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5th September 2004, 05:12 PM
Name: Luren
Race: Human
Alginment: Neutral Evil
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Primary Element: Dark

Quick Biography:

The boy could only wince as he felt the whip fall again and again on his back. And, after a while, the pain numbed everything in his body, as he lost track of anything that his whipper was saying.


It wasn't quite the boy's fault though. After all, he was only a child of six, and he was asked to carry a large pail back and forth over about 300 yards of rough terrain, from a pump to the small cottage where he lived. And, every time, he would only make it back with a little over half the pail left; today, he had spilled near the entire thing. And, to him, it seemed that the person he lived with only sat in the house, barking out orders and relishing in the delight of having a minion.

Now, this person was in no way related to the boy. In fact, the person was a recluse, who, due to some unknown circumstances, became very wary and very hateful of everyone else. After all, no one was perfect, except him, right? Indeed, the hermit was quite the narcissist, part of the reason he ordered they boy around like it.

The hermit had gotten the boy when he, trying to swipe a food bundle from a caravan in the woods, accidentally swiped more than he wanted. His first instinct was to toss the infant into the woods for the wolves, but, for some reason, he kept the boy, and, as the boy grew larger, the hermit sat back, pretending he was a king and the boy a humble, worthless piece of junk. And, thus, the boy began resenting his servitude, and never once thought of a positive feeling of the hermit. And, never once did he ever think of the hermit as family; he didn't even know the word. All he could remember was one sweet woman's face... but that was all a memory. And, as he stood, taking his lashes, he could only muse about his revenge.

So this went on, several years, as the boy grew towards adolescence. The hermit began to worry, and took large measures of hiding any sort of weapon, and hiding his hiding of the weapons. Still, with each welt that went onto the boy's back, another thought of death to the hermit grew deeper ingrained in his head. It was a miracle he did not die; but, as the hermit grew dependent on his "slave", the boy began swiping more and more, taking what he pleased, as thoughts of a painful death to the hermit continued to grow in his mind.

Finally, as the boy neared the age of sixteen, he decided to no longer hold his rage in. But, after the 15 years he had stayed with the hermit, the feelings of anger, rage, fear, pain - all had grown to such a state in his body he had practically become dependent on them. And, on that day when he used the hermit's own arrows and stole everything the hermit had, he swore never to do anything for anyone who was not worthy of his respect or his servitude. And, walking into the forest, he began playing around with sticks, unknowingly practicing and training himself to wield a staff. But, as he walked, his anger grew pent up again, burning on a short fuse to a large bomb.


Hemlock Bow: Strung with a piece of magical string created from a dragon's heart, the bow is capable of tripling the force that a normal bow would give the user.

Flint arrows: Luren's attempt to recreate the arrows the hermit originally had. Still, they are created from oak, and are deathly straight, with a fire heated flint point on the end.

Silver arrows: The bow's "special" weapon. These were the original arrows in the quiver, and only 5 remain. Luren had tried several times to recreate them, but never found the tree from which the wood was so beautifully crafted, or the silver which the tips were created from - the silver that would melt on impact.

Oak Staff: A normal staff, the best of Luren's many attempts thus far to create a true weapon for himself. It still is no more than cured wood; a correctly placed hit would snap it in two. It has no magical properties. A small curved knob is at the top of the 7-foot long stick.

Dark steel sword: Given to you by the elf, Dy´nellen Unholy during your training. This sword is made of finest steel and is enchanted with a touch of shadows to make it more enduring and stronger. 200-250 damage.



Spells (Dark):

Darkness zone:
Create a zone of impenetrable darkness to hide the caster or any objects he wants not to be seen, can be used for surprise attacks as well. Remains in place for some time (5 posts) can be destroyed by light elemental spells. 50 mp.[Learned from Dy´nellen.]

Seeds of chaos
Summon dark feelings to the wanted area, chaos, hatred and anger fill any combatants hit by them, causing enemys to attack recklesly and ignore defensing themselves. 120 mp.[Learned from Dy´nellen.]

Negative energy ball
Caster puts his fingers to a fist and summons a great amount of dark feelings to his hand, once the emotions are strong enough they are released by launching the ball to it´s target and if the ball hits it covers the enemys soul with twisting and destructive feelings.

A shadow is launched at enemy, 400 dmg 500 mp.[Learned from Dy´nellen]

Rage attack
Summon the dark feeling of rage to power your single attack.

Single attack is powered enough to break most things. 50 mp, 70 pp [Learned from Dy´nellen]

Other items:

Cloth sack, useful for holding things. Not too large, but good enough to be used for almost everything.

Quiver: Well, you kind of need something to hold your arrows...

Tunic: A frayed cloth one. It's a lot better than nothing.

Pendant: No special meaning to it, just a sentimental source of faith hung around Luren's neck and hidden underneath his tunic.

Dynellen Unholy
11th September 2004, 10:24 AM
Looks good to me, actually nice to meet someone who bothers to learn spellcasting from the beginning with their chars instead of the ability just pop out of nowhere.