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16th July 2008, 11:44 AM
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Valaraukar: We were made in Age 3, towards the beginning.
Originally, there was some running gag at the end of age 2 when VC was a primordial soup for it to be called the Frenzy-Pansied Elve Hands.
In Age 3 we were led by V-GoD-V (LordHren/LMHTG), and DonnieDarko (NoQuarter, WhiteRabbit, MjB-, etc)
Our most notable achievement was our old friend Carnage_King, with his #11th account in Age 3.
After Age 3, we split up due to a variety of conflicting reasons, but the most notable being PR/RF,
RF-VC became the United Republic until Age 6.
PR-VC stayed as Valaraukar until Age 5's end.
In Age 6, the two fragments left both of their larger chains and remerged into "ValCrew".
Age 6 they engaged in a good and close deal with KoH (Knights of Heaven) in which we're still waiting for a few to come back,
In Age 6's end and into mid 7, ValCrew split over a deal to have with TH, and one half became full-time KoH again (with VC in it) and the other half became THV.
In Age 7's end, THV split over HG, TH, and BSS related reasons and rebecame VC again.
In the betas, as well as 8 and 9, we were on the DL.
Our last chainhead, Tsunade, took a top 500 account at the end of the age, and our current chainhead this age, Coolidge, played by Miro is currently holding out in the top 20.

ValCrew was originally just a nickname for Valaraukar, but we're different then how we once were, as Valaraukar was put to rest in Age 5 while what would be ValCrew was still playing, so Valaraukar is now a title of respect reserved.

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16th July 2008, 02:22 PM
Everything looks good.

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4th October 2008, 11:44 AM
MIRO!!! This alliance is a really great group of close friends and I love being associated with them!!