, and didn't hit him hard enough to do him real damage, except perhaps an enormous headeache. He walked right past his clan members, and straight through all the commotion until he was out the door.

"Sorry, but too drunk to fight. I need a nap."

He regretted having to admit this, since he didn't usually like getting drunk, but he had to be truthful. He looked about slowly, as if it were hard to register everything going on, but he could tell what basically was happening. He looked down at his right hand, and he saw it still had his sword in it. He had been dragging the tip on the ground.

Wondered what the sound was... I want a bed.

22nd September 2004, 01:05 PM
Everything became to chaotic for Tim to follow. After a moment, he felt his magic come back. He walked over to a wall, and extended a hand. The wooded wall began to warp, and suddenly opened up into the night air. Tim, with his sense of humor, took the time to create an archway of dragons over the hole, before a guy realized what he was doing. The guy aimed a punch at him.

But right about then, Tim finished his carving, and stepped outside, completely dodging the blow. He felt the wind of it, though, and turned around with a bemused expression on his face. He stepped forward, anmd elbowed the guy in the gut. He left the guy moaning, and walked over to Dragantha.

"Hey! I'm down here!" he called. Dragantha looked down.

"Tim!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing there?"

"It's a long story, Dragantha. . . ."

23rd September 2004, 12:44 PM
ooc: Am I in the right thread, wolve? This is the one you sent me, so here goes nothing.

ic: Calypso heard the cries of battle from miles away. He took flight on his pheonix wings of flame. He went through o couple of "on/off" magic situations. Falling and gaining air with the rise and fall of his magic. Finally he had decided that it was getting rediculous and landed and ran the rest of the way.

"Gotta enter the fight! Gotta make a BIG entrance in the fight!" Calypso told himself over and over again. "No," he contradicted himself, "You have to figure out what the fights all about before you make a fool of yourself"

Calypso ran across Darius exiting the pub in a delta formation, being circled by what appeared to enemies.

"Hey!" Calypso called. "Need a hand?"

23rd September 2004, 01:28 PM
Darius turned his head as a familiar voice came to his ears. A big smile appeared on his face as Calypso, one of his oldest and most dearest buddies, came crashing into the party.

"Calypso? What are you doing here! Great to see you man! As you might see, I'm a bit busy fending of these bastards. At the moment we got magic, but it's been away some times, so I don't know how long we'll be able to use. I'll explain to you later, right now, I could indeed use an extra hand!", Darius managed to shout out over the noise coming from all fighting parties. That plust the fact that a man attacked him, made him say only this much.

The man died pretty quickly, his brains boiled to death.

Dunno if Calypso's in the AotFO, but he will be if he ain't (Wont you now, Cal?). He's a great RP'er and I will vow for him. Please let him join, BK or Hoax.

Paradise Wandering
23rd September 2004, 01:58 PM
Zach sense a couple of arrows coming at him. In one steady and fast movement, he had stopped the arrows by cojuring a simple sheild of ice from the vapor in the air, and countered by simply flicking his wrist at the men who had sent the arrows.

Several shurikens (ninja stars) slid out of pockets in his baggy cloak sleeves. They flew true to where they had been sent, imbedding themselves deep in the throats of the fools who had challenged the mage.

23rd September 2004, 03:41 PM
Mindstelaer backed off, allowing the weapons expert to take the fore in this anti magic area. Arrows zipped from Ilathars bow, never missing their intended target, meny men fell to the heart of the forest weilded with such skill in the hadns of an expert.

This would be the intended massicar except the dead men got back up after a while continuing on, soon they reached the hold in the wall which Ilathars explosive arrow heads had created. Ilathar dropped the bow, dodging arround it and somehow managing to resheath it onto his abck, simultaniously he drew his broardsword, a heavilly decorated blade yet still perfectly balanced, the skill of the one how made it apparent even after all the enimies it had already slain.

Ilathar: they don't stop coming do they?

He put the blade against the hole decapitating the gaurd who was trying to squeeze through it with ease. Mindstealer ventured to look arround the side of the building, at the chaos that was happening in front of it. Garret was getting his fair share of punishment but the rest of the armies seemed to be doing ok, for the time being the two darksiders would hold this flank, against the never ending tide of men.

24th September 2004, 02:17 AM
Maxanatov felt that his magic return. It seemed as if an inner explosion of power raged through his body. It almost swept him of his feet, but something was different.

I do not posses all my powers yet. I am strong and can attack in a magical way, but it is not complete. Only my lesser spells work, well that should be no problem in the masacre of those locals, those brothers should be a bigger problem though.

Maxanatov saw one of the locals run towards him. He had a huge broadsword in both his hands. It was big enough to slice of Maxanatov his head. With an uncontroled slash from his head to his toes the man attacked him in complete rage. Maxanatov easily stepped out of the way of this unaimed attack. The man, unbalanced, fel forwards. Maxanatov turned around. He grabbed his Katana, and stabbed the man, which lay helpless on the floor, in his back. It might have been a cowerdly attack, but it was better that this man died, then he. It was a situation of everyone for them selve.

Maxanatov turned around, and saw a group of locals walk up to him. Slow but steady they approached him with long daggers, with pure bloodlust upon their faces. Maxanatov knew that these guys were not so easily defeated. He could attack them in a hand to hand clash, but there were to many. He could not handle five, razor sharp, daggers at the same time. Maxanatov closed his eyes, and it seemed as if time itself slowed down as Maxanatov started to gather his emotions.

He used the emotion of Agony. A weak emotion, with a low mana cost, but it should be enough to kill those humans, or most of them. At the moment he touched the emotion, deep inside of his dark and foul soul, memories enraged his mind. He just could not get used to these memories that flashed through his mind, although he had seen them many times. Memories of his Kingdom that were torn apart in a horrible civil war. His father that beated him, or his mother up. All these images were raging his mind as he opend his eyes. Time restored its normal speed, but it seemed as if Maxanatov just blinked. But he had gone through some very strange change. His eyes, which were normally white, turned completely black. He pushed the emotion he had gatherd out into the shape of a ball. At that time, the memories that were raging through him, died down and returned to their places deep inside of his mind.

Maxanatov had an evil grin upon his face as he threw the Ball of Agony up and cathed it again. He said: "Greetings. Are you prepared to meet your creator?" The villagers stopped, not knowing what to do. Then one put on a brave face and stepped out: ''You are not going to throw that ball here, are you? Look at your fellow clan members, they could get injured!" Maxanatov laughed out loud and said: "I do not think they would be hurt with such a weak spell, but do not worry about them. Worry about yourselfs!" They looked at him, with pure amazement on their faces. Maxanatov used this moment of confusion to throw the ball at the group. Just as he planned it, if fell between them and exploded. Four men flew around the tavern. Small pieces of the wooden floor scatterd through the bar. The only survivor stood infront of Maxanatov.

Maxanatov walked up to him. The man fell on his knees and said: "Please! I beg you! Spare my life! I have a wife and kids, please do not kill me!" Maxanatov was not sure what he had to do, and looked at Ingold for a second. He then immediatly looked back and said: "You were warned numerous times. You have been offerd a peacefull solution to this matter, but you refused. That created this battle, and has ended your life." Maxanatov unsheeted his Katana, and cut the man his head of, offering him a quick and painless death. That was all he could offer him. He turned around, ready to fight anyone else...

24th September 2004, 05:38 AM
*Hoax grabbed Talen under the arms and haled him out of the tavern, no one seemed to be paying any attention to the semi limp man being pulled out the window.

Hoax dragged him along into a near by recessed door way, propping him up Hoax ran (as fast as he could with a bad leg (Hoax has a limp with out magic)) around the tavern to find Garrett curled up in a small ball on the rock pavement…*

Hoax ~ “get up you moron, we have to get out of here!”

*Garrett gave a moan and slowly got up, holding his gut as he staggered over to Hoax.
Once Garrett got to Hoax, the mage scoped him up, propping him up over his shoulders, the thief had learnt his lesson, Hoax felt there was no need to see him punished any further.

Leavening him next to Talen, Hoax was about to walk back into the tavern when Hoax heard the building give a shudder, closely followed by a sickening groan as the east side of the tavern began collapsing, bringing down the west side with it.
Hoax stoped fro a moment, looking to see if any one moved when the building gave another shudder as the basement gave way, bringing the rubble of the tavern to a odd slant and sliding much of the debris to one side as it did.

Hoax felt sick, every one else had been in the tavern at the time.

After waiting another few seconds Hoax decided that no one was going to move there and walked back to Talen and Garrett*

Hoax ~ “the Tavern is gone, come, more guards will come, we must move down to the docks.”

*Before he got up, Garrett took a small piece of chalk and drew the AotFO symbol onto the bricks near him and a picture of a ship*

Garrett ~ “…in case some one dose make it out of that rubble”

*Remarked Garrett as he got up*


[Moments before]

*more people started using magic, the first wave as custom was simply a warning, but now as more people started casting spells the light at the top of the temple glowed a bright reddish orange.
A second shock wave was sent out, bright golden yellow this time, it washed over all the people, leavening a pale yellow halo above every one but the 3 brothers. The dampening affects returning.*

[inside the temple]


*as most of the people died the 3 brothers gathered around, completely ignoring the yellow wave of light that was washing over every one the joined hand and began chanting.
Slowly the bodies of all those who had been killed opened there eyes, getting up they fetched any limbs that had been hewn from there bodies and “re-attaching” them the friends of the people got up again, knifes brandished again.*

Man 1 ~ “you cannot hope to defeat us…”

Man 2 ~ “…for we are one, we have the powers….”

Man 3 ~ “…of the temple on our side.”

*just as they had finished saying that the tavern gave a groan, moments later the second story fell down on all those who were inside the tavern, moments after that the basement caved in as well, bringing the east side down and slanting the rubble at an odd angle…….*

[ooc] if you think this is god moding remember I am the quest creator, just say your character some how survives or makes it out seconds before the tavern collapses. With the guards, there are times when one should fight, and times when one should run.
~ Hoax


(my turn)
Talen let himself be dragged out of the Tavern. Slowly his head cleared and he straightened up. The sound of a smashing sound clearing the last dregs of confusion from his mind. He looked passed Hoax to the smashed ruins of the Tavern, now rubble.

“Holly shit! Quick we m…”

Suddenly the galloping of hooves silenced him. About twenty men came running down the road, lead by a man on a horse. His gaudy cloths showed him as having some level of importance. He pointed at the tavern and turned the horse riding back from whence he came. This man could only be Barron Sanbenitos the 2nd, the ruler of this area. His appearance could only mean that he must know of the armies.

Talen moved silently with Hoax and Garrett into the shadows they could not risk getting caught. The guards started clearing away rubble from the north side. The only thing remaining standing the door way that Tim had created. Thus far both he and his dragon were not seen, but Talen did not know how long that would last. Talen motioned from him to follow and moved down toward the pier. Hopefully Tim would help anyone that manage to get out from his door and follow.

24th September 2004, 09:54 AM
Ilathar looked up at the halo that hovered above him an grunted with irritation, it would have next to no effect on him as he didn't rely on Magic, years of studying the finer arts of magics subtulty without producing mroe than a flicker of flame had shown him that it just wasn't for him. Instead he concentrated on the ability to wield and utalise weapons also becoming fairly adapt at using technology.

As the tavern began to colapse he took one finial shot at a man attempting to crawl out of the wreckage, the arrow passing stright down though his skull, coming to rest somewhere near his stomach.

Mindstealer stood up, the lack of magic was getting on his nearves, now to make matters worse they all had an orrange halo following them arroun, great for stealth...

Mindstealer: "fools i warned them not to trigger the dammed temple..."

Ilathar: "the brothers were not effected, strange. Well they are not the only ones who have power on their side."

The two Darksiders walked accross the opening, the gaurds didn't pay them much attentioon, more concerned about the fallen temple. Though one had been weakened by the temple, the other was still as strong as always.

Ilathar: "i've said meny times its foolish to rely on magic spells and trickery to win. There is always someone with a better trick. However there are few how can match an elven weapon master"

It was strange how one of the weaker members of the party could go to being the strongest just because of a dispel, but everyone gets a chance to be the best.

Mindstealer: "I'd like to take those brothers on, on my terms i'd show them where the real power lies. No temples just pure and unstoppable magic."

Ilathar: "Personally, i recon a simple sword thrust to the abdomen would stop them pretty quick, failing that i could always hit them with an arrow or ten..."

The conversation stopped there as the two caught up with hoax and the rest.

Mindstealer:"ok so what do we do now exactly."

ooc: why didn't hoax post his own post?

27th September 2004, 01:00 PM
OOC: Is it just me, or are there a couple different battles being staged, if not, than I must reread the last 2 pages. That could take awhile.

IC: Calypso joined in the fight with Darius alongside him hastily. Calypso loved a good fight and he hadn't had one in a long time, and it had been awhile since he'd fought along side his good friend. "Hey, got yourself in trouble again, did you? Can't help yourself, never could. By the looks of things, though, the major battle is inside, not hear. And you thind we've got it rough. What's with the eerie reddish light?" Calypso asked, as he drew his twin swords and began hacking down enemy after enemy of the oncoming horde of nuisances. He preferred fighting huge, nearly unbeatable creatures, but a warrior can't choose his battles.

Hello Calypso, i'm adding this small section just to let you know, I know who you are and I know what your are doing. Careful what you do cause i'm watching you...

Uhh, I don't understand. Explain please.

Paradise Wandering
27th September 2004, 01:43 PM
ooc: Yes, Calypso, he got me with that too. It doesnt matter who you are, it will always say the name of the person reading it. I was a victim myself. :tongue:

ic: Zach sensed the tavern about to crumble, and, as Allie and Zacj jumped out just in time, many others were crushed.

The group was surrounded by the men outside, all mad at the group for reasons.

Zachs wrists rapidly flailed about, volleys of shurikens flying in every direction.

"Is everyone alright? I hope no one was crushed."

Zach tried to stay at range from his opponents, though he could weild many weapons at close range with signifficant accuracy and flare, he would always rather be far away.

Zachs stars, along with help from Ilhathar's arrows, took out many a foe, leaving piles of limbs all along the ground.

27th September 2004, 01:48 PM
Meanwhile, Tim was filling Dragantha in on everything that had happened. After a moment's silence, she spoke.

"Do you think we should help them?" she asked. Tim considered this question for a moment.

"Yes, I think we should," he finally decided. Then he moaned.

"My best sword was in that building!" he exclaimed. "And most of my stuff!"

OoC: Work your way around that one :tongue:.

30th September 2004, 07:35 AM
Look Hysteria, I know people have to touch to interact but there's this thing called 'closed posts' and this thing called 'RP'ing characters that aren't yours'!! Let me explain both to you:

1. Closed Posts:
A Closed Post is a post in which a person makes a move that involves or uses or depends on other people (RP'ed ones, not NPCs) and decides what the outcome is. This is called a Closed Post because that person leaves no space for the other person to react, interact or counteract. Now, this time Hoax was (a bit) lucky. You didn't object to being dragged outside by Hoax without you having a say in it, but some other people do. For instance me (and Zach, if I may be so free to make that conclusion after reading your comments on Hoax' behaviour. If I'm wrong, please correct me!). I (we) live by the (unwritten) rule that you don't make these Closed Posts. In fact, most of the Forum does. I, as a teacher, teach it that way. No Closed Posts. Now, I would appreciate it if Hoax kept himself to this rule too. Just a small reprimand, no far-going punishments or whatsoever.

2. RP'ing characters that aren't yours
This has to do with Closed Posts, so make sure you understand that section first, before you read this one. RP'ing other people's characters is a thing that doesn't occur that much. Now you can go on and say Hoax was merely grabbing your character, not 'RP'ing' him, but grabbing a person does mean RP'ing the guy, in my opinion. Hoax had better said that he jumped out of the window and hoped you would come too. This is more or less a question of morality, does Hoax think grabbing your character is making a Closed Post or does he even mind that he is making a Closed Post??

Don't feel like explaining more, if you still have comments, please PM them to me. And yes Calypso, there are multiple battles going on. And I ask too, why didn't Hoax post his own post?

Darius dived away just in time, landing on the ground just outside the bar, next to Zach and Alexandra (OOC;- You see? I leave Calypso out of it, because it's up to him to RP that himself!!). Quickly he stood up and swiped the dust of his clothes. Looking up to his companions, he suddenly noticed a yellow light around them.

"Hey guys, look, a yellow light's surrounding us! What would it mean?"

30th September 2004, 07:52 AM
Wolve, I don’t think I need to give you an RP lesson here :P Take it to the tavern that is what it is for. Hoax was having browser problems.

Talen turned and walked down the street leaving the rest of the armies to either follow himself, Hoax and Garrett, or fight with the guards. It seemed that some had already decided to fight despite the huge amount of physical strain they must have been under to escape the crash.

Paradise Wandering
30th September 2004, 08:01 AM
yah Wolve, you are right about me.

ic: Alexandra was overjoyed to see that Darius had made it out alive, and, though she hated his mustach, couldnt help but to throw herself around him and hug him. (Rp Daruis's reaction please) She was really beginning to like this man, and she wasnt afraid to let him know of her happiness of him being alive.

What the... Zach thought as the light flashed around him.

He wasnt sure how to react to it, so he stopped throwing shurikens and just stood there, waiting for what was to come.

ooc: Do we have magic or not?

Sorry i dont have time to make a good post. Still in school here on the east coast of the USA...

30th September 2004, 09:06 AM
OOc: i am having major browser problems too.

Ic: Tarcisus sat down on a rock, watching the building collapse.

"Hope no one was hurt in that."

He said, feeling strange. He felt an immense pressence of some sort he had not felt in ages. He could not recognize it, or put a finger on just what it was, but it was close. He also had an omnious feeling about the brawl inside.

30th September 2004, 09:29 AM
Maxanatov barely escaped the collapse of the building. He saw Talen, Hoax and Garrett walk away. He followed them and yelled: ''Hey you guys! Where are you going! Wait for me!"

30th September 2004, 12:30 PM
OOC: Well put wolve. But then, some people ASK that their character be rp'd, cause they aren't always able to.

IC: Calypso Followed Darius in the desperate dive out the door to safety. He too wondered what the light was, but didn't vocalized because he was coughing up dust.

30th September 2004, 06:17 PM
OOC: Looks like you'd leave poor Michaelmas for dead... before I know it, the building's collapsing! I'll catch up.

BTW Carnage... your sig is freaky.

IC: Michaelmas swung with all his might at the oncoming swordsman. The mage was desperately flinging his strength at the adversary. The monk was not the type to use force against force so quickly, yet when faced with the biting steel of an enemy blade, Michaelmas had to act fast.

The hard edge of the gem smacked into the fighter's skull. After stumbling and creaking the wooden floors with his great weight, the swordsman went down. The stunned opponent dropped his metal sword to the ground with a loud clatter and his eyes rolled in their sockets from the impact.

Michaelmas lifted the gemmed staff and glared at the villagers around him. The tension from hostage taking had delayed a violent assault by their enemies, but Michaelmas was afraid that the crowded tavern would have more heads flying. The mage felt personal regret that he had obeyed Ingold's orders, just after talking with the redoubtable lightning master.

The mage's anxious feeling of claustrophobia and violence was replaced by another fear. A loud creaking in the walls of the tavern indicated that the building was going to give way any minute. Already the mysterious three brothers claimed the power of the temple. Michaelmas sensed an evil presence choking him, paralyzing him to the spot, in dread fear.

But then this feeling gave way to that familiar tingle of electric energy in his fingers and the harmony of the lightning river flowing through him once again. How had the weight been lifted, and the darkness in Michaelmas soul illuminated? He could not tell. Yet the path seemed clear. He was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and knew precisely what he must do.

Glaring at all the adversaries around, the leader of the shock troops yelled. He raised his staff, and with a visible effort was drawing upon the invisible energy of lightning through the air. Around his belt shimmered the amber glow of lightning energy.

The men, in fear, charged at Michaelmas, seeking to stifle him and prevent whatever trickery he was conjuring.

"Stop you crazy fool!"

But they had made things easier for Michaelmas. As they approached, they were thrust away by a wall of amber lightning energy exploding in a circle about Michaelmas body. It rippled out five feet in every direction, coming with the force of a wave, and the speed of lightning. The combined power and speed launched the men into the air and slammed them against the wall, the talbes, or threw them to the ground.

The mage wasted no time gawking at the fallen bodies. They would soon be up and at him again. He had cleared the way for himself and any other Army members who needed to escape. Already several had slipped out before him.

Leaping forward, over the victims of the lightning pulse, Michaelmas ran out of the tavern, and made his get away. He trusted that with the magic that had mysteriously returned for a time, his companions could escape.

1st October 2004, 06:43 AM
[ooc] see my post in the tavern tomorow :eek13:[ooc]

{Moments after the tavern collapse}

*From out of the Armies sight the baron looked over the rubble, his sons had been in there yet he showed no sign of remorse or any attempt what so ever to rescue them. The guards that had stayed with him looked on with worry crossed over their faces. They were friends with the brothers, yet they did not dare leave there mounts, for fear of breaking the counts orders. They though did not know what the brothers could do.…

Suddenly some of the heavier beams moved. A person burst out of the rubble, then another then another. It was the brothers. The youngest had a wooden stake straight through his chest. He looked at it with a slightly bemused smile. He reached down and pulled it out before dropping it to the ground.

The baron moved a bit closer toward the rubble, and at his heed the bothers moved over to him.*

Baron ~ “You boys have made quite a mess, I hope it was worth it. Was it them? Were they here?”

Jarck (Brother 1) ~ “Yes father, they were here, their going to the temple…”

Fernad (Brother 3) ~ “We roughed them up like you asked, “Angered the dragon to flame”.”

Gos (Brother 2) ~ “I still don’t understand, why not finish them off now? Ooh I would love to take that one mage and cru….”

Baron ~ “ITS NOT YOUR JOB TO THINK! Our master gave us orders and you followed them well I know he will be very pleased with this job, now he has a new job for you, come, I must brief you back at the castle….”

*The guards brought up 3 fresh horses that the large, muscular brothers mounted. There bodies looking ill fitting atop a horse. The baron and his escort took off, heading back to a large black castle that stood out aganced the horizon atop a large hill to the north of the town.

The men cut down from the attacks of the remaining armies slowly rose up off the ground. They looked at the different weapons that were protruding out of them before turning and moving back after the escort.

Back at the keep the Baron met with his master and revived his instructions. The armies would be ambushed further into the city. The event of this Tavern had made the forces pitted against the armies not want to lose another great opportunity. Next time, they would be ready...
While the Baron was arranging this, his sons took off on a secret mission, heading west to the mountains, the mysteries master requesting them specifically for the job…*

{About 5 min later}

*Hoax stopped and looked back, the clan members were getting out of the rubble and some seemed to have be attacking the guards, but the only thing they had gotten from it was a loss of weapons. A few seemed to be looking at the halo’s above there heads. Hoax sighed. He had tried to warn them time and time again, but they never listened. He had even tried to force them out of the Tavern and on with the quest, but that too seemed to be denied to him.

Hoax ~ “Ok, as many of you have probably noticed we are robbed of our magic. We could have waited and have been able to use magic INSIDE the temple but now we cannot. It doesn’t matter now any way. They know we are coming. We lost all chance or remaining hidden after that Tavern brawl.”

The halo above your head will slowly dim, in about 2 hours you’ll be able to use small magic again, but be careful, if the temple dampener detects magic usage again it will shut us down, again.”

Mindstealer: "Ok so what do we do now exactly?"

Hoax ~ “Well. Now we go down to the harbour, get our boat and head on over to the temple, hopefully we will be able to use basic magic like fire bolts and lightning shock, anything much bigger than that and we will activate the dampener and lose our magic. And inside the temple, well, we are going to need all the help we can get.”

Now, if no one else has any questions that cant wait for the short boat trip I suggest we move, right now!”

*Hoax swiftly turned, not checking to see if any one was following. He made his way down the gently sloping hill that lead to the docks. Garrett walked quickly besides him.

Reaching the docks took no time at all. Hoax and Garrett came to the only tavern that sat at the edge of the docks. The popular visit for most “sea dogs” was where the captain was. They had arranged to meet him here, and Hoax had no doubt that he was sitting at the bar, drinking ale. Hoax came around to the entrance, finding a single towns guard blocked it. The rookie obviously assigned the tavern because of his lack of experience, and the unlikely event that the armies would come to this dirty Tavern.

Garrett peeked around the corner at what Hoax was looking at, seeing his problem Garrett gave Hoax a wink*

Garrett ~ “Want me to take care of the kid?”

Hoax ~ “Yes please, but nothing to inhumane…”

*Garrett only grinned further as he took on the stager of a sailor and walked over to the guard.*

Guard ~ “urrr, HALT, I need to see you papers sir”

Garrett answered with a perfect impression of a drunken slur: guruuuruuu…. I left my papers back on the ship…”

Guard ~ “I'm sorry sir but I need to see your papers other wise I will have to arrest you.”

Garrett ~ “But! Um.. but what about hims? Alls he is wearing is his papers, and that lady...”

*Garrett pointing to the other side of the tavern, away from Hoax. The guard turned to look, fooled and disarmed by Garrett’s ploy. Taking the moment, Garrett took out his black jack and whacked the boy on the back of the head, knocking him out cold.*

Garrett returned to his normal tone: “I’ll err, just be a moment with this guy”

*Garrett grabbed a length of rope from the deck. Taking the “boy” by the legs and dragging him over to a small shed, spying a apple barrel by the shed Garrett reached in and grabbed a red juicy apple and grinned ear to ear as he pulled the unconscious body into the small shed. Hoax took his opportunity and waved the rest of the armies into the tavern.*
, dashing into the tavern and quickly whispering into captain Jacks ear.
the captain quickly got up and, grabbed the rest of his crew and left with Hoax not 5 minuets later.

