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7th August 2008, 04:06 PM
Hey guys, I am new to the forum, (this is my first post :raiseroof) but I have read loads of posts lol and have seen that there are loads of amazing coders in the forum. I was wondering if any of you nice coders could help me try and make an arcade script that I would give out for free to everybody and anybody. I have thought for ages on this. I have not yet bought a domain name but have been thinking about names. Heres the idea of the arcade script:

Template based script that users can customise (a themplate folder with themes in the directory)

All done using SQL Databases

Admin control panel with the following:
1. Add/remove games section.
2. Add/remove catagories section. (The catagories will be in the navigation bar below the logo and an ad next to it.
3. View users that have registered and be allowed to delete.
4. Add/remove links.
5. Look at the comments people have posted about games.
6. Control wether adsense ads are on or off.

On homepage:
1. 10 Most Popular games.
2. 10 Newest games.
3. Player rankings. (how many games they have played)
4. Quick play drop down menu to select any of the games to play.
5. Search games.
6. Around 4 sample games from each catagory then a [See more "catagory" games >>]
7. Adsense ads. (can be switched off by admin)
8. Users can register and login.
9. Statistics on the site, e.g how many games/users.

When they play the games:
1. There will be a comments script for them to comment on the game.
2. Adsense add below game.
3. Ratings.
4. Games you may also enjoy.
5. Embed into your own website/myspace (can be switched off by admin)

A config.php file that the can edit and put in their SQL details and database details.
A install.php so that they can install it easily and the install.php dumps all the SQL stuff.

Thats about it.
All of this is sort of like the free arcade scripts around (AvArcade, GameScript)

So after you (if anybody is nice enough) make it for free, I would develop it a bit (if I can lol there is a lot already) and tehn give it out as freeware to everybody! Please tell me if I have missed anything any of you need to know!

I know I am asking for a lot a lot a lot on my first post, but I have been looking everywhere for some help, but nobody has really helped me yet! Lol please please please pleaseeee help someone!!!

Thank you very much!

7th August 2008, 04:42 PM
How much php, html and javascript do you know?

Do you know much flash action script?