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23rd July 2008, 02:12 PM
Alliance Name: AL2's Chaos (AL2)
Alliance Member Count (on forums): Over 200 (We delete inactive accounts regularly)
Alliance Member Count (in Chain): Over 400
Alliance Link http://www.al2chaos.tk
Alliance Leaders: alwaysl00king2 and EaglesSoaring, good_dog, CpnRinch, Ponyboy, Squall Special Ops won't be listed here.

Description of AL2's Chaos

Al2's Chaos (AL2) has a great and honorable past. We are one of the few who have finished each age on the first page. This does not mean just the main leaders. We try hard to get ALL members who wish to finish on page 1 to do so. We are one of the few alliances who do not ask you to give up every thing you worked for to make the leaders l00k good!! AL2's Chaos is about our community, not just about our leaders.

Al2's Chaos is one of the first to call itself a 'real family'. Sure we have those who give it all to protect other members, but in all reality, we are not afraid to tell members they are doing things good either good or bad. We play for each other, and unlike other alliances, we want your account to do well, and not just our leaders. We expect loyalty in its purest form, but we also understand that certain players want to go their own way. However, while you are in chain, we do expect that you play KoC by AL2's Chaos's expectations.

If you are a member, we understand you work at the pace you can, and will make accompishments and mistakes on your own, and with our guidance. However, if you acheive to become a leader within AL2's Chaos, I will say we do expect a lot from you even from an entry level position. We expect you to be loyal, and we expect you to help other members within our guidelines. It's pretty cool actually, having one set of guidelines that we all follow. This shows that any achievement one of our members or leaders make, it's because of the efforts of all our members and leaders. We try to play and act as one. If one of us achieves something great, we all achieve that, every single AL2 member, no matter how small or big. This is a huge greatness to have, because many of the larger alliances, no matter what they say, will help build you up, but are very determined to have you give it all up in the end for one or two of the leaders. AL2's Chaos does not do that.

I'll be honest with you, with this theory, it's difficult for AL2's Chaos to reach the #1 rank. For one person to make it without sell offs with many of this members is almost impossible. Yes, we will keep working for that #1 spot by one of our members or leaders, but in reality, we are l00king for as many page 1 members as we can gain. (Again, without major sacrifices from our members).

AL2s Chaos, has held page 1 members for the past few ages. This has been done at the alliance level, without sacrifices. We can bring members who are dedicated to the game to page 1, just as we ask those members to help others out to reach the same goal. AL2's Chaos is a TRUE family and can be yours to join!

Since we do not ask our members and leaders to sell off to us, by joining AL2's Chaos, you are truely joining a family who is trying hard to do many things. To do this we need to work hard, and great team work. Our members who have the abilty, need to help members out to have the same or greater ability. Our command chain should grow, and our page 1 presence at the end of age X should increase. This does not mean you won't need to have some sacrifice to defend our name, and our alliance. As leaders we try to minimize that. We try to 'play smart not hard'. In fact KoC, altho taken serious by some players within our alliance, is still second place to having fun by most of us. We have a great chat rooom for having fun, hunting, and just hanging out.

AL2's Chaos acheives it's goals by:
1. Having fun together as a family. (Participation Required)
2. Guiding and Defending it's members to a better rank
3. Coming together to solve issues, when Diplomacy is not enough
4. Just being a 'REAL family" to play KoC with

Do you have what it takes to be part of AL2's Chaos?: http://www.al2chaos.tk

Once you are validated on our forum's you will have access to our IRC Channel. Only active members are allowed, the rest are kicked without warning.

A simple note for age X. AL2's Chaos is a peaceful, independant and diplomatic alliance. However, I feel because of what's happened in the past two ages you will see us bare our teeth a bit more. I know we have members chomping at the bit to do things, but so far we have kept a calm stable atmosphere. I don't plan on making changes to this, but we will also need to be ready to take a bite out of the bully's who think they rule KoC.