When they came out Garrett was standing in front of the shed door, looking like the cat that swallowed the cannery.*

Hoax ~ “do I want to know were the guard is?”

*Garrett grinned wider ( a feat that was hard to do considering the size of his grin already) and opened the shed door, revealing a guard in his underwear hanging upside down and all tied up with an apple jammed deep into his mouth.

Hoax just shock his head and made for the ship, boarding with the captain, Garrett poked his “prisoner” and made him swing just a little before leaving him be and running over to the ship…*

Hoax ~ “Come on you lot, we have to go NOW!!”

1st October 2004, 08:38 AM
Though you kindly offer us time for a question, you immediatly run away after that. However, I do like to take the opportunity to ask a question. Let me ask it OOC, because ICly you made it impossible for me.

The question is: 'If the thing detects magic after it's used, does that mean we can use one huge spell and then have two hours without any magic?'

Darius shrugged his shoulders and quickly followed Hoax down to the harbour. After Garrett had made a futile attempt to make fun of the situation they were in, something Darius found highly unprofessional, they boarded the ship. Darius did what he had to do and jumped aboard. Turning around he looked for Alexandra and after he had found her (OOC;- I'll take this liberty here, if you don't mind Zach.) he offered her his hand, being as gentle as he could be.

"Let me help you aboard."

Darius knew this was a risk he was taking right now. Alexandra could well be the type of girl that would be offended by such an act, thinking that Darius thought of her as weak and therefor offered her his hand, while the opposite was actually happening, namely that Darius offered her his hand because he liked her and liked how strong she was and was only trying to be nice to her.

'..I just hope she understands that...Otherwise, my chances are pretty much blown...I know those kind of girls, I just hope my intuition is right when I think that she's different...Not that arrogant and mistrusting..'

So, waiting for Alexandra to accept or refuse his kind gesture, Darius stood on the edge of the ship, his right-arm stretched out to the maximum and his left hand thight around a rope, making sure he wouldn't fall of the boat, that was wiggling quite a bit since everybody was boarding at the same moment.

'..How stupid actually, when you think about it..'

1st October 2004, 08:50 AM
OOC: he said that at the start, one huge spell, or smaller ones then no magic, but that has already happened when we caste the spells in the Tavern, now we are slowly getting that abbility back, no big spells till we are at full power though *wink*

Talen walked up to the boat and noticed that Darius was offering his hand to Alexandra. Ignoring the last fact, Talen grasp the hand and hauled himself up.

"Thank you Darius."

Ignoring any possible angry look from the man Talen made his way over to the opposite rail.

1st October 2004, 09:09 AM
Ooc: It IS difficult to try to RP an attempt at a 'relationship' between one of your characters and someone else's, as they must have full control over theirs and you yours. BTW, where is Red? I miss his rping, lol.

Ic: Tarcisus struggled to get up from his seat on the rock, and somehow found himself walking with Hoax's lead to the bar and then to the docks. It was all a blur, and the memory of the journey was smeared so that it was hard to tell if he went to the bar first or if they went to the docks first. All he knew, is that he was now ready to depart on the ship. He didn't even notice a familiar person helping him to standup straight.

Want... bed.

The world swirled around his head like a bleeding water-painting that was left out in the rain. Most sensory imput was still far from coming back. He wondered if the bartender put anything in that drink. But no one would bother him what with his friend beside him there. The person was not one to be taken lightly, and thieves or whatnot would most likely keep far away from Tarcisus, or they would feel the wrath of this strange mage.

1st October 2004, 09:09 AM
Oh, okay. Must've missed it. Btw, your signature ironically kinda' contradicts the position you just took when it came to Hoax RP'ing other people's characters...

Darius ignored Talen totally. He knew that if he would turn away and start a small fight over it, Alexandra wouldn't get his attention and he knew that that was a bad thing. So he simply remained standing there, both his facial expression as well as his pose remaining exactly the same, trying to make clear to Alexandra that all his attention was focused on her and that he wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that.

1st October 2004, 01:03 PM
Calypso hopped aboard the ship and pat Darius on the back and whispered in his ear "Good luck with her,"

1st October 2004, 02:27 PM
While the battle was going on, Tim dug through the rubble, with Dragantha's help, and recovered his stuff. But by that time, the battle was already over. He sighed.

"Well," he said, "we might as well follow the others back to the ship." He ran back to said ship, and climbed aboard. Dragantha took to the air, hovering around the ship. He went down to the sickbay, where Eowania (I forgot my elf's real name, lost it in the transfer) had stayed aboard, ready to aid any casualties. He showed her a nasty cut he got by digging through the rubble. After a moment, she healed it right up. Then he went up onto the main deck to await further orders.

Paradise Wandering
1st October 2004, 02:50 PM
ooc: Wolve, you said "how powerfull she is'. She has only used a little magic, and only her weakest spells at that. You will see her true power a little later... maybe :tongue:

Oh, and big spells O.o. Zach has quite a few of those that he has never used yet...

ic: Allie, was suprisingly glad that Darius had reached out his hand to her. But she didnt know why. She really like this man, so she accepted his hand.

"Thank you, Darius. That was very kind of you." She smiled at him, her deep forest green eyes shimmered, and her forest green cloak really brought them out.

Zach just walked on quietly behind, contemplating whether to make his magic last by casting small spells, or to lose it all with one apocalyptic spell.

1st October 2004, 03:02 PM
Yeah, okay, but still. She already showed that she's perfectly able to take care of herself and since Darius' in love, or atleast something like that, with her, he makes it 'powerful'. And now that we're at it, you haven't seen Darius at full speed and power yet neither! Just wait 'till the time's ripe and I'm in the mood to RP it as it's supposed to be done... :p

And please, you do Darius too much of an honour by calling him a man. He's as old as Alexandra is, y'know.

Showing almost no reaction on the outside, something Darius saw as a 'gentleman'-like thing, he was beaming with proud and happyness inside.

"Sure, no problem Alexandra.", he muttered, her green eyes taking his breath away once again.

As soon as Alexandra was aboard, Darius turned around and followed her around a bit untill he saw a spot he thought comfortable enough to sit. Pointing at the bundle of ropes, he spoke to Alexandra.

"Shall we take a seat over there? It looks like a better spot than the ground, for instance."

1st October 2004, 03:48 PM
Mindstealer and Ilathar hastelly followed down to the docks, Mindstealer walking aboard whereas Ilathar vaulted over the side, landing squearly on the deck. The elf paused looking arround before sitting and starting to make repairs to his weapons and armour.

Ilathar:" i take it there will be a fight when we get tot the temple?"

His hand went to a pendant at his neck, that which provided him with the skill to cast force of nature, by channeling life energy from the dying into a destructive force which would rip living matter apart. He wondered if it would be affected by the temples spell.

Expermentally, he drew his blade, forcing it against the halo, it gave sevear resistance hissing and crackling like acid however it remained resolute dispite the anti magic properties of his sword.

1st October 2004, 04:16 PM
Tim thought for a moment.

"Is the anti-magic field caused by magic?" he wondered. "Would an affect that would normally dispel magic dispel the anti-magic field?"

1st October 2004, 04:19 PM
OOC: The next person I see posting OOC in here will feel my boot in his arse!!! So stop it.

Calypse, welcome, but you can do better then that ... i have seen it (sucks when that happens doesn't it :tongue: )

Draco, like I said before, if you can't make longer posts then that, don't post at all. It doesn't need to be a text like this, but one or two paragraphs would be fun.

Ingold had long lost sight of the others as many other peasants, separating him for Darius and those who had found their way near him, quickly surrounded him. It seemed Ingold had made a big mistake in divulging his identity and now the attackers had sought him out. But even without magic, the hardy villagers found Ingold to be a hard man to kill or even wound for his technique with the sword was almost perfect. He wasn't a physically strong man, nor did he need that strength to win a battle, instead he used an opponent's strength against him, something an old monk had taught him a long, long time ago.

Many of the attackers were not very skilled in fighting and were caught by the force of their own attacks, unable to swing back in time or step aside quickly enough to avoid Ingold's blade. Rarely did Ingold's blade struck human flesh as the dark cloaked mage mostly dodged and deflected attacks instead of blocking them, using the clumsiness of an opponent against him. But when that blade struck, it struck to kill for these people had made a mistake in angering Ingold, after all, he was the Forbidden One and RedTigerFang had given the lightning mage a small taste of some true power. Heads rolled and hearts were pierced and for the first time in many months, blood clung to Ingold's blade once more.

But it didn't matter how many people were killed, there were always enough to fight him and now the guards started to interfere as well, viewing the black-cloaked figure as a worthy target. The trained soldiers were of course a lot harder to deal with and combined with the many peasants attacking Ingold, the lightning master didn't stand much of a chance. Especially now that all magics were suppressed once more as a yellow shockwave descended over the land, effectively nullifying the little magic the lightning master had been holding back. It didn't take long before Ingold was pushed into the defensive, slowly fighting his way backwards towards a wall, slashing with his blade and tanto, fighting off the guards and the enraged villagers. Luckily for Ingold, his cloak was enlaced with Gromrill, saving him from many deadly backstabs and many lethal blows as the master occasionally used the cloth as a temporary shield as well, quickly grasping the heavy cloth to catch an unavoidable strike. Yet, blood began seeping into Ingold's clothing soon enough, dripping from the many wounds appearing on his arms and face. His boiled leather armour showed many scratches and even some holes and it was clear that this situation couldn't go on for much longer.

It seemed to Ingold that he had been abandoned, for he wasn't able to see any of his comrades in the quick glances he threw to where he estimated they would be and for all he knew, he was truly alone. Now he stood with his back against the wall, fighting off as many as he could, but he too had his limits and now his muscles were getting tired and his strikes were less fearcefull. He made more mistakes and was forced to block more and more attacks, now unable to dodge them with the same speed he had used but a minute ago. Then, it happened, the tavern caved in, section by section fell down, crushing all those within, friend and foe. For Ingold, all went black within the blink of an eye and to him, there was nothing any more.


During the fight, Asfaloth had freed himself from his leach, holding his own little fight outside the bar. Many people had felt the strength of this mighty steed by now, a blue spot shaped like a hooves embedded in their skin for weeks to come. But the horse, much like his master, realised this was a fight it couldn't win and although he hated doing this, he had but one option, to flee and come back when it was safe again. After all, in death there was but little he could do for his master. The horse sped off running through the town as if it was possessed, knocking over the villagers he found in his way and avoiding those who carried weapons. With a great deal of luck, the horse managed to escape the town, a thin long red cut across his upper chest testifying to the danger the white steed had been in.

Now Asfaloth just ran away from the city as far as he could, yet, he soon turned around, making his way around that cursed town in a long circle, carefully searching for other creatures within the woods he now traversed. Making sure no one followed him or targeted him, the horse sped through the woods, taking strange routes, turning right and left every few seconds as to confuse anyone that was tracking him. He went in a zigzag pattern and went back on his tracks many times and if someone was tracking him, they would find his tracks practically throughout the entire forest, with no way of knowing which direction the horse was actually taking.

It took many hours before the white steed finally arrived back at the edges of the town and night had already fallen. He did not smell Ingold nor did he hear the lightning master's voice anywhere. But, like most horses, Asfaloth was a smart one and seeing he came from a great lineage of elven steeds, he was probably smarter then most humans as well. The town’s people – if they were people – had gone to sleep – if they slept – and many houses were now dark, yet still, there were some hovels where light still burned and every once in a while, a figure could be seen traversing the street. But Asfaloth was patient and waited, laying himself down into the dirty ground, watching the town carefully. But the waiting took a long time and Asfaloth decided to use the time given to him in a constructive and productive way … he started rolling himself into the mud.

Soon after, the white steed had disappeared, making way for a dirty black and brown horse. This way, Asfaloth didn’t stand out against the dark background and could traverse the city streets a little bit easier for the horse was determined to find his lost friend again, to be there in his time of need. Time passed by very slowly, but finally the last light went out and the city streets were empty except for the occasional guard doing his rounds. But those routes were standard and by now, clever Asfaloth had memorised the route and the interval between patrols.

It was time for action and Asfaloth now made his way into the city, hoping that no one had followed him or had seen him, but it was a chance he had to take. The last thing the white steed wanted was to lead the attackers to a wounded and weak Ingold, but the horse wanted to know where his companion was and above all, that he was safe. Carefully avoiding the patrols, the horse made his way towards the caved in tavern, examining the debris and smelling his way around the place, trying to find the scent of his master. It didn’t take long before he picked it up, unfortunately, he found it in the middle of all the debris. It was a faint scent and it took the horse many times to actually pinpoint the position from where it came, but there was no doubt about it, Ingold was buried beneath the rubble.

The horse began digging at the best of his abilities, pushing away rocks with his legs and head, desperate to uncover the body of his friend, hoping that he was still alive, yet realising that the chance of that happening was very slim. Yet, the digging was not very silent and the sound of falling rocks could be heard from some distance away, alarming the guards that something ‘fishy’ was going on. Yet, when they arrived on the scene, nothing could be seen, no Asfaloth and due to the darkness, no changes in the heap of rubble could be seen either. Dismissing it as ‘one of the dead will be making his way from the rubble’, the guards went back to their normal routine as behind them, Asfaloth appeared out of his hiding place and started digging again from the moment they were out of sight.

Finally, after a lot of hard work, Ingold’s face was uncovered and to the horse’s happiness, the lightning master was alive, but of course, he was not well. He barely breathed as many stones pressed on his chest and if it hadn’t been for a half broken support beam, the lightning master would have surely been crushed. Being skinny has advantages after all, be it few. Licking Ingold’s white face, Asfaloth tried to bring his companion back to the real world for alone, the horse could not aid him.


The last thing Ingold knew was that he was slashing the arm off of some over eager peasant, a loud rumbling noise approaching him rather fast as he did. The next, he felt Asfaloth’s wet tongue covering his face with drool. Opening his eyes, Ingold saw the hazy contours of a dark horse, a dull white light shining behind the head as the moon pierced through the dark clouds above for but a second. Slowly, Ingold’s vision focussed and with a lot of effort, he was able to recognise his loyal steed. Looking around, the lightning master tried to aces the situation and found himself badly hurt. Luckily, he still had feeling in his legs, unfortunately, that feeling was a continuous and excruciating pain. At least this let Ingold know he was still alive, although he would have preferred to know this another way.

Many questions rose in Ingold’s mind but he realised he had no time to have them answered. With the help of Asfaloth, Ingold started to clear the rubble around his legs, removing the broken support beam with all the strength he had left and finally, the lightning mage was freed. Yet, an exceptional amount of noise had been made and this time, the guards caught more then empty air as they arrived at the scene. Immediately, the alarm was sounded and many guards came speeding towards the collapsed tavern.

As quick as he could, Ingold mounted Asfaloth, throwing himself over the animal’s back, worrying about how he would get into a descent position later. Now, they just needed to get out of there. Once more, Asfaloth sped through the town, doing his best to avoid the guards and to use the darkness in his advantage. On the way, the horse received many more wound, yet the beast didn’t care and rode like the overlord of the nine hells was on his heels. This time, Asfaloth didn’t worry about being followed, it only cared about getting himself and his master into safety and to him, there was only one safe place left in the whole of the world and that place was the land of the armies. A very protected land, a land where nature itself would fend off would be invaders but also protect and nurture those who had earned the right to be there. It took the horse the entire night to get to the outer woods of the land and now, only a day or two after Ingold had left the keep to set off and lead his armies, he came back, near death as he had collapsed once more during the ride, slipping into nothingness yet again.

Asfaloth too was now at the end of his powers and from the moment he had reached the woods, the horse considered his duty completed and gave up, collapsing under the pressure he had put his body under. Simply loosing control over his own muscles, the horse fell over his own feet and due to the speed with which he had been traversing the lands, the steed and his rider just slid into the woods, coming to an abrupt halt in the thick undergrowth of these lands.

But by now, Ingold was far out of the reach of the magic scrambling shockwave and the effects were quickly wearing off, enabling the lightning mage to use his magic once more to heal himself. As if a switch had been flicked, the nothingness disappeared and Ingold found himself near the river of lightning, flowing through the core of his being, a river so mighty and grand it could easily be mistaken for a sea. Immediately Ingold slipped into his meditative state, allowing the energy to twirl around his body as he moved into the middle of the stream. Immediately, many bolts began to circle the mage, arcing around the damaged spots on the lightning mage’s body and striking at them. Yet, this was only how the mind visualised the healing process for the mind of a human is quite unimaginative and the meaning of this sight should be seen in a more symbolic way. The bolts striking at the wound were actually filling the cells with the needed energy to repair themselves and to duplicate. It was a effective process and quite fast depending on the damage that needed to be repaired.

Yet, many of Ingold’s bones were broken, and such things take longer to heal, yet, Ingold was now able to regain consciousness quite fast. As he woke up, he found himself in a humble house, staring at a straw roof, a kind young woman, hurrying about, making the evening meal. As Ingold tried to get up, he led out a loud groan as most parts of his body still hurt. Most of his wounds had been healed, yet the tissue was still young and fragile, making it very sensitive to movements. The girl present quickly noticed the awake Ingold and called for her husband, a man who Ingold quickly realised. He was a ranger that cared for the forest and guarded its borders together with his comrades and quickly, Ingold realised where he was. The town where the tavern could be found, that fledgling village where people lived in harmony with the forest and where some of the guards of the keep had settled, now caring for the safety of this village instead for the safety of the keep – with the permission of the forbidden one of course –.

“Stay still my lord, let the herbs do their job, many broken bones have been healed over a day or two thanks to this stuff and god knows that a lot of bones are broken around here, you can’t stop children from climbing trees … well, maybe you can … you know what I mean. But you were in a very sorrow state when a scouting ranger found you and Asfaloth, it is a wonder that you are both recovering so fast. None the less, the wise woman advised many days of rest … . Forgive me for asking Ingold, but what happened, to see the Forbidden One carried in on the brink of death and alone has worried many people around here.”

Ingold’s didn’t answer the question, instead, he would teach those peasants not to anger the Forbidden One. He would teach those rich boys that they had better listened to him when he had spoken. That way, they and their father would have been a lot richer. Now, the baron and his son would die and their land would be burned to ashes, salt would be grounded into the earth so that nothing might ever grow there again.

“No one may enter these woods, every trespasser is to be shot on sight. Send word to the keep to prepare the armies in full, I want every soldier prepared to leave within the next day. Double the castle guards, no one is to enter without my authorisation, written authorisation is void and will not be accepted, only when I am present may people enter the keep. Dust off the siege equipment and lit the torches, we’re going to war.”

With this, Ingold gasped the amulet he had been given by Redtigerfang and shared his thoughts with the earth, no person with evil intent would be able to tread upon these lands and live to tell about it. They wanted war, they got war. But Ingold wasn’t stupid, sure, they could kill everyone, but if they were always brought back to life, the battle could go on forever. No, first they would have to do something about the temple, after that, the troops could move on in.

“Those are my orders, carry them out. Tomorrow, I will tell them where to go before I contact my other allies. Now I will rest as advised … but tell me, how’s Asfaloth doing, is he alright, knowing him, he pushed himself too far.”

The intonation in Ingold’s voice had taken a drastic turn, from the confident and angered ruler, to that of a worried friend, fearing for the life of his companion. It was as if another person had emerged, pushing away the cold and borderline evil prescience so that a compassionate entity could make himself known. Even the ranger present, someone who had now known Ingold for some time and had spoken with him on my occasions found the switch to be quite surprising.

“Asfaloth is fine my lord, the dirt has been washed off, his wounds have been cleaned and he is now resting, knowing that our lord is safe and well. Now follow his example and be assured that it shall be done as you have asked.”

With this, the ranger left the house to let the others know what exactly was going on. Although the people present would have rather know what exactly had happened, they were content with the thought that whoever did this to the Forbidden One, would now feel the might of the armies. Immediately, rangers sped off into the forest, guarding the borders and patrolling the woods. The creatures of the earth were alerted as well and the giant adamantium golem kept an eye out as well, even though he was a very passive creature. Several messengers sped of to the keep and the surrounding villages, alerting the soldiers on leave that they were called upon and all was set in motion for the oncoming siege.

2nd October 2004, 01:24 PM
OOC: Yeah, I've done better. But I don't think that anybody here could compete with what you just threw onto the thread. Good job, now we all look like novices. But really, nice post. Let's see if I can meet the new limit standard.

IC: Calypso paced around the deck of the ship, wondering about the endless possibilities that there were to destroy the temple and whatever magic it has over their magic. There were many ways, concievable and inconcievable, to think of to destroy it. But the question was if any of the ideas thought up or powerful spells would work. Calypso was sure that everyone aboard this ship had a plan of somesort that they wished to try on the temple. Also, many, too, were probably wondering the same thing as Calypso at the moment: whether or not it was even possible to destroy the temple. But then again, knowing this foolhardy bunch, none of them had a doubt in their minds that they would probably have a fairly difficult time, but still manage to do it, with or without magic.

Calypso continued pacing about, contemplating the facts. They didn't know the first thing about the temple, or at least, Calypso didn't. He had joined in half through the battle at the tavern. He hadn't gotten any information at all about the situation that they were in, or even why or how the temple had the power to drain all their magic.

He continued pondering these things and many others while the ship was on it's way to the temple. Calypso came to the conclusion that he would stop wondering and start doing. If there was nothing to think about but questions, what was the point in thinking? Calypso decided to get in some practice while the boat travelled from point A to point B.

Calypso drew his twin swords again and looked them over. Calypso was probably the last person to have joined in the fight, and so he and his weapons probably sustained the least amout of damage. Finding that his swords were in good shape, Calypso went about through a few attack routines, trying to find flaws that could be fixed. He swung his swords in an arching manner, flowing through each step of his attack routine smoothly and carefully noting what he would see as an opening to attack if he were his opponent.

After some time of training and perfecting his routines, Calypso sheathed his swords and decided that it was time for a rest. He walked to the rail of the boat and looke out at the water. He looked out at the horizon and his gaze fell upon the temple that was closing in. They were getting closer to their destination.

Calypso walked around among the other people, trying to get some information as to what their stradegy would be once they landed.

OOC2: Is that better?

Paradise Wandering
2nd October 2004, 02:17 PM
Alexandra's eyes followed Darius's hand, as it moved around, until he pointed at a bundle of ropes, stacked up on the floor. Ms. Illuminati gladly accepted the offer to sit with this boy, and strode over to the rope pile.

"Darius," She inquired, "What resistance do you think we will encounter there? How powerfull do you think the opposition will be? I mean, i can do a few spells, and Zach is deadly with ice, and even i know that you are a fire master. Plus, youve seen what Zach can do with shurikens... But still, im a little scared." She moved a little closer to the mage.
Zach walked along the ship's bow, and noticed a rope ladder that led up to the crow's nest, far above the rest of the ship. After a few seconds of deliberation, he convinced himself that no one else wanted the job as lookout, so he took to the task of climbing the high rope ladder and manning the crow's nest.

When at last the ladder was conquered, and the top was reached, he leaned back against the railing and let his keen blue eyes do the rest, scanning the sea ahead for his foes.

2nd October 2004, 02:31 PM
Tim couldn't help overhearing this little exchange. After a moment, he decided to ignore it. He took a walk around the ship. After a moment, he came upon the main sail. He studied it for a moment, then decided to climb it. He took hold of the ropes, and started cimbing.

It was slow going, but it took his mind off of everything else, including what was to come in the temple. A couple of time he nearly fell, and was saved only by some deft handwork. Finally, he reached the top. He sat down on the horizontal beam, and looked around. He nearly got a sense of vertigo. He was used to being this high, just not as a human.

But greater still was a sense of freedom. He looked around, and laughed from the sheer joy, and vertigo, that filled him. He looked down, and saw the others, small as ants down below. He stretched, and relaxed.

2nd October 2004, 02:50 PM
As Calypso was walking about, he noticed Darius and Alexandra sitting on some old ropes. He decided against interrupting them and continued walking. Then he noticed Tim climbing up the main sail and sit atop the horizon beam. He heard him laugh and figured he was having enough fun on his own. Calypso continued walking still. He then noticed Zach.

Calypso regarded Zach as he climbed up the ladder to the crow's nest. He wondered if Zach went up there to be alone with his thoughts or if he wanted some company. Calypso decided on the latter and climbed up after Zach.

Calypso climbed up the ladder and looked up over the edge at Zach, "Hey, want some company?" He asked.

2nd October 2004, 03:09 PM
Darius was glad he and Alexandra finally got some time 'alone'. Although alone wasn't exactly the right word on a ship full of people walking around, it was still true that atleast no-one was bothering them. Listening intensly to Alexandra's voice, a voice he thought of as one of the most beautiful voices he had ever heard, he almost instantly sunk away into the deepness of it so when she finished her question it took Darius a few seconds before snapping back into reality and remembering what the question had been again. Quikcly, before turning red of shame, he opened his mouth and started to answer. He didn't think, or hadn't thought if you can call it that, about what he wanted or needed to say but he knew that if he started speaking again, atleast his shame would go away.


'..Uhm, what was her question again?...Oh yeah, the resistance..'

"I think we'll encounter bigger stuff than in the bar. Plus we lost Ingold, so that's a pretty bad thing. But still, I considerd this fight something like a warm-up. So, I hope the others did too... Anyways, when we get there we can just fight them just as we fought the men in the village and if everything seems to go wrong, we can simply use one big spell to save us all and then hope that we'll survive the next two hours. But I don't think we'll have to do that. I mean, the bar was crowded and small and from what I've heard and seen from the temple, it's pretty big, meaning we will have a lot more room. That's always a good thing when it comes to fighting. Atleast it is for me with my huge sword."

