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27th March 2008, 08:45 PM
[2] Copper dagger
[1] Silver Longsword
[1] Wooden Bow
[1] Copper Longsword {Salvitore}
[2] Copper Scimitar {Salvitore}
[12] Obsidian Tipped Bolts {Salvitore}

TyDe’Nusec also known as TyDrac: An Iron long sword made by Grial's father. It was given to him for a sort of graduation gift when he finished his training. (Cannot be given to any of Senou's characters)

Ar’thund or The Thunderbringer:The legendary Tansha the Golden wielded this long sword. Tansha was a Seeker (an ancient race of subterranean creatures) that traveled across the surface of Terrak’Lina more than a thousand years ago. He bore his sword with tremendous might and fought injustice wherever he found it. His sword disappeared after his death, but granted the wielder the ability to focus energy into the blade to cause lightning damage. This needs a skill to operate correctly; it can become a very powerful weapon as the skill once learned can be passed onto other weapons. There were stories of Tansha defeating people with a spoon using his learned skill. The sword is the same strength as black tinted steel. (Cannot be given to any of Senou's characters)

Custom Copper Warhammer- Red visual effect that looks like fire burning all the way up and down the massive wepon which is very bright. It is six foot tall with seven inch spikes on all sides of the head of the wepon. The biggest spike is one foot long that sticks out the top. {Donated by Salvitore}

Armor/Defensive Items
Studded Leather Jerkin {Donated by Salvitore}
Gantlets Copper {Donated by Salvitore}
Copper Upper Body Chainmail Donated by Salvitore}

Siege Equipment

Misc. Items

Race: Giant Lizard
Sex: Male
D.O.A: 02.05.09
History: Unknown



Name: Rey
Race: Giant Rat
Sex: Male
D.O.A.: 02.05.09
History: Unknown


Gold: 35,025G

13/02/2008 Added 27,250G from Merchant Quest - Simp
13/02/2008 Added 7,650G from Merchant Quest - Simp
12/02/2009 46 Copper Short Swords from Rurian Shop - Simp
23/05/2008 Added 1 Wooden Bow
21/05/2008 Added 1 silver longsword from Trollslayer's character; Melvin.
04/05/2008 Added Grial's weapons - BK
12/04/2008 Added 2 copper daggers donated by Trollslayer, character; Melvin. The transaction was late because I forgot to add it but I remembered to charge it to the character account. -Mondommon
11/06/2008 Added 100 gold donated by Trollsayer, Character; Melvin
1/09/2009 Added war hammer, copper sword, chainmail, and other items from Character Ox. Shadow_
02/05/09 Added 2325 Gold, 2 copper scimitars, wooden crossbow, and 1 doz. obsidian tipped bolts as well as two pet NPCs. -TS