2nd August 2008, 09:10 AM
Alright, everything looks ok.

I'll be your contact moderator, pm me if anything happens to your thread.

Remember to abide the Rules of Posting (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=47514).

Have a nice Age X AL2's Chaos and sorry for approving this so late, it slipped my fingers.

2nd August 2008, 09:56 AM
I've said this before, but it's still true. Without my involvement in AL2's Chaos, I would have left the game a LONG time ago. The officers and friends I've made within this group make the game worthwhile.

2nd August 2008, 10:02 AM
I used to be a part of AL2's Chaos, and even though I'm no longer with them, I still have tremendous respect for them. AL2 and ES have successfully lead and guided this alliance and community for many ages.

Like AL2 said, its a great community with friendships being formed. So if you're looking for a great place to play KoC, feel free to check them out!

2nd August 2008, 10:06 AM
LOL, I can't agree more. I would have left this game ages ago if were not for AL2's Chaos. For being a G rated community, we sure do cover alot of topics in the chat room..LMAO It's a blast.

On another note Friday Night Poker: Luck of the Draw will be opening up to the KoC community. ALL Q/A about FNP needs to be done in the forum.


hmmm....maybe I should buy a new deck of cards for age X? LOL Geesh, I am so prepared :all_2:

Thanks AL2's Chaos for making KoC fun!!!

2nd August 2008, 03:47 PM
I was also with AL2s Chaos for half of age 8 and all of age 9. They have been great fun in the chat, and always willing to help out weaker members. My spy was exploited there though as the people with spies higher than me always seemed to be at a baseball coaching session.
To sum it all up, they're a great bunch, join them up if you want to play nice in KoC, join them if you're l00king for a great rank. I left them bcos i was looking for something more, probably war? :P

AL2 Chaos rocks, and they would rock more if they were a tad more aggressive, but then again that just wouldn't be AL2 Chaos :ban-split

4th August 2008, 09:04 AM
That's the nice thing about AL2's Chaos. We have a developed system that allows every one to help every one else out. When a leader or two has R/L interuptions, other leaders are there to keep things going.

Real life comes first within our alliance, that is why AL2's chaos is as special as it is. The leaders don't demand their chain to do things, but in times of need, we do highly encourage ( LOL) you to participate.

Apocalypse-, I can't thank you enough for your hunting skills...great job. I know from experience how exciting it is to take four or five NEW MEMBERS with absolutely no SA and still come out having a 100M gold hunting session! (That accounts for the crappy gold we could get in age 9) You yourself, had a couple hunters that even when new, were fun to watch help even newer hunters!! I do miss having them around. Great bunch of players to hang with.

Over all AL2's Chaos is developed so that we all help each other. And we don't ask members to sacrifice to the leaders. In fact we try to encourage, and develop members into leaders. We've even had leaders sell off to members (which I try not to encourage that even) to help them repair from any issues they had. I've watched some of our leaders do major sacrifices, only to end up with no officer support in the end. I can't express enough how we are always there (as an alliance) to help out players do well. Even if we are a tad diplomatic.

Play Smart not Hard

A great policy to hold on to.

BTW.. we do have openings for special ops within our chaos, for those who like to play hard and not rank...but do so with the guidance of AL2's policies.

Come join AL2's Chaos, and experience KoC in a whole new way!


6th August 2008, 05:31 AM
I totally agree, AL2 has been fun other than the fact that i received little support or credit for my efforts, really kept me in the game! and btw alwaysl00king2, and everyone else out there, wouldn't it be better to play smart and HARD? Playing smart doesn't mean playing diplomacy all the time, this usually fails in the long run for although some clans hold AL2 Chaos in high esteem, others see them as a 'farm alliance' which anyone can walk over, simply because sabbing is a rarity.... :headache:

best of luck, AL2 Chaos. if your looking for a fun way to play koc outside of the game, this is definitely the alliance to be in.