Here Darius suddenly stopped. Mentioning (sp?) his own sword had made him realize that he had almost started talking about him again.

'..And that's NOT what I want!...I want to talk about her!...Make her feel comfortable!..'

"So, you're not scared anymore now? I mean, with Zach around, there isn't much that can happen, right?", Darius said comfortingly, hoping to change the subject over to Alexandra, meanwhile moving some closer to the girl so that they now sat side to side.

2nd October 2004, 03:24 PM
Not waiting for a reply, Calypso hopped on the crow's nest (if big enough, inform me if it isn't, I'll edit this post then). He looked down at Darius and Alexandra sitting by themselves on the ropes. He almost laughed when he saw the expression on Darius' face. Something like being in a great deal of trouble with words. He hoped that all would work out well for Darius on his own little 'mini-adventure' with Alexandra. Again, he almost laughed, this time at his own joke. If no one else was in his head to hear it, there was no point in letting a good joke go to waste. And I wonder why I can't get a date. Calypso thought to himself.

Calypso looked back at Zach, who was on look out. Wondering if he should leave him alone, but not wanting to disturb him with his inquiry. Calypso continued to sit there, wondering if this temple thing was more than he signed up for.

2nd October 2004, 04:36 PM
Mindstealer was lay down below decks, the sustained lack of magic was disorentating him and the constant rocking of the boat backwards and forwards didn't help either, as such he dozed off down here, sure that he would feel better when he was needed.

Meanwhile Ilathar finished the repairs to his armorments and having a look upwards noticed that half the armies were sitting somewhere up above the deck. He wondered to himself why they bothered, he easilly had the best eye sight of all of them... probably why it took so meny on lookout.

Wanting to be useful he went below decks looking for something that would be useful in the none magic battle to come, gunpowder.

Paradise Wandering
2nd October 2004, 05:20 PM
"Well," She started, "Zach is definately good, and i have no doubt that he can hold his own against a small army, he has a tendancy to use the most annoying spell. His Hail spell, is one of his favorite moves, but he sometimes uses it in team spars, and it hurts his teamates too.

I beleive once he actually hit Talen there with a chunk of hail, so he will testify to it. In short, i feel very safe around him, except when he gets in a Hail mood, then i get worried about him... and whoever is fighting on his team. He can get hit by it too, as well as his teamates.

He is very loyal to his freinds, but has alot to learn about fighting alongside them."

She stopped when she realized she was rambling on about Zach, who, she was sure Darius had no interest in. And, since she like this boy, she didnt want him to get bored.

"I am still scared Darius, though it does comfort me to have you nearby, even though i barely know you. I do like you Darius."

She spoke sweetly, hoping that it wouldnt make him feel weird, or akward in this situation of her admiting it.

Zach was ripped away from his thoughts as a new man climbed the tall rope ladder.

"Yes, i would not mind some company, who are you? I assume that you are a freind of Darius's judging by the friendly way you address him, so, my name is Zach, water master."

He eyed the man, as if evaluating him. His beuatiful sapphire blue eyes glistened in the dim light.

2nd October 2004, 08:28 PM
The mage kicked the sides of the mare, urging it onward. He wasn't sure where exactly Hoax and Garrett were, but he knew that the temple could only be reached by sea and they'd be headed that way. Though the sun set and the trees cast long shadows, Michaelmas squinted his eyes, looking for the outline of his comrades in the dim light.

Ah hah! I knew they'd be headed this way.

The mage slowed the horse to a trot and dismounted. Then he joined his fellow officers.

"That was one of the most tense and unpredictable conflicts I've witnessed. I felt the magic slip away from me and return, completely out of my control. We couldn't fight, but neither could we retreat. Then those brothers turned zombie and cursed us with the temple's power. I'm glad we can finally continue with our mission."

Then the mage looked around him to assess who had made it out alive. His face turned white with worry, much like before when the magic diminished in his soul. Only this time the mage was emotionally troubled as well.

"Where is Master Ingold? He never approved of this chase into the temple. Have any of you seen him?"

Michaelmas had the bad habit of hindsight. He doubted that they had come onto this quest with the right intent. He remembered how both in the orc battle and in the tavern he felt powerless without his magic. The mage brooded over these negative thoughts, forgetting for the moment the talents of his comrades, the original goal to revive the forbidden one, and his own resourcefulness in times of danger. For the moment he only saw only an empty, vain struggle.

If Ingold comes to great harm, I won't forgive myself. What's the good of saving my own skin? How could I leave the others behind?

Michaelmas quelled his guilt with the reassurance that they would not reach the temple in time, at the turn of the tide, if he stayed back and looked for any warriors who may have been crushed in the collapse. Ingold could take care of himself easily. As leader of the shcok troops, Michaelmas had to stay focused on the goal.

That night aboard the ship, Michaelmas felt restless. He paced back and forth, knocking the staff against the deck, and making a loud hollow noise.

He caught the gleam of Zach's sapphire blue eyes in the darkness. It matched the glow of Michaelmas's own staff, a heavenly blue, though very dim. Again, many exterior forces weighed upon the mage's soul and stifled his magic.

The mage arched his head back and looked at the crow's nest. He spoke.
"Zach, is it you? I'm glad you got out of that tavern so quick. That was a messy situation, for sure."

The mage scaled the ladder and ascended to the crow's nest. he noticed another body there, but wasn't sure who it was. It was hard to identify the face in the darkness, though the lightning mage could see in the darkest of storms.

Michaelmas's eyes were dark brown, almost invisible in the darkness. The mage had his hood up to keep out the cold, biting wind. The brown robes flapped a little in the breeze. He spoke a little more intently now, after making sure it was in fact Zach who stood before him.

"Do you think you're ready for the temple Zach? What will you do without water spells? If you could but wash away those hell-fires with cleansing waters, we'd be rid of those demons."

Michaelmas turned from his bad habit of hindsight to his even worse habit of anticipation. However, this vice turned to good use often, as the lightning mage premeditated most of his actions. For the moment it made for some conversation. There was no use trying to sleep, much fluttered about in the mage's mind and diverted him from sleep.

3rd October 2004, 06:34 AM
Darius was startled. This sudden, or atleast a bit sudden, change of attitude was one he hadn't expected from Alexandra. His head turned red like a tomatoe but luckily it was night already, so it would probably be very hard for Alexandra to see. Trying to think of something usefull to say, Darius coughed a single time and let out some 'Err' and 'Uhh' sounds.

"Well...Errr, yeah, thanks! I haven't seen Zach fight yet but I guess he's good."

'..No! Not Zach! Talk about...Something else!..'

"But I think you...you can...Well, I don't think you're inable of taking care of yourself."

'..This isn't getting you anywhere!!..'

"Yeah, so, so...Uhm, well, I like you too.", Darius finally said, an uncertain smile appearing on his face.

'..Oh god, have I made a fool of myself!!..'

Paradise Wandering
4th October 2004, 09:20 AM
ooc: jeez. this crows nest is getting pretty crowded. lol.

ic: "Yes Michaelmas, it is me. I am glad to see that you too, came to no harm."

What will you do without water spells?

"I dont know my friend. My strength is in water, and i am noy sure how i will fare without it. The mage sat down, leaning against the railing. He looked at Michaelmas, he was glad that they had an accomlished lightning mage with them, since Ingold was not around.

Zach was quite disheartened at Ingold's absense, for he knew that Ingold was a very strong mage, and good leader, even though he was somewhat lacking in physical strengh.

"We may need you, Michealmas, to be ready as soon as our magic returns. I have a masamune, that, when weilded, beckons a contained storm. It is not magical, so the effects of the negator will have no effect. But if i was too weild it, should it soak our opponents, then your lightning strength would be magnified. So, keep ready."

ooc: FYI, Wolve, Allie has very good eyesight, she can see fine in the dark. But meh.

ic: "I never said that i am incapable of taking care of myself, Darius." Ms. Illuminati said with a somewhat peeved tone. "I can take care of myself as well as the next person, i just said i was scared."

After this she began to calm down, her tone returning to normal.

She leened back against the wall of the ship, sinking deeply into the rope pile.

"Yeah, so, so...Uhm, well, I like you too."

The girl heard this, and that his voice held an uncertain pitch to it, and gave a slight giggle.

"Then it's mutual. Good. And as long as you are ready for what lies ahead," She said, a little reassured, "Then so am I." I think.

4th October 2004, 12:28 PM
FYI? Sry, not good in English abbreviations. Though I could come up with a lot of creative ideas (For your information? Hey, that's a pretty good guess!), they're usually wrong :p

Darius heart started beating faster. As soon as Alexandra had said that it was mutual Darius simply couldn't think straight anymore. Sure, he hadn't really be able to think clearly already the last few minutes but now there was complete chaos in his mind.

'..Wait, wait...No, don't wait, act!...Jeezs, if I say anything right now, I probably look like an idiot again...But she just said she liked you!...Doesn't that mean you can't do anything wrong?...Or that I can do everything wrong!...As soon as I break her bubble of me being a nice person...Oh God, oh God...Wow, you need to cool down...Just...Err, I don't know!...Sit close to her, wrap your arm around here and enjoy the evening!...Something like that? I mean, that's romantic, isn't it?...Yeah, but what if she thinks that's too much?...Hey, if you don't dare take THAT risk, you won't get far in live...Yeah, that's true...Just hope it turns out well..'

Doing as he had finally decided, he sat even more closer to Alexandra and laid his arm over her shoulders. He didn't try to grab her or hold her close, not in any way. It was just a communal gesture showing that he liked her and that he was there for her.

5th October 2004, 08:23 AM
Ooc: Time for a change. Ingold, good post, but I make a challenge now: try different points of veiw, shift between them. Omnipotent narrator isn't the only point of veiw. edited. NOW comment.

Ic: Tarcisus collapsed to his knees, his stomach growled angrily. He looked up at the terrible beast before him: the very foe he most feared to face without his magic was right before him, and no one else was left to help him. It was a Balrog mage, guardian of the inner sanctum of that blackened temple. His eyes grew distant in an instant, right before the beast's blade was about to come down on his neck. He could feel the warth of the blade. His evaporating sweat cooled his throat, the target of the demon's weapon.

(ooc: sorry for the confusion. this below is what is happening currently in the quest. above is something else entirely.) I remember how the boat rocked back and forth that day. I awoke in my hammock. Christy was sitting up in the hammock across from me. She got up and left the room. That was unlike her, but it did not bother me much, as I trust her. I wondered if anything could be the matter with her, so I got up and followed her up on deck. The air in the quarters was musty and closed. I could feel the clean, misty air of the sea meet my warm face. It felt so refreshing and I took a deep breath of it. My lungs even seemed happy to take in such air again. I went to the stern of the ship, and there was Christy. She was looking out at the water, looking at the wake of the ship.

"Anything wrong?"

Looking at me curiously, she smiled at the corner of her lips. Her nose wrinkled as she did so. I always loved how she did that.

'Just missing home.'

"I know exactally how you feel. Nothing would please me more than to return home."

She sighed, embracing me. She must have been grateful that I felt mutual things and was glad to have someone there to be sympathetic. I could feel her head against my chest and her arm around me. I felt so happy to have her with me, yet then it seemed such an empty existance to me. Little did I realise then, what horrors would await us at the temple and how unprepared we were to face the evil that dwelt there.

One day, I promise I shall return you to as you were.


(Ooc: experimenting... this is not god-modding. You will see why I do this. Otherwise, pm me and i'll tell you. avoid doing it here more.)

Ic: Tarcisus saw, with perfect clarity, everything around him. He imagined getting away, single-handedly defeating the Balrog, and then returning home. The chatter of the horrible goblins, grumbling and screaming in their deaths. He also could hear the waves crash against the magical stone that made the temple. A ray of light came from behind the enormous figure infront of him. A window to the outside world. He could see the silloette of seagulls, miles away. One of them looked right down at him, and directly into his eye. He saw the white in its eye. His senses were cleared, and he knew everything that was going on around him. Time slowed. He suddenly regained all his energy. He whipped up his sword from accross the room with his wing. The blade struck the Balrog's leg as he did so. He could feel the iron-hot sword against his neck and an immense pain. He hugged the ground and rolled out of the way, the sword hitting the ground, missing its target. Tarcisus flung his own sword deep into the beast's back, killing it instantly. It had been wounded earlier, and this was its final wound. The beast must have exploded, since the temple burst open, flinging stone everywhere. Not a single rock hit Tarcisus, as they seemed immeasurably easy to dodge at once. One hit him on his forehead, though, but not hard. Another struck him in the back, and he yelled from the pain, but no sound would utter from his lips. His body was thrown, by another, more magical explosion high into the air. He could feel himself fall. His neck was burning up, probably from the Balrog's sword's effect. He landed in a strange forest, but the landing hardly hurt at all though he hit it chest-first.

He lay, as dead before getting up. He looked about him. He walked through the forest a bit, and finally saw where he was. He was home. There was his cottage. The trees grew more and more sparse. The sun was warm on the back of his neck, and felt pleasant, though he felt like his neck was sunburned. There was Christy. He ran to her, but tripped, landing on the ground. Everything went dark.


The Balrog brought down its mighty sword towards the kneeling Tarcisus' neck. The last thing he felt was the blade cutting his neck, hitting the ground chest-first, and the burn on the back of his neck.

Ooc: The only thing that really "happened," or that you should react to, is the scene on the boat. Pretend the rest didn't happen in coming up with a reply post. That was Tarcisus' prophetic vision he had. Course it won't happen that way, but going along the lines of the norm would be just boring.

Paradise Wandering
5th October 2004, 08:42 AM
ooc: Trog: didnt really understand your last post there.

Wolve: Yes, FYI means for your information.


As the girl felt Darius's arm accross her shoulder, a sincere feeling of security(sp?) fell over her like a blanket. She felt good, safe, happy.

She looked up at Darius and smiled, but did not say anything. Wow. This feels... strange. Good, but strange. Ive never had this feeling before. I didnt like him in the begnning, but i really do like him now. I wonder what has come over me.

Zach's eyes shifted back to the sea, looking forward, for any sign of land. Even though mentally, he was somewhere else. In his mind, he was remembering back to his childhood, his joy, his parents. All until that fatefull twelfth year. When that mage destroyed his home, and everyone exept young Alexandra, who was with him on a hike at the time.

He sighed, wishing that he could go back in time and prevent that mage from destroying Lin'Hou. But then again, it may have been for the best, for had his home not been destroyed, he never would have mastered water, or met all of these people, whome he respected, and called his friends.
These people who he cared about, and who he would give his life for. These Armies.

He never would have gone back in time with Tim, Rakoth and Shade. Or even Met and learned from Talen.

He began to think that it may have been a good thing that his home was burned, though he missed his family so very much.

5th October 2004, 10:11 AM
Yes, a weird post indeed Trog. What did you mean with it??

Darius sighed. Feeling that Alexandra did nothing to stop him putting his arm around her and neither anything to move it (in fact, Darius even had the feeling she setteld some more and closer to him!), he knew they were happy together. That fact simply filled him with joy and warmth. He had never felt like this before in his life but he liked it. He liked it a lot.

'..Ah, life's good with a beautiful girl laying at your side, your arm wrapped around here...I just hope we get out of this alive and unhurt, so we can spend many a day together...Oh, how much would I give to be with her somewhere lonely, peaceful and quiet right now!...Sigh, unfortunately we first have to slay these evildoers and save the world again...I just hope the reward's good, whatever it is...Whether it only be good days with Alexandra afterwards or a nice treasure too, I want to get it fast!...Hmmz..'

Dozing of a bit, Darius' eyes slowly closed. He was still aware of his surroundings, a simple Heat Sensing spell taking care of that, but he just relaxed as much as he could. Since the night was cold, he came up with putting a little bit of warmth into Alexandra's body. Not even enough to make her sweat or anything like that but just enough to keep her warm in this lovely, but cold, night. He noticed she already was pretty warm, just as he himself was warm inside, but he still added a little extra, knowing that it couldn't, nor wouldn't, hurt and would probably make her feel a little bit more comfortable. Atleast, he hoped it would.

5th October 2004, 11:28 AM
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Ic: Tarcisus kissed Christy's brough and looked deep into her eyes. With a nod of his head, he motioned to the front of the ship.

"Come on."

The ship swayed in the sea to and fro with a regular motion, as it broke through the waves. The couple walked towards the main deck to be with the others. They wondered what things they would have to face in the temple, but Christy was confident in the armies' combined power. Tarcisus wasn't, as he was unable to sleep last night due to a vision. He told Christy that he could not sleep, but he did not tell her why. He must not have wanted to burden her with this. They slowly approached the others.

5th October 2004, 03:21 PM
OOC: Challenge accepted, now if Kodiak would be so kind to get all of you to the temple, Ingold could get over there as well ...

I woke up quite uneasy the next morning an almost longed back to the nothingness of my near death experience. A heavy pain pulsed through my head with every heartbeat, forcing me to move as little as possible for every extra effort would force my heartbeat to increase, resulting in only more pain. With the speed of a turtle, I slowly rose from my bed, gradually lowering my feet to touch the ground. I could feel the blood rushing away from my head, stars appearing in front of my eyes as it did. Soon after, the darkness came again, but an uncomfortable darkness it was for all my other senses still remained and of course, that everlasting headache kept plaguing me as well. As quickly as it had come, the black veil that had been drawn over my eyes retreating again. But if this was to be an omen for the rest of the day, I might just decide to stay in bed and just sleep my troubles away.

My sleep however was rarely trouble free. Although he was defeated, the laughter of Rishlak still plagued me, as did the cries of Rachel, my first love who had been so cruelly taken from me. Most people do not remember their dreams, I unfortunately do, for they are always the same nightmare. Every day I am remembered of that tragedy and every single day I cry about it, the memories becoming too much to keep inside. Much is kept inside already, but this sadness is just to great a burden to contain. Sometimes I even wonder what keeps me going in this earth, a world that had brought me little joy, a world that reminds me of my losses every single night. Many times have I stood at the edge of the army keep walls, staring down at the cliffs, wondering why I just don't let myself fall and end all of it. I know it is not 'the good' I could do in this world, no, I would gladly trade all the good I have ever done for a day of complete peace. It are not my friends, if they can be called that, no, I lost my friend a long time ago to the very entity I seek.

Yes ... I have joined many on dangerous quests, fighting enemies that would kill a mere man on sight. I have offered my help in the name of friend and - companionship and have always delivered what I offered, but little do they know. Death is what I sought, yet never have I found it. To die by the hands of a great evil in the fight for good, it's the dream of many warriors and many a dream has been fulfilled, many but mine. Sometimes I wonder if this is what is holding me back, to spare my parents the shame of having a son that was to weak to deal with the world. But then I remember that my parents know my pain and they would not hold it against me, they might even be glad for their son, glad that he finally sleeps a dreamless sleep.

To save my friends the grieve maybe? No, I could care less about their grieves, may they hate me, may they pity me, I care nought. If anything, I would meet my best friend, my brother and mentor again in death. Once more would I see the raw face of that sturdy dwarf, laugh with his jokes and flinch at his punches. He was there in my childhood, my puberty and adulthood, he thought me the basics of fighting and was one of the few that truly understood the power hidden within me. How I yearn to see him again ... no, it is not for my 'friends' that I choose to continue to live.

Nor is it for the love I could have once more, my heart has been broken twice and I cannot take a third one and live. This is what I fear the most, to be crushed once more and live to tell about it. When Rachel was so foully taken from me, I desired death and did nothing to escape it. Instead I let the same fire that consumed her, eat away at me, but apparently, my flesh was not to its likings and I lived. Then came Arwen and for a brief moment, my life had purpose once again, but then came that one phrase that destroyed everything, that sent my mind one step closer to the edge of the abyss. The consequences were terrible and a curse I now bare, just one more reason to end it all. A third attack on my heart would plunge my mind into the insanity I dread so much for I have already felt its corrupting touch … how I regret those moments … I may not call them my true friends, but I do care about them, I don’t know why, but I wish to see them save. Who knows, maybe, one day, they’ll be strong enough to kill me …

Or could it be for my students, to not rob them of the knowledge I hold, especially Michaelmas comes to mind, he reminds me of me so much. Yet, he did not live my life, the world has not tortured him like it has tortured me and I pray it never will. But no, it is not for my students either, for there is another who holds as much knowledge as I do, most likely even more. Maybe for Blank I would stay alive, to make him proud of me and not to shame him with my suicide. I know, that he is already quite proud of me though and I believe he knows what would drive me to such an act. He would understand for he has seen a lot himself, the world has shown its cruelties to him … yes, I think he would understand …

… Aaaah, this damn headache …

Where was I now … ah yes … why do I keep on going? It is crazy actually, for I know exactly what binds me to this world, I know it every time I stand on those walls. Above the roar of the sea, the wind carries a sound to my ears, holding me back … no, not the footsteps of the guard doing his route, nor the sound of the feast that always seems to be going on inside the clan halls. No, this sound comes from the stables, the pleasant neighing of an animal for who I care more then any human being currently inhabiting this world. An animal who would gladly sacrifice his life for me and I would gladly do the same for him. Yes, it is for Asfaloth that I life, he is the only true friend I have left … it is strange, he may be a horse, but I feel like I truly know him and that he truly knows me. A bond we share, one I cannot explain, but one I would go to the depths of hell for to maintain. If he would die, I would gladly follow for then, truly everything would have been taken away from me … But I have not the time to think about these things, now I must see if my orders have been carried out. Today I must speak with my allies, today I must prepare for war … today … yet another day.

If only I could get rid of this freaking headache … I think I will stay in bed a little while longer …

5th October 2004, 03:38 PM
this is gunna be short and sweet yet will make no sense for the time being.

Mindstealer slept uneasilly, the lack of magic causing his normal stability to break down his strength far below what it normally was, his mind drifted away from him. Back to the time in his past, when he had gained the power of Psi, his memories still confused of the exact event ue to the warping effect it had on his brain. As he relived the moment when he oncovered and used the new power for the first time, he felt something different... as if there was something else there with him another presence sharing his body and mind, one that had lay dorment from then and only now began to show itself...

oh and it would be nice if someone decided weather or not i funfd some gun powder...

5th October 2004, 08:02 PM
Ooc: Well answered, master Kharma. Think I'll return to my challenging myself for one post at least. Wonder what it'd be like if I tried "Limited narrator" next post. Eg, narrator doesnt know what characters are thinking or what their motives are. Rarely is the narrator another, observing character, but I've seen it done.

Ic: Christy's eyes met with a body on the deck. She did not know who this person was, and Tarcisus seemed preoccupied in his thoughts. She oped her mouth, asking,

'Begging your pardon. What is your name again?'

She stopped studdenly, looking about, as if she was hearing something. She closed her eyes and frowned.

'Excuse me...'

She went to the edge of the deck, her head extended out a bit, showing her flawless neck. Tarcisus felt her leave his side and he turned to look at her. He asked curiously,


'Be silent a moment.'

For a minute, she was completely still.

'The forest is awake.'

We will prepare to go to war as you wish, Master Ingold.

Then, to another recipiant,

My sisters, it is time.

She walked back to her place on deck near Tarcisus. He looked in her eyes inquisitively. She shook her head.

'I'll tell you later.'

6th October 2004, 05:57 AM
Y'know what would be even better? Hoax moving this quest on!! We've been posting nonsense filler posts for AGES now. If he has a great plan all worked out, how come he doesn't post it!? Argh! Now I have to make another useless, no sense making, lame, bad and stupid filler post, only to say that: HOAX NEEDS TO POST!. *Steam comes from Darius' ears.* Argh, I'm going mad here.

Darius' eyes shot open and he looked up. The soft sound of two voices penetrating his ears as knives in the silent night. He didn't want to leave Alexandra's side but if something was happening and they needed to defend themselves, he would have to. Luckily he quickly recognized the voices as being those of Tarcisus and Christy.

'..Phieuw, that means I can stay here with Alexandra...No need to get up and get things messed up..'

Dozing off again, the rocking of the boat having a douzing effect on the young Fire Mage, his eyes slowly closed themselves again.

6th October 2004, 08:56 AM
My eyes cold like the sea looked over the water. Nervous tension fills my body bringing cold beads of sweet to form on my forehead. In front of my eyes the blue water glistens like sapphires, beautiful beyond dreams, bold like the chambers of my heart.

I cannot do this, the thought flows through my head filling each pore on my body with cold fear. But then I am used to this, used to the pain, the fear, the grief that constantly fills me from within. My heart skips a beat as I look at the members of the armies around me. Each my friend, ha! Friend, who would hear a dark mage say such things? Only the dead for sure. But here I am, and there they are, us all risking our lives for what? Nothing but a fleeting adventure, a vague perception created by an insane man.

Hoax, he is the reason I now sit on this deck. The reason I sit and wait for the coming fight. Still he is a friend, and I cannot turn from a friend. My thoughts wandered and I spoke aloud. Though why I did I shall never know.

“Thy souls stir and thy mind wanders. Take thine hand from off thine rail and rest instead on the hilt. TIME HAS COME! And fight shall we. That fact burns through us for all time. Fight, kill be killed! That is thou destiny, which from escape is impossible.”

7th October 2004, 04:38 AM
*Hoax stood on the bow of the ship, the ominous shape of the temple loomed out of the starry sky, the lights of the city now far behind them. Thoughts differed through his head;

What was inside the temple, what would they face upon entering?

Though he had discretely asked around when he was scouting the town a few months before he had not been able to find what existed within the confines of the temple walls.

The few that had entered and managed to survive rambled about speed, deadly attacks and the crawling sounds, the endless scampering of feet. One rambling survivors told of the sudden ambushing, the wary marching and sudden fighting. The deadly cornered attacks, leaving none left. Only by staying in the main group had any managed to survive.

