View Full Version : sabbing tools??

16th February 2008, 12:41 PM
i had a member of my alliance see if he could sab me. Lookout Tower quantity 76 strength 60. Sentry Rating 5,381,120 Ranked #962. so he sabbed a lookout when i only have 76 of them, how is that possible? then i tried to sab a nun and i couldnt....

Spy Tools Spy Rating 17,512,243 Ranked #497
Nunchaku qty94 strngth100

there is something im arent understanding because that doesnt make ANY sense. i should be able to sab a nun way before a LT. plus i have 3,500 spies and only 1,000 sentries which would make the ratio even higher for spy. is sentry easier to sab or something? does the 1/1000 only work with SA and DA because with the 5 turns that would be 1/200 meaning u can only sab something if they have 200 of that particular weapon.

16th February 2008, 03:24 PM
The percentage that can be sabbed is 0.1% of your TOTAL ARMORY's worth in Gold per sab turn with one spy.

If you have many expensive Defense/Strike weapons, and Spy/Sentry Tools, your total armory's worth will be much bigger, so sabbing a LT would be possible.

e.g. If you have 100 BPM, 100 IS, 100 Nun, 100 LT.

(100 x 850,000 + 100 x 750,000 + 100 x 725,000 + 100 x 500,000) = 282,500,000 Gold

0.1% of this is 282,500 Gold, so 1 spy can sab 282,500 worth with 1 turn. So, with 1 spy as the standard, you can sab a LT with 2 turns, an IS/Nun with 3 turns, or a BPM with 4. You can have 10 successful turns on a player per 24 hours.