6th August 2008, 12:15 PM
Apocalypse-, first I must appologize to you (which I did in private somewhat, but I will do it in public too). You are correct, where you may not have been acknowledged for your efforts as much as you could have been. One way of getting acknowledged is to become a chain leader within our alliance, and this was granted to you. It takes a lot of work to gain an entry level position within our alliance, let alone something higher. You are correct that between some of the R/L issues I've had, to include my sudden increase of job requirements, and the fact my son played on two baseball teams this summer (for the first time in summer ball), I really had difficulty in responding above and beyond, like I myself even expected myself to do.

The play smart not hard, is a great policy. Altho, the word hard is probably a special 'code word' LOL. There is a happy medium between what you stated and what we do, and that is something that is available in our alliance. It's just that no body asked to help fill the positions to fill in that gap. Yes, there are still guidelines, but as any member knows, we do have a suggestions area, and as the leaders know, we can discuss things amongst us to come up with new guidelines. AL2's Chaos has survived ten ages because of these constant adjustments.

Two things happened this last age. 1. was my unexpected schedule (actually even age 8 had a time period of this too), and 2: the lack of communication...which goes back to #1 possibly. I personally use the forum for my main means of communication, and really rely on this for future development of AL2's Chaos. The chat room, I use mainly for fun, and some hunting. And depending on how my day was, (and what entertainment I was enjoying at the time) depends on my memory of what happened in chat....LMAO (Thank goodness for chat logs)

There is a happy medium between what you saw, and what you want. Unfortunatly it's gonna take a bit of rebuilding, and restructuring to consider getting back to that point. We were so close, but my failure to communicate this aspect had us drop back a couple steps.

As far as other alliances respecting us, I do agree with that, just as we respect some other alliances ourselves. This is because we manage to communicate when issues come up, and get them resolved without major damages. (Usually myself or our other leades eat a bit more damages during this process than those who finally let us get involved.) For those alliances, I would recommend joining up with us as in chain allies (by joining myself or EaglesSoaring), and bringing even something new to the table. Or plain our join us and become full fledged AL2 members.

For those who think they can walk on us, there is probably a mutual feeling there. We have a line, that often we get fixed before there is any walking on AL2's Chaos. When the line is crossed and theirs no return, yes we handle things a bit more agressivley. Unfortunatley for some players, that line is much earlier than what we currently have set within our alliance, and they want to be agressive much earlier than we recommend. (But then again entry level leaders still have permission to lead their chain they way they see fit, and even suggest changes). Unfortunatly, with popularity, does come some drama, and in these cases we must also act sooner. But it usually is diplomacy first with us..depending on the situation.

Either way, I can say that I am very proud and happy with AL2's Chaos. Because even as a 'bigger' alliance, we still play honestly, with integrety. We still help the smallest of players who are active in our community, the best we can. Our leaders NEVER ask our members to sell off to them so they can l00k better (a rarity in a community our size)! Our chat room still has 1000's of topics to discuss, that I can't even imagine that will come up and is not all about KoC all the time. Without this, I would have no reason to even log into KoC. Our community rocks, and I am very thankful for the members who step in when others can't be around. I try to say this often, but thank you Apocalypse-, you have let me know I don't express this often enough. I will make this a point to improve upon.


6th August 2008, 01:35 PM
Do you want some fun?
Make new friends?

if yes join AL2īs Chaos

The best alliance

I join AL2 half of the last age because the members where very friendly and try to help me to solve some problems and i was out of AL2!!!

Now i have meet some good people and i can tell you that we help each other


6th August 2008, 06:30 PM
WOW! All I can say is that AL2's Chaos is a great group of people, not only KoC players, but friends, and it's a place that I am very happy to call my home. I've been with AL2 for sometime now (since Age 2-ish) and we just continue to make leeps and bounds above what we have accomplished in the past.

I co-lead the alliance with alwaysl00king2 (AL2). If you are looking for growth, strength, friendship, and knowledge, then AL2's Chaos is right for you. We have a fun and informative forum and many of our members have a lot of experience in playing Kings of Chaos, and are willing to help those in need.