Hoax had made a mental not to tell the others of this, but just warn them to stay as a team and watch each other’s backs. It was entirely possible that the large group might scare off the creatures, but then Hoax had not been inside the temple.

It was this point that Hoax’s thoughts were interrupted by the captain, Jack.*

Jack ~ “It wont be long now, another 10 minuets and we shall lower you in the long boat. We will anchor a few hundred meters from the temple, from what you said its base goes under water in a sort of err, shallow reef. If we were to run aground on that then we would be marooned on a temple of the dammed, I’m sure you do not want that.”

Hoax ~ “No I understand, I’m sure the others will too.”

*Hoax glanced at the small gathering that seemed to be forming in the crows nest*

Hoax ~ “…say jack, didn’t the main mast take a hit during a sea skirmish?”

Jack ~ “Yes it did, I wouldn’t worry though, my onboard builder says that so long as we don’t take another hit or run into storm force winds, we should be just fine, though I cant say I find that splinter at the base there very comforting. He says its my imagination and love for this ship, but I sware that crack has grown larger since being hit.”

Hoax ~ “Why didn’t you fix it in port?”

Jack ~ “No one to do it! I would have as soon as we arrived but not one repairman or shipyard had a mast that would suit the Seafox lying around. Normally we wouldn’t even ask, but just take out a woodworker and go off and find and hone a tree our selves.”

Hoax ~ “Well, its just as well you didn’t, you would probably have been in repairs when we needed you again.”

Jack ~ “ay, that’s true, but still, should the main mast go we will be forced to half the amount of canvas we have out and skirt along the coast line.
The seafox would lose her main advantage on the high sea, speed.”

Hoax ~ “with a bit of luck we wont need that, once we are done here we can sail back to the keep and have the ship builders at the castle do some fine repairs on your ship, and as promised you will be rewarded for your services.”

Jack ~ “yes… don’t you be forgetting that last part now will ya. Me and my men don’t work for free, I lost an eye for this mission.
Though ehh, I cant say I don’t enjoy playing the pirate onboard the ship.
the men seem to have found a new respect for the captain ;)

any way, enough talk, your close enough now, ill have my men ready the long boat for you, it will give you a few minuets to prep your elite team for battle.

before I do though, one question. What’s with the halo?”

*Hoax gave a soft laugh and glanced up, after the slow trip to the temple Hoax has almost forgotten about the halo, his knee had started to settle down and no longer plagued him with a throbbing sharp pain every time he tried to move it.
Still, he felt the dampening effects and knew that the advanced use of magic was still a good 4 hours off, time by with hopefully he would be out by, after that the temple would slowly start to fill with water again, something that would not be good as the creatures that resided in the temple would PROBREBLY not take to kindly to new room mates…*

Hoax ~ “it’s a dampener, your sea mage is probably feeling it, then again he is also stone drunk for 18 hours of the day and wouldn’t know the difference between a steam ball and a ice orb.
It is stoping us from casting spells and using magical items, but it looks like its starting to loosen its effects, with a little luck we might not be so naked in there.”

Jack ~ “HA, from what I heard in the tavern a spell wouldn’t help you much, apparently these monsters like to either gang up on victims or jump out at them from behind trap doors and invisible corners, the temple is a place of worship, but it is also a place of evil, and as such the very halls of the place are evil, working aganced you.”

Hoax ~ “I had heard about the monsters but of the very temple being evil is a new one on me, any way, we may be coming out in a hurry, if you could be waiting to give us covering fire as we come out?”

Jack ~ “ill have my men load the cannons, if anything comes out after you then we’ll show them the power the seafox can throw around on the sea.”

*Hoax called every one over as jack dropped anchor, the ship giving a small lurch to the starboard as the anchor sank to the bottom of the sea floor only a stones throw away from the temple entrance.

Once every one was gathered Hoax told them all what he knew…*

Hoax ~ “…ok people, now as you all know, this is what we have been going for, we are here for information ONLY! That mean's that no one is to go wandering off trying to find any “deactivation switch” or something, a heroic/stupid move like that could put you and every one else at risk.

To go further on that note, I have dug up a few tit-bits on what we might encounter but nothing as solid as I would have liked.
Apparently there are a few different kinds of monsters/demons that reside here as a permanent garrison.
First there are fast scuttling “things” that seem to like pouncing on there victims, they lurk around corners and apparently come up on you faster than you expect.
Second kind I heard about was a wall crawling type, likes to hid in crevices and ceilings built into this place and drop down suddenly and snare a victim.
Third kind seems to like to attack in numbers, streaming out from hidden doorways and crevices.

Lastly I heard from one man who had gone in deeper than any one else, unfortuenly this also makes him the most insane one I could hold a semi-intelligent conversation with.
He said he heard a roar from a chamber he was about to enter, he looked around the corner and saw a “quote, flaming shadow, unquote” after that he ran back into the main hall were he found his partner, or what was left of him.
He said he didn’t stop to pull his faïence away from his remains, he broke down sobbing then saying no one should have seen what he say, I got nothing more from him.

One last thing, we are on a time schedule, after 4 hours the tide will turn and the lower temple will start to flood, I hope we will be out by then but if not… well, I hope you can all swim.

Now, here are my expedition rules; we move as a unit, one body, one mind. No one is to go out of sight of the main body, EVER!
Do you understand? If you are unable to see the rest of us, then you are some were you shouldn’t be!”

Jack ~ “Hoax! The long boats ready!”

Hoax ~ “ahh yes, time to go people, every one in the long boat, its time to go!”

{10 minuets later}

*Hoax quickly hoped off the boat, grabbing the edge of it and haling it onto the steps and tying it to a statue of a large armoured man standing with a sword that came up to his shoulders.
motioning for the others to follow, Hoax made his way in through a large arch way, almost immediately he was greeted by walls with a row of hieroglyphics, the walls formed 3 hallways leading off from the main entrance, one in the middle, and two on the sides.
all ready it seemed the temple was trying to confuse them with choice.
Hoax quickly inspected the inscribing but finding nothing of interest, turned back to face the others.*

Garrett ~ “any one have a special feeling about this place? Darius? Mindstealer? Maybe you have a funny feeling about one in particular?”

Hoax ~ “I’m not sure it matters, these halls are designed to confuse us and to get us lost, though if one of you dose have a preference as to a hallway then speak up now, we need a place to start out search and it may as well be from a place one of you has a premonition about...”

7th October 2004, 07:24 AM
Hoax, I must say, you have certainly improved on your previous posts with this one. Better, much better than your previous ones indeed.

Too bad you have Internet problems...

Darius listened to Hoax' speech with some interest. He always liked to be a bit prepared before going into battle. Though some might say of him that he was the 'rush-kill-then think' type, he tried to be different. Sure, he knew his weaknesses and yes rushing into battle unprepared was one of them but atleast he tried to better himself. It didn't always work, certainly not, but the times that it did Darius always was surprised at how much advantage one could have from being prepared and would always promise himself to get ready next time too. The fact that that promise was sometimes broken was something to regret but not to despise. Atleast, that's what Darius thought of it.

As Hoax' talked and talked, Darius began to think about several details he'd noticed. The 'flaming shadow', whatever it was, didn't worry him. He didn't have to use any magic to handle that 'thing'.

'..Simple Fire Manipulation, no problem..'

Quickly he focused again, feeling his thoughts slowly slip away to an imaginary fight with the flaming shadow, and he tuned in again just in time to hear Hoax warn about them possible needing to swim through a flooded temple. This fact worried him a bit. Though they had a Water Mage with them, he didn't know if Zach could handle such an amount nor did he know if he could do it without using any Magic, like Darius could with Fire.

'..Ofcourse, there's always the option of me trying to vapourize the whole flood but that would be an immense spell and could probably only be done once and only if the Tempel hadn't detected anything, and I mean anything, yet...For it would be a huuuge spell, vapourizing a whole temple full of water...But if I could pull that one of, Alexandra...Argh, I'm getting distracted again!..'

Hoping that he hadn't missed anything big he concentrated just in time again to hear Hoax say that they needed to stick together. The logic of this seemed so simple to Darius that he let out a small, cynical sigh. The fact that they were stronger and safer as a team seemed a fact that was known to all in here, since they were all experienced enough to know that, in Darius' opinion.

'..But repeating is never bad, so I understand he says it..'

Walking over to the railing where the boat hung in mid-air, held steady by several ropes which in their own turn were held by some strong sailors ready for the captain to give the sign and lower them all. Darius waited for Alexandra to come alongside of him and then offered her a hand, again. After she got on, he jumped in and as soon as they had been lowered, he sat next to her again. He said nothing, knowing nothing to say.

They arrived at the temple a rough ten minutes later. He jumped out of the boat and after helping Alexandra out, a ritual that had quickly become habit, he followed the rest of the group inside. The temple, as could've been expected, was mighty big. Lots of runes were painted on the wall, though Darius did not recognize one of them.

'..Strange, strange...Maybe they're not Runes...They sure look like them but they're...Weird..'

Confused by the three hallways that all lead their own way, Hoax asked the group what they thought to be the best way. Darius shrugged his shoulders and gave everyone of them a look.

"I don't know Hoax. They all look the same to me. So if I had to chose, I'd chose the right one. But that's just out of habit you see. Doesn't really make a difference I think. Whatever you say, unless someone else has a better idea."

OOC 2;-
Yeah, sorry Zach! Forgot to say. But I couldn't wait for you to say yes or no and then continue to go with the boat. I needed to get there, didn't I? Simply forgot to say: Sry for RP'ing your char! I just offered my service though. I simply assumed you'd say yes here, since 'they' kinda 'like eachother' so I didn't find it wrong. Hope to haven't offended you too much. Sry again.

Paradise Wandering
7th October 2004, 07:36 AM
ooc: could have at least let me Rp my own char lol

ic: I thank you much for your kindness Darius, though it was far from neccecary. I can get in and out of a boat by myself. She gave the boy a slight pat on the back, and walked up ahead to see where Hoax was going. "I have no preference as to what door we take, you are te leader are you not? So, you deiced Hoax."

Seeing the rest of the group take to the boat and head for land, Zach sprang up from the crows nest and dived into the water, being a master, he was quite comfortable swimming, and got to the temple about the same time as the rest.

"I agree with the fire mage. I prefer the right one."

7th October 2004, 03:57 PM
gunna be missing this weekend... don't go too far without me :)

Ilathar was still ferriting arround below decks when the call came to leave, having found the gunpowder store, he had taken a small ammount, replacing it with coin, sufficient to blow a few holes in walls if the need arose.

Meanwhile, Mindstealer troubled by the lack of magic and the dreams that had been haunting him was not sure if he was going to continue or not, however when he awoke his strength had returned even with the lack of magic. This confused him somewhat yet he didn't connect it with the dream at all. The fact that he was not the only one possesing his body also went undetected...

The call went up they had reached their destination, slowly unwilling to test the strength that had been returned to him Mindstealer joined Ilathar on deck in time to catch the end of hoax's speach.

I said i'd pull this temple down brick by brick if nessisary, without magic it may be more difficult but i never go back on my word. Death will come to any who oppose me.

His thoughts were given time to develop as the longboat set off from the ship, only interupted by them reaching the temple.

The two Darksiders left the boat and followed the others into the temple, Ilathar already had an arrow notched on his bowstring, glancing over the hiroglyphs on the wall Ilathar nodded with an inner understanding, keeping what he had read to himself as it bore little interest to the group.

Mindstealer drew out his mirror, something that he hadn't used in a while yet with the lack of magic in this place, it would be useful for navigation, it glowed with a soft white light, slowly mapping out the vast maze that was the temple. It stopped unfinished, as if something blocked its view, yet this should be impossible. Still it showed the way from here.

"I believe that if we do go right we will die, quite painfully and soon. Left also holds a similar fate. The only path open to us is straight on."

8th October 2004, 08:16 AM
OOC: Carnage is away, wiee, party :tongue: and carnage, you could have at least made it an active counter in your sig, that 204208th second or whatever has lasted over a minute now. Yeah, yeah, I know, criticizing is easy.

Asfaloth awaited his master with an growing impatience, it was already midday and yet, still nothing was to be seen of Ingold. Finally, the door of the shack opened and Ingold walked out, his hand on his head in an attempt to calm his headache, of course, that didn't help much. Outside, several people awaited him, captains, majors, lieutenants and other higher-ranking officers wearing the AoTFO emblem. Yet, not all people present wore the usual armour. Ingold had called upon his allies as well for when he crushes a town, he does it right. all men present were young and eager to go to battle for the Forbidden One, one present though, fell out of tone? He was an old man, leaning on a crooked stick while he eyes the black robed lightning mage.

None but Ingold knew this man and the power he held. Some time ago, they had made an alliance and now this old man was here to honour it. Yet, troops he would not give for he feared that once his subjects tasted blood again, they would revert to their old selves again. Only few of his people would have the willpower to withstand such a temptation after having slaughter an entire town, no matter how evil or undead its inhabitants might be.

"You all know your orders, move to the town, you’ll make good time normally. Make sure the keep and villages are safe, I want double guards everywhere. Last thing I need to find on my return is a wrecked homeland. Watch the livestock and the goods supplies well, although I doubt many man would dare to come close to the city of Merrilith."

Saying those last words, Ingold glanced over at the old man, a grin on his face while his commanding officers went to their positions. Within minutes, the army would get moving. Rangers had already been sent scouting and ships had already sailed off, a detachment of water and lightning mages accompanying them just in case that big creature of the water would decide to show up. After a few seconds, only Ingold, the old man and a page were left. The young boy, stood next to his master and although the child was almost as tall and twice as broad as Ingold, he knew his place and was happy to be the page of such a powerful man. Turning to the boy, Ingold grabbed his equipment and strapped it on and a few seconds later, the old Ingold could be seen again. His leather armour was newly oiled, his katana dangled by his left side while his tanto glistened in the few sunrays that were able to pierce the canapé. Yet, there was one thing different, Ingold now also wore a green bow, a weapon he hadn’t used before.

"Thank you my boy, stay here and care for Asfaloth while I’m away."

Now Ingold turned to the white horse and with a simply glance, both understood what had happened and what was going to happen. Such was their link, they hardly needed words any more.

"Now OLD MAN" Ingold said in a most sarcastic voice, "You know where I need to be, can it be done?"

"The anti magic is strong, yet it has wavered in the last few hours, the real trick will be getting you there without alarming the temple priests of it. You don’t just create a portal and expect no one to hear or sense it. But it can be done, just give me a few minutes … "

To the left of the group, a portal suddenly jumped into life, just big enough to let one person walk through. Yet, the violent doorway one would expect, seeing that it would have to struggle against the magic draining energy within this place. No, this was a silent and smooth opening in time and space, almost unseen by human eyes was it not that the prescience of this portal, disrupted the movement of the air around it a little bit. Not even a second later, Ingold stepped through, the portal closing behind him immediately. Spotting the troops, Ingold made his way over to the others, bow in hand and ready to have some fun.

"So, what are we standing around here for?"

8th October 2004, 08:46 AM
Talen drifted like a dream out of the boat. Not waiting for a boat he simply seemed to walk into the water. His movements not leaving even the slightest trace on the waters surface. Now totally submerged he bent forward and flicked his legs the motion propelling him. His body even cloaked moving fast through the water. He noticed the motions of another in the water and recognised Zach in an instant. Slowly he climbed out of the water and shook his body. A spray of water sent in every direction.

He looked at the paths that now faced them and listened to Mindsteeler. He was about to reply when Ingold appeared next to them.

“Well, we needed to wait for you somewhere didn’t we? IT seems like we will take the middle path.”

8th October 2004, 10:31 AM
*Hoax swung around, the sound of Ingold voice startling to say the least, though he had not dared to say it out loud Hoax was almost completely convinced that Ingold had perished in the tavern collapse.*

Hoax ~ “Ingold! its good to see you again. Alive. Were not really waiting on anything, were just deciding were to start, at the moment its 2 aganced one, but I am more inclined towards the psychic opinion. Mindstealer says death am pain for the side hallways, but Darius and Zach say right.

Garrett, you’re an authority on traps and disarmament. What’s your opinion?”

*Garrett said nothing, he simply grabbed his blackjack from the right hand side of his belt and slowly approached the entrances.
Getting down on both knees and lowering himself to the ye level of the floor the thief raised the tip of the blackjack over one of the symbols on the floor and quickly taped it.

Instantly a quick burst of air could be heard, and Garrett blackjack went flying out of his hands.
Upon fetching it Garrett held up the weapon for all to see, a dart was stuck firmly into the rubbery surface of the blackjack.
Garrett slowly pulled the crudely made dart out, a greenish black goo oozed out of the tip…*

Garrett ~ “err, my opinion is with mindstealer, there are several other stones on the right hand side’s floor that bare the same markings at the one I just taped, who knows, maybe some of the others fire darts as well.
Personally I would rather go the way were there are no ruine markings on the floor, and since the only path with out them is the middle….
Well, lets just say I feel its obvious witch way we should go, and its not the side hall’s.”

*Hoax nodded and lead the way into the temple, the long hallway stretching for a few hundred meters before ending in another choice of 3 hallways.
Hoax looked at Garrett and Garrett looked down the right hall.
Again the hall way lead to another 3 choices this time Garrett pointed down the left hall.

It was as they were walking down this 3rd hallway that Hoax heard it, a sort of tinkering, like sharp small claws on a stone floor.
Spinning around Hoax was just in time to see the tip of a long lizard like tale disappear around the corner of the last hall they had come from.
Hoax said nothing, wondering if it was a trick of the lighting or something, yet still, the distinct feeling that they were being watched now lingered.*

8th October 2004, 10:48 AM
When the boat pulled up to the temple, Tim smiled.

It's time, he thought. He climbed down, and followed the group to the temple. He followed the rest, till the creature appeared, the just as suddenly disappeared. He cursed himself, he had let his guard down. He started paying more attention to his surroundings, lookig out for trouble.

8th October 2004, 05:49 PM
Ingold followed after Hoax and the others, entering the dark temple with his bow firmly in hand. Although this weapon was magically in nature, it was but a weak item, though it could prove deadly to opponents in the end. His craftsman’s ship with the weapon wasn't as good as Illithar's, after all, Ingold had never finished his tutelage under the weapon's master, but he was good enough to hold his own with this weapon if needed, even in close combat. The latter one would be quite difficult through, seeing that this bow was quite fragile and if it there was to be a fight with a demon, Ingold's katana would serve him much better.

Like a thief in the night, be it not as good as Garett, Ingold followed the others, his cloak covering his body, making him looking ethereal to the dark interior of the temple. His eyes constantly flashed from one end to the other as the lightning master tried to be prepared for any surprises. Like Hoax, he had heard the sounds and he had even seen some shadows moving. Whether it was the darkness splaying tricks on his eyes, or the temple casting its foul magics was yet to be seen.

"Never take the easy way in life, it will only lead you to ruin. Be prepared, the darkness is gathering."

8th October 2004, 06:52 PM
Tim smirked.

"How did you figure that out?" Tim asked, with a slight hint of sarcasm. Then he caught himself.

"Sorry" he amended. "Nice quote, though. Where did you hear it?"

He continued scanning the temple for any surprises. A couple of times he prodded a tile in the floor, suspecting a trap, and twice he thought he saw someone, but the figure was always gone before he could actually see it. He kept his breathing shallow and soft, through his mouth. He had a hand on his sword, ready to draw it at a microsecond if neccisary.

8th October 2004, 07:09 PM
"A little bit of wisdom life I got with my long and hard life, I don't know where exactly I picked that one up, nor do I care to discuss it at this time if you don't mind Tim"

With, this, Ingold drew the string of his bow back, a greenish mist materialising between his fingers as he did. Soon, a solid arrow was knocked back on the bow, ready to be launched. Yet, although the arrows themselves weren't deadly, Ingold could always add some les healthy qualities to them. Slowly, the lighting mage continued his way, tredding carefully, always testing the tile he would set foot on first before actually moving on. His eye movements became quite rapid, going from the wall to the tiles to the back to the roof to the ground once more and back to the hall before returning to the back again. Constantely checking every nook for a possible trap. but in a place like this, nothing could be expected, even with the many eyes this party held.

8th October 2004, 11:10 PM
"Never take the easy way in life, it will only lead you to ruin. Be prepared, the darkness is gathering."

*Hoax nodded, what Ingold said was making since, if it was true that the temple itself was evil then it would be reasonable to assume that it would heard them into a trap.
Though he did not like it, Hoax felt that they should leave the beaten path and risk the boobie trapped halls.

When they reached the end of the 3rd hall they were again greeted with 3 choices, Garrett pointed down the centre hallway but Hoax had another feeling….*

Hoax ~ “Garrett, do you think you could lead us down the far left hallway safely?”

Garrett ~ “what?”

Hoax ~ “the very walls of this temple are evil, this building is “hunting” us, herding us.
We should break suit, do you think that you could take us down the left hallway or not?”

Garrett ~ “Hoax the left hallway is flawlessly trapped, I have a feeling that not every symbol on the floor is trapped, and there is no way to tell witch one is trapped and witch one is not.
Its not safe, in fact it goes beyond not safe, its madness, I would need something to give me a clue as to were not to step.”

*Hoax pondered a moment, then took a closer look at the inscriptions on the walls, pulling out a book from his travel bag the mage began comparing the pages with that on the wall.
Blind luck or skill seemed to prevail, Hoax found a clue inscribed on the wall as to the nature of the temple they were on…

though the hands of men may not be guided by fate, mysteries are revealed in the light of reason. The way to salvation is made clear when viewed from above, patience gains reward. Were ever you go there you are, knowledge and wisdom at the cost of self for the arcane powers brings destruction.

Hoax read our aloud what was written then flipped to a page in his book showing a list of ruinitic symbols, Hoax gently tore the page out and handed it to Garrett*

Hoax ~ “avoid stepping on these symbols.”

*Garrett nodded and looked down the left hallway, though it was no longer than the others, it seemed to be the longest stretch of hallway yet.

Garrett took a step out onto the tiles floor. Each of the stones on the floor were about 6 inches square, not a lot of room for error.
Garrett closed his eyes as he stepped out onto the first stone, praying silently that it was not a ruine he had missed on the piece of paper Hoax had given him.
After standing there for 2 – 3 seconds with his eyes closed Garrett figured he was ok and stepped out again.
Soon Garrett was feeling confident in what he was doing and turned around and motioned for the others to follow…*

Hoax ~ “follow Garrett’s foot steps exactly”

*Hoax was the first to follow Garrett, watching the thief carefully and making sure to match his foot steps excsactly.

Away back in the shadows two yellow eyes gleamed, watching the group of people as they walked.
The pair of eyes were soon joined by another pair, then another. All in all one could have assumed 3 creatures siting in the shadows.
One of the pair of eyes bared a set of sharp gleaming white teeth as it gave a hiss and leapt up onto the ceiling.
The creature scuttled along, staying hidden all the while but keeping an evil yellow eye on the strange people in its home.*

9th October 2004, 03:27 AM
Darius chuckled as he heard Ingold's wise words. The Lightning Mage, who had had an amazing come-back without the temple noticing it, something which surprised Darius quite a bit, had always had a weird sense of humor and Darius liked this one.

'..Melodramatic quotes all around...Hihi..'

After having his small seconds of fun, he suddenly found Hoax and Garrett standing still, discussing something which, apparently, Garrett didn't really like. Being too late to join the discussion Darius simply shrugged his shoulders and looked around. He hated the temple having such a regulation over their Magic for otherwise a Heat Sensing-spell or a spell to lighten things up a bit would've been a handy one in this situation.

'..Boy, with our Magic ready, this temple wouldn't stand a chance...Now however, we're gonna' get some trouble for sure...Maybe I better unsheat my sword..'

With a soft but long ring, the sound of his sword scraping against its sheat, Darius unsheated his gigantic sword. It was a sword longer than he himself, eight feet to be precise, which was pretty long compared to Darius 'lowly' six feet and two-and-a-half inches, but, though its size would make one think otherwise, Darius was perfectly able to control it. In fact, up 'till now he hadn't wielded one single sword that suited him so perfectly as this one. Putting the tip on the floor, he leaned on his sword and looked around. Hoax had apparently found something written on the wall with hints from some sort of book he had magically pulled out of a pocket, which made Darius wonder why the mage hadn't used it directly at the start to gain hints about where what and who would be, and the mage was now explaining to Garrett what to do. They spoke so soft that Darius, who only stood about thirty feet away, couldn't hear a word from what they were saying. And so, not having much else to do but to stare at the beauty of Alexandra, he deciced to take a look around.

Turning his head around as much as he could, he saw nothing. The place was really dark and if one would not be withing a reach of fifty feet of something, one would probably not see it. Sighing he lifted his sword from the ground and swung it over his shoulder. He walked away from the group a little, not by far far enough for him, or anybody else, to think of it as dangerous, and peered around in the vast darkness that surrounded them. Still nothing could be seen, nor heard for that matter. He walked around the place, never losing sight of the group though, but came across nothing but air. Shrugging he decided to go back, seeing that Garrett was leading the way into one of the dangerous hallways. But just then, a pair of yellow eyes lit up, just in front of him. Immediatly, as a reflex, his sword shot out at the being that had produced these eyes but before his sword was at the place the eyes had been only a mere second ago, they were gone already.

'..Damn!...You wouldn't say I am slow or have slow reflexes but this...'thing' dodged my move without making a sound!!...Sheesh, better be careful..'

A bit scared, he quickly paced back to the group. Not wanting to scare most of them, he decided not to tell what had just happened to him and to just follow the rest. They seemed to be following Garrett's footsteps very precisely, something which led Darius to the conclusion that the thief was showing them the way through the hall without getting shot by a dart. Ending the row of people that started this slow and dangerous walk, he looked back once more but couldn't see the glinstering eyes anymore. A chill went down his spine but then he turned back and followed the person in front of him with great precision.

