View Full Version : Tutorial: Animated gradient in text effect

10th June 2008, 02:10 PM
Hi and welcome to this tutorial.

I used Photoshop 7 and Imageshack for this tutorial.

1. First I made a very simple banner.


2. Duplicate the layer

3. Create a new layer (Shift + Ctlr + N)

4. Type your desired text in your banner (colour doesn't matter)


5. Merge the layer with the text (Ctrl + E)


6. Now do this step by step:
Select -> All
Select -> Modify -> Border (With: 4)
Select -> Similar
Select -> Inverse
If you have done this correctly only your text will be selected.

8. Now select the banner copy

9. Edit -> Clear (or just press Delete)

10. Now the layer with the text may be deleted so you remain with the banner background and the banner copy (with the cut out text)

11. Deselect everything (Ctlr + O)


12. Create a new layer (Shift + Ctlr + N)

13. Make a gradient (Ctrl + G) in this layer. In my case I choose for a reflected Gradient and in a white colour



14. Place the layer with the gradient under the banner copy

15. Jump to Imageready (Ctlr+ Shift + M)

16. If the gradient is already showing your text you need to place it so that the text in NOT visible. I did this to the compleet left side of my banner.

17. Duplicate the frame


18. In this duplicate you have to move the gradient from the left to the complete right side of the banner. (again make sure that the text is completly invisible)

19. Now tween


I used settings:
Tween with: Previous frame
Frames to add: 25
Layers: All layers
Parameters: all are marked

20. With the last frame I have added a delay of 2.0 seconds

21. File -> Save Optimised As... (Ctlr + Shift + Alt + S)