View Full Version : kamikaze too powerful?

12th May 2008, 03:55 AM
ok whilst i like havign a way a gettign at someone who has been a jerk all round, and taking there ranks before reset its a bit too powerful.

* 535 Mercenaries

* Mothership took 1613 damage
* Paralyzer took 1 damage

so 5 people could take out 100% of th armory, thats too high,

its not a problem the problem is you need 0 spy to do it with. you could effectively kamikaze the top 10 accounts in a group of 4 and fuck the rank right up. The Fix

For ever 1% that your sentry is over their spy it takes 0.01 off the damage multiplier.

Or alternatively a kamkiazze strength and defense upgrade thats quite expensive to obtain, unlike KOC its very easy for people to catch up, and pe a POTENTIAL PLAYER SO Theres no need to worry abotu the little guys gettin picked on, i mean why an earth would anyoen want to kamikaze somoene below them in ranks,