'..Hope that creature doesn't get back before we're safe out of this hallway..'

9th October 2004, 06:23 AM
Talen followed Hoax down the corridors. Finally they went down a different corridor and stopped suddenly.

“What is up ahead?”

Tight scedual, need just keeping up :P

9th October 2004, 09:10 AM
Ooc: Forgive my slowness.

Ic: Just then, a voice perked up, echoing from within one of the hallways. It was, of course, Tarcisus.

"Silent all!"

He turned his head around, listening.

Hoax... something draws near.

He said to the fellow spirit mage mentally. Christy was nervous, her eyes darting back and forth from each unexplained movement to the next. Then, under her breath,

"I have a baaad feeling about this..."

The jewel on the top of her staff began to glow, until it was bright enough to light her way through the dangerous corridor. Tarcisus skillfully and carefully followed Garret's footsteps precisely, as Christy kept her senses open, coming under a dark portion of the ceiling. Suddenly, a drop of acid fell on the floor. She looked up. It was too late. A huge, dark arm with more than six, terribly long digits grabbed her and flung her up to the roof with immense speed, almost the instant the drop of acid fell on the floor. She was gone so fast, she wasn't really sure what was happening. She screamed, but its hand covered her mouth, not letting most of the sound come out. She could feel the coldness of the ceiling creature's body. And fear, so much fear. She saw two red eyes widen as she got closer towards its manibles. She couldn't see what it looked like, but her imagination took over there. Her staff fell on the ground. Tarcisus looked behind him, seeing her not there, and her staff on the ground. Christy pulled out her sword, but she could feel the warmth of the thing's breath. She was too close to it, but no one could see from where this creature was exactally; even she could not tell, it was so dark. A huge crunching sound could be heard along with a muffled gasp.

"NOOO! Christy!"

Ooc: This will be fun. Don't worry too much, lol.

9th October 2004, 09:22 AM
Tim payed close attention to where everyone else stepped, stepping only where they stepped. He pondered the situation for a moment.

Hmm . . . I wonder if my ability to transform would trigger the magic of the temple. . . . Maybe if I did it slowly. . . .

He began to glow ever-so-slightly. Slowly, very slowly, he began to transform. After some time, he began to take on the shape of a young draike, no more than a half-foot long. He began to hover above the tiles, not touching any of them. However, he didn't fly ahead, he stayed with the rest of the group. They might need his help.

OoC: You did say that small magic was allowed, and this slower version of his transformation is small. If it's too big, PM me and I'll delete this post.

Paradise Wandering
9th October 2004, 09:36 AM
Zach walked along, somewhere in the middle of the group. Slowly, following the steps exactly of those ahead of him. He heard Tarcisus scream Christy's name and saw the drip of acid, as well as a muffled scream. But had no idea what had happened. With one swift motion, a volley of shurikens was sent flying in the direction of the scream, though he had no way of knowing whether they hit, because of the darkness.

Alexandra did nothing about it, she was extremly afraid of this place, and she walked directly in front of Darius. She slowed down slightly, so she could be closer to him, for she felt safer in his presence.

ooc: meh. crap post. no time to make anything good, i just dont wanna get left behind and forgotten about. :tongue:

10th October 2004, 04:46 AM
Darius' mouth dropped open as Christy suddenly disappeared and left nothing but a drop of acid on the floor. Looking up he thought he could see the girl's body dangling, held by some sort of weird monster.

'..I better raise the alarm!..'

"Hey! Guys! A..thing got Christy! Do something about it!"

Cursing himself for having nothing to throw at the beast, he stood there motionless, not knowing anything to do.

'..If I could only use my magic!!...Unfortunately I can't and I also can't walk up walls, so that's out of the question too...Oh god, I hope she doesn't die!..'

OOC;- Not freakin' out. Just being worried :p

10th October 2004, 08:29 AM
Tim heard the alarm, and flew up to attempt to help Christy. He circled around the great beast holding her, looking for an opening. Seeing a small one, he darted in, aiming his claws for it's eyes. He let loose a burst of flame, attempting to burn the creature to a crisp. He also aimed a bite at one of the creature's mandibles, hoping to free Christy.

11th October 2004, 06:44 AM
Ilathar had been holding up a rear guard, Mindstealer walking two or three paces in front fustrated at his mirror not fuctioning correctly, he suspected it had little to do with the anti magic of the temple, but more to do with the fact that he hadn't used it in ages...

Seeing Christy get dragged up into the ceiling, Ilathars first responce would have been to shoot and kill the creature, however since they didn't want to make their presence known and any sustained fight would hamper this goal. He mearly walked calmly upto the creature, standing below it he watched the struggle, waiting to help out if nessisary.

11th October 2004, 07:25 AM
Ic: What no one else could see from below, was Christy's claymore deep into the creature's mouth, piercing it through its thick skull. That was the muffled gasp and the crunching noise. Tarcisus couldn't use his wings, the temple was dampaning their effects. He couldn't use his magic either. His eyes were wide open in terror and panic. But what happened, was that at the last moment, when she was about to be devoured, she slammed the tip of her weapon into the thing's mouth, pinning it to the ceiling. It was also struck from below by someone, apparently. She didn't move whatsoever though for a long time, her muscles literally petrified. She opened her eyes. The hand was no longer over her face and mouth. She gasped for air, now being able to move. She freed her sword from the ceiling monster. It didn't fall to the floor, but began to disipate like some evaporating flame. She fell to the ground, landing on her feet. She broke her fall with her immense skill in acrobatics, bending her knees to help absorb the impact. Her face was looking down at the floor, with her hair covering it. She had her sword on her back diagonally, with the hilt protruding over her left shoulder. She had her left hand on the hilt and her right hand on the floor. She stood up and looked at the others. Her face was paler than anyone thought it could be. She walked towards Tarcisus, who was speachless and tearful. He turned and kept moving.

They embraced in the next hall, with her crying.

14th October 2004, 06:46 PM
Ingold had followed after the others, finding himself somewhere in the middle of the party. Closely paying attention where to step, after all, he didn't want to end up like some meat on a stick, be it bone on a stick in Ingold's case. Yet, even though he kept his eyes on the step stones, he also watched his surroundings to the best of his abilities. He had noticed the fire mage doing a bit of exploring in the darkness and cursed at the boy's stupidity for if he was attacked now, there was nothing the others could do to help, after all, they were standing in a trap ridden passage. Yet, Darius soon returned to the others and Ingold breathed a little bit easier, be it not for long as cries of alarm went off at Christy's disappearance. Again, Ingold cursed at the unprofessionally of his troops and he realised that a lot of training was in order when they would get out of this blasted temple.

People just started throwing things into the dark, not realising that they could actually hit Christy for there was nothing to see after all but the dark sealing of the temple. But it was not just that, although their prescience had probably been already noticed, the cries of alarm had most likely warned those that didn't know they were here yet.

"Fools, never heard of whispering or hand signals? This isn't a field trip, now act like professionals or you're going to get us all killed"

Ingold whispered to the others, yet it was a loud enough whisper for most to hear? Christy was now safe and sound as well and everyone had calmed down once more. Ingold kept his bow knocked back though as he entered the next room, prepared for what was to come.

"Maybe we can use the hall we just passed if we can cross it quick enough. If we are attacked by many, maybe we can lead then into their own traps ... then again, I can't really remember what tiles exactly I just stepped on"

14th October 2004, 08:08 PM
Tim hovered down near Ingold.

"Meaning no disrespect, sir" he said, his voice icy, "But it's kinda hard to be quiet when a monster has you by the foot. And, to tell you the truth, I'm growing a little tired of your uber, know-it-all attitude. Now, I don't mean to sound rude, but your previous statement was redundent, and only contributed to the noise in this building. Now, please, shut up." Tim flew off ahead before Ingold could offer any rebuttal.

14th October 2004, 08:23 PM
*mumble* Redundant? This only means that you have that knowledge and just don't follow it you stupid dragon. Besides, what I saw were not professional armies, it was a band of individuals just attacking some darkness, hoping to hit the beast. I do not know it all, but I do know what is best. Want to talk know it all, look to yourself. Second, you forget your place draconian, I'm leader, you're cleaning toilets when we get back ... telling me to shut up. I did not add to the noise, I was smart enough to whisper, not louder then the beating of your freakin wings lizard with wings. *mumble*

14th October 2004, 08:38 PM
"First of all," snarled Tim, "you are now the one who is making noise, and attracting the attention of any nearby enemies. Second, you maybe the leader, but you are still like the rest of your species, a stupid fool who can't see past himself you could never hope to understand the dragons. Three . . ." here, he drew his head up proudly, "I am a dragon, I wouldn't go within a mile of those filth pits you humans call "sanitary facilities". Fourth, I have a name, and deserve to be called by it. Finally, you may be the leader, but I could take you on any time, human." Tim said that last word with contempt, as though it left a foul taste in his mouth.

14th October 2004, 08:59 PM
OOC: One, you were away as you said yourself, 2. it was a mumble, hence to one's self, hardly understandable even if you have dragon's ears.

IC: Surprised that Tim could hear him, Ingold just chuckled at the dragon's retort, finding it amusing. The great dragon making a scene over what a lowly human said. Hah, this was good stuff.

15th October 2004, 12:17 AM
*As Hoax exited the hallway he knew they had found what they were looking for.
For a start there were no other hallways leading off from it, only in, second the room was much larger than the other junctions, and lastly the walls were literally covered in ruins.
Ignoring every one else’s Hoax began to inspect the walls, reading the ancient text as he went.

Garrett on the other hand, could not be more concerned about the noise and what it was attracting…*

Garrett ~ “[hushed whisper] Draco, please, keep it down! Ingold is right, far to much noise.
Given it was an emergency but we should shape up from here on in.
Just look down the hallway we came down and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, Ingold, this “plan” of yours, you might not be able to remember but I can. [/hushed whisper]”

*true to Garrett’s word, down the hall they had come, more yellow eyes glared back at them, staying hidden in the darkness but watching none the less.

Mean while Hoax had deciphered part of the writings….*

Hoax ~ “I think I have something here, it talks about a most hated mortal foe of the “dark one” known as the horodrem, a group of demon hunters who for hundreds of years plagued the darkest forces of evil, they were hunted down and killed, every last one of them.
These walls talk about a device, something that will give some one the knowledge of the demon hunters last base, the place were they made there last stand.
It’s a place were many weapons were forged to use aganced demons so its more than likely that we will find what were looking for there.

However these walls do not say were it is, only giving details of what I can only imagine was a massacre.”

*Hoax fiddled around with some of the ruines on the wall, reading out some in particular, causing them to light up in a red glow.
Hoax was about to give up when a rounded square object apered on the wall before him.
Hoax leaned in to take a closer look and was promptly grabbed around the head by a hand like “thing” protruding from the square.
For a few seconds Hoax struggled to fight it then eventually gave in, his body going limp.

A moment later the “hand” let go of Hoax, his body going limp and slumping unconscious to the ground.

As the hand retracted into the square, and the square back into the wall, the sound of stone moving aganced stone could be heard.
it didn’t take long to see what it was, the passage ways were sealing off, 3 large stone doors came down sealing every one inside the room.

A moment later 2 stone doorways opened up and the sound of growling and hissing could be heard coming from inside the newly opened hallways.

Moments later large swarms of big lizard like creatures began to swarm out and attack the group…..*

[creatures stats]

name: unknown
appearance: the creatures are large, about the size of a komodo dragon, they move fast and have a jaw full of needle sharp teeth (see through in appearance) there long clawed legs make them resemble a spider monkey and there spiked tail is a deadly instrument is not properly avoided.


There teeth inflict a nasty wound that quickly festers and with out powerful healing spells or knowledgeable medical treatment will become gangarus and very painful.

Like the teeth they can inflict a nasty wound, however they do not cause wounds to fester.

Spiked tail
The “lizard” has a nasty habit of swinging its tail around in a fashion that seems to hit anything behind it.
It can also whip it around over its head.

Any more questions then ask them in the tavern, no more questions here please.

eeheh, thanks for pointing that out Carnage, my bad
:stupid: X2

stupid spelling mistake fixed :icon_blus the horodrem no longer got mascaraed they got massacred

15th October 2004, 01:52 AM
you half double posted, in that you posted your post twice in the same post...

Ilathar quickly took stock of the situation, assessing the enemies quickly, realising that arrows would more than likly bounce off their hide, he took his time to aim firing slower than usual in order to garuntee hits against the softer parts of their bodies. Looking arround at the Armies he gave one quick quiet order.

"No magic."

15th October 2004, 06:47 AM
"Well, a little bit of magic"

Ingold simply replied, releasing his arrow promptly after, yet he didn't waste time on making it a kill. No, these arrows were different as upon impact, many roots sprang from the arrowhead and started to twirl around the victim. Of course, these creatures could easily free themselves from this simply barrier, yet Ingold of course did not simply shoot one. Illathar had taught him how to fire in rapid succession and he had taught him well. This time however, it went even faster then in the trainer, after all, the arrows appeared as Ingold knocked his bow back.

One after another raced towards the spider monkeys, erupting into a wall of roots. Ingold's aim wasn't to kill them, just to slow them so that the others could kill them. After all, this was a team ... But of course, the creatures were with many and Ingold’s arrows couldn’t stop them all, yet those he did stop would prove to be the perfect targets for Illithar’s deadly shots.

"The rest of you, attack those that can still move, leave the incapacitated ones to Illithar and me … and someone get Hoax’s body out of there."

Paradise Wandering
15th October 2004, 07:16 AM
ooc: does 'no magic' mean i cant use magical weapons? the one i will use does have a slight magical power to it, but that is balanced by a weak attack power.

Taking an example from his leader, Ingold, Zach worked with the entire team, rather than alone, which he preferred. These things were vicious, but not fearless. Hoax's body lying limply on the floor made Zach's rage swell, untill it was uncontrollable. His mind became clouded, he began to sweat, and the hair on his arms stood on end. Several involuntary shivers ran down his young spine. He did not feel his arm reaching into his blue cloak, or his palm grasping the handle of his Nightmare Katana.. Or even know he was sliding it out of it's sheath. He closed his sapphire blue eyes. When again he pend them, several seconds later, they were glowing an intense electric blue.

He jumped up, tearing at the lizards that Ingold's arrows did not bind. Every slice that Zach made, would put a toxin into his enemy's blood stream. But not any toxin, this, upon contact, would cause them to see an enourmous beast, which they would think was attacking them, causing them to dodge it's large ethereal hand swipes absent mindedly. There was no beast, but they would think there was.

ooc: Let me know if that was allowed, Hoax. If not, ill edit. And Carnage, new element?

15th October 2004, 09:10 AM
Ic: Tarcisus ignored Ingold's comments on telling them to remain quiet. He looked at the wall Hoax had been studying.

"These runes are strangely familiar... No, Hoax!"

He pulled out his sword and knodded at Christy. They stood back to back in the middle of the hall with their own weapons of choice. Having no magic, her strength, Christy decided to use one of her other abilities: agility and acrobatics. She did not use the same tactics Tarcisus used in battle; she favored a faster, dodging approach rather than a block/counter-attack approach. Her staff's gem glowed faintly as she held it. A lizard snapped at her, lunging its high body at her. She broadsided it in the jaw, breaking its bone as well as some teeth, but the creature only got madder and started taking potshots with its tail and a few with its claws. She parried to the left and avoided it. Tarcisus was, by now, too far a distance from her to be hit by the tail behind him. Christy was covering his back. Another creature flinged its tail as she parried. She hit the floor perposely, landing on her arms, and putting her head down. Yet another miss by the things. She rolled to the right as the first creature swung yet again, and it too missed her. She shot up. As she did so, she brought her blunt weapon into its underside in the chest area. Its long legs cringed. Her leap up flipped the thing. She landed on both her feet in a fighter's stance. She then slammed the bottom of her staff right into the lizard's belly. It died, not being able to take the blow. She jumped in the air as the second creature swiped at her with its claws. It missed yet again. When she landed, she shot out her left leg to the side and then leaned towards the beast, so that she glided over to it. As she did so, she struck the beast in its rib-cage, sending it reeling, spinning on the floor a good distance off. It tripped at least two other ones, since there were so many of them. It gurgled a growl as it died. She moved back to her original spot to protect Tarcisus's back. She waited for the creatures to come, watching them keenly.

Her king was skillfully meeting more lizards himself.

They're even uglier than the temple, too. Didn't think that possible.

He smiled at the joke. He cut off a creature's tail, moving his body to the side, as the thing swung at him. He was not struck by the blow, and he faught all the more bravely, since Christy was here and he wanted to protect her. With his longsword, he then pierced its skull with a down-ward thrust as the beast snapped at him. He could feel the toxic breath as he slew it. He flung the head at another lizard. It was immune to its own poison, of course, so it did nothing except anger it. He prepared himself for the charging enemy.

Ooc: sorry I have to leave it here... class.

15th October 2004, 09:22 AM
However these walls do not say were it is, only giving details of what I can only imagine was a mascara...WHAHAHAHAHA!!! It was a mascara!! Omfg, this cracks me up!...Hihiiiiihihihi....

And yeah, good question Zach. I wondered too...

Darius' reflexes were instant. His right hand reached for his left shoulder and only a single second later, Darius was storming right at the lizards, his eight foot long sword held by both his hands. Coming up on the first of the lizards, Darius did not move his arms until the creature was so close that it could never dodge the blow it was about to feel. The creature, not being that smart, simply stood there, glad that his prey was running into his mouth so easily. He was to be surprised nastily.

Before the beast could even start thinking about shutting its mouth and thus eating Darius, the huge sword of the young Fire Mage quickly slashed down horizontally. The creature had clearly not expected this and without it being able to dodge the slash its insides were soon spilled all over the floor.

'..Hehe, this could become fun..'

Running over to a horde of beasts he regretted not being able to use bigger magic, for the situation was perfect for it. But what had to be, had to be. So, without any magic that would've been helpful, Darius crashed into a party of lizards that had taken it upon themselves to attack him. A mistake they would never make again in their life, for it would be their last mistake ever. Stretching out his arm, he jumped up and twisted his foot just before leaving the ground. The momentum he had had and the outstretched arm with sword attached to it made Darius spin around like a propellor and he covered a much greater distance than he would've normally been able to do. Landing in the middle of the group Darius kept on spinning on his foot, while he meanwhile bend through his knees. As soon as he had done this the sword was low enough to hit the beasts and so it did. Luckily for Darius he had still had enough speed so the sword was able to cut through every single head that had its shiny teeth turned towards Darius. Only a few seconds after Darius had lifted off, six bodies dropped to the ground dead.

"Bring it on..."

19th October 2004, 11:34 PM
*Garrett immediately dropped to one knee, taking up a position next to Hoax’s body, and attempted to cover the other entrance that seemed to be neglected, firing arrow after arrow with shining skill. This truly was his element; Garrett was like a fish in water. Though his skills shined they were not enough, the spider dragons (I have named them) kept coming, though Ingold vine arrows were proving most effective.

Inside the “pipe” closest to Ingold, one of the larger spider dragons was biding its time.
It was an old and wise spider dragon and as such had not rushed out like all of the smaller, younger spider dragons.

The larger spider dragon suddenly pounced, a clawed *hand* lashing out and grabbing one of the smaller spider dragons by the neck.

As the younger dragon squealed and thrashed to get free the older spider dragon pulled it close and bite into the young dragon’s neck, slitting its jugular and spilling acidic blood onto the stone.

The fluoro green blood was stagnant on the stone and other dragon’s skin but on the vines it burned and sired, killing it instantly.

The older dragon grasped its new found weapon my the tail and proceeded to thrash its head from side to side, sending the acidic blood flying all over the wall, ceiling and vines. Burning away the vines that had inadvertently caused the death of many more dragons.

Garrett took a moment to glance over his shoulder at what was happening, seeing they might well be over run soon, the thief started to contemplate a plan of escape…..*

Garrett ~ “we can’t stay put, we gota move!!

Hoax should at the moment be considered an item; until you get back to the ship Hoax will remain unconscious so any one at all can RP themselves moving Hoax.
Just remember to keep it realistic, it’s not easy to fight and carry a body at the same time you know.

The spider dragon is just a name for the monster your fighting, they will crawl along the walls and jump and pounce at you, for the moment they are up to you to RP but that may change depending on how well the majority of you RP your fight with them.
There blood is acidic and will burn you if your skin touches it, however it is only dangerous to exposed flesh or organic materiel (chain mail armour will protect you were as leather armour will provide limited protection.)

20th October 2004, 03:57 AM
Talen could do nothing but watch the fight. His weapons were were useless, needing to be summoned. But he would not let himself just become useless. He grabbed on to Hoax and hauled him up onto his shoulder. Talen kicked at the closest lizard like spider monkey. The small creature sent skidding back into more of its kind.

"What now?"

20th October 2004, 06:28 AM
This is all that happened in the Quest for FIVE FULL DAYS? I truly am disappointed in all of you :p

Darius trusted down his sword hard, slicing right through on of the lizard-like beast's head. Blood spilled everywhere and sizzled as it touched something, be it friend or foe.

'..Damn, must be something about that blood...Better be careful..'

Suddenly Garrett shouted, the thief exclamating that they needed to leave. But whereto?

"I don't see any exits here! Someone please find one!!", Darius was able to shout out before he had to go back to defending himself.

He whirled around, dived away and landed in a roll. Coming up with his sword forward, he slit a lizard's troath, the green blood once again sizzling out of the wound immediatly.

'..They are right, this is getting almost impossible to hold..'

20th October 2004, 06:57 AM
*reaching into his quiver, Garrett reached for an arrow Hoax had made for him; it was not designed to skewer a target, rather to explode on impact in a large fire ball.

Hoax had only ever made him two and he had never used one of them till now…

Garrett fitted the arrow carefully and aimed into the tunnel he had been covering. Letting fly Garrett watched as the arrow sailed into the black crawling mass of the lizards.
After what seemed like an eternity but was actually more like ½ a second the arrow exploded, sending flames rushing back up the tunnel, burning alive the dragons attempting to make there way out….*

Garrett ~ “We have a way out, lets go! Ill lead….”

*Garrett put the bow over this shoulder and grabbed a foot long dagger from inside his cloak before making his way into the tunnel.*

20th October 2004, 09:56 AM
As Ingold saw the acid eating away at his vines, he could do nothing more but curse. True, he could have used his bio abilities to undo the effect of the fould blood, yet he didn't want to alarm the temple and by doing so, taking magic away from everybody and not just himself. None the less, he kept firing his arrows, for the acid might work fast, so did Ingold's roots and eventually, the creature had to run out of blood ... right?

But soon, the lighting mage was forced to retreat a bit, acid spray reaching even him. Luckily though, Ingold was able to avoid being hit by any drops, the pattern with which they travelled through the air being very predictable. The elder spider dragon had caught Ingold's attention though and before he would leave, or die, this one would meet his maker ... meaning Satan of course.

While backing away, Ingold was gradually separated from the others and soon enough, a whole line of these monkey-spider bustards stood between the lightning master and the way out, so silently created by Garett. Yet, the armies were proven to fight better in this battle, working together more as Talen had taken it upon him to carry Hoax while Garett covered his retreat. Ingold and Illithar's arrows had taken down many a spider dragon and Darius, well, let's just say that he has earned himself some brownie points when they got out of this. Now however, Ingold would have to save his own skin and the line of foul enemies between him and the exit wasn't going to make it any easier. To make things even worse, the beasts were scaling the mountains in an attempt to get behind the lightning mage. Ingold’s reflexes were sharp though and his arrows took down those beasts without many problems, wrapping them up quite nicely.

But Ingold still had a few cards to play and a plan to get to the other side of this line. In the end, Ingold was a mage and magics was what he relied on, now he would just prove that even with his weakest spells, he could prove to be deadly. After firing his last arrow, Ingold threw the bow around his shoulder and raised the palm of his hand. Immediately, a heavily sparking globe appeared, the lightning master’s bony fingers seemingly tightly grasping the globe. After a mere second, Ingold threw the globe, yet it’s form had now changed from the solid globe it once was into ten smaller orbs, making their way straight towards the line of dragon spiders. This was Ingold’s weakest attack and most likely wouldn’t hurt these demonic beasts, yet, as said before, Ingold had many tricks up his sleeve. As the small globes cleft through the air, they underwent a metamorphosis, changing into tiny razor sharp metal discs, ten weakened and tiny lightning discs once could say, without the explosive effects of course.

Running right after his spell, Ingold headed straight towards the nearest creature and as his discs made contact with the creature’s skin – some disks just obliterating while others shot through some weaker spots – Ingold leapt into the air, jumping over the creature in a dive and as he made contact with the ground again, rolled to an elegant stop. Immediately he got up again, took his bow once more, drew back the string and fire yet another arrow, hitting one of the creatures with his perfect aim … or at least that is how it all went in Ingold’s mind. His mini-discs had indeed done some damage to the creature, cutting away at its legs, making it fall over. In his less then elegant ‘hop’ Ingold barely got his feet higher then a yard, but it was enough to jump over the struggling spider. On his touch down, Ingold almost strained his ankle and fell over, trying to tumble to brake his fall, instead, just falling over. Trying to get up as quickly as possible, Ingold hastily turned around and fired an arrow, of course, the projectile went flying over the heads of the dragon spiders, but it hit one unfortunate creature that had crawled upon the opposite wall.