AL2's Chaos is definitely the place for anyone that wants to enjoy their online gaming experience or just wants to find some great friends to play KoC with.



8th August 2008, 04:30 AM
apology accepted, though i hardly think this place is fitting since this is to ADVERTISE your alliance ;) and not to talk about problems but heck, it'd have been nice if i got to know you better... :banana2:

9th August 2008, 10:07 PM
Hey I'll be the first to admit I am not perfect. But I personally feel AL2's Chaos is the PERFECT alliance for any one wanting to play KoC and have a lot of fun meeting new friends.

AL2's Chaos..... a great experience for most. Participation required. ;-) So I recommend every one come and participate, and see what all the fuss is about!! :shoop:


13th August 2008, 09:21 PM
I must say that I have really enjoyed the short time I have been involved with this alliance. I played back in the day and left until Age 9. I really only came back to see what has gone on with the game, but ended up joining AL2 and have found new interest in KOC because of it.

So, thanks to all the members of AL2's Chaos for making this a fun time for me.

14th August 2008, 09:04 PM

I'm so glad you decided to come back and join us... You're almost insane enough to fit in with the rest of us in chat. ;)

14th August 2008, 09:38 PM
I have to say that AL2 is the perfect alliance for me! I'm playing with AL2's Chaos since Age 7 and not even considering leaving. It's not only an alliance, it's s family with friends.

If you want to play KOC and have some fun, join AL2, you won't regret it.

15th August 2008, 11:31 AM
I must say that I have really enjoyed the short time I have been involved with this alliance. I played back in the day and left until Age 9. I really only came back to see what has gone on with the game, but ended up joining AL2 and have found new interest in KOC because of it.

So, thanks to all the members of AL2's Chaos for making this a fun time for me.

Ponyboy, we're glad you're here too!!! It's been fun having you around, so the enjoyment goes both ways.

LMAO @ good_dog's "almost insane enough".

Nikolay, I'm glad you have found us, and that you have as much fun as you do. Having the perfect alliance to play the game with is important. We do have a lot of fun at AL2's Chaos.

Speaking of fun. Friday Night Poker, Luck of the Draw, game 1 is started. This will be just a short game, so I can judge the interest. The length of game two will be adjusted accordingly. This is open to all KOC players.
Good luck!! Thanks to jab and GD, we have a link on our home page that will take you directly to FNP @ AL2's Chaos! www.al2chaos.tk

20th August 2008, 11:25 AM
AL2's Chaos is also a place for players to become involved in leadership, with measurable goals set to achieve promotion within the alliance. I've helped multiple officers achieve promotions since I first became a chain leader about a year ago... and just had another promotion within my chain this past week!

While AL2 and ES are our main leaders, AL2's Chaos is definitely not about just them... it's about ALL of us trying to reach our potential both in the game and in the alliance.

24th August 2008, 07:35 PM
I must agree with good_dog. I actually find more enjoyment, I think, out of helping other members. The excitement they get when moving up the ranks and increasing their stats. That itself is priceless. And even sometimes when a veteran is struggling a little bit, and you can be there to help them out when needed. It all goes around and comes around. You help others to get helped by others. Balance.

27th August 2008, 08:00 AM
I can't agree more. I believe we have great balance in our alliance. We don't have more Leaders than we have the need for. In fact it's makes my day watching a member grow, trying to make leadership!!!

I can only say that AL2's Chaos is not about the leaders, but is about making leaders!!! What we provide isn't only about KoC, but can include R/L too. What you can learn by improving your game, can often be applied in your R/L situation too. Besides that, you will make some great friends along the way, and have fun. For those of you who think that KoC is a text base game, and wonder how this could even be remotely fun haven't been with AL2's Chaos!!!

See what all the fuss is about! Join AL2's Chaos today!

