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6th March 2008, 07:22 AM
During a war you want to know every single detail of your enemies armoury and stats so its acceptable that you have to spy them a number of times to collect all the intel.

When you are just looking for a quick gold hit the only thing you really care about is their DA, wouldnt it be better if we had more control of spies where you could input exactly what information you want them to retrieve.

For instance if you want to find out thier DA you would send one spy, he would return and tell you only their DA. The same would apply for SA, Spy, Sab.

If you wanted to know the contents of an armoury or all of their info you would have to send more spies or send a spy at a time

This is pure laziness on my part because sometimes I have to spy up to 5 times just to find a DA but still would be more conveinient : P

6th March 2008, 07:30 AM
Doesn't make sense though, that is the whole reason people by sentry to make it more difficult for people to spy their stats.

6th March 2008, 08:05 AM
doesnt make sense? how?

I do of course mean that your spy would still be compared with their sentry to see if you can successfully spy on them but the spy would be looking for specific information rather than:

Covert Mission Report
Under the cover of night, your spy sneaks into XXXX's camp.

Your spy moves stealthily through XXXX's camp undetected. The spy gathers many documents recording the status of weapons, army size and preparedness, and fortifications. Unfortunately, in order to avoid detection, your spy is not able to provide complete information. Your Chief of Intelligence provides you with the information gathered:

Army Size:
Unit Type Attack Specialist Defense Specialist Untrained
Mercenaries ??? ??? ???
Soldiers ??? 0 ???

Military Stats
Strike Action: ???
Defensive Action ???
Spy Rating ???
Sentry Rating 0
Covert Skill: 8
Covert Operatives: 201
Siege Technology: Trojan Horse
Attack Turns: 250
Unit Production: 10

4,168 Gold

Name Type Quantity Strength
Chariot ??? 2 ???/6,000
Dragon Attack 11 ???/2,560
??? ??? ??? 640/640
Blackpowder Missile Attack 4 ???/12,000

look at the above example this guy was ranked around 10,000 with zero sentry and I still don't get all his information. In this case if I had of been looking for his DA I would have to spy again and again till I got it, If I saw he had a nice bit of gold I would spy till I knew his DA so it just seems a bit of a time waster to have to spy so many times.

ideally if I only wanted to know someone DA and I was able to spy them it would return something like:

Covert Mission Report

Under the cover of night, your spy sneaks into XXXX's camp.

Defensive Action 1,000,000

4,168 Gold

again, just me being impatient to get gold and lazy having to spy a target multiple times.