Perfectly executed if I do say so myself

But what was to be expected, Ingold was a mage, not an acrobatic and he made it back to the others as was his intention; Now though, he would have to see if the rest made it as well. Backing away towards the opening in the wall, Ingold kept firing arrows, despite the acid thrown around by the elder spider. Any delay the roots and vines could cause was time won, or so Ingold saw it, yet that one spider was annoying the lighting master. Squinting a little bit, Ingold drew an arrow from the bottom of his cloak where he had stacked a series of projectiles, one next to the other, enlaced into the black fabric. There were many different kinds, yet this was just the normal iron arrow head with hooks and grooves so that it would be able to pierce through a knight’s armour, like I said, standard stuff.

Knocking the arrow back, that same green mist engulfed the arrow and bestowed its magical powers upon it. A fraction of a second later, the arrow headed towards that annoying elder spider, possibly engulfing him in vines and hopefully piercing his skull.

OOC: I’ll leave it up to you Hoax

20th October 2004, 01:44 PM
..Jeej!! Brownie points!!..

Darius could clearly see the group being overwhelmed. Though he did his best to fight of the beasts there were simply too many of them to be defeated that easily. While his sword cut through the air like a hot knife would cut through butter, metaphorically speaking, and revealed itself to be a deadly attacker to all beasts it hit, Darius was looking around. Seeing how Garrett had yet fled the chaos, the coward, while Talen had taken it on him to carry the unconscious Hoax and Ingold somehow managed to stay alive with only slightly enchanted arrows, a skill Darius did not possess, he knew there wasn't much time left before the whole lot of 'em was going to get overwhelmed and then, probably, killed.

'..Now, strangly enough, I don't feel like dying...So let's kick some ass and get the fuck out of here..'

After yet another lizardhead had found its way to the ground and Darius had yet again avoided a spray of acid blood, though he had already been hit once and had gotten a nasty little burn, he started to run towards the hallway which apparently led towards an exit, and thus led to their safety. Atleast, that's what Darius hoped it to do.

'..Guess I have to trust that coward of a Garrett this time..'

While his legs carried the Fire Mage over to the hallway as fast as they could, Darius also quickly sheated his sword. With one subtle and swift move the eight feet long blade of steel was home again. While it flew through the air, on its way home, the green blood dripped from the shiny metal before hitting the ground with a sizzle. As soon as he was done, his speed increased. However, his ways to get rid of a lizard were now very scarce. Luckily Darius had already covered a considerable distance and was getting pretty close to the hallway. On his way there he ran across Ingold, how had done some moves of his own that had brought him straight on Darius' path. Needing to slow down in order not to collapse with the leader of the Armies, something which needed to be avoided at all costs and times, Darius even came to a total halt.

"Damnit Ingold, you just blocked my run. Shit, we need to get out of here quick, come on!", Darius shouted while starting to build up speed again. Just before he was too far away, he shouted over his left shoulder. "Do like me!"

With a catlike dive Darius dove over a group of approaching lizards. Coming up in a roll he immediatly set off again, the momentum of the roll giving him enough speed to dive right over yet another, but slightly bigger lizard. Again a roll broke his fall but this time he ended it in a run straight into the hallway. Before disappearing into the darkness, he turned to look if Ingold had made it or if Darius needed to go back and extend a helping hand.

20th October 2004, 03:44 PM
Ic: Both Tarcisus and Christy fought effectively, killing more spider-lizards, yet they knew they'd be overwhelmed soon if nothing was done. No magic could be used, so the party was relieved when the door was blasted open by Garret.

"Talen, you go Hoax, right? Good. Christy, let's get out of here."

'I'm with you, cheif.'

They began to continue fighting, but while backing up at a cautious speed. They stood on either side of the make-shift door, urging other people through. Christy felt an incredible burn on her right leg.

'Rgah! What the...?'

*Metal clanging against stone.* Tarcisus looks up, after his fresh kill.

"What? They get you?"

'No! That blighter is making the other one bleed acid all over the place.'

"Thanks for the tip... all the more reason to get out of here."

They made sure everyone else was already through before going themselves. Then they waited a bit longer, the entire hoarde now pouring down upon two warriors. Creatures on the ceilings, walls, and even climbing over each other. Even as they fought all the harder, the lizards began coming all the faster.

"GO! Can't delay them for much longer! Need... umph! TIME! RUN! We fight in pairs, give the others a chance to rest while on the run! No heroes!"

They stood nearer now, fighting side by side in front of the entrance still a distance from the entrance; enough room for others in the party to get through. They ran out of the room and then turned to continue fighting to give their friends time.


Ooc: Tag-teams... how on earth will they outrun these things?

Paradise Wandering
21st October 2004, 05:01 AM
possibly engulfing him in fines and hopefully piercing his skull.

Kharma! We are supposed to kill them, not put them it dept! lol

ic: Alexandra drew her sword. This was indeed a well built weapon, with a mirror-like steel blade, and a handle made of silver and adorned with emeralds. The girl ran up to near the front of the group, to protect Talen. She walked alongside him, always alert, sword ready to defend.

Zach had destroyed several of the beasts with his Nightmare Katana, but it just wasnt getting the job doen quickly enough. He looked around, spending what little time he had before the lizards were in range to look for a weapon.

At last, his sapphire eyes landed upon a torch, high upon the wall. About 15 feet above his head. He faced the stone wall, and started off at a sprint. The master ran stright up the wall, grabbing the torch, and doing a flip off; landing on his feet.

He glanced at the ever-nearing monsters, and charged forward, flailing the torch, burning several. But, alas, it was not enough. He was forced to retreat to his team, and go into the tunnel.

ooc: Ahh! Dont leave me behind!

21st October 2004, 10:51 AM
Mindstealer had been somewhat rooted to the spot as if also hit by ingolds vines, yet the moment the thief shouted out, it was as if something else inside him moved, not wanting to lose an oportunity to rise... He was almost catapulted accross the room towards the exit to land skid and run after garret.

Ilathar looked arround to try and grasp what had happened, shrugged shot another spider dragon and moved to follow the group.

21st October 2004, 11:24 AM
Backing away towards Tarcisus and Christy, still shooting his arrows, Ingold made his way to the exit. The collision with Darius had been avoided, but next time, the fire mage should pay more attention, after all, rank does have its privileges. It didn't take long for Ingold to arrive next to the two Gaelic fighters and so, Ingold disappeared in the dark shadows of the hall, waiting for Christy and Tarcisus to follow.

"Let's go people, the smaller the corridors, the more chance we have of keeping them at bay."

21st October 2004, 11:34 AM
Seeing that their leader had made it into the hallway safely too Darius choose to save his life and ran after all of them. Disappearing into the vast darkness wasn't exactly what Darius had in mind when he had thought of them fighting the foul creatures that lived inside the temple, but the situation didn't leave him much choce.

'..I would light this place up if the temple's defense mechanism wouldn't prevent that...Bah, I hate running in the dark..'

"Guys? It's not really clear as to where we should go! Maybe someone, like GARRETT, could give us a hint as where to go."

Meh, short post, but I'm just lettin' know that I think everybody is ready and that, as soon as you read this Hoax, you can move on now...

21st October 2004, 02:07 PM
OOC: Sorry if this seems incoherent.

IC: Michaelmas followed along at the tail of the party, slowly, almost painfully. In fighting with the spider lizards, Michaelmas was bitten by a pair of poisonous fangs. He hacked savagely at the beasts, breaking limbs and gouging eyes out in his rage.

The posion was slow to take affect, but the sting of the bite pained the monk gravely. Michaelmas hobbled over the carcasses of beasts, and hopped over puddles of bubbling acid. He was aided by his staff Dynamo, a sure support in a time of weakness. Like a rat, Michaelmas slipped through the darkness, close to the corners, avoiding any predators that lurked in the darkness. He did not know why, but the monsters were not interested in him yet. The mage was afraid of falling down and being preyed upon like a wounded,dying animal.

Michaelmas limped to the dark corridors where the Army of the Forbidden One moved. He was tempted to use some magic, to set off a small spark of lightning to glimpse where he was and where his companions were. At the moment he groped about in the darkness, burdened with a wrenching pain in his thigh which was tightening. The posion was beginning to seep through his veins, but the inexperienced mage was did not know the sensations he felt were posion induced.

Between the darkness, the pain, and the posion, Michaelmas eyes drooped. He began to feel sleepy. For so long in charging into the heart of darkness and peril, the young man's heart beat with trepidation and fear. But now his body systems began to surrender. The breath became slow and heavy, the circulation slowed, and a wave of drowsiness and fatigue flooded the mage.

He was stooping, leaning on his staff, almost forgetting where he was and why, when he heard the sharp command, "Let's go people, the smaller the corridors, the more chance we have of keeping them at bay."

It was the voice of Master Ingold, summoning Michaelmas back to vigilance. The sound echoed to the mage's ears, as well as the ears of the beasts, waiting in the darkness.

Michaelmas struggled forward, his mind forcing his tired body to move on. Yet he still could not find his companions.

Where are you?

Behind him, Michaelmas heard the low rumble of a panther purring. Why the feline had not pounced upon him silently, Michaelmas could not tell. Maybe it noticed the man's weakened behavior and waited for him to die, but was confused when he hobbled forward. The red cat stalked him silently, taking it's time before a strike.

The mage spun around. In doing so, the sharp pang in his leg flared up again. Michaelmas felt lone in the dark, but did not see that he had successfully reached the party in the dark corridor. He was only a few feet away, but in the extreme darkness and the dazed state from the posion, Michaelmas could not even see the glint of a metal sword.

Michaelmas had not the energy to panic. Rather he let out a cry of despair.


Now the cat moved closer. It was alarmed too, but sensed the fear in Michaelmas's voice. It licked its chops, moving its crouched body gracefully along the stone floor.

Michaelmas too moved his arm gently into his cloak. He drew a long crooked dagger, with green poison and a black hilt.

I will fight on even if my leg fails me. I'll match the reflexes of this cat with lightning speed. For I am a lightning mage.

But at the back of his mind Michaelmas felt a nagging doubt, that he had not the strength to face the cat alone. He prayed for aid from the Armies, while fixing his eyes upon the immediate darkness.

OOC: Don't let me die!

22nd October 2004, 08:07 AM

*Garrett voice echoed down the small hallway, as did several screeches of the spider dragons.
The sound of a skirmish floated up the small “pipe” that every one had to crouch in.

Garrett came back to the main group about 2 minuets latter with sever nasty scratches on his left face that were starting to fester and the head of one of the smaller dragons still stuck in his shoulder.

Nodding to the shoulder with the dragon jaws stuck in it….*

Garrett ~ “they were fast but I think I got them all. This pipe seems to be built especially for these little demons; it comes back out into the main hallways.”

*in his head Garrett was running a mental check list of everything, Hoax was alright, every one else seemed in good health, and it looked like they were all accounted for.

Garrett counted every one again in his head. His suspicions were confirmed, one short of a full team.

Garrett shoved Darius towards the front, hopping that the fire mage would get the general idea that he should take point.

Moving to the back Garrett hoped back out of the pipe, the other spider dragons not caught up in Ingold fresh vines seemed ready to eat poor Michaelmas alive.

Garrett jumped down from pipe and rushed over to Michaelmas dagger brandished in one hand, blackjack in the other.
Swinging wildly at the cat like dragon what stood ready to pounce on Michy but hitting nothing but air.
Until that is the cat like creature reared up to try and swat him, in that instant and one of Garrett’s wild swings, the creature moved its head right into Garrett’s blackjack.

The blow sent the creature skidding back aganced the wall, Garrett didn’t bother to finish it off, instead he urged Michy to his feet….*

Garrett ~ “come on, we’ve got to get out of here. Looks like you were bitten to; do you feel like throwing up like me?”

*said Garrett as his vision started to blur…*

[Unbeknown to any one else yet.]

*slowly inside the lower levels of the temple the floors were starting to get wet, and would come up to an average human's ankles.

Back in the main room, un-seen by Garrett or Michaelmas, the large, mature spider dragon had made its way up and into the tunnel the main group was in.

It had a score to settle with a sertn human that had tried to kill it……….*

22nd October 2004, 09:13 AM
Ic: Tarcisus and Christy ran off together to the pipe.

"Guys, cover and protect Hoax. Someone else take point. I'm exhausted."

One at a time, they prepared to file into the pipe, waiting for Darius to go first.

'It's wet in there.'

"Don't mind it" *pant.*

22nd October 2004, 09:40 AM

sertn human

Did I just see that? I mean, all your typo's that I don't mind are okay, but this one almost beats the 'mascara-massacre'... It's spelled 'certain', for if you didn't know.

Darius sighed and pulled his face into a gruwesome grimace.

"Me? Leading you into that gross, wet, dangerous, small, smelling and stupid pipe? YUK!", he said looking around. Since he saw no-one and no-one replied he sighed again. "Okay, okay, just because you're all such nice guys, and girls..."

With a grumble Darius got down on his hands and knees and slowly crawled inside the pipe. Seeing as it was even darker in there than it had been in the already pitch-black hallway, Darius decided to overrul Hoax's order not to use any magic and make a fireball big enough to light the way. Without the Fire Mage having to do anything but think of it a little fireball suddenly floated in front of his head and lighted the way. Since it look safe at first Darius motioned to the others, who were now visible too, finally, to follow him.

Crawling on into the darkness, which only illuminated just before Darius got to the place since the fireball didn't have that much range, Darius felt a chill go up his spine. But he knew he had to be strong now, he knew he had to show he was one of the stronger members of the Armies.

'..If those foul creatures get too nasty I'll just break all rules and simply blow the hell out of this place...No matter what Hoax says, I want to get out of here alive, y'know..'

22nd October 2004, 10:04 AM
Stop correcting spellings errors people, it's annoying

"Okay, like Garett said, Darius take point, Tarcisus and Christy behind him. Talen will follow with Hoax. Garret, Michaelmas and me will take the rear, everybody else in the middle."

Ingold shouted as he fired a few arrows at the walls behind Michaelmas and Garett, sealing the entrance with several roots. When he felt that the created barrier was thick enough to hold the creature back from that end long enough, Ingold stepped ovet to the struggling thief and the fallen lightning mage.

"Relax the both of you, these toxins are weak compared to what a true bio master could do to ya ... then again, I'm not a bio master"

Ingold laid his hand on Michaelmas' wound, filtering the toxins out of his bloodstream and absorbing them through his own skin into his bloodstream. Being skilled in the bio-element as well, Ingold's tolerance to these substances is higher, yet this doesn't mean that they don't effect him. Once he was done with Michaelmas, Ingold did the same for Garett for although they had their differences, Ingold wasn't that daft. He knew they needed Garett for this one and the little thief had proven himself useful on this little voyage.

But the wall of vines and roots didn't hold as the elder spider now began to hack into it, seeking out Ingold to wreak his ravenge on the little lightning master. After pulling up both man with the little strength he had, Ingold stumbled backwards and grabbed his bow again, ever shooting arrows, now pushing the toxins he had extracted from the bodies of Garett and Michalmass into the arrows and thus ridding his body of these harmful substances. Once more roots began encompassing the already formed wall of vines, buying prescious little extra time, yet these roots were poisinous due to the energy Ingold had pushed into them. Whether they would hurt or actually heal the creature following them was another question. Then again, Ingold didn't know who exactly as following them.

That feels a lot better, that were some strong toxins, too strong to even my likings, almost blacked out myself.

It’s crap, I know, but it’ll do

Paradise Wandering
22nd October 2004, 10:58 AM
Releived that there was finally a substantial light, Alexandra moved up the group and stayed as close to Darius as she could. She knew that the fire master could protect her, as she did not like to fight. But if she had to, she would.

She ran her hand through her long blonde hair as she struggled to keep up with the pyrokenetic weapon master, and began to involuntarily shiver from the cold tunnel. From the dim light of the fire ahead of her, she could see her breath, as it left her red lips and dissapated into the air.

She managed to wisper through her shivering teeth, "Darius... W-whats up t-there?"

As the young water master slid from the dark room into the even darker tunnel those jubilant sapphire blue jewels he had for eyes lit up into a vibrantly glowing electric not-quite star.

He stayed in the middle of the group, keeping as alert as possible. There was some horrible stench somewhere up the tunnel, at first he thought it might have been Garret, but then he realized that Garret was behind him... And the smell was ahead of him. The mage knew not waht it was, but he did know that some foul-smelling beast was nearby.

22nd October 2004, 01:55 PM
I made an exception because this one was serious man...

Darius looked back as Alexandra spoke to him. Immediatly startled by her beauty once more it took him a few seconds to collect his wits again and answer the young Spirit Mage.

"Euhm, well, I don't really know either. But believe me, if we can't fight it without magic, we'll simply use up our big magic for the moment and save our asses. Trust me, everything's going to be fine."

After these trusting words, comforting Darius too even though they'd been directed to Alexandra, had left his lips, Darius turned and crawled on, the aweful stench growing stronger and stronger. Just as everybody else Darius wondered what it could be. It wasn't the liquid that soaked itself up their clothes as they waded through the thick mud, the smell would've been stronger all along and equal down the way, both things that hadn't occured now, and surely it wasn't coming from lizard-like creatures up ahead for then the smell would've already been known to them, since they had just been surrounded by the foul beasts.

'..So all it could be is...something else, right?...As long as it doesn't bite, sting and have acid blood, it's fine to me..'

Though there were, ofcourse, a lot of things that could be worse than the lizards they had just met, Darius didn't think of them right now and ofcourse (ofcourse!), he was methaphorically and figuratively speaking. Bah, I should've known.

After crawling inside the tunnel, or pipe, or drain, or whatever you want to call it, the stench growing almost unbearable, Darius thought he spotted a light. Dousing his fireball immediatly, he hised out to the rest of the group.

"Don't worry, everything's fine. I'm just checking if I saw light at the end of the tunnel or not, the fireball was in my sight. I'll light it in a second, if needed."

'..A light at the end of the tunnel, oh the metaphorical dramatic coincidence of words at the present time being!!..'

With such a lyrical thought flowing through his mind, Darius narrowed his eyes and tried to see if he had been right earlier on. Indeed, though the light was faint, he had been. At the end of the pipe there was the faintest of lights but Darius had spotted it. Turning on his headlight, as Darius liked to call his little fireball floating in front of his head, he crawled on and it didn't take them more then a minute before they reached the end of the tunnel.

"Well, let's see what's in here, right?"

Coming up in yet another gigantic room, must've been a reception hall for this one was truly impressive, or maybe the highpriest's private room, who knew, the walls again covered in runes, this ones seeming much more decorative and elaborated however, Darius first checked for any creatures that might attack them while they were still fragile coming out of the pipe. Seeing nothing he crawled on until he finally dropped to the ground with a dull thud, the fall about a feet high. His cloths were drenched with the slimy mud but it wouldn't come of as Darius shook his arm, trying to shake of some of it.

"Goddamit. Come on in guys, it seems safe enough."

Walking to the middle of the room, the little fireball still floating slightly above and slightly in front of his head giving him a much better sigh, no, a sight at all, Darius still didn't notice anything or anyone at all.

'..Good, it's sa..'

But he wasn't able to finish his thought for a growling sound suddenly filled the room.

"What? Where's that coming from?"

I daren't go any further with my description so I'll leave the next opponent up to Hoax...I hope I did alright up 'till now, if not, there's always the option of 'edit' :D

22nd October 2004, 02:15 PM
OoC: Sorry I've been inactive in this thread, I've been having internet problems. Turned out it was my phone cord.

IC: All this time, Tim had been lying unconcious on the floor. One of the weird creatures had knocked him out early in the battle. Fortunately, it had left him for dead, and moved on to attack someone elst. But now, he woke up with a spitting headache. He looked around, but he didn;t see the others. He would have to rely upon his sense of smell. He raised his head up higih, sniffed a couple of timed, and flapped his wings. He rose up into the air.

After a time, he found the others. After a moment, he noticed an odd smell. He could see better then most of the others in the dark, but even he couldn't quite discern what lay ahead of them, and what was causing that horrible stench. After a moment, he decided to announce his presence to the others.

"Guys!" he called. "Wait up!" He presently caught up to them. "Sorry I wasn'r able to participate in the battle, one of those beasts snuck up behind me, and knocked me out. Anyone mind telling me what I missed?"

Cowardly little creature! he thought, thinking about the creature that had knocked him out. If it weren't already dead, I'd kill it myself!

23rd October 2004, 08:15 AM
Talen looked around, over his shoulder the weight of Hoax. Talen turned to look at the creatures behind him and slammed Hoax's head into the wall. Unoticing, Talen continued after the others, safe in the knowledge that the other has his and Hoax's back.

Tim words reached Talen, and the Dark mage stopped a second letting him catch up.

"We are trying to get away from that swarm of creatures behind us, hurry up."

With that Talen continued down the corridor and entering the room with Darius, careful not keep as much goo off Hoax.

23rd October 2004, 10:12 AM
Ic: Christy tried to squeeze her long body into the tunnel after Tarcisus. It smelled like no other. Her hand fell right into the goo inside the drain. It was sticky and nasty, but she kept on going, pushing more against the damp sides of the tunnel rather than the very bottom of it.


"Shhh... And do not dabble people, we need to flee this area."

She looked back at Tarcisus. He ignored the goo, sticking his whole arms in it without a care. Christy cringed and then looked back in front of her. It was difficult trying to hold onto her staff and get through that crawl-space at the same time. Tarcisus had his own troubles making sure he didn't put the weight of his knees on his scabbard.

23rd October 2004, 08:09 PM
Michaelmas lifted his sagging body up. It was as though a great burden had been lifted. Just as the poison had burned and stung its way through Michaelmas’s blood vessels, it oozed back out through Ingold’s effort, taking the drowsiness and sickness along with it.

“Garett, you’ve saved me from that beast. You’re no common thief, and not just because of your mechanical eye.”

Overcome with gratitude Michaelmas turned to Ingold. He suspected the sacrifice Ingold made by taking much of the poison out of his blood stream. Michaelmas regretted he had not regenerative abilities like Alexis to heal himself and to spare Ingold the sting of this toxic fluid.

“Thank you Master Ingold, I can breathe again. I can think clearly now.”

Yet Michaelmas could not see clearly. While peering ahead at Darius’s small flame, Michaelmas perceived only a darkness and slime. From the rear of the army, Michaelmas could only guess what lay on the other side. As they approached, his nostrils were inundated with the putrid stench of sewage or worse. The mage gagged a little and breathed through his mouth. While the nausea it caused was not as paralyzing as the poison, it was not so subtle. The army continued to this tunnel which Michaelmas’s nose told him strongly to avoid.

A deep, menacing growl echoed through the tunnel and reverberated through the walls. The mage stopped in his tracks, sensing a new danger. The sound continued ominously and then died out. Michaelmas remembered the noise of the creature which stalked him before and tensed at the shoulders, remembering his fearful encounter with the beast.

“Ingold, Garret, did you hear that?”, the mage whispered anxiously. “What the hell was that?”

Meanwhile Christy urged them to keep moving. But Michaelmas rooted himself to the ground.

If courage was throwing oneself blindly into danger, Michaelmas thought himself fortunate to be cowardly. Let us stay back and kill the spider, at least we’ll know what we’re dealing with. That smell and growl did not bode well for the party, and the lightning mage did not want to be trapped in the tunnel between two monsters.

On the other hand, we're pressed for time. The tide could swallow us into darkness forever if we do not hurry. If Garett and Hoax said this was the way to go, I'll just have to trust them. The mage uncertainly asked,

“Do you think it wise to squeeze through that muckhole without knowing what’s on the other side?”

24th October 2004, 05:04 AM
As y'all might be able to recall, I'm already out of the tunnel so I had kinda' expected you to do so too. Now we'll have to spend even more posts on getting you OUT of the tunnel, waiting for Hoax to say what monster it is and then run, instead of it already being done right now...*sighs*...

"I am on the other side and I'm getting pretty lonely in here! Some...thing just growled but I can't spot it, even though my light shines. If y'all would come here quick, I won't stand alone against whatever it is! Now get out of that tunnel! Hurry up!!"

Darius was getting impatient with his clanmates. Not that he was scared, or atleast not that much, of whatever lay ahead of him, but the thought of standing here on his own without really knowing what to do when the thing showed itself, running was no option as he had to wait for his clanmates and using all his magic would probably only help if everyone did it, both reasons for them to hurry up and get out of that tunnel, didn't really make Darius feel all that comfortable.

'..I hope it's just another lizard...Not some freaky new monster with abilities and tricks we don't know...Jeezs! I wish they'd hurry up!!..'

The fireball still illuminating the tunnel's exit as well as a bit of the gigantic room he had entered, Darius waited impatiently staying alert to check if any foul creature would try to sneak up on him, which, if so, would result in Darius attacking it with all his strength to protect his clanmates and friends.

'..I just hope Garrett had been right about taking this way...Wait, what was that!?..'

Paradise Wandering
24th October 2004, 04:25 PM
hehe... sorry dude. and let me know before you use anything too big... i want in too. i have one really big spell that i have yet to test out, so... hehe.


Zach crawled up ahead, passing the other members, and jumped out of the tunnel right as Darius was calling to them.

"Sorry i'm late... what did i miss?" He asked jokingly.

At that, he reached into his cloak for his kamas and redied himself for anything.

Alexandra felt Zach quickly and abuptly brush past her as she inched her way through the muck, and heard Darius's voice calling to them. She rushed passed several other members, and hopped out soon after Zach did. She huddled as close to the young fire master as possible, and awaited the rest of the Armies.

ooc: yeah, yeah, my post sucked... but at least i posted. come on people!

25th October 2004, 01:47 AM
I don't really care if this takes another week, I'm not going to hurry my rping, yes I AM trying to be difficult

Steadily, Ingold backed away towards the end of the tunnel, keeping his eye on the way behind them for the last thing they needed was an attack coming from the rear. His bow was at the ready and his eyes pierced the darkness, not depending on light anymore, but on the energy signals the atoms emitted. The entire tunnel had an amber colour within Ingold's mind, Garett and Michaelmas nothing more but two very colour full blobs travelling within it. Yet as he stepped backwards, further down the tunnel, he did not noticed the muck that had flown into it until it was too late. Almost slipping as he stepped into the water, Ingold cursed out lout, yet not why people would think he would.