Oh as a side note! Friday Night Poker's been a great success. In fact probably too much so. We've had winners outside the chain, and the cards sell out very quickly. To date (with two games) almost 13,000 Morale have been awarded!!! Thank you to AL2's Chaos and out of chain players for making this the success it is!!! A new Friday Night Poker Luck Of The Draw game will Open up in about 24 hours from now!!

Good luck


29th August 2008, 04:49 PM
I've been playing KoC since age 5. And I thought I knew it all. "Why should I join an Alliance?" I said. "What good would it do for me?" Welllllll...

I joined with EaglesSoaring near the end of age 9 and it has been no-l00king back since then!
There are many good reasons why we so proudly wear the -AL2 tag. I couldn't wait untill the beginning of Age X so I could add it to mine!

Al2's Chaos has all the support and advice anyone would need to be a great KoC player. I learned things I didn't know that I didn't know I didn't know.

...and a finer family of friends, you will never find! :banana2:

29th August 2008, 10:17 PM
CpnRinch, I'm so glad you joined! I've enjoyed your quirky sense of humor... and I can't wait to see what you and your chain will accomplish this age!

2nd September 2008, 04:26 PM
Thanks good_dog! I think It has a lot to do with the
community I found at AL2's Chaos.
I found great chain leadership with EaglesSoaring-AL2; great community leadership with Alwaysl00king2; great role models in other chain leaders like You; and finally great support from and encouragement from everybody!


7th September 2008, 10:21 AM
and I can't wait to see what you and your chain will accomplish this age!

I can't wait to see what I'll accomplish too!
Thanks, good_dog.

And, AL2's chaos is a pretty nice place. They have good people.


3rd October 2008, 08:42 AM
I have updated the first post. (at least the header), to reflect our current non-special op leaders). I have also adjusted the Forum Member count, as well as our actual chain count.

I can only say, that I am excited to see our newest leaders step up. What makes this so cool, is that each of them bring something completely different to the table. This is much different than in the past. We've always had good leaders, but to be honest, the group that is being built this age, is more unique than anything we had in the past. AL2's Chaos, is on a path of great success. I am so happy to call AL2's Chaos my home.

On another side of things, Friday Night Poker has been a great hit. Even though I did try to advertise this outside our chain, it has been mainly our chain who plays. We do have one non-chain member who plays, and I believe they have won almost 4,000 of the over 52,000 morale prizes awarded. Last week we introduced straight 7, and this week, black jack comes into play. It's been a blast. Thank you again AL2's Chaos, for helping age X be a really fun age to Play KoC in age X.

As another side note..... :icon_laug Yes we do play RoC..and have for a while. We are gathering under good_dog. I do believe most of us were in both beta's and for doing this part time, as testing, we are not doing too bad. Our names have been changed to protect the innocent, but I do anticipate this may change the next real age of RoC. When that happens watch out. So for all of our KoC members who did not realize we are in RoC too, it's time to come home. We've had a spot in our forum for RoC for quite a while, all you need to do is request to be able to access it. (Well, ya you need to be back in chain too).

Thanks again for everyone in our AL2's Chaos family, and friends circle. You have seriously made this age worth waking up in the middle of the night!!


13th October 2008, 02:57 PM
you guys still rock :)

16th October 2008, 04:34 AM
I was under AL2 for my first full-time age (Age 9). Quite accidental since I joined somebody (which I already forgot who eventually quit playing too) and decided to join good_dog-AL2, so we were under them.

I really have nothing against AL2... Great alliance, great leaders, and great people. Only lacks some action, which made me leave the alliance. KoC is boring enough and without having that action, made me look for a different alliance.

But if BW doesn't exist, I wouldn't have second thoughts of joining AL2 again...

Goodluck this age, guys!

17th October 2008, 09:28 AM
Thanks for the kind notes Lachy, and j1napa0.

