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13th February 2008, 11:07 PM
Alliance Name: -тнє Ғσяcэ-

Alliance Member Count (on forums):9

Alliance Forum Link: http://z15.invisionfree.com/thaforce/index.php?

Brief description of your alliance:

-тнє Ғσяcэ- was created on age 8 by EvanRiot-F (EvanRiot) and his 4 officers back then InsaneBlain_F (Dulce_Venganza_InsaneBlain), Lieli_F (Sorceress-Lieli), Annita-F (sweetangel) and Manwe, who all decided to separate themselves from their former alliance Sweet Revenge, due to differences between EvanRiot-F and Baigo.

We are now a lot more, most of us are latinamerican players though its not a requirement to join us. With the inclusion of a couple of expirienced players, the purpose of the alliance is mainly to have fun playing Kings of Chaos toghether, and as we all know, the more effective your army is the more fun., so we aim to bring up in the ranks all of our players, but not by avoiding wars at all costs, as wars are fun too.

Some of the most common activities our members do are gathering via msg and help each other find targets; protect each other and helping any member on whichever situation he may get himself into with other players or alliances; and if agreed by all of us, we war toghether by sabbing and mass attacking our enemies. Other than that our forum is becoming more lively each day: we have a "best offline hits" section; cool videos; interesting websites links and we are starting a free form role playing section, as well as a organized Kings of Chaos section with advising, hall of fame, problem solving and more.

There's no official amount of clicks given to every new member but we can see how to help each one in particular. what we do offer is help with your attacking, well founded advising on your army development and a fun bunch of players to play with.

Stats from last age. The image was made by us but you can all confirm the stats shown on it:

14th February 2008, 10:17 AM
Alright, everything looks ok.

I'll be your contact moderator, pm me if anything happens to your thread.

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Good luck in Age 9 -тнє Ғσяcэ-.