"*censor* Damnit, like my drycleaner bill aint high enough. It's difficult enough to wash a cloak that doesn't absorb water, you practically have to beat the dirt out."

Regaining his posture, Ingold now turned to the two others making up the last line.

"Garett, go to Darius, he needs you to make sure we don't step into any traps. Michaelmas, stay with me, I fear one little spider climbed down the drain with us. If it comes, it is best to kill it now, we can take it if we work together, I will not have another threat menacing this group. We will go to the exit and will wait there for a moment before going into the next hall. It should give us a good view of what's coming and will keep us close to the hall so we can follow the others if needed."

Continuing his movements, Ingold continuing backing away towards the exit, his eyes still concentrated on the way the had come, doing his best not to slip in the muck. Within moment, he had come near the exit, staring down through it for a moment to see how and what the others were doing before turning back to the pipe through which they had come.

"We'll wait here for a minute, see who is following if anyone is bold enough to do so."

25th October 2004, 09:08 AM
Ic: Christy's lank body slipped out of the tunnel. She had her arms out under neither her, pushing herself out of that confined area. Instead of landing on her wrists, she led into a roll, breaking her fall and changing her downward momentum into foward movement. She lept up at the last second, landing on her feet, then standing up. She dusted herself off, and tried to get the goo off of her arms, legs, and dress. Tarcisus was less impressive coming out. He simply fell on the ground, hitting his right shoulder. He made a barely audible,


He pulled out his dagger, looking around, trying to see if anything was in the room. Christy raised her staff, letting its faint glow try to conquer the thick darkness.

25th October 2004, 09:30 AM
The second the possibility for advasaries in the next room came up, Ilathar drew his sword and broke into a run. Ignoring the mud and slime he was splattering everywhere. Reaching the end of the pipe, he lept gracefully through the air, landing on his knee in the room beyond sword pointing towards the darkness ready to attack.

Mindstealer on the other hand continued walking slowly, upon reaching the edge, he lowered himself to the ground and stood at the back of the group.

25th October 2004, 10:05 AM
Tim slid gracefully out of the tunnel, cathing Ingold's remark. He considered it for a moment.

"Say, did you ever consider shocking the dirt off of your cloak? It might cut down on your drycleaners bill." He kept his head up, scanning the darkness, listening for any sign of trouble.

30th October 2004, 09:41 PM
*Garrett nodded, for the moment it seemed Ingold had rank for the mission, to Garrett, this was just fine. The thief was in no mood to have his hinni drown in this God forsaken temple any more than the rest of his friends, yet he could not help but wonder what Hoax would say if he were here…

upon dropping down from the pipe and landing next to Darius, Garrett looked around, wondering what he should do now…*

Garrett ~ “urrm, shall I take point again?”

*Garrett waited for a few moments under the glares of those around him, feeling as though he had asked a stupid question, one he should have known the answer to and thus asked it with out reason.*

Garrett ~ “uurk, I’m going to take point again then….”

*Garrett looked around, they had come out into a hallway that they had not previously passed through, though the thief felt as though they were close to were they had begun there journey into the temple of the damed.

There really were not a lot of places to go now that the temple was flooding.
For one there looked to be a door of some kind to the right, yet it was sealed off as the water had risen, as though to keep parts of the temple dry.

To the left though, was a large arch, adorned with carvings of demon faces and heads, glaring down at all those who “dared to walk under it”, the very look of is sent a shiver down Garrett’s back.

Sucking it up Garrett waded through the water that was now up to his lower knees and leaned around the corner.
He felt glad he had done this as soon as he had because there, guarding the exit passage way were two large demons.
From there legs to there torso were large, hoved feet, similar to that of a bull, there upper body was that of a demon, its face was like that of a bull’s skull, except for the fact that there were two small tusks coming from the lower jaw.

One of them looked over at the arch way Garrett was leaning around.
The demon pointed at Garrett and made a noise that for all in heaven and hell, sounded like “ARHH OVER THERE!”.

Garrett quickly ducked back around and faced the others….*

Garrett ~ “I have good news, bad news and worse news.
Good news is I know were the exit is, the bad news is it is guarded by two very strong looking demon, the worse news is I think they know were we are.”

*just that moment both the demons appeared under the arch, three massive frames blocking the only exit of the room…*

Baron of hell (markings are different, his skin is a deeper brown) ~ “well well well, look what we have here, trespassers. Wonder what they stole from us.”

Knight of hell (lighter brown, looks younger and slightly weaker) ~ “lets see how many limbs we can tear of them before they stop making a noise.”

*it was just now that a small imp came running in, it seemed to be in such a great rush that it didn’t see the two giant demons before it.
The small creature ran right into the hells knight’s foot, sending him tumbling between the beast’s legs.

The hells knight reached down with a clawed hand, grabbed the imp by the scruff of its neck and lifted it to its face like one would a dead rat.

The imp quickly and incoherently whispered a few words to the demon to great effect. The hells knight threw the imp over its shoulder and turned to his superior.*

Hells knight ~ “they activated the cartographer!”


*Both Baron and knight began to hurl what looked like, green balls of fire[I](side note: they are not fire balls)[I], towards those both on the ground and still in the tunnels, the green balls exploding in a fiery greenness.

Garrett ducked and weaved, trying to dodge the demons attacks and for the most part, succeeding, the green fire balls, for want of a better description, were flying thick and fast, yet not so fast that they could not be dodged.

However Garrett’s luck seemed to run out as he found himself cornered with no more places to run and a green fire ball heading his way.

Making a fast dive to his right Garrett managed to take the blow on the shoulder that had been bitten by the spider dragons from the fight just before.
The good news was it blasted the fragments of jaw still stuck in his shoulder, the bad news was it burned like hell fire.

Garrett grasped his shoulder screaming.
He thrashed around for a few moments before quick thinking and comen sense prevailed.
Garrett dropped down, letting the sea water that was flowing in wash over the shoulder.
The water felt cool on the burning shoulder yet still bringing little relief…*

(baron of hell: http://ewancient.lysator.liu.se/pic/fanq/b/u/butlergames/baron.jpg)

30th October 2004, 09:57 PM
Ic: Tarcisus' visage changed the instance he heard those two horrible voices. He became like one with serious, yet calm expression. He could not use his magic here, but that would not change that he was best fighting against demons. He had trained all his combat life around the sole purpose of hunting them out of middle earth. One voice was deep and growled from its diaphram- if indeed demons had organs. Christy got low to the ground, with the tip of her staff aimed up to the ceiling in the direction up ahead of the guards. She stayed on the balls of her feet as the green spheres hurled at everyone, including her. He rolled to the left, glided to the right, and jumped over one, pulling her legs underneith her, so as to avade it.

'Too close... can't do this... for long. These spells are too fast!'

She wasn't fast enough, but luckily, the spell she had jumped over exploded as she was still flying upwards. It didn't hurt her as much as it could have, but she did bite her lip, causing it to bleed just a little bit. She landed unsteadily, being tired. She coughed heavily, not allowing the fumes to enter her lungs, but it burnt her sinuses like no other effect she had felt before.

Tarcisus faced the Hells Knight, as he was the one most threatening at the time. He knew the Baron should be destroyed or banished at all costs, but he did have his friends' welfare to consider. Things were much different not fighting alone. He usually didn't like to have to worry about anyone else's safety, but he was glad to have the friendshipd and the assistance. After all, If they worked together, it would make things much easier. He threw back his cloak, letting the light show but the green fireballs exploding all around him reflect on his demon-hunter armor. His eyes were focused and diliberate as he walked at the knight.

"Return to the depths from which you came, foul beast."

He said almost commandingly. He brought his long sword out in front of him. Unfortunately, he would not be able to cast his more potent anti-daemon spells, but he would not let that hinder him. He had started this path without a single spell, and he was able to adapt quite well; well enough to survive. As he walked, he saw things in slow motion. Everything around him was clear and he could even here the breathing of the allies near to him. He was hit directly by at least one fireball, and another struck him on his side, whirling off and exploding right next to him. He was unphased, and felt no pain. The spells seemed to have no effect whatsoever on him, yet this was not true. He was naturally resistant to demonic spells, but his abilities and magic were hindered here. His body received most of the spell's effects, but it looked like it did nothing to him. He ducked as the Baron shot yet another sphere right over his head.

"Little help might be nice."

Need... a distraction.

He said through his mind to his friends.

The Baron looked over at Tarcisus and smiled in sadistic cruelty.

"Do not think I cannot hear your thoughts in our very own sanctuary. You should never have come here, and now... you will perish.

The larger demon wheeled, aiming his potshots at Tarcisus, while forcing the bone claws in all of his fingers out in preparation for hand-to-hand combat.

"My liege... he is... a demon-hunter!"

The younger demon said in almost a fearful voice.

"So he is... He will still die. Do not think your abilities will aid you here, Celt. Without your petty magic, you are nothing."

He snarled. Tarcisus began to walk faster and began to dodge more and more spells, despite being shot at more by the baron, who was shooting so many spheres at him and all his friends, as if there were enough demons to go around, but stuffed into this one guard. The cheiftain swung at him, and he whipped his claws up, blocking it. He gripped the blade and tried to swing it off at the wall, leaving Tarcisus weaponless. But he didn't count on the dagger. Having unnatural reflexes though, the attack hardly did anything to the Baron besides leave a scratch, which did not heal. The demon whapped him with his tail, pushing him back. Tarcisus sprawled not to fall on the ground and was pushed against the wall. He narrowly missed a huge swipe at his head, the claws of the demon sticking the wall, sending rubble everywhere. The marks it made indeed testified to his strength and power. Tarcisus fell back some, knowing he would soon be in over his head.

Meanwhile, Christy was busy trying not to get hit. she was not usually one for combat and she had never fought a demon before, so she just decided to observe before plunging in right away. She was no good to her friends dead, afterall. Demonic vampires might reclaim her body, making a very powerful enemy indeed. such things, though unheard of, were possible in this accursed place. She made the gem in her staff flash in the knight's eye, trying to blind him, but it did nothing to him, and it wasn't nearly powerful enough to do much, as it was not even really magic. Persperation from her forehead flung to the floor as she evaded the spells. Her movements were begining to slow, she could feel the burn in her muscles and the hardly noticable (to anyone else) more sluggish movement. She decided to cover this the best she could and not betray a weakness. She batted a spell, causing the globe to fly to the ceiling, and explode there harmlessly.

31st October 2004, 09:15 AM
Tim weaved in and out of the green balls of fire like an expert flyer, which he was. He dodged left and right, up, left, down, and suddenly found himself in front of the demon knight.

"Oh," he said. "Hello, there." He flapped his wings, flying above another fireball. He dive-bombed the knight, aiming to rake his eyes out with his back claws. He called out to the others.

"I recoment we retreat!" he said. "There is no logic in fighting an enemy if we can avoid him!"

31st October 2004, 07:50 PM
Talen dropped Hoax to the ground as softly as he could, placing the man against the wall, so that his head was just above the water. Talen knelt next to him, the water coming up to the mages neck. As the others attack them, Talen stayed to look after Hoax, the unconscious man unable to protect himself. Just as a ball of fire blasted over Talen’s head he heard Tim’s words.

"I recoment we retreat! There is no logic in fighting an enemy if we can avoid him!"

The dark mage yelled back trying to be heard over the sound of the fighting.

“We can’t go back! Behind us are the lizard creatures! We need to get through that door!”

What to do? The thought moved around Talen’s head like a fly around rotten meat. He did not know what to do, leave Hoax and attack the demon, or stay and protect his friend. He know the answer, there was no way he could leave Hoax and expect his friend to live.

Paradise Wandering
31st October 2004, 08:41 PM
Zach rapidly spun around as soon as he saw the two monsters, large volleys or shurikens exploding from his sleeves at the smaller one. (Hell Knight i think)

They flew in barrages, more than 20 at a time, and the mage spun again and again, more and more stars sent toward the beast.

Alexandra hung close to Darius, her sword expertly sliding back and forth between her fingers. This was no ordinary sword, no, far from it. This one, deflected every single fire ball that neared her back at the beasts.

Really crappy post. Shame on me :tongue: got about 3 more quests to post in tonight.

1st November 2004, 10:08 AM
Ingold was still sitting guard in the back entrance, making sure no one would attack from behind. Any mere soldier would have left the spot to go aid the others, but Ingold knew better. To allow the tunnel he was in to go unguarded was foolish. In here he could effectively battle the demon monkeys whatever they were, the close quarters only being an advantage to Ingold. None the less, he could not just sit by and let those demons attack his troops, what kind of a leader would he be if he did. So as he had done before, Ingold launched his arrows, they would prove to be nothing more then a nuisance, Ingold knew that, none the less, a second of distraction could be enough to allow one of the others to land a successful strike.

Ingold did not aim at any demon in particular, he just launched arrow after arrow at a free spot he could see. When Tim was clawing at the eyes, Ingold shot at the feet, when one was launching spells at the others, Ingold shot at the hands. He would not be the one to bring these demons down, but at least he would prove to be an annoyance. Besides that, the position he was in allowed him to have some cover from these demonic spells. but every few seconds, Ingold stared back down the tunnel, making sure no one would creep up on them.

1st November 2004, 02:18 PM
..Like Hoax told us at the beginning: "You can always use a big spell at the end and save your asses out of that temple..." And so be it..

What Darius had feared had become true, only then even worse. He had thought of the growl to have been coming from a sort of big monster, but two demons now clawing at the little men that tried to kill them was twice as bad. As the others rushed into battle, Darius simply stood there in the middle of the room, in a state of being that one could call stunned. Somehow a higher being, if there was such a thing, had decided this act of foolishness, out of which even Alexandra coulnd't wake him, should not be punished in one way or another just yet, for no Green Fireball struck the young Fire Mage.

As if indeed protected by some magical, invisible, and clearly undetectable, for otherwise the temple would've de-activated it soon enough, shield, Darius suddenly got a flash of insight. Though Hoax was unconscious at the moment, thus no help to the group, rather a burden one could say, the Spirit Mage had said some usefull things earlier on in the Quest.

'..I can use a big spell now to defeat these sons of bitches and then we run like hell!!..'

The idea had a relieving effect on him, for he had not yet finished thinking his thought or his eyes had turned a fierce, fiery deep red. This was the sign that his Fire Energy was flowing freely through his body. Over the years of studying at several great Dojo's, Darius had almost become a true powerfull Master of the Fire Element himself, and experienced as he now was, he immediatly knew of some good apocalyptic spells to give them some time to flee.


The first act of his heroic greatness consisted of a simple looking, yet hard to perform spell. Situation was that Darius would send two invisble attacks at the demons. You see a Fire Mage not only controls fire and flames, as many ignorant people tend to think when they first hear of the phenomena, but the true element of Fire was first build up around manipulating heat itself. And heat was, as we all know, invisible. So what Darius did was, after concentrating for a short while on the area of air around each demon, he got inside the air-molecules themselves and quickly sent a whole lot of his own Fire Energy molecules to mix with those. The amount of Fire Energy molecules wasn't so big as for the demons to notice a change of temperature just yet, but enough for Darius to give him control over the heat of the air, after mixing the two sorts of molecules with eachtother. Now controlling the heat in the air around each of the two demons, Darius pulled out all heat from the air. Just before the other attacks would soon strike, this would probably half-freeze the demons and thereby intensify the effect of the . As the other attacks would move in later on, he would add a large portion of his Fire Energy into the air once again, intensifying the temperatue to such a degree that the opponents, in this case the demons, would have a difficult time breathing, or would even pass out. Atleast, that was how he had been thought. Darius didn't know if the demons would react in the same way, but he simply did his best and hoped for the best too. (Thermal Extremes).

So, only instants after the flash of insight had relieved him from the weird stunning he had just had and he had brought the air around the two beasts to a freezing level, Darius stretched out his both of his arms. A mere fraction of a second later, two huge gaps, each about thirty feet in diameter, opened up underneath the hopefully surprised demons. Time to fall down there was not, for immediatly thereafter a huge stream of lava came bursting out, as a pure vulcanoe eruption, only then created by one singly boy. (Eruption).

Darius had not even begun, because while the lava started pouring out, he moved one arm up and immediatly a cloud began to form in the air. The air itself started to twist, invisible for now, and while the could began to take on serious forms, flames started to erupt, showing that the air was moving in a whirlwind. The flames were a simple result of Darius having put a lot of his Fire Energy into the air, as he had been taught, and then pushing it towards the outer boundaries of the molecules, making the flames visible to the world.So, as a result, two twisters of fire stormed right at the demons and meanwhile, the cloud openend up. From the dark residence, Darius released its immense fury and wrath upon the two beasts of hell. A rain of fire. (Fire Storm).

So, when all the spells collapsed, and after Darius had finished his Thermal Extremes by pouring the heat into the air at the right time again, he had only one more thing to do. Get out of the hallway.


The young Fire Mage himself was too impatient and in a too snobistic mood to walk, and before the other could've possible started to move, he disappeared in a puff of flames, only to reappear again at the end of the tunnel that would lead to their exit, or so Garrett had exclaimed. (Fire Teleportation).

Looking over his shoulder to see if the others were coming along nicely, while the demons had to fight off his attacks, he realized he had been lucky the temple had given him enough time to do all this. If one part had failed, especially the last one, this could've been a disaster. Now there still was hope.

'..I just hope they haven't been scared off by my attacks and that we can find the exit real quick!!..The water's nearing my balls..'

A chill went down his spine as he turned his head once again to look for the exit himself. Seeing nothing as of yet, he suddenly noticed a yellow halo hovering above his head.

"Ah, the temple's discovered my little tricks. I just hope the demons have been distracted long enough...", Darius mumbled to himself while continuig his desperate searc. He wanted that exit ready when the first people started arriving here. If they would arrive. Suddenly frightend once again, he quickly turned and looked once more.

...Open ending, it's up to you know...Sry for doing this unauthorized and unannounced but I just felt like it...And if you disapprove, you're just out of luck I guess...(Unless you're BK ofcourse :p)..And, yeah, before you ask, that was Darius at one of his more glorious times in battle :D..

Paradise Wandering
3rd November 2004, 07:31 PM
ok, my last post was utter crap. gotta redeem myself here... it is also good for me to make a long post so Darius doest make me look like a fool by making his own long posts :D


Oh, no. Here come the spells. Gotta pull a big one off real quick or it could get ugly. But which one? Which one?

Young Zach Neron considered his options for a moment after seeing Darius perform amazing fire spells, knowing that if he was to cast a spell, it would have to be fast, and big. Now by this time, the water had risen to his waist, and was slowly getting higher. Being a water element himself, this was no problem for him, but still, it would definately hinder his abilitys to escape.

Ice comet? No, no roof for it to enter by. Onyx? No, he is too big. Ultimate dark bomb? Yes, yes that one will do nicely.

The spell that the teenage water master had decided upon was his most powerful dark spell, and an extraordinarily damaging one. I dont know if i can pull this one off, the water will soon drown us all, and if i use use this spell, then the dampener will inibit my magic again... and i will be unable to breathe in the water... After a short moment of hesitation, he conceded. It is worth it. I have got to save my own arse, and someone besides Darius has to play the hero. He looked up right as Darius was forming his spells, and Zach began his own. Lets do this. He said to himself as he closed his eyes.

As his young eyelids shut tightly, he reached inside himself, and plunged deep into the pool of dark emotions dorment within him. This was a subconsious lake of anger, grief, and fear. It was hidden far inside him, and he had to search deep to find the one he wanted: fear.

This was a very hard one to master as controlling fear itself must have at least some side effects on you, like, scaring the caster so much that simply using it may freeze him in utter terror. But not this time. This time he had to do this spell just right, for the lives of himself, and others were at stake here.

He grabbed hold of the fear, which was hovering in front of his mind's eye. It tried to swallow him up, it tried to suffocate him with horror. Other emotions, the likes of anger, greif, and hatred taunted him from just outside the etherial veil of this uncontrollable emotion. They slipped in and out of the fear curtain, poking at him, toying with his mind. But to no avail. He was not about to let the emotions take over like he had in the past. He had to conquer his fear of fear itself for the sake of his comrades. He forced it to see that he was it's master, it's boss. He forced it out of his young body. It came as tendrils, black tendrils of smoke from his baggy sleeves. It slid out, twisting in and out of it's airy body.

He forced it quickly into a ball shape, a ball of pure fear. This ball, the size of a cannon ball, hovered vacantly above his hand. He grabbed at it, forced it to obey. And it did. He held in his hand an orb of fear, of terror, that would now do his bidding. Through all of this he never opened his eyes.

Now for the second half of my spell.

Without ever cracking his eyelids, the mage hurled the newly formed Dark Bomb into the air above his head. It flew higher and higher, until it reached it's peak, a full ten feet above the prince's hood. Right as the peak height of the Bomb was reached, he began step two of his plan: The Anger Shot. He again dove into the pool of emotions deep within his teenage mind, this time searching for a more elusive, and reckless emotion: Anger.

He saw it, and jumped at it! He missed. It was so close, but the anger darted away, into the deeper end of the pool. This was the harder end to enter, as it was home to none other than rage, obsession, and malace itself. Anger, was not the strongest emotion, but it definately had it's place engraved into the spellbooks of all dark mages, because of it's pure, unscathed, and unharnesable power. It was one of the easier emotions to control, but one of the hardest ones to master. And one of the hardest ones to catch. As he swam farther into the pool of emotions, the weaker emotions that taunted him were replaced by much more powerful, darker ones. But he couldnt allow that to stop him. He had to harness the anger now, before the emotions destroyed him from the inside out.

He made one final, last ditch dive for it, and caught it, but just barely. It tried to wriggle and squirm away from him, but it was no use. He had it tightly. Now he forced the anger into his arm, allowing it to incarnate his entire hand, wrist, and elbow. But not for long. He raised his had to the sky above his head, aiming directly for the Dark Bomb above him, and released it to the sky. It exploded from his hand, rapidly accending to speeds far above mach one. This was pure, raw anger in it's true form. Powerful, and deadly.

In a split second it contacted the globe of fear that was the Dark Bomb, and let out brilliant fireworks. An explosion in the cave, but not one big enough to cause damage, but it surely was beautiful, as fire and colorful debris rained down insde the cave. Post-explosion, there was left a great sight, a tiny, black ball of anger and fear, in size smaller than a golf ball, but in weight, much more than ten pounds. It was amazingley dense, as could be expected from all the power packed into the tiny sphere. Here it is, in all it's glory, my Ultimate Dark Bomb!!!

He told himself this just as those sapphire blue gems he had for eyes slid open, but, they were not sapphire anymore. Somewhere in the middle of all the spellcasting they had changed color, into those starlike electric blue monstousitys he got when he was dealing with powerful emotions. He uttered two words, two words wich rang loudly through every ear in the temple.

Eat THIS!!!

He heaved the Ultimate Dark Bomb at the demons, this spell, if it were to hit, would massively damage the creatures, if not kill them, and all who were close to them.


He dove into the ever-rising water, and swam to the exit behind the fire master, just in time to see a large halo apear and hover just aboe his bown hair.

Alexandra plunged into the depths of the water, which was now above her shoulders. Swimming as quickly as she could, she caught up with the two masters who were exiting the temple. "Darius! Your alive!" She shouted gleefully as she realized taht he was safe. But she knew all to well taht this ws not the time to rejoice. Her compadres were still in danger.

"C'mon!!!!! NOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

4th November 2004, 02:22 AM
Talen had been looking at Darius with concern. It was like the rash mage to fire off spells without thinking about his actions and Talen had made sure that both he and Hoax had been safe from his spell effects. Talen stood and was about to move Hoax when his attention changed to Zach. It seemed that his young student was about to caste a spell, and at the creation of the dark bomb, Talen had been about to continue. What happened next surprised him.

It appeared that Zach had created one of his and Talen’s most powerful spells, and had executed it perfectly. The thin and drawn lips of Talen’s mouth parted in a savage grin. His student had caste the spell perfectly and had not been as reckless as Darius had been.

Like a ray of sunlight through clouds Talen saw his way out of the passage. He picked up the lump that was Hoax by the waist and slung him over his shoulder. Making after Zach with all the speed his burdened legs could muster he made it passed where the Demons had been. Unsure of their exact response to the huge amounts of damage that had been done to them, Talen continued quickly reaching Darius.

Turning back to the others, Talen shouted to them. The last thing he wanted was to wait for them to be found out.

“Hurry up!”

4th November 2004, 09:02 AM
Ic: Tarcisus backed off even more, avoiding Darius' combination of spells. He attempted to interject, with saying something but was interupted. He didn't look to see the spells' effects, but looked instead over to the watermage. He narrowed his eyes as he saw Zach form a huge dark spell, then suddenly widening his eyes as he realized what was going to happen.

"Fools! Do you realize what you could have done! This is not a risk worth taking... Fire and dark magics against DEMONS?!"

More quietly,

"We can only pray they are not the sort of demons I fear they are. Let's try to get out of here as soon as possible."

He backed up next to Christy, turning to see the effects of both their spells. He dreaded what might happen next.

Christy wasn't sure what to think, but was relieved to see the demons would have to concentrate on the spells. She didn't want to take after the example of Darius or Zach, as she was unsure of the guards' reactions to those spells. She didn't know as much about demons as Tarcisus, but she knew that this could swing either way, judging from the look on her dear friend's face. She went back to focusing on the foe before them. She stood up straight, waiting to see their reaction.