I have to say we are a pretty peaceful group in KoC. But that gives us much more time to have a great time in chat..LOL (oh ya, and play a bit of cards) In RoC last age we had some pretty decent rankings. I finished page 1, but I have to say, I feel that page 1 in RoC really isn't the accomplishment I thought it would be. However, the fun will start once we can move the card game there. Still setting up original plans. Unfortunatly, RoC Friday Night Poker will be for IN Chain members only. I just hope I can win a bit more ;-) We have some really lucky players.... I need to find a rabbits foot, or at least learn some slight of hand moves..LOL. j/k would never do that..I value Poker way too much. We've handed out about 80K in prizes in Friday Night Poker in KoC!!! I can't wait to see the totals in RoC Beta. (BTW...if you join the chain, and can't find your commander...join under Good_Dog)

AL2's Chaos still rocks! I can't agree with that statement any more than what is said. :evilimu:

Again thanks for stopping by, my BW friends!

3rd November 2008, 10:40 AM
I just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone again. This has been an interesting Age of sorts and it seems to only get more so as we near the end of it. Thanks to all of AL2 for your support and opportunity to grow this Age so far. Hey Cpn!!! ;)

12th November 2008, 03:48 PM
Woo...6 top 100 accounts, and many more still in hiding!

way to go people. And pony. You can't win and you know it. Just surrender while there is still time.

17th November 2008, 05:00 PM
I completly forgot that I had an account here.... anyways just popping in to say hi and then going back under my rock.

22nd November 2008, 12:07 PM

LMAO.. I thought I was the one who had the memory problem!!!

I can't blame u, with getting married and all, moving across the country, and well.......having .... well... ugh.... well having some fun ;-) I can't blame ya for having a memory loss. I mean a head can only be beaten on the headboard so many times before this happens :imslow: When I grow up I wanna have some of them same experiences. Well, just the other way. :icon_laug

Oh..I should mention AL2's Chaos too? LOL

If you wanna spread your wings, and find a whole new fun way to play KoC, then you should join AL2's Chaos. As of age X, we are one of the very very few alliances who have stayed independant. When you come to AL2's Chaos you know which alliance you are in, you know your goals, and you know who is actually on your side. Independant alliances are like Ma' and Pa' shops who aim to please there customers, and usually have better quality products and service. The honestly and integrity, and friendly atmosphere keep them going, and give them reason's to place the "open for buisness" sign up. That is AL2.
So if you feel you've been swallowed up by a mega alliance, and you have no name in the game, come on in to AL2's Chaos, and make a name for yourself.

And as far as LA above..congrats on ur move and marriage.

/me sends you some tylonal

I just hope that when I grow up I have the same opportunites for the happiness you have.


17th December 2008, 10:17 PM
*good_dog chooses to ignore much of that last post...

Yes, LA - congratulations to you and HITMAN! Many, many happy wishes for your joy!

24th December 2008, 06:58 AM
Ahh, I finally get ignored (well at least having someone admit it) :lol:

Meanwhile, we've had a bit-o-fun in chat, and still coming up with some decent hits for our members. But all in all I would like to wish every one in

AL2's Chaos


The rest of KOC

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year!

Many best wishes to the new year, and the new beginning of a new AL2!

25th December 2008, 03:10 PM
Merry Christmas to all in AL2! Thanks for all the fun :)

25th December 2008, 03:18 PM
Ive been with AL2 since Age 7 and after all the multitudes of recruit messages from other alliances that I get each age, I always remain with AL2 no matter the offer. AL2 is in my opinion the most level headed and fun alliance there is and one of the reasons I stay with them. We have fun on and off KoC which is something I would feel deprived of in most other alliances and the members and leaders are great and you meet new people all the time.

25th December 2008, 06:21 PM
Alright, everything looks ok.

I'll be your contact moderator, pm me if anything happens to your thread.

Remember to abide the Rules of Posting (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=47514).

Have a nice Age X AL2's Chaos and sorry for approving this so late, it slipped my fingers.

Guess you guys needed to remember some things.

Merry christmas