4th November 2004, 09:15 PM
this post has changed since I posted in the tavern, that thing about Daro hating it is no longer in here so disregard that.

*for a moment the two demons seemed unstoppable, Zach’s shrunken bounced off the demons hide, Draco’s clawing only made them angrier and Ingolds arrows slowed them down, only slightly.
This was until two brave souls risked the temples wrath.

When the fire attack from Darius hit the two demons both for a moment seemed to grimace slightly in pain, in that second there hail of green fire balls ceased.

Then came Zach’s dark attack.
The two demons had already been wincing when the dark bomb struck them.
The baron of hell managed to stay on its feet but the hells knight was not so lucky, being knocked back onto his demonic arse.

After the attacks had past the baron, for this was his rank, turned back to his fellow knight and grasped an out stretched hand and pulled him back on to his feet.
The baron then immediately elbowed the knight in the stomach and whispered angrily in his ear…*

Baron of hell ~ *coarse whisper* “you fool! We do not show mortals weakness in our own citadel!”

*The two demons brushed themselves off, with the knight looking a little more guilty that before.*

Baron of hell ~ “come, these mortals wish the use of magic, let us show them our demonic skills in sorcery.”

*For a moment the Knight seemed to forget the fact that he would be reprimanded latter and faced those who had gathered near the entrance.
The Baron faced those still in the exit aria from the pipes.
Both began to cast at the same time, moving in perfect unison.

First the demons moved there hands to about there chest level, slowly moving them from around from top to bottom in a circular motion, gathering what looked like a round plate of the green stuff they had been throwing around just before, when there hands meet again at the bottom they drew them in-towards there body then pushed out with there palms, there hands meeting at the wrists as they did so.
As they did so the round plate they had formed moved out, then exploded into a large wall of the green fire, stretching from wall to wall, skimming just below the top of the water level that now was filling the temple….*

*Garrett almost burst into cheer when he saw Darius and Zach bash the demons like they did, and nearly cried when he saw the demons fire wall approaching.
Garrett thought quickly, trying to out mauver the fire was pointless as it stretched from wall to wall.
Jumping it was also out of the question for even if he could jump that high the wall was licking the top of the roof.

Garret listened to the sound of the wall sizzle as it skimmed the water.
It was getting closer, moving at about walking pace it had already moved half way across the room.
He was running out of space.

Garrett tried not to panic, he tried to think rationally, but the sound was so frightening and his mind was still slightly “high” from the toxins that seeped slowly into his blood stream from the needle like teeth he had embedded in his left shoulder.
Curse those lizards, curse those demons, if he stayed here he would fry or drown, probably fry first…

Then it came to him.

Garrett got up from leaning aganced the wall and waded through the knee high water towards the wall of fire.
Timing it just right Garrett dived down underneath the wave of fire and came up again, relatively unhurt, save for a very warm back…*

*the Barron looked around; he felt he was missing some one.
Glancing up into the tunnel he realised who.

The Barron face Ingold, taped his nose then pointed squarely at Ingold, an evil grin spread across his face.

The baron drew back his right arm like a base ball pitcher winding up for the big one, the green fire energy building up in his hand.
One last time the Barron took careful aim, he did not want this one to miss, just to be sure, unseen; he inserted a tiny amount of his blood, so that the fire ball would home in.

The baron let fly, the fire ball speeding towards Ingold with fearful speed, and with its homing abilities the baron was sure he would score a kill before his fellow knight scored a injury.*

5th November 2004, 01:43 AM
Talen snarled at the knight. How dare that lesser demon threaten him! His blood-curdling snarl rose to a roar as he unleashed his power. Anger coursed through his body, unleashed in that single moment, it would now serve his nefarious intent. Still holding Hoax, Talen raised his hand. His thin finger seemed to be shaking with rage, but the opposite was true. A think purple blur formed in the air around his finger. Talen pulled his hand back with lightning speed, the purple haze blasted straight down, disappearing into the water without a sound.

Suddenly the water in front of Talen exploded. A dark shape landed on Talen and within in a second plunged back into the waist hight water. The mass of rock and dirt encased hoax totally now and was carrying him within its cacoon like body. It continued out past Darius and out the entrance. As soon as the light hit it the form became clear. It was large and covered with dirt and rocks. From the top of is back poked Hoax's head. Talen shouted out to the people around him quickly.

“It was take Hoax to the boat, stay or go with it. I am going to stay and help the others against the demons.”

Talen plunged himself into the water, letting the flame wall pass over his head. A second after it passed he lunged out of the water at the knight. Not wanting to leave himself vulnerable he quickly sought through his memories. These were the key to his emotional power. Anger, grief, fear, they all were within himself. This memory was the most dangerous for Talen. The image of his island disappearing into the distance, the loss of his home, his family and his life started to have an effect on his body. In mid air his body started to shake with power as his body was filled with the cascade of emotions that dwelt within him. Talen forced the condensed emotions into his hands and held them out at the knight. This simple spell could melt steel, hopefully this creature would react the same, though Talen did not have high hopes.

5th November 2004, 10:47 AM
I did not see the temple take magic away again … Now look what you allowed Ingold to do.

As Darius and Zach launched their attacks, Ingold couldn’t help but look back and witness the magics thrown around, ignoring the possible threat coming from behind. Much like Tarcisus, he couldn’t help but disagree with the elements used. After all, these were demons born from the fires of hell and raised within darkness and of course, ever lasting fires. At least, that’s what the rumours said about most demons. But in a way, they were indeed left no other choice as the weak attacks used didn’t seem to have any effects on these two demons. Thus, Ingold followed suit, using a magic these demons probably wouldn’t be so unaffected by or so he thought, but even he knew he had to be quick, he had to react before the temple did.

“Michaelmas, watch the entrance, I’m going to fry some demons …”

As he had spoken these words, Ingold’s eyes were already closed, concentrating on his bio energy within, summoning it up in great amounts. Yet, he did not unleash it against the demons as might be expected. No, Ingold had always been deceptive when it came to magics, never doing the obvious, or at least he liked to think that, making a lot of his spells look like one and another, always wanting to surprise his opponent. Now he did the same, infusing every drop of gathered toxins and acids within his body with his lightning energy, this to the point where the bio substances and the energy couldn’t be told apart anymore. If one would be able to feel the poisoned energy, he would most likely mistake it for a bio attack, which it of course wasn’t … completely.

As Zach launched his dark bomb, Ingold spread his arms to his front, at the height of his chest, palms facing forwards. Normally, he would have moved them to the side, which was the normal move for this spell, but the close quarters kind of didn’t allow such a thing. A great hellish green globe was formed in each hand, the shine coming from them easily surpassing the colour of the green fire the demons had been launching. The power held within these globes doing the same as they energy amassed within them was immense. A small bead of sweat, slowly crawling down Ingold’s forehead, soon followed by many others signalled the effort it took Ingold to summon all this energy. Never before had he performed this spell without being at least in enhanced concentration, but now he simply did not have the time for such a move for the temple could react any moment now, or so Ingold believed. Of course, this meant that the spell was a lot weaker and wouldn’t stretch on for a half a mile as it would have done under normal circumstances, this time, it would encompass an area of a ‘mere’ hundred, two hundred meters, which probably was for the best.

Now Ingold moved his arms forwards until the two globes merged in front of his eyes, a bright acid green flash flaring up for an instant as they did, illuminating the narrow corridor in which he and Michaelmas were sitting in an eerie green. As the light waned away again, returning the black colour to Ingold’s pupils, the globes appeared to be gone, yet within the darkness of Ingold’s pupils, a tiny green dot could still be seen. If one would be close enough, he would have been able to see that the merged globes weren’t actually gone, but compressed to the size of a pin’s head. Tilting his head forwards, Ingold now pushed his arms towards the two demons, targeting the empty space between them, wrists connecting with each other and palms staring at the targeted space. Suddenly Ingold’s deep voice rang over the battlefield, yet without emotion, no anger or hate could be heard within it, which made it even more frightening.


Immediately the tiny greenish globe shot away from Ingold’s palm at lightning speed – which is really, really, really fast for those that didn’t know it yet – transferring the energy with a velocity literally unseen. Ingold's gaze was still fixed upon his foes when suddenly the sphere the size of a pin’s head reappeared again, a few feet away from both of them, right in-between, imploding not even a second later. Yet still nothing seemed to happen, for a fraction of a millisecond that is, as the globe collapsed into a molecule. All the air around them was sucked up into the now minuscule globe and everyone on the battlefield would have a very hard time to resist the force of the winds. Even the level of the water began to drop as the created vacuum sucked much of the liquid up. To the others, this might have seen bad timing as by now, a great wall of green fire was probably approaching them, yet, the water was still deep enough for most people to take cover … especially when they were as skinny as Ingold.

Soon after the implosion, the explosion followed in one bright green flash as the atom could not hold such power any longer and exploded. The room shook violently and within seconds, what had once been an unseen tiny sphere had now expanded into one immense shocking sphere of destruction. The entire sphere was made up out of pure plasma, generating a heat that exceeded that of one of Zadok’s hellish eruption attacks with ease. Anything the energy touched was snuffed out of existence as the very molecules themselves were destroyed. The walls it came close to were melted and vaporised as the edges of the globe made contact with them. The water to which it came close was instantly vaporised, hot steam wasn’t even allowed to rise far as the ever-expanding globe soon caught the miniscule water drops, utterly destroying them on a molecular level. Even the air itself could not survive such an attack, creating a vacuum within and around the rapidly expanding sphere.

The sphere, seemingly filled with green lightning bolts, leaving little empty space between them, easily expanded beyond the two demons and anyone close to them should have gotten the hell out of there as Ingold had ‘announced his attack’, after all, he had used a variation of it on Rakoth when he was possessed by Malakoth. But barely had Ingold finished his attack, bringing the tiny globe into position or the baron had shot his own little spell at Ingold. As the tiny green apocalypse globe imploded, the green fiery globe the baron had launched was already well on its way to Ingold. Grabbing Michaelmas by his collar, Ingold jumped down, dragging his apprentice behind him, not knowing that the globe was targeting only him. Landing into the water, of which the level had now dropped dramatically due to Ingold’s own spell, Ingold pushed the dazzled lightning mage away and dived under, now also having to worry about a wall of green fire heading towards him.

The globe the baron had fired followed Ingold, the thin layer of water between him and the globe not proving to be enough to undo the effects the globe would have. On contact with the surface, the green fireball exploded, vaporizing the thin layer of water that was to be Ingold’s salvation. The blast pushed Ingold against the stone beneath as well, knocking him unconscious for a second, his back now open to the wall of fire slowly moving over him. Seconds after though, the water moved in again, a wave of it now rushing over him as his apocalypse attack exploded, saving him from further harm of the wall of green fire. Suddenly snapping back to the real world, Ingold found himself out of breath, disorientated and of course, under water. Pushing himself away from the ground in a reflex, Ingold surfaced again, gasping for breath and standing there a bit dazzled, not knowing what the effects of his spell would have been. Even if these demons would have been resistant to lightning, the bio energy caught within the spell, should have been sufficient to kill a them off.

I did not do this because you told me they were resistant to lightning, this was the plan all along. This is the weakened version of the apocalypse attack, enhanced with poisoned energy … end even so, it remains my deadliest.

it is not my best post and I hope it makes some sense, have fun all

5th November 2004, 11:27 AM
Tim saw the spells being cast, and knew he had to act quickly. But what spell to cast? He then saw the wall of green fire approaching, and that narrowed his options down to one, his ultimate spell: Sun Fusion. So, he hovered in one place and concentrated on all the heat in the room. Indeed, all the heat that could be gathered within a ten-mile radius. He started gathering it all, and attracting it to him. This effect could be seen as tiny globes of energy flying towards him. His form shimmered in the heat. After a moment, he became completely encased in a firey dome of energy.

However, anyone who could sense fire could tell that this was no ordinary fire. The fire was charged with tiny little particles. These particles, though only an earth mage could tell you this, were a very powerful, magical substance called Proto-Gammite. This was a substance that could be produced only by magic, and then only by Earth Mages of a very powerful nature. It was an element that was a hundred times more powerful then antimatter. Tiny explosions occured within this dome of fire, and the air around the group chilled to 40 degrees below zero.

After a moment, shafts of this charged fire started erupting from the dome, which now became a large sphere hovering a couple feet above the ground. Each spot a shaft hit, it caused a moderate explosion. The water in the temple began to evaporate. Tim now decided that the spell would continue without his aid, being now self-sustaining, and a thick shaft of fire burst down the main hallway, through the wall of fire, and out the exit. Tim had taken on an energy form, and now rode this shaft of fire out of the temple. He then retook his physical form, his human one.

OoC: Note that the sphere is now running on it's own power. It'll continue to work even when the anti-magic field kicks in. Because it's no longer running on magic, it's self-sustaining now, like the sun.

And don't worry, this spell doesn't affect the caster's allies. Yet.

And, I'm sorry if this post is crappy, my computer crashed halfway through. Horray for Word.

5th November 2004, 01:50 PM
This ones gunna be some what big, not in terms of this quest so much, but in terms of everything else. its quite long so i'm still finishing it...

Mindstealer awoke; he had been travelling for days across the plains no sign of civilisation anywhere. However this is the way the oracle had told him to come and this was supposed to be a test. Now it looked as if he was in for more of the same there was nothing so far as he could see with his eyes, and for some reason he felt that magical methods weren’t appropriate for the time being.

With a sigh his stood up, taking his black cloak from the ground where he had lay on it for the night, the gold trimmed edges catching the early morning sunlight. He set off into the seemingly never-ending expanses.

Time passes, away from any normal civilisation its passage was only noticed as Mindstealer had dabbled with the forces behind time for a while himself. Upon entering into his first paradox, he decided to give it up for a type of magic, which had the potential for even bigger headaches, if you weren’t good.

He had taken time over the past few days to reflect on his past. He had always managed to win, to succeed somehow, but recently his grip on things, as Darksider Lord was slipping. When he had taken over the sect two years previous they had been mainly recon and intelligence gathering yet he had decided that a role more fitting of the title Darksiders would be one of fighting, a powerful elite group of mainly magic users with a few pure combatants in there kitted out with powerful weapons and devices purely to give them the edge in any fight.

He had made the transformation and had many successful missions including travelling into hell to get to the ‘root’ of the problem of evil dark magic users the mission had been a success they had destroyed a lot of daemons and if it wasn’t for the slight time travelling mishap at the end he would probably have been rewarded greatly for it, instead he got a small amount of congratulations from the other sect heads. It had become apparent to him that despite his obvious great amount of power it wasn’t enough. The ease at which the Lord Psychic had fixed the time in-continuities had been astounding.

This had lead him here across these ever expanding plains in search of some more power or possibly another way of using his current power. His aim was currently unknown, but he had some idea what he was looking for, he had once been to hell now it was the time to go the other way and hunt down a god, not to kill of cause but to somehow get the powers of one. He had no plans but he had plenty of time to think.

He continued his lone trudge across the plains the never-ending expanses were beginning to get on his nerves however he didn’t have much longer to get bored of the never changing expanses; there was a crack of thunder, as a lightning bolt hit the earth to his left. Swearing loudly he dived to the side just avoiding another bolt, it seemed the whole place was now out to get him: as he landed he struck his head on a rock.

Of all the places to put a rock in this place, it had to be under my head…

He got up looking to the sky it was relatively clear except for the huge billowing mass of black cloud heading straight for him. Now the landscape had stopped playing fair, he wasn’t going to play fair either summoning his powers he formed an energy shield around him enough to deflect any wayward lightning or rain. He then walked on ignoring the storm that seemed to be following him.

He could no longer see more than a few feet in front of him, so he didn’t notice the change to the landscape massive cliffs were now visible on the horizon, he would reach them by nightfall.


Night fell, Mindstealer had come upon the cliffs, knowing that it was pointless trying to continue in this weather, he looked for an over hang or cave at the base of the cliffs to shelter from the storm during the night. He would need to rest and holding this shield up wouldn’t allow him to do so. Soon he came upon a shallow cave just big enough to hide out of the weather in. It would have to do.

The night went uneventfully, while he slept the storm cleared. The barren plains he had spent the last few days crossing twisted and warped, revealing where he truly was, less than a days walk from the village he had set out from, something more powerful than Mindstealer had reckoned upon ruled these lands.


Morning broke, the skies still clear, above him Mindstealer could see the top of the cliff it wasn’t as bad as it looked, he would reach the summit before midday if he was lucky. He set off climbing and scrambling across the rocks mostly granite and other volcanic rocks, suggesting that this cliff face could once have been part of the earth that with every step was moving away from him.

Several vultures circled above cawing and fighting amongst themselves, they had spotted the way ward traveller below they were waiting for him like all that had come before to fall to his death and provide their next meal. He carried on regardless, if they did come too close, he would deal with them accordingly however he needed to get to the top as soon as possible.

One of the vultures let out an especially loud call as he slipped on a loose rock, catching himself just in time to stop him slipping backwards. Stopping to catch his breath he looked down briefly, quickly looking away from the dizzying fall to continue upwards.

Damm birds…


It came as a relief to him as he reached the top of the cliff face, to find himself on a flat rock base he looked around searching for potential signs of danger, there was no where to hide up here, it was totally barren. He still searched for any sign of something that might have drawn him here, there was none, yet he felt sure that this was where he was supposed to be. It made no sense what so ever.


The scene faded away, he was sure he could remember a temple, something was playing with his mind… he looked up, there was a fight going on he was lay here oblivious to it. Seeing his friends in danger he tried to get up, but he couldn’t he was no longer in control… something happened that day when he gained control of psi, but he couldn’t remember what… now it was coming back to haunt him.

a little more insight there for you all :P

5th November 2004, 02:37 PM
Ic: Something... unexpected happened when everyone was letting off their spells. First, Tarcisus thought he would try to see if he could harness the extreme power eminating from the temple. That wasn't a great idea, for one thing. He could now sense everything around him and knew he was in tune with his arsenal of magic once more. He put his right hand on the wall and his left touched the floor, so as to duck from all the explosions happening. So much potency within the temple. An unlimited source of magic and power it seemed. All at once, he could veiw the entire temple in all its hideous glory. It looked like an unmoving rock or gateway in the shifting world of the non-dimension of the spiritual rhelm. It was strange that a building should show up as if it itself had a soul or some freak spell chained within it. Then he saw the brief, vague form within the very heart of the temple. He was filled with immense emotions. Fear, anger. It was deeper than any dark mage have attained and it overwhelmed him, consuming his body and mind and soul. His eyes widened and he let go of the wall and floor. He yelled, his eyes blood-shot. He held his head with his arms and sat on his feet.


Christy yelled, running over to him. She waved her staff and freehand above his face. He settled down some, but his babbling made no sense to any of them there. She looked up. She had gotten too close to all the explosions, and her face widened in terror. She could feel the threshold of Ingold's appocalypse spell right in front of her face. She arched her back, seemingly petrified in time. Her body looked as if it were translated (transformed) into water. Her staff shot back to the back of the room as did poor Tarcisus. The Bio mage was gone, but her apparent sacrifice was not in vain, nor was she as what looked like what happened to her. Luckily, the spell was also a bio one, infused with energy. Unluckily, it was more than she could handle and it had caused her body to spontaneously transform by triggering one of her own spells instantly. A womanly scream could be heard, as if coming from behnd the demons, but it was just an echo of her real scream. It gargled as if she were drowing or melting. However, she had changed to a Daiad, a water nymph and had been thrown to the back of the room along with her staff and Tarcisus. None of the others would likely notice this though, as there was so much going on. Tarcisus stood, awakened from the torrent of water that closed over him. He stood with no emotions, not seeing what was going on, not being affected by almost anything around him. He had seen a dark, evil spirit dwelling in the center of the temple. He had never seen its likes before and it was able to affect him mentally. He heard everything everyone said, but all else was just a dull rumble in his ears. None of what they said registered in his mind, however and he just stood there, as if his soul had been taken away. His hair dripped into the water at his legs and he could feel the heaviness of his wet clothes, but that did not affect him.

8th November 2004, 01:27 AM
Pain had always been apart of Talen’s life. It had always been there, gnawing on his soul in an inhuman punishment. But this, this was different. This pain was going to be worse. Neither god, nor the devil could deliver a worse punishment than to be struck down by ones own friends. Talen did not hold them an ill will though. The spells that were about to be felt by the mage were not aimed at him, but they would still have an effect none the less.

Talen reached demon just as did Ingolds attack. Had he heard the warning things might have been different. Unfortunately for Talen the sound had not pieced the water when he had dived under the flame wall. As Ingolds attack imploded Talen’s spun in mid air. His back was pulled toward the position of the bio attack. A blurred image and a sudden whoosh of air was all that was processed by Talen as the bones in his spine felt like hey were going to be ripped out of his head.

In the next instant Ingolds spell changed. The forces pulling Talen in switched and send him flying away. He whizzed through the air towards the exit, his arms and legs were bent backwards as they tried to keep up with the dramatic speed that the spell had gifted on his body. The blast was not all that Talen had to fear, the speed he had taken sent him straight through the firewall the demons had cast seconds before. Green flame singed his cloths and burnt his skin. Thanks to the quickness of his projection most of the flames either did not have time to catch on to his cloths, or were quickly put out by the buffeting wind. But that was not a comforting thought as Talen felt his flesh literally being burnt off.

For Talen the experience was now cut short as his head impacted with the top of the tunnel. Totally darkness replaced the searing pain that he had felt. Thick blood sprayed out onto Zach and Darius below him as his hear seemed to erupt. The sudden stop of his upper body sent his legs forward into the roof. His knees impacted first, shattering the fragile bone work that made up his knees.

His body fell now. The explosions energy passed painfully into the structure. Before Talen had chance to land near Zach and Darius, Tim’s spell blasted around him. The thick fire rocketed him passed Zach and Darius and into the water much closer to the exit. Tim’s spell’s flames were extinguished as the limp body of Talen was plunged into the water. Around him a terrible red circle grew out of the blood seeping out of his various wounds.

8th November 2004, 06:14 AM
Your ears ring as mighty explosions and howls of the dammed reverberate through the shallow halls of the temple.
You look over to the exit and see something that makes you cringe with horror, Talen flying through the air, a soldier’s worst nightmare come true, a friend hurt, possibly killed, by friendly fire…

You look on, almost glued to the flood as the thief Garrett brakes into a run, rushing to the aid of one fallen.
As you follow his flight (run) across the two rooms you gaze drifts onto the burning skeletons of two demons, green flames dry there bones to ash, leavening nothing more than a small pile of black ash as there legacy.

As your gaze returns to Garrett you see him trying to haul Talen back to the boat, the bulk that is Talen across his back.
He turns and faces you for a moment, his eyes almost blaming you for the burden he now carries.
You see him turn and walk out the exit and distantly hear some one calling for every one to leave.

Groggily you get up, you legs feel as though you have been trying to drink Ghorgrond under the table.
Slowly at first, you walk towards the exit, soon your ears have stoped ringing and you walk less drunkenly towards and eventually, out of the exit.
There you find Garrett next to the long boat you rowed in to the temple, he is there urging you in, into the safety of the boat.

You walk up to the edge of the boat, inside you see Talen wrapped up in some blankets, for a moment you wonder if he is still alive, then you see the slight, ever so slight, rise and fall of the chest, slower than normal, but proof of life.
For a moment you wonder how Garrett got him here so fast and so safely, perhaps you moved slower than you thought, or the thief faster…

Hoping in to the long boat you feel the cold water rushing in and so, enter the boat and begin to row the few hundred meters back to the seafox.

The caption is waiting to pull you up, as he dose you wonder for a moment if he is stronger than before, his grip feels like an iron vice around your hand as he yanks you back onboard the ship.
You soon realise it is not the caption, its you, looking up you see small wisps of energy separate from your body and join the collective glow of the halo, no wonder you feel so weak.

Looking back at the temple as you sail away you cannot help but feel disappointed about the journey, you entered it, and escaped it, but at what cost?
Talen lied in the ships hold at this very moment, being seen by the ships doctor, Hoax lies in a hammock below unconscious, you your self feel utterly drained and hopeless.
You secretly hope you will not have to return here again…

Several days past and still you have been unable to shake a feeling of chaotic doom.
The halo’s that had sucked the very life from your body dissipated as Hoax had predicted, yet still he lies, asleep.

The doctor says that Talen is getting better but you your self have not seen this and as such are simply taking his word for it.
You feel worried, partially to blame almost for what happened 3 days ago, the events reply before your eyes, of Hoax, of Talen, of the horrors that you could almost feel radiate from the place of evil.

When you sleep you almost feel the darkness jeering you, laughing at your failure.
You wonder if the darkness can be beaten.

Putting all thoughts of this aside you look forward to returning home, of sleeping in your own bed again, of eating something other than wormy apples and dry biskets, and water that shouldn’t taste of salt, yet dose.

The 4th day comes and in the distance you see the fortress of the army’s up on the cliff side, you can hardly wait to tell those who did not come of your adventure, but decide to omit certain details about the end.

They do not need to know of an unbeatable darkness, nor of a living temple that seems to bare a hate that runs deeper than time itself for you, and you alone.

the end of the 4th day saw you unloading your things and returning to your room, captain Jack tells you all that he will be returning to the port town not a days journey from here should you need him or his boat again, though he states that he will be in repair for at least a week.

As you enter your room the familure sites and smells return, you shut the door and secretly enjoy flopping back onto the soft warm, bed.
Then you close your eyes.

The darkness closes in again, deep, terrifying darkness.
Quickly you open your eyes again and wonder….
How long will the nightmares haunt you…………….

to be, continued

requesting thread be closed for creation of act 2

8th November 2004, 12:28 PM
i'll close this upon my reply. (i need to finish that post. intended as